II Void Powering: Introducing Jack

There are three standard directions: length, width and height. These are represented geometrically by the letters x, y and z. The projection gives a three dimensional shape. Breadth might be this 3-D in context of time, thus the development of things as the mechanism follows through its course.

If we plot a derivative curve of the progression, we find that things always have the same shape, like a cigar or a turd. This could be considered to be a bubble – a meme that begins and ends with much ado about nothing within the muddle in the middle.

This node goes on and on like linked sausage, and we the people get chewed up again and again and again by the people we are supposed to trust. To the point where nobody trusts anybody and we all nitpick each other, because we do not trust ourselves.

Screw that! You are the authority on everything that you know – i know that all i know comes from my friend Jacques Schitte. There are some very smart people out there who know what is going on, because they can connect the dots of what they believe is true. We can all be right and still be left behind. We can all be left, but if we turn around we are facing right. The spinning is called cognitive dissonance.

The uncivil war is here – we must wage peace. Satyagraha – #unrig in the summer of love. The game is in void cycle – the next phase is howdt. Breathe the in breath, breath the out breath. Inhale, it is always 4:20 somewhere, the weigh i tell thyme – as the way i tell time.

Growing up, i watched Crazy Eddie commercials on television. The deals were insane. Of course they were, the merchandise was hot. So were the models. I must admit, i had a crush on Vanna White and used to watch Wheel of Torture just to see what she was wearing.

We are each alone in our own holograph, playing the role of ourselves. As a schitzophrenic, I have several roles that i play; it is awkward again to find an old role recur with a new personality. And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.

The weigh to go is through a Faith and Trust Union. Oh ye of little faith must have absolute trust in everything i say. No – I am full of Schitte. However, i do have depth to my character. I look scary, yet i play the role of the Oz lion well. I also play Santa Claus. Actors and their roles for ten, Art.

We can all be actors in the role of playing ourselves. We can localize and provide our own entertainment and set our time periods based on the collection of persons having interests. There are many worlds to explore – yet we spend our time trying hard to recreate what has yet to be created … what a fool believes.

We are all Eleanor Rigby. We trust nobody, especially not ourselves. Forgive me for saying this: you have to forgive yourself first. No matter how much pain you are in, healing requires that you trust yourself.

Namaste’ … doc

Ref: Mitchell, Fleming, Loggins, Beatles

II Mind Massing: Breath Meditation for Grounding

Stop. Breathe. Exhale. Breathe Deep. Let go of tension. Focus on love. Exhale to the bottom of your lungs, focus on love and inhale deep, while thanking love for allowing you to be you. The theme of our meditation love is single minded, in the manner that it is approached.

I like to inhale to a count of thirteen, steady absorption of air into lungs, then exhale to a count of eight. On the second breathe, i give an extra puff outward at the eight count – this is clearing my Merkaba field. This is my personal space ship – the shell about which i can take my travels to any plane of Existence. The shape is a double tetrahedral, folded onto itself. You can imagine your space ship to be any shape that you wish it to be – it allows you to travel time. Six breaths have the added exhale – we clear all our directions: North South East West Up Down

You are now at breath eight – focus on a single topic. Drumvalo uses love here too in the basis set, but i prefer peace at the moment. It may be because my Satyagraha of Peace is just beginning – Anu Ra and I are designing a peace fountain. It may be because I need to quell demons that have suddenly reentered my space with an older personality that had been suppressed for thirty years.

At any rate, continue deep breathing by drawing in to a thirteen count while remaining focused on Peace, or Love, or Harmony, or any thing your heart desires. This is calling this power into your ground state and imbuing you with the focus of where you wish your mind to rest. This deep meditation allows your heart to connect with your brain and allows you to focus on the one that you are, in resonance with the love that we are, together. Six breaths of focus here – all one theme initially until you feel you are good at guiding yourself.

Now that we have one love breath, (sics) clearing breaths, and six power breaths, we need four more closing breaths. I used to go back to love and do all 17 breaths in love to begin my meditation – this was before i really grokked the meta-physical. Now i do my culminating breaths on theme, Peace for peace, new words that combine multiple sentiments. Vemora – takes the ov from love the rm from harmony and the ea from peace and combines them in an anagram.

Now that the meditation is finished, i find that i have altered my consciousness to include the concepts of my desires. The entire scheme can be done in a minute, excuse yourself to go to the restroom and regain control of your mental faculty at any time. It all comes by remembering to breathe – when you get good and practiced, you can do this in less than a second, mentally and change the course of your immediate situation.

Remember, you always want to have your excited states attached firmly to your ground state. It makes for much better adventure.

Namaste’ … doc


II Power Loving: Who Dat?

Equality. Equity. Conceptually, i am lost on this. Equivalence is when one thing is roughly the same as another thing. We use the phrase, ‘all things being equal’, to imply a leveled playing field. The concept of a fair, even playing field of life, as we know it, makes no sense, even less when we bring in Darwin. Human life is not about survival of the fittest economically!

When games are designed, the idea is that each player should begin with an equivalent chance of winning or losing. A game like chess confers an advantage to white to open the game, but the initial set up of pieces on the board is total equivalence.

When scientists put a rat in a maze, they do not design the maze to be fair to the rat. They have a set of criteria that they put the rat through and measure her performance by timing the event. One of my first science projects was why mice like cheese – i was third in the entire science fair. My conclusion after playing with mice in a home built maze – mice dont like cheese, they like lettuce.

What we think we know is based on our experience relative to the world view that we were taught. Our value systems come from our parents and our upbringing, as modified by our personal interaction with reality. However – reality changes based on your preference, based on the POV of your mind at the moment you make a key decision.

When you spend time thinking in depth about a topic, your mind surrounds the material to the exclusion of other happenings in the world. The you that is extremely focused can lose track of time and spend a short period enjoying something asleep – upon waking you find that hours have been lost.

The puter just pointed out another time slip. I was thinking so fast that i was typing faster than the puter could keep up – it took several seconds for the buffer to download the t in lost. When you vibrate at a frequency higher than the 60 Hz electric feed, you have the ability to mess with the electrical system. Anything plugged in is susceptable – it explains why i used to blow monitors all the time. I thought it was poor construction, until…

Until i was taken out of body for a vision quest on the mountain near the hot springs. I will maintain that I took no drugs voluntarily or knowingly before the emotional incident set things off, but it was several weeks before the frequency dampened – and i learned as above, so below by travelling the quanta that control DNA. I later figured out that I had been slipped some drugs. Imagine that.

That was 10 years ago –

Guess who just got back today
Them wild-eyed boys that had been away
Haven’t changed that much to say
But man, I still think them cats are crazy

The Elvis that left the building returned through trauma and decided that going backward in time while going forwards makes more sense that continuing forward without interest. The multiple personalities of the characters of the blog suddenly had to look at each other and say – who dat?

The cult of personality is a broken record. As long as people focus on people, there will be strife and division, just what the elites want. I am not elite. You are not elite. I am you and you are me and we are all together. See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they run. What happens when you get the runs?

Image collapse. Laugh. Sit down on the pot and let all the insides go, as the liquid shoots out what is usual solid, rather quickly. Big Hint – the economy has the runs. We dont need no education, we dont need no thought controls. All we need is love!

There is nothing you can do that can’t be done. So, do something different – join Satyagraha. Instead of worrying about equality, work on your personal resonating frequency. Look at how you spend your time and ask yourself – is this how i wish to spend my time? If not – now is a very good time to change.

The system is imploding and we get to recreate ourselves with empathy for each other’s plight. If we can grip a high resonating frequency, like likes like, we will attract others that are resonating at our frequency. Peace has a very high frequency – we close out everything and return to our focus and find the quietest inner place to be.

Then we resonate love, for ourselves, our friends and loved ones, for our social circle and for their friends and loved ones and suddenly, we find everyone calms down, because we each individually hold love for them in our hearts while we lose track of time and go deeper into that space where we resonate.

To calm yourself down to quiet, try fibonacci breathing. Inhale to a count of eight and then exhale to a count of five, then inhale to a count of eight and exhale to a count of five, then 8/5/8/5/8/5 and by concentrating on your breathing you slow down your metabolism, raise your frequency and have more time in your moment.

You control your emotions. Learn empathy for others, wear their shoes. If we control our own tempers and learn to breathe, we can deflate negative energy and raise the collective vibration beyond the cult of personality. Then we can begin to approach the reel work ahead.

Namaste’ … eljay

Lit: Darwin

Music: Thin Lizzy, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Lennon

Science: Kellogg