II Power Flowing: How to Play

People need to relieve stress. There are many ways to do this. Breathing is good, but shouting is better. You do not have to shout at anybody, it’s just good to let the lungs go into a really good scream. By converting your excess energy to noise, it takes it away from your personal space and puts it out to dissipate into the aether. Release the energy without physical violence.

Energy conversion between forms requires extra energy to catalyze the change. Energy used productively is called work. However what is called work has nothing to do with productive energy. Working for a living means slavery – because work has become a tether of control.

I have full ownership of the use of my time. When i contract with others to accomplish a task, we barter for time. Then each of us goes our separate ways does our work on our own time. The time i used to spend with people is now spent out in nature observing – hermits can do that. Thus, the political illusion that was painted for the population here was completely lost on me – I have no common sense nor modern television knowledge.

Thus, everything is learned by taking in the new data, chewing on it in contrast to what I already think i know, then coming up with a new hypothesis, that is a refined old hypothesis. How things work is subject to belief and i as doc have a rigid belief system. I as lemme have an open belief system. Now, as Hari again, I have no belief system – I must be open to all beliefs.

Existence game #Metrix are based on chemistry and counting. It requires 30 repetitions of an experiment to establish scientific significance. Each one of these tests has to be structured independantly, under the same conditions and the observations recorded without bias. Data collected must be first hand, autographed by a witness and processed with probability and statistics before the rejection of any data is allowed.

The experiment requires an established protocol. This is a method for somebody to repeat the work. Repeated work will not necessarily produce the same result. In fact – good work will not produce the same result, because other conditions are involved. The protocol can control some conditions, some are free to change.

There is a concept of variables and constants. A constant is something that we as scientists hold in constraint. It is not allowed to vary. Thus, we can tease out the effect of non-variance upon the other variables, the things that we watch and measure. The real observations come when we know the process and have developed an idea of the mechanism, and can start to see how changing a variable affects the system of study.

Or you can just wing it. Start by starting, forget protocol entirely and go for it. You throw things together in a way that you believe will work and see if it does. Then you see what happened and make changes to get the desired effect. You have a goal of some target and how you get there is however you choose to walk the path.

Both approaches are valid – neither approach can work with the other. These polar opposites have an equal probability of working to get a good answer. Any mixing of approach is a sacrifice of one for the other, which takes us to a muddle in the middle and invalidates the correct answer (if there is such a thing). The idea is to have different poles working to race to accomplish the task.

Opposite poles are conservatives and liberals from Warsaw.  With the Russians to the East and the Germans to the West, the Poles are strung out and need to develop their own breathing space to remain in existence. They are taught that like attracts like and that opposites attract. Insanity is attempting to hold two opposite views of the same thing at the same time.

Which is why schizophrenia is okay and lemme and doc can co-exist – the left brain and the right brain are not fighting or at war with each other – peace has taken hold. I am not a duality of opposites, i am a unique individual of one, two, three, five, eight personalities – a veritable Sybil. The Data/Spock character lives in the number world and can slip into Bob Marshall reality – numbers are alive … clik, clik, zap. The lemme character can be a super-hero and fight the evil ticks attacking Izzy the Wonder Dog … Zap, Zap , Click

The pictures, descriptions and accounts of Existence are the sole property of the Scribe Guild and belong to the Faith and Trust Union (FTU). The FTU is a membership organization which is operated through Eight by Eight (8×8).  8×8 is an entity established to interface with the current banking industry. The terms of 8×8 have never been met in actual operation, theory has to be set out before practice can determine if the effort works.

Summer Solstice starts a new Existence Quarter. Each quarter, once the books are closed on the prior quarter, the statisticians will be allowed access to the data filed to crunch numbers. During the collection events, the data is off-limits. In fact – no data is due until the next solstice or equinox (SOE). Each guild has responsibility to file a report each quarter, in the week following the SOE, and this is added to the scribe guild data stream.

Existence will be scored in a number of ways, similar to the way statistics are collected in baseball. There will be seasons for various events, but until the season is over, the statistics are for performance measurement and enjoyment. As we increase game levels, more of these statistics will be shared on a real time basis. It requires critical mass to increase levels and to increase tiers and to go to deeper depth.

The 8×8 grid is the framework for Existence. You place your hour card on the grid according to color scheme and numerology, the events and games in play, the theme and context of the weekend and the need for guilds to accomplish the work of training apprentices. The monitoring takes place by creating media and we all role-play the themes while accomplishing the work. Private edjutainment.

Namaste’… doc, lemme, hari and the entire crew in the mind of Schizo.

II Form Voiding: Numbers

The calendars are the key to controlling our own time. The encumberence of 24/7 for 365 in a 12/30-31(28) leads us to a perpetual trudge at 5/2 …5/2…5/2 – where reality is the 5:2 is a 2:5 where tuesday noon thru thursday noon are the real 48 for most people. Treei operates on a 7:1 embedded in a 7:1, an eight by eight grid of 64. Four directions – a panel of 256 options – reflections of each other using symmetry. A circle has a full 360 – why are there 364 +/- 1 ?

What do you own? In a pristine blank slate, you own your own self, mind and body. You own your own time – you have a limit of 24 hours in a day. I get where that number comes from. An hour card is worth an hour of time. It is a means of exchange that forms the basis of our faith and trust union. This is our community bank for the mondragon model of Existence.

Existence is duplicatable, open source role play technology. We have a campus called camp4us. This is where we play the game and film the movie. The movie is a means of getting several points across that Hollyhell seems to have forgotten. I used to enjoy movies, now i can only watch the ones that either i know the plot completely or I know nothing about the plot at all. If the movie is based on a book that i read – i cannot watch it.

You can set your own rules for you. The guild structure will set the rules for you for the training and role-playing game that you encounter. The scoring system is a means of helping us track development, projects, not people. The model, sports, is the best people tracking system on the planet right now, so it forms the basis set for how we do our tracking.

Metrix are metrics set by the guild that are measures of excellence. I was a member of ARBA when i was a groupie <a person who joined many groups> and they are the American Rabbit Breeders Association. They publish Standards of Perfection, in which every breed of rabbit is described for show purposes. The game is to develop the best rabbit and win a ribbon – win, place and show. Metrics are easy – we call them metrix, #metrix.

I do not get hashtags and at symbols. @lennythyme is my twitter handle – i tweet this blog’s link. I have three followers. What am i not getting here? How do i talk to somebody i follow, and how do they talk back to me? Monty Python has a sketch called the twit race – that i grok. Nigel has run himself over, he could be out of it!

Well, today form voids. That means that the structural unit is envisioned and the flow of the system starts massing tomorrow. Keywords will be color coded and each color will imply a different entity. Treei has sixty-four glyphs – similar to the genetic code. Genes work on a permutations of three in four, whereas treei is permutations of two in eight.

Doc edited a book on numeronomy, a collection of essays on numbers written by Robert Marshall. Bob worked with Bucky Fuller and could not write an equation to save his own life. The way things came together was visual, and Bob’s mind took him places where he could see symmetry in structural dynamic form. Click, click, zap.

The game of numbers has been hijacked by university academic mathematicians who know very little about number theory and insist on absolute proofs. Er – how can science be based upon this nonsense? Marshall demonstrates, it is not that way at all. How do we step out and make the change?

By taking different model and applying separate themes to each of the models and measuring the heck out of them. I need to be able to demonstrate the same concept over a dozen different weighs, to see what we know from other perspectives, currently sequestered away in small boxes by the thought structure currently imposed.

I need a byte, can you spare a bit?

Namaste’ … lemme