III Flow Powering: Political Change Thyme

Thyme to look at the current political situation in stark reality terms. The congress has decided to declare war against the president and by following the money, we land in the black hole of an undrained swamp. The things we know for sure are mostly false and the whole system has been rigged to provide a fleecing of the sheeple. It is time now to question some of our beliefs and take action to change the things we find unacceptible.

The growing movement of the alt-left and alt-right which avoids the muddle in the middle is called #unrig : hashtag unrig. Dr. Cynthia McKinney and Robert David Steele have united the sides to start a dialog, with listening and hearing each other being the focus. Steele needs to stop insulting us with the same ‘her smart, me dumb’ joke – everybody is in the same boat here.

The political system is rigged. Both McKinney(Green)  and Steele (Reform) were party presidential candidates who experienced the ‘third’ party exclusion. If you do not have a D or an R by your name, the press does not supply any information that is not forced. Doc was treasurer for the Reform Party in the state of Oregon from roughly 1998 – 2003 – started back with Ross Perot in 1992 to prevent the giant sucking sound that was NAFTA/GATT. Aliens at the wedding derailed a likely pre-Trump.

Part of the problems is the assumption of what we are. This system is a capitalist corporate kleptocracy. The game is rigged so far until Tuesday that we just play go along to get along and feel unempowered to do much of anything. Our time is spent keeping up with the Jones and everybody is Jonesing. Let’s question a few basic assumptions.

First – universal healthcare is not important at all. The largest killer of americans is the big pharma/medical complex. Notice how you are investigated criminally if somebody dies without the medical profession present to convey their blessing. The FDA, food and drug administration, is bought and paid for, such that GMO food is sanctioned and preventive medicine banned. If alternative doctors keep dying mysterious deaths, there will be nobody left to treat real people.

Of course, this is a fallacy too, that people need treatment. Our health is our own responsibility and we should all take it seriously. Eat good organic food, drink structured water and try not to breathe the air when they spray chemtrails. The last item here is facetious, but really – let’s stop the spraying yesterday. There is enough data that has been presented against the idea of solar radiation management – the only reason left is population reduction.

The supreme court in the citizens united case declared that corporations are persons, yet these persons are not held responsible for thei contemptful actions. For details – see Farmwars.info for details on genetic engineering, geoengineeringwatch.com for details on chemtrails and many other youtube videos on various sundry ways that the system attacks the individual for stepping out of the sleep state. The president needs to write an executive order to reverse this Scotus ruling – or we do not have the semblance of valid governance.

In fact – why do we think that we need to hold this diverse country together as a single entity? The balkanization of the USSR led to a rearrangement of the Russian sphere of influence – and the massive arming of NATO to combat an insincere threat. The current game of pin the tail on the Putin is not working and threatens to isolate Americans from the new world order arising without our participation. The BRICS bank will replace the Federal Reserve, which is not federal and holds no reserves.

Money is a made up entity and the banksters have ruled the roost, by playing the middle against both ends and expanding without resistance. The need for a common currency to trade is totally artificial – trade can take place in many ways without the current need for accounting everything fiscal. In fact – the political system runs on interest on the capital amassed and when you look at the CAFR – Comprehensive Annual Financial Report – of any jurisdictional entity, you find megamillions of dollars in stocks and bonds that back everything. Our taxes are extractions from persons done to make every American feel the pain.

Back in the aughts, lemme worked to develop a group called the Universal Sovereigns of a Living Earth. We set up a structure of rules and bylaws to guide our actions, based our economy on metals like silver, gold and platinum and started walking a different path. The idea of trading silver for fiat cash in order to purchase cigarettes and drugs led to the instant evaporation of the group – and allowed doc to get out of the american economic and political systems entirely.

Except for the watchers. Every time we appeared in certain places, there were cars with people setting around doing not much of anything. This is normal life in the big city, but in rural areas, it becomes obvious that they are there for a reason related to individual presence. When the same vehicle with the same license plate showed up to watch 100 miles away, we had the game tagged. Thus, using the back door – an escape off the grid and the radar was enacted.

That worked until the powers that be thru amtrak decided to keep doc from reboarding a train in Los Angeles. Homeland security had identified the travelling alias and needed to see some real identification to ensure that doc was doc. Fortunately, at that time the drivers license was still current. If we are not participating in commerse, why do we need a drivers license? Because we believe that we do.  And because we cede our behavior to the law.

They say ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking laws. Yet thousands of laws are passed both by elected officials and appointed bureaucrats and these laws are petty inconveniences to disallow behaviors. The entire economic system has become a series of cartels that control aspects of the business to keep the monopolizers of the business fat. Economy of scale only works when you can organically grow on a reasonable scale. Otherwise, it becomes brutish force.

Doc has been developing a Mondragon economic model based on guild control of operations within their domain of action. If multiple guilds claim jurisdiction, then a new temporary guild is formed to accomplish a task. When finished, the participants can either return to their old status at their prior guild, or remain with the new guild as long as there is still function to be formed. If a guild has no mission, it needs to dissolve.

One other thing to say, before this gets too long. (it already is) The game of environmental dessicration has to stop immediately. The EPA (environmental protection agency) should never have been allowed to grant permissions for pollution. Industrial disease is our biggest challenge. I remember when Lake Erie caught on fire in the 1970’s and the reaction was immediate. Then, shortly after, business as usual returned and now we have things like the deliberate use of Corexit to sink oil spills out of site rather than clean them up. The game of kill the planet’s metabolism has to stop and if all industry has to be shut down and reconstructed, so be it.

The footprint of humanity on the earth is relatively light on an individual level. All of nature groks the concept that you don’t shit in your nest. Except for humanity, with its artificial corporate persons that bear no responsibilty for human action. If corporate leaders were held personally responsible for every business transaction, and the measurement system was based on everything, not just shareholder profit, then maybe we could get a fix on the situation.

Recently, global warming rates of several planets have been demonstrated comparable to earth. The fact that an oort cloud carries more hydrogen to burn in the background may be the explanation. But maybe the electric universe theory has some better ideas as to how everything comes about. Could we set up some learning systems based on actual discovery of knowledge, rather than the current indoctrination of the way it is and the way it will always be.

The New Weigh is ready to publish, yet operating in a world without cash limits doc to not being able to play the publishing game. Existence is a role play game to attempt as many alternative realities as we can imagine, with a true campus being developed to work thing out. Initial focus is on food growth,  home building and infrastructure development. The plan is to use sustainable permaculture as a basis set under the Mondragon model, then to invite other groups to demonstrate ability to improve the current status.

Plans include building tiny housing unts, developing a biodome for processing algae into energy, working on water systems that return cleaner water to the stream that what was removed, and creating small mixed working environments to demonstrate contrasts between different valid approaches. A learning system based on curiosity with direction from the student, not control by the teacher. We are all students and teachers, you cannot be a teacher without continually learning.

Wait. Yes you can. Teachers in public schools today need to follow Linda Shrock Taylor, and get a grip on the purpose of education – creating functional adult persons. Imagine that.

Namaste’ … doc


II Void Powering: Introducing Jack

There are three standard directions: length, width and height. These are represented geometrically by the letters x, y and z. The projection gives a three dimensional shape. Breadth might be this 3-D in context of time, thus the development of things as the mechanism follows through its course.

If we plot a derivative curve of the progression, we find that things always have the same shape, like a cigar or a turd. This could be considered to be a bubble – a meme that begins and ends with much ado about nothing within the muddle in the middle.

This node goes on and on like linked sausage, and we the people get chewed up again and again and again by the people we are supposed to trust. To the point where nobody trusts anybody and we all nitpick each other, because we do not trust ourselves.

Screw that! You are the authority on everything that you know – i know that all i know comes from my friend Jacques Schitte. There are some very smart people out there who know what is going on, because they can connect the dots of what they believe is true. We can all be right and still be left behind. We can all be left, but if we turn around we are facing right. The spinning is called cognitive dissonance.

The uncivil war is here – we must wage peace. Satyagraha – #unrig in the summer of love. The game is in void cycle – the next phase is howdt. Breathe the in breath, breath the out breath. Inhale, it is always 4:20 somewhere, the weigh i tell thyme – as the way i tell time.

Growing up, i watched Crazy Eddie commercials on television. The deals were insane. Of course they were, the merchandise was hot. So were the models. I must admit, i had a crush on Vanna White and used to watch Wheel of Torture just to see what she was wearing.

We are each alone in our own holograph, playing the role of ourselves. As a schitzophrenic, I have several roles that i play; it is awkward again to find an old role recur with a new personality. And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.

The weigh to go is through a Faith and Trust Union. Oh ye of little faith must have absolute trust in everything i say. No – I am full of Schitte. However, i do have depth to my character. I look scary, yet i play the role of the Oz lion well. I also play Santa Claus. Actors and their roles for ten, Art.

We can all be actors in the role of playing ourselves. We can localize and provide our own entertainment and set our time periods based on the collection of persons having interests. There are many worlds to explore – yet we spend our time trying hard to recreate what has yet to be created … what a fool believes.

We are all Eleanor Rigby. We trust nobody, especially not ourselves. Forgive me for saying this: you have to forgive yourself first. No matter how much pain you are in, healing requires that you trust yourself.

Namaste’ … doc

Ref: Mitchell, Fleming, Loggins, Beatles

II Mind Forming: Frankenskies Movie Review

Matt Landman’s new movie Frankenskies is a must see. The information provided demonstrates criminal intent – David Keith and Al Gore need to be prosecuted for mass genocide. As a professional chemist, I participated in Michael Murphy’s movie What in the World are they Spraying? The information still holds up – the Aluminum, Barium and Strontium are not normal biological entities. Careless disregard for life is a way of business in the current death culture.

Today, too many scientists make their living at government expense. We are beholden to our paychecks – academia has become a chorus for the politically correct. The game is rigged and people have no access to chemicals, while corporations can spew their waste with reckless regard. If we cannot pull the plug today, we should stop participation.

Ghandi suggested Satyagraha and led the salt march across India that brought down the British Empire. If we no longer cede our sovereignty to criminals, then this form of governance go away. Stop fighting with yourself. Stop deliberately attacking others for disagreeing with you. Listen and reason and disagree if you have a reasonable argument. But be at peace, first within yourself, then with others.

The chemistry of biology that is taught at university level is mostly wrong. Scientists are too busy building their personal reputations than exploring the unknown. School is telling us half-truths – we need to look deeply into our own fields to see if what we know is actually true. The true scientists like Gerald Pollack and Rupert Sheldrake are suppressed and attacked by trolls and gatekeepers alike. Personal abuse through intimidation is common in the dog eat dog world.

Let’s talk about biological chemistry. The mechanisms of enzymes and proteins depend upon the geometric spacial relationships of functional groups. Enzymes are proteins and proteins are chains of amino acids. The folding of these chains is conserved through biology – the genetic code accounts for the initial order of attachment of each amino acid.

If I have lost you, then you do not know enough basic biochem language to really grok what I am saying. So let’s talk about space chemistry rather than the details of overlapping sciences. The way nature works chemistry is by using all the elements to perform their specific functions. Each metal center is surrounded by soft non-metal elements. These include sulfur, nitrogen and phosphorus. By soft, I mean polarizable – the electrons can be shared with the metal readily, as opposed to hard, which means attracts electrons. Oxygen and the halogens are hard, carbon provides the lattice framwork.

Carbon is comparable to an erector set. When I was a kid growing up, the erector set had all the parts to build machines, metal bars, nuts and bolts, screws and tools. A kid with an erector set could create any structure – similar to legos prior to plastic. I guess today, a makers lab would be the equivalent – a kid can learn to program a device to behave in a fixed way – to do a calculation task. I digress.

Let’s think about the space around the active site a metal – say iron. The iron likes sulfur, so the sulfur arranges itself in a cube around the central iron. The Fe4S4 cubic cluster is the basis for hemoglobin. Each iron bridges three sulfurs in the cube and has three outside attachments. Two of these three are holding on to amino acid backbones and the last is available for oxygen uptake. So, we have a tetrahedral shape around each of the four individual iron atoms. Fe S3N2O. Each of the sulfurs has three covalent bonds as a corner of the cube. The nitrogen are part of the amino acid backbone, these could be thought of as amino functional groups.

Chemistry has a sub field called group theory that explains all this using math tables and symmetry arrangements. The sacred geometry that nature uses is based on the Fibonacci sequence. The phi ratio guides the placement of elements such that the fabric of nature folds fractally into itself. Look at a nautilus shell or a sunflower. The arrangement is a fractal of the biochemistry, with similar mathematics surrounding the phi ratio, 1.61.

Elemental disruption causes the geometry to move away from this number. The substitution of a different element in a biological system causes a change in the bonding. There are two types of bonds – covalent and ionic and they have different purpose. Covalent bonds are structural, ionic bonds are charge based. Cations have positive charge, anions have negative charge and opposites attract. Substitution of one element for another causes major disruptions in the force.

On a side note (MIT: Seneff video) – if glyphosate is an endocrine disruptor and is substituted for glycine in protein chains, then a potential solution is to flush your system with a strong phosphorus collator like manganese, while in the presence of a redox center that can cleave the phosphate-nitrogen bond that disrupts the enzyme folding. To attack a nitrogen phosphorus bond – a small nanobot could be designed to creep along the path. Enzymes tertiary structure fits the golden mean ratio.

Spraying the skies with aluminum, barium, strontium, nano-particulates and other things adds a whole lot of variables to the game. Iff (if and only if) … if you watch the movie with this little bit of chemistry background – then the criminality of the elites in this measure is beyond anything that we have imagined. We need to #unrig the system and do a biological flush – to chelate out the fluorides, and metals that impinge biology for Monsanity profits and prophets. Thyme to Stop it! The spraying, the industrial pollution of the commons, the insanity of a legal structure that is the death culture, all of it. If you choose life, turn off your electronic and walk outside in nature. Observe the difference, then watch the Frankenskies.

The collection of people interviewed in Frankenskies really bring up good points. Water is the key chemical in life – the structure at the chemical level for EZ water is tetrahedral, similar (iso-electronic) to quartz. Each perspective is valid and the movie revolves around people telling personal stories. We can relate, let’s work together and not play their games until they stop spraying us.

If you wish to quit, I have invented a role-play edjutainment game Existence, that could use a few reel life play testers. The game is set up to form guilds and build a community setting for a movie idea that I think could challenge the Hunger games for ideological change. If you wanna try – send me a player character sheet that introduces your personal guild – izzy the wonderdog42 at gmail (no spaces)

Namaste’ … Eljay

II Power Powering: Politix

Diaspora is the flow of people to new places – like refugees. I live with an American refugee who cannot participate because he does not carry the required insurance. The concept of insurance is to protect the money – if something bad happens, you can get your stuff back free.

Except that by the time you calculate your time spent dealing with the insurance company and then the ramification of the hoops you have to jump through, you are better off paying out of your pocket and driving safely. The system compels you to have insurance, to protect the system, not to protect you.

So, if you have a safe community, with a place to live, food to eat and social activity – what you require to do your work are tools and stability. At the moment, ‘mericans have the luxury of shopping – that is the lure of the system. You can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant (‘ceptin Alice). Change happens in many forms, we shall see where the flow of people goes.

The system pushes people from rural into urban. At every turn, the urban legislators push benefits toward cities and harm rural infrastructure by allocating dollars without respecting scale. Economy of scale in urban places happens because people all pay individually for shared services. This generates a lot of revenue. Meanwhile, rural residents have to pony up to be first to do something, then have stragglers attach as they can afford to share the cost.

We need a rural/urban partnership of the people. We have to find a way to exchange ideas between the youth of urbania and the youth of ruralia in order to stop 1984 from existing in 2017. The people who are embedded in the system cannot see the system for what it is worth – absolutely nothing. They are too caught up chasing money.

Kudos to Patreon – your marketing campaign is awesome. Every alt video mentions you, every alt blog mentions you, everybody chasing money mentions you, i can’t avoid mentioning Patreon. I do not want a patreon account – nor any account that slaves me to collecting something other than baseball cards.

I admit – i collected baseball cards forever, in my Existence. As a pre-cog child, my grandfather ran a Brooklyn NY candy store. As oldest child of the diaspora clan of Ellis Island emmigrants, grandpa’s hard life was dedicated to my soft life. I got malts and candy and cards. I was four when they created the NY Mets – instant devotion. The catch – i had to become a doctor.

When it came time to buy the farm, literally, my childhood baseball cards got cashed in for the down-payment to change life from urban to rural. The entire education that i received was from the urban perspective and my wife of four years grew up rural and hated, hated Boston with a passion. If I new then what I know now, i might never have traveled that pathway.

However, I did travel that path. I raised a hobby farm, compost and rabbits and five acres of getaway place to start my creative thinking. The system axed my job within a month of me buying the farm. I had time on my hands – in 1992. So I learned a bit about security.

Security is insurance – the perpetual fraud that has people paying monthly to satisfy created fear. We are all going to die – we never really die. The entire ‘merica lives in fear of death. The death culture is led by Monsanity, now Bay-Er, the pharma poison maker. They spray our skies with everything – industrial disease!

The work force is disgusted downs tools and walks
Innocence is injured experience just talks
Everyone seeks damages and everyone agrees
That these are ‘classic symptoms of a monetary squeeze’
On ITV and BBC they talk about the curse
Philosophy is useless theology is worse
History boils over there’s an economics freeze

I was asked if I was interested in a job in security and I honestly thought I was going to be a night watchman. I went to the Citibank pitch for Primerica – run by Sandy Wheel (sic). I sold insurance and got an SEC – Security and Exchange Commission – license to sell stocks and bonds. I watched how multi-level marketing worked and got my father in-law a hundred thousand dollar term life policy. He died within nine months, suddenly overnight.

As I was learning that game, I was also working as a functionary in the political system. The 1992 election saw Ross Perot melt down with a story about aliens at his daughters wedding. If an alt-media source wants to go down that rabbit hole – wow! He came back into the race, got 23% of the vote and established a real political party with ballot access.

And no people. Ross went back to Texas, the Perot-bots left and about a dozen of us started meeting regularly to begin working out bylaws for the Independent Initiative party of Oregon. We soon became the American Party and dutifly registered with the secretary of state. I spent 10 years working without pay as treasurer, delegate and functionary of the state party, traveling at my own expense and having enormous fun.

Harlis Gardner ran for governor of Oregon in 1994 and Lindy Anne Sarno and I ran his campaign. I learned Oregon on foot, on weekends. Scientist by day, political wonk by night. By 1996, we were rockin – then Ross returned. The Reform Party was building without his interest. Dick Lamm was recruited to run for president and suddenly Ross was interested. And so was Pat Buchanan.

After watching Buchanan be the right wing rightest of the Republican Party, I got to meet him in Dearborn, Michigan. The man was not at all what he seemed to be on television as part of the media farce. I liked him, i liked his message. I did not like the Nixonesque tricks that he pulled to help Ross beat Dick Lamm and then punt the election campaign.

I was Reform Party Treasurer and Oregon Delegate for several years there-after. I lost the heart to do it, so that when the game came to a close, I shut down the party because it was my fiduciary responsibility to do so. I wish i hadn’t in retrospect, but it taught me a lesson on how things work. The people had a party and the system took it back by bribery, by election tricks and by bad human behavior.

So, now i see #unrig – Cynthia McKinney and Robert David Steele and Jesse Ventura ( the original gubernator before Arnold) and Ron Paul. I push my poker chips onto the table and say all in. But !!!! The system is rigged and unrigging the system requires that everyone be honest to themselves and their work. I believe we can build a new better system – we need both directions of approach.

Your mission, Jim, if you should decide to take it … this tape will self distruct in five seconds, five three two one one …

Namaste’ … Doc

Music:  Guthrie, Dire Straits

TV: Mission Impossible

II Flow Sounding: Foundation

Foundation. Foundation and Empire. Second Foundation. Welcome to the world of Isaac Asimov, as viewed through the eyes of Hari Seldon. Science is a given, scientism is the religion of the Empire at the peak of the great society. Planets are like cities – thyme to rethink how we actively get along.

The setting for the book is a planet called Trantor. The game is called psychohistory – a flow of patterns put together from numbers. In this world, the best analogy is Clif High and his linguistic research. The game of predict the future has been made moot by time travel – the Mandela affect is from people here changing recent and ancient history.

Asimov was the science writer that readers in the 1960’s grew up with. I am an old fart – almost 60 – I remember watching JFK get assassinated on TV in 1963. The next timeline says 1969 – the deep state reigns and when it rains, it pours. I believe that the authors that we read as science fiction back then, came from now, and wrote to influence the timeline that most of the whirled is changing into.

Three timelines in play – the singularity event is very, very recent. The analogy to literature here is Anathem – the return of the fleet for the fifth time. When you look at who we are and what our power really is, well, the ideas to change the world are written in the books. Not that the movie scripts can follow the book, then don’t even try.

Back to Asimov’s Foundation, a means of shrinking time such that it only takes 1000 years rather than 10,000 years to reset the empire. Psycho-history used linguistic diagnostics to predict the future – and the series of books walked through that future, each predictable major incident at a time.

You know the theme is good, when other authors pick up the aura. I have read many different Foundation themed books beyond the three in the trilogy – remember when books were the entertainment and movies and television were the thrills? Donna Reed was everybody’s mom and mom’s responsibility included educating the kids.

That is a fallacy that many generations are stuck with, what mom’s role is. Our current system is so broken that mom is not a gneder specific term any longer. The language once parced, cannot be restored – melt down is contrived! If we quit playing the game and let it all go – the reality will have to change because the illusion is destroyed. We have no alternate illusion to fit in, right now, but the singularity is breached and time travel is recreating the past.

Only humans have gender issues. Evergreen State College is an insane asylum – progressiveness is feeding on its own because the rest of us ignore that disreality. Generations are separated deliberately – if we wish to have diversity, let’s begin by not isolating children from adults. All adults are responsible people is another fallacy. Hero worship is a real bane – you are not the real hero.

The world of human is ready for a big jolt – the place where we land is dependent upon the vibration that we carry. The cats in the picture are black and white, the photo was taken without playing with any settings. Yage, the black cat, is as wise as they come. I have learned much from watching animals this past year – how they deal with their humans is greatly dependant upon the human behavior. Humans are behaving badly.

There are three timelines that are currently flowing from an overlapping reality of the recent singularity. As these gather momentum, the people that can straddle time will have to make decisions on where they belong based upon the continuity of their thinking. For most, the timelines are moot and the one you are on is already fixed. However, the quantum entanglement of the three means that multiple forms of the same people are doing different things on similar different worlds, that have yet to be resolved.

Cats are the lead animals in creating this illusion. Dogs are guardians and keepers of the space. Birds are humans in another condition, relearning what it is to be less effective than before. The world that Asimov created in the Foundation series effectively changed the world view from depression and world war two mentality to star trek federations of outer space. The change over is coming – not in any form that you might expect. The straddlers have personal decisions that affect their ‘major persona’ , which some people here call higher self.

Some of us are at a crossroads – with a role to play here and a different role to play there. Death is a means of removing personas who have played their role on a timeline. When you have a near death experience, you actually die on multiple timelines – you reincarnate back into you on a single timeline for your next adventure. The reason we don’t run into ourselves is because the timelines run on different fractal scales.

Put the term fractal into the search engine on this blog and see how many posts discuss fractals. Or try fibonacci. Or any term that you can think of. If you wish to go deeper into the mystery of Existence – there is another different rabbit hole. If you investigate the Thyme Zone on blogger – there are the clues to how to create a new scheme of life. It is easier than you think.

It all depends on mind set. Your frame of mind is centered about a vibrational frequency. What you believe resonates at your frequency. Straddlers are in two states at once – both are different excited states. They both allow return to the ground state, but the ground states are different timelines. Where you are depends on your surroundings, like likes like. If you hang out in an environment with people that you like and are happy – then you will raise your frequency.

I had my frequency specifically lowered this past weekend. I knew it was happening, the target date of May 27, 2017 was indeed the day that i saw the wind blow out of the sails. The higher elevation of one timeline is set to be and the role that i have to play in the former illusion takes me back into a persona that i had thought i left behind. I see where to go, how to get there – the role that i have here is different from the role i play there.

I have twice survived NDEs and come back into the same experience. This happens when you have a specific role, not a general one. If somebody passes on one timeline, they just remove their persona from all timelines where their work is done. You never lose any soul, all thoughts and beings are, and will always be. Your responsibility for your own thoughts is governance, you ascend when you complete the level of the particular game you are playing.

My role is to help #unrig the system. The illusion of effervescence that has been lemme has created a place where Tilly can be waiting and working – a Galt’s gulch where Mayans still walk. I am here, now. A haiku – shout to old friend Russ from high school.

Chess, game on … theory and practice … dont get rooked !

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Satyagraha Thyme – let’s make Ghandi rock! Socio-chemistry subs for Psycho-history. Hari’ Rama.

Namaste’ … doc

PS – one query – where can we define words such that a  conversation does not talk past an issue – and how can we allow individuals to set there own pace rather than have collective guidence? We have to make the approach work from both poles – difficult people are difficult because people get in their weigh. We have to be allowed to measure in our own terms.

Lit: Asimov, Stephenson

II Flow Forming: Reaction Coordinates

Nature is habitual. When you can be out there watching, you see that something that happens well once gets repeated again as long as it happens well again, it happens again and again. If it doesn’t work, the mechanism stops. When the arrangement of parts is ready, the habit is picked up again and goes on.

Let’s follow the reaction coordinate. Begin with your idea. Any idea will work, let’s pause to think about what it is that we wish to pursue this morning. I am thinking about explaining the reaction coordinate, because most of you have never thought about these two words together.

Begin with assembly, the critical mass. We are looking to empower a change in status, from one form to the next within the process of getting something done. Essentially, we are dealing with energy, entropy and enthalpy. On a human scale, we are dealing with energy, feelings and thoughts.

Planning, acquiring materials and developing protocol are all necessary preconditions to get the form flowing and the actions started. The assembly is required only when the power is turned on – if you aren’t there yet, there is no reason to punch the timecard and start the clock. The new clock started wednesday – i will learn more tomorrow.

Tomorrow? Well, my friend Christopher Rudy has a BBS radio show called Cosmic Love. His guest at 5 pm PST tomorrow is Carl Calleman, the Mayan Calendar expert. There are two mayan calendars running embedding programs – the popular Jose Argulles Law of Time glyphs and the sacred ‘real’ Mayan Day calendar.

As things align and flow along your reaction coordinate, you develop a resonance where synchronicities start coming into play. Spheres align into position and sound out their coordinates of application – the pieces are all in place and the energy transitions successfully place the alignment to the point where you grasp the significance of this change.

Your mind set says go – the parts get juiced and the machine sputters, and clanks and chuggs and catches and runs and all the energy that was slowly composited into the system provides work and POP – things change! Relax, we have reached the void – the places where accomplishment pervades and we can plan and mass our next reaction coordinate.

A pathway – a direction to follow. The path less taken, because the timelines just split and you are either with us or not here at all. Be here now. Always, in all ways. Your consciousness is focused on where ever you wish to focus, as long as you remember yourself and why we are here.

I drift into a dream – i am mentally setting with Ospensky listening to Gurdgieff. My heritage says i should be sitting with Uncle Albert, and brother Linus ruminating upon the mechanistic approach to the body through chemistry. Iff – which means if and only if – iff DuPont better living through chemistry had not turned into the Monsantrosticity that has now been Bayered into another morphed form. No aspirin necessary – just smoke pot. Who knew?

That is the key question – who knew when? History was rewritten after wwII – the timeline we are on is not necessarily any part of the projection. I am on a different timeline – one more appropriate to the movie Highlander. The first one, where the plot made sense and the director had some latitude before the money grubbers got there. {Movies never follow the plots of books. Ask Why?}

The theme changes, but the plot remains the same, heroes journey. Gotta love the lame stream media – oh, something wrong, toss up another distraction. False flags of false news for false people in false reality. True or false? It doesn’t really matter, anyone can see, nothing really matters, nothing really matters, to me … any way the wind blows –> free!

Matter and energy – free energy. The illusion is you get what you pay for. The reality is, they own the money – you are bought if you pay for anything with their currency. But currency relates to energy via flow – how can we make things flow smootly without money as currency?  #unrig . Robert David Steele, Cynthia McKinney, Ron Paul, many more.

Meanwhile, lemme and doc are about to go bowling. PPP – puff, puff, pass. The human body has cannibanoid receptors – it does not have aspirin receptors. If you smoke or drink herbs, you get nature’s blend of multiple constituents – if you pop a big pharma pill, you get an overdose of a single constituent.

Falseness is embedded below truth to provide a derivative truth that takes you off the main timeline. Each of the 13 strands of DNA is a time frame indicator – the telomeres at the end tell you how many more lifetimes you have on that current timeline – we are immortal on only one of the thirteen timeline acording to the Mayan calendar.

Oops, I did it again
I played with your <mind>, got lost in the game
Oh baby, baby
Oops, you think I’m in love
That I’m sent from above
I’m not that innocent

We shall talk more about timelines and DNA after we listen to what Carl and Christoper have to say.

Namaste’ … lemme

Music: Queen : Britney Spears

Literature: Ram Dass – Be Here Now : Ospensky – The Fourth Way