II Mind Forming: Frankenskies Movie Review

Matt Landman’s new movie Frankenskies is a must see. The information provided demonstrates criminal intent – David Keith and Al Gore need to be prosecuted for mass genocide. As a professional chemist, I participated in Michael Murphy’s movie What in the World are they Spraying? The information still holds up – the Aluminum, Barium and Strontium are not normal biological entities. Careless disregard for life is a way of business in the current death culture.

Today, too many scientists make their living at government expense. We are beholden to our paychecks – academia has become a chorus for the politically correct. The game is rigged and people have no access to chemicals, while corporations can spew their waste with reckless regard. If we cannot pull the plug today, we should stop participation.

Ghandi suggested Satyagraha and led the salt march across India that brought down the British Empire. If we no longer cede our sovereignty to criminals, then this form of governance go away. Stop fighting with yourself. Stop deliberately attacking others for disagreeing with you. Listen and reason and disagree if you have a reasonable argument. But be at peace, first within yourself, then with others.

The chemistry of biology that is taught at university level is mostly wrong. Scientists are too busy building their personal reputations than exploring the unknown. School is telling us half-truths – we need to look deeply into our own fields to see if what we know is actually true. The true scientists like Gerald Pollack and Rupert Sheldrake are suppressed and attacked by trolls and gatekeepers alike. Personal abuse through intimidation is common in the dog eat dog world.

Let’s talk about biological chemistry. The mechanisms of enzymes and proteins depend upon the geometric spacial relationships of functional groups. Enzymes are proteins and proteins are chains of amino acids. The folding of these chains is conserved through biology – the genetic code accounts for the initial order of attachment of each amino acid.

If I have lost you, then you do not know enough basic biochem language to really grok what I am saying. So let’s talk about space chemistry rather than the details of overlapping sciences. The way nature works chemistry is by using all the elements to perform their specific functions. Each metal center is surrounded by soft non-metal elements. These include sulfur, nitrogen and phosphorus. By soft, I mean polarizable – the electrons can be shared with the metal readily, as opposed to hard, which means attracts electrons. Oxygen and the halogens are hard, carbon provides the lattice framwork.

Carbon is comparable to an erector set. When I was a kid growing up, the erector set had all the parts to build machines, metal bars, nuts and bolts, screws and tools. A kid with an erector set could create any structure – similar to legos prior to plastic. I guess today, a makers lab would be the equivalent – a kid can learn to program a device to behave in a fixed way – to do a calculation task. I digress.

Let’s think about the space around the active site a metal – say iron. The iron likes sulfur, so the sulfur arranges itself in a cube around the central iron. The Fe4S4 cubic cluster is the basis for hemoglobin. Each iron bridges three sulfurs in the cube and has three outside attachments. Two of these three are holding on to amino acid backbones and the last is available for oxygen uptake. So, we have a tetrahedral shape around each of the four individual iron atoms. Fe S3N2O. Each of the sulfurs has three covalent bonds as a corner of the cube. The nitrogen are part of the amino acid backbone, these could be thought of as amino functional groups.

Chemistry has a sub field called group theory that explains all this using math tables and symmetry arrangements. The sacred geometry that nature uses is based on the Fibonacci sequence. The phi ratio guides the placement of elements such that the fabric of nature folds fractally into itself. Look at a nautilus shell or a sunflower. The arrangement is a fractal of the biochemistry, with similar mathematics surrounding the phi ratio, 1.61.

Elemental disruption causes the geometry to move away from this number. The substitution of a different element in a biological system causes a change in the bonding. There are two types of bonds – covalent and ionic and they have different purpose. Covalent bonds are structural, ionic bonds are charge based. Cations have positive charge, anions have negative charge and opposites attract. Substitution of one element for another causes major disruptions in the force.

On a side note (MIT: Seneff video) – if glyphosate is an endocrine disruptor and is substituted for glycine in protein chains, then a potential solution is to flush your system with a strong phosphorus collator like manganese, while in the presence of a redox center that can cleave the phosphate-nitrogen bond that disrupts the enzyme folding. To attack a nitrogen phosphorus bond – a small nanobot could be designed to creep along the path. Enzymes tertiary structure fits the golden mean ratio.

Spraying the skies with aluminum, barium, strontium, nano-particulates and other things adds a whole lot of variables to the game. Iff (if and only if) … if you watch the movie with this little bit of chemistry background – then the criminality of the elites in this measure is beyond anything that we have imagined. We need to #unrig the system and do a biological flush – to chelate out the fluorides, and metals that impinge biology for Monsanity profits and prophets. Thyme to Stop it! The spraying, the industrial pollution of the commons, the insanity of a legal structure that is the death culture, all of it. If you choose life, turn off your electronic and walk outside in nature. Observe the difference, then watch the Frankenskies.

The collection of people interviewed in Frankenskies really bring up good points. Water is the key chemical in life – the structure at the chemical level for EZ water is tetrahedral, similar (iso-electronic) to quartz. Each perspective is valid and the movie revolves around people telling personal stories. We can relate, let’s work together and not play their games until they stop spraying us.

If you wish to quit, I have invented a role-play edjutainment game Existence, that could use a few reel life play testers. The game is set up to form guilds and build a community setting for a movie idea that I think could challenge the Hunger games for ideological change. If you wanna try – send me a player character sheet that introduces your personal guild – izzy the wonderdog42 at gmail (no spaces)

Namaste’ … Eljay