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Sometimes, we just don’t know where the pathway that we choose will lead.  Robert Frost’s The road not taken is one of my all time favorite Frost poems – i allow my heart to be my guide. Since my thyme howdt blog left the nettosphere last june, i have been on a learning adventure at the cutting edge of developments. This week, I acquired the url necessary to restore another voice from the alternetive kulture. Welcome to thyme howdt – where you can take a time out from the rat race and alter your perspective.

Currently – Dr. Lenny is working in several areas of consulting and editing with projects coming forth that are based in water and energy areas. The chemistry of natural resources has to be examined in fine detail as a basic parameter of measurement – chemistry is really another form of accounting that has no economic basis at all. The keys to chemical accounting are conservation and balance.

Atoms combined to form molecules which provide the mass that can be set into order as form. As form takes shape, the system develops a rhythm of flow … the flow flows from a trickle to a stream building power. Power disperses through love, not fear, and when love bursts forth it sings joyously sending sound out to the minds of others, then resting in void until a new fractal scale is born.

Chemistry is bordered by the atom on the low end and the raw materials of the planet on the upper end. What are the raw materials that make us, but ashes and dust and water, combined with growing plants and meats and the foods we consume. Life is abundance – when we care for it on all scales. If we don’t, we become circulated about our egos and get to live in the world as formerly constructed.

Realistically – let’s cut chemistry off at the upper limit at bio-chemistry. Biology is an even larger fractal; there are enough differences in the mechanisms of biology and chemistry that biochem can bridge the gap and be self-similar to both science fields without needing them to resemble each other. Different fractals can be embedded within other fractals – each scale has a different wavelength range for the energy emissions within the sphere.

The mixing of waveforms to create both matter and energy is a condensation of vibration into a variety of forms. The transference of one form of energy to another is the domain of physics. The physics serve to underpin chemistry at a smaller fractal. The sub atomic particles like quarks, mesons, leptons and others all affect the chemistry, but their behaviors are not germane to the chemistry of chemical bonds.

The music scales provide us with harmonics of the spheres. The nature of nature is fractal,  with overlapping fractals forms in both parallel and perpendicular configuration. The relationship between different fraction scales affects the illusion of the passage of time. The mind when active and supported by all physical cylinders is an amazing instrument of imaginative construction. Creating a world on Gaia fitting for the endeavors of the human mind is a quest into the expansion of consciousness developing with the age of Aquarius.

Enjoy the ride…

Namaste … doc

30 Solutions from a chemist

To get out of the mindset that caused the problems

  1. Lose the fear by not believing what you watch on the controlled major mass media
  2. Look at the global view while taking local action
  3. Be good at what you do and be sure of what you know
  4. Hold a high resonant vibration
  5. Keep yourself healthy and hydrated
  6. Disengage gradually from all activity with the old system that doesn’t serve your needs
  7. Think for Yourself – keep aware
  8. Make regular contact with nature
  9. Take time off and treat yourself well
  10. Keep a healthy skepticism of all information
  11. Have a personal basis-set of beliefs – check that you actually believe them
  12. Question everything again, build a foundation of your own knowledge to work from
  13. Learn more about everything that you find interesting
  14. Share Love and Practice Peace
  15. Work to form agreements in common language
  16. Find your guild and get good at doing what you do, with people you enjoy being with.
  17. Prime the pump by using your down time for things that you enjoy doing.
  18. Eat good food
  19. Change the things that cannot remain the same, within your own domain.
  20. Speak your peace, plainly and clearly
  21. Listen with attention: act with intention
  22. Play games – use the frame-work of the game as a platform for learning
  23. Find a bit of quiet time every day – to meditate or to think
  24. Care for all non-human beings: animals, plants, fungi, crystals
  25. Participate in a group with an external focus – Like Oregon Blue Skies
  26. Turn off the television and/or computer – read a book
  27. Learn a new skill that you always wanted to have
  28. Use your imagination
  29. Stop doing things that you do not wish to do
  30. Keep track by measuring the outcomes of the things that you wish to follow

Human Fractal Scale

Human Fractal Scale      Dr. Lenny Thyme      01-28-2016

Query: How do we switch from a monolithic system, through economic changes. to create the platform for a fresh start; to fix the climate changes known as global warming?

Answer: We do not have to solve that problem. The order of being will shift with the release of project funds, as soon as the greed and deceit are no longer rewarded. Attempting to address the challenges of nature with human mass technology will only exasperate the situation. The best fix is to stop action on the big scale while shifting the mechanism to human scale, lowering our individual (carbon) footprint by interacting with nature (gaia) in a more simple, non-invasive manner.

Our interaction with the support structure of the planet has to be redefined due to the recognition of intelligent life on both larger and smaller scales – not only in terms of space, distance and time, but also in the different relationship between relative and absolute space.

We are holographic beings in a morphogenic field – our ability to create the reality that we live in is based upon our imagination and our intelligence. Our ability to play depends on the wavelengths that we vibrate upon – which cover many scales beyond this specific human scale.

We also exist on other scales, where sleep seems to accompany a metabolic shift from aerobic to anaerobic conditions for the physical body, while the mind is on energy shutdown caused by detachment into dream-space as the matter is confined to limited motion under limbic system control.

Fractal systems perturb the overall frequency of emission of larger systems, but larger systems tend to pay less attention to the smaller systems that contribute to their whole. A fractal level is defined by the scale that is chosen to be one – human scale is not concerned with hearts or brains, but human concepts of love, mind and soul.

Smaller has more complexity with less matter – so the morphogenic field of the large shapes the aspects of what can be smaller, with volume of limited mass taking up as much physical space available. In biology, the space in between is filled with water. When we each the water fractal scale, there should be a similar component that functions at subatomic scale. As quarks are to humans, this ‘aether’ is to water.

Just another weigh of looking at things through the lens of fractal dimension within the biological worlds of life, as we get smaller and smaller. We begin to see mass as having more wave character influence and diminishing particle character. The morphogenic field is pre-shaped at every scale, based on the physics of the adjacent larger dimension.

Chemistry – molecular chemistry – has a lower fractal limit on the order of the element hydrogen, the compound water and small diatomic gasses like nitrogen or oxygen. The components of air are greater in concentration than water – even though I wish to think about air as a very dilute water solution.

The space between electrons in the atomic model is very similar to outer space on a human scale. These electrons influence the molecular chemistry scale, but are below the size fractal limit to be considered part of that scale. It just depends on the scale that we are observing.

Duality – the idea of two sides of a coin – does not pit heads against tails. Duality from the perspective of the golden mean ratio is the concept that the Fibonacci series has two ones. On human scale, one of the dualities is individual human consciousness, while the other end is all of us as a collective species being of single mind, as a bee hive or an ant hill. When we are tuned in with ourselves, and with all humanity, then we have the ability to travel the entire width of human fractal scale. This is where we humans have to work to effect the foundations of our lives.

Mind Games II

Mind Games II Dr. Lenny Thyme 01/22/2016

We imagine ourselves. To be or not to be? I think, therefore I am. Or, as Lennon sang, Mind Games.

Imagine that, Reverend Jim – people are using their minds in vastly different ways to see different things due to a difference of focus. As we alter our perception of reality, we change the flow of vibration that emanates from our being. Our chakras are spinning and glowing to reconnect the configurations of micro-space and create the wavelength shifts to accommodate.

Wavelengths are generated by chemical bonds – every element to element pairing has a characteristic frequency that can be seen in the infrared spectrum. Waves are a different aspect of chemistry, which is generally based on matter. Physical matter puts out waves, but they are super slow moving on our time scale. So – if your wave function moves an inch a year forever, would you notice it? If you were ant sized would you notice an inch per year? What about tardigrade size? Viral? Single Cell? Water?

Water – the medium that reads information from vibration. The sense that we can attune to and take better physical care of our bodies on human scale. By controlling the flow of waters through our system, we can effectively move about 2.5 liters of water per person each day. This allows our system to flush, to lubricate and to remain hydrated and at reasonably constant weight. It certainly requires the attention, but what if?

What if the water is conscious and we as humans are just large scale functionaries of our water? If we use structured water and refrain from contaminants, we can change our personal energy levels and clarify our thinking ability. The old paradigm was designed to relieve us of the burden of thinking for ourselves. We have subtly been moved from action to reading about action to watch other people act and our behaviors are more based on social consideration rather than ethics, morals or philosophy. At least, that was what was taught to us to do by humans – to lose touch with nature.

Our new game occurs on a playing field of all fractal reality. Small is less complex and individually more efficient than large – yet bulk is required to have enough to distribute. The volume of the human footprint on Gaia must be reduced while the control lattice that formally existed is oxidized and purged. The human scale function of a global scale whirled world requires a reboot – a different way of doing things by weighs that reward the individual for behavior in cooperation with other individuals at a very local scale.

We are about building foundations for new civilizations that arise spontaneously into form from concepts that spring forth from our minds, when jogged by other minds. If you allow others their own different set of facts and points of view, the permutations of what can be done from different perspectives are endless. Having the infrastructure support becomes a function of the distribution of resources, which can be done in numerous weighs: a measurable meritocracy seems a viable system. Let’s develop sixteen different POV game systems from different perspectives, each creating a social organization of rules for their own players, within a universal set of themes within the boundaries of the rules of the game. Anyone who doesn’t buy in can start their own group and then qualify in later, the more the merrier.

Consider this game a social permaculture experiment – how many communities can we form from pseudo-scratch into a network of individual ‘towns’ linked by trade routes developed within new paradigms. The media of exchange could be separated such that isolated groups are brought together as a function of scale of the challenge faced in common. Guilds form to take care of the specific mechanisms and players each have a separate guild and community. Query: What other tethers between people are necessary for practical evolution of new lifestyles from localized community effort?

This game would work in a rural environment, where people had access to land, water and space. A different set of conditions might apply for urban areas, which might allow fractal design of a similar game with different rules, yet common measures that span between different game sets. It would be like having a different edition of the rule book for different players – the basics are the same; the details evolve pending the situation.

Imagine the original Civilization , where they had to acquire cloth making before they could get navigation, because they needed sails to navigate. We have to figure out what we need to do and do it to reset the human carbon footprint to something metabolizable by other water beings – between microscopic size, human size and Gaia size, and beyond in both directions.

Humans took to the microscope and the telescope to increase our access to those adjacent scales. When we turn up to down, we find that the microscope has revealed a whole bigger existence of life at small scale, while the telescope disclosure has yet to be properly presented. The world as we know it has changed and it is up to us to figure out how to adapt to these new conditions of organized life, where the smaller we get, the more complexity has been simplified by the used of symmetry, bio-mimicry and morphological form with fewer molecules and atoms of substance.

Mind Games I

Mythology in Science – How does the mind work?

Mind Games I Dr. Lenny Thyme 01/22/2016

When I wake up, I start my day with a positive thought, in order to entrain the thinking that will change the perspective of how I think. Einstein once said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” The current polarity of duality mindset is embedded through our common education; a fiction written by narcissists, gaslighted through emotional abuse inflicted by flying monkeys. (Thank you for the imagery, Barb).

We have been taught to compete rather than to cooperate. The games that we play all have winners and losers and nobody wants to be the loser. Truth is, that the skill measurement aspect of sports and games is reasonably easy to measure and provides accurate performance information. The reward systems from role-playing-games allow us to step out of our mind’s current reality and into an assembled fiction that has a direction and purpose – including short term and long term goals.

In order to change the paradigm of our common belief, we have to have a basis set of information that we can hold as true. Our common reality could have many forms – personally, I believe in Sheldrake’s morphogenic fields based on sacred geometrical patterns and displayed as a function of mathematical limits. The realms of the limits, we are taught, are Einstein’s concepts of space and time. What if those concepts are holographic and set up only for this fractal scale of reality.

Nature seems to operate in a totally different reality. Those of us who live in square boxes and work at desks in square cubicles and drive around in box cars and watch rectangular screen and call it life are enveloped in a matrix far deeper than I can acknowledge – a different reality from me in time and space – but not impossible when Everett’s many worlds theory is applied.

Nature’s limits appear to be the golden mean ratio on the one hand and the doubling function on the other side. Perhaps there are several simultaneous separate time-lines sharing one planet, Gaia. The adjacent time-lines are required to have self-similarity, and all individual time-lines are entrained within the planetary time-line sphere.

The idea of the Mayan calendar cycles and the individual time-lines recurring through a predestined pattern over extremely long time periods seems like the sort of long term laboratory experiment that a super-sized thinking creature in infinite time/space could set up and walk away from – and get good data every time he checked in. What if our current reality is as a cell in a larger being, where the sun is a cell nucleus, as are all the stars and the living being we are entrained in is a human that is a dozen fractals larger than this scale? What if that human is us?

Huh? How are we more than each of our individual I’s? The distinction of holography is such that each realm has different conditions and every tangent starts off appearing as the same pathway that we are already on. If the human purpose is to gain experience at every scale and do better going forward, then time, the illusion, sets a baseline for entrainment of our minds to act according to our individual beliefs.

So while we believe that we all live in the same time, I think not. Our mind works according to the vibration of our illusion of conscious. The entrained wavelengths of my being in this size are all orchestrated to fit within human parameters that are entrained within Gaian parameters that are entrained within universal parameters that are entrained within human parameters – if we are on a three stage cycle. What if it is a five stage, or an eight stage cycle. Fractal possibilities are endless.

When I go back to what I have learned – I have to look to see that it makes sense with what I think I know. As parameters change and conditions alter, I believe that we are seeing things that could not have been revealed before now, because they are emerging behaviors springing forth from new initial conditions. Our physics, depending on bigger and smaller things, has never been congruent with the physics of astro-space or the physics of quantum mechanics. Yet as above, so below agree, only without the muddle in the middle.

We imagine ourselves …