Mind says No

Integrity is the key to building consistency. The ability to do what we do should be enabled rather than encumbered. The current rules are set to preserve the ways of control, new rules should come from giving freedom reign to attempt different. This discussion, however, must be postponed for another day.

On-line has become difficult … keeping this site requires more access than currently feasible. Immersion into a new situation is coming rapidly … awareness of the local situation requires the best intention and conscious focus.

Water is one of the few substances that retains its characteristics throughout multiple fractal levels. Being an air sign, the water bearer, has given me another perspective to consider, as the center of focused organization has surfaced upon the water in the world. Thyme for the cosmic surfboard to ride the waves.

Health is generated from clean, clear water being available to each and every one of us. Pollack’s theory of structured water should be applied to every aspect of science – in both chemical and biological detail as to the structures and mechanisms of how things work. The water knows, because it sets the water vibrational frequencies as the basis for life. The organic chemistry provides the scaffolding; the properties of matter vary as a function of fractal scale.

I did a thought essay here and took avogadro’s  number, the number of molecules in a moles and multiplied it by 55.5, the number of moles in a liter of water. This value is determined by taking 1000 grams, and dividing by the 18 grams per mole that water weighs. The result is on the order of 10 to the power of 25. Ten to the power of three is a thousand, for the math resistant.

Dividing 25 by 3 gives 8.3 – or roughly eight fractal orders of magnitude between a water molecule and a human. Using the Planck constant, we could calculate how far away a string is, but doc’s string theory is that an unwatched string will knot, and so doc does not watch things that aren’t in his attention field. We can only worry about what we know; imagining what we don’t know can only lead to trouble and doc does not grok strings and yarns, wires, ropes, cords or even frayed knots.

Namaste’ … doc

Oh – the point of the blog … drink more water – structured water if possible. It does a body good. Thyme going back to water chemistry theory to learn about what we don’t know, quite yet … bee well … lemme

Internal Conflict Re-Solution

lemme is as lemme does

ornery as a tart (pi)

while doc vibrates rationally

as an ONRRI scientist (phi)

each watches and wonders why?

two sides of a single coin

with adventure beginning again

responding to a planetary cry.

2016 (cc) lemme howdt


Thyme on time redux

There is the old way and there is the knew weigh. To measure what we know and to verify the validity of that information is crucial to my spending thyme time on things that work. Each of us is a divine creation, yet we must step into divinity and act accordingly to realize the powers that lie within. What we believe dictates how we respond: it is in our own interest to take back our time.

Imagine. Take a moment and feel the sun as it hiccups and then recalibrates. Take your self back down into the deep self and ask the questions that strain for answers. Let’s look at what we have and challenge ourselves to reframe the overall picture. Time is art – this can be a blank canvas, ready for a new picture – or we can adjust the size of the frame. Check here for ideas to pursue.

For today – i need a Uneeda Biscuit. My business in dealing with chaos attracted major chaos in order to burn energy and bring peace among the pieces. The stronger the chaos, the better the resulting order applied to the relaxed system, once the energy is diffused. Need to define critical mass. The higher numbers in the smaller spheres are different from smaller numbers in larger spheres – these are not opposite concepts. The action level indicates the intensity of the cause – the rate of change is instantaneous over the time period. Time can stretch or bend – how it works depends on our fractal perception.

Rates have time embedded in their measurement. Time constants can be measured for various processes; the amount and sequence of action determines the order of flow. Once energy reaches critical mass, action does not occur immediately. Solutions supersaturate and keep in motion using energy that has to be let go, before the eventual return to a ground state.

You know your own ground state. (At least, you should). Sometimes, when the wheels come off and everything spins howdt of control – the parts and parcels go flying off in every which direction and suddenly – it all drains and the flush comes and you are wiped. The return the next day to the base line is where you find your ground state.  It is the place where molecular motion stops – absolute zero – the place where every way you look is up. It is when the temperature starts dropping, as the heat generated by the chaos is blown off.

Now – convince yourself that up is down and that top is bottom and that strange is charmed. These would be reverse quarks. Just like when Ben Franklin got electron flow backwards as he assigned the conventions to electricity, modern physics could be looking at things from a skewed perspective caused by naming concepts to invoke reverse imagery. Ever wonder why people attempt to listen to old records backwards? There is more there there than meets the eye.

Our senses are well attuned to this holographic reality. The morphic fields of human receptiveness to smell, taste, audio, and feel are subservient to what we see with our eyes. If you see it, you tend to believe it. The permeation of false flags embedded in media news is such that everything produced in the current lifetime of people now on earth has been dimentionally photoshopped to adjust our picture frame. Oliver Stone seems to be the author of most people’s modern history. Or is that Quentin Tarantino?

Hollywood has created the imagery of America that we all assume to be true. The stories are all about Campbell’s heroes journeys that take futility to another level before something subtly changes and the hero always wins in the end. Except it doesn’t happen that way. To see how it happens, we must measure. What do we measure? Well, time is an illusion, but, it is embedded such that we measure time all the time.

Clocks, watches, calendars, beeper reminders, all cause attention deficit disorder. Each time a phone rings, we blink into another reality further away from that ground state, that we achieve through our concept of sleep. Maybe we don’t – let’s question what sleep really is ,,, in the next essay.

Namaste’ … doc

Question Everything

What is, is not what it seems. New information has to be congruent with old information – but when the old information is not valid, the new has to presuppose its own existence. Too much is going on in the shadows – something is not right with the current information provided. The game is rigged, played on a non-level field.

Did Nova really win or did the refs help the cause a wee bit. Quo bono? Who benefits? The Panama Papers are being spoon fed to us – what is being hidden while this display makes front pages.

If you wish to keep informed, the ability to descend down any rabbit hole is readily available. I like to temper my attention to one piece from each side, each day – but we have a buckyball with way too many sides of different issues.

Be discerning – check facts and listen rather than think about talking. What you have to say should be heard, not reflected as a conditioned response. I write things down to keep track – that way, i know what i am supposed to know, when i go back to check facts, written in my own hand, such that i grok the validity of my own thoughts.

So onto a wednesday – missed the morning talk with A. and B. – things are askew and i am walking a fine line, between whirleds. The tug comes from many directions – the light provides guidance toward the directions that require focused attention. I need to parcel myself aweigh.

Namaste’ … doc

Mind Forming

Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday …

How do we know that what we know is in any way truthful and/or relevant to our current standing in this whirled world. The deep state of Peter David Scott crosses with the Space Nations of Corey Goode and David Wilcock to make a new episode in the current reality – beam me up, Scotty!

Seasons don’t fear the reaper, nor do the wind, the sun and the rain, you can be like they are …

There are some kernels of truth buried in the active media that resonate at a different standard than all the rest. Energy is rising again and whether the energy is positive or negative, the chance that we have enough chaos to breeze pass another tipping point can only be seen from a non-embedded perspective. I am here, now, where i am in small space; the ability to exchange particle information is not the same as in big space – plus, i am playing in the lower fractals of small space, so my direct focus is limited.

Today’s system choice seems to be between BRICS and Mordor. The rebuild that is coming requires a shifting of the playing field – chess would be the preferred game. You know, where the strategy involved requires that you think several moves in advance of the play. I hear the Russians are pretty good at that game. I grew up during the Fischer-Spassky era and played during the world reign of Kasparov. There is a chess player hidden under many nooks and crannies – perhaps chess is a means of sharing the new weigh.

Anyway, pawn to king four – anyone is welcome to make a return move in the comments – and we shall play. What is play – sports is a play and chess is a sport. Metrix are measurements that tell you how much of the going on you actually get – in chess, the means is called a rating. The rating comes from the results of completed games – win, lose or draw. The difference between the ratings is also accounted for, such that you don’t lose rating points by losing to better players. There is a very good site out of Great Britain – but i have stopped playing on-line chess.

My mind is racing in the compost of the old daze – looking at the mechanisms that we have in place that are dystopian and not functional. I am in contact with the senator – generally, my level is congress critter; so for me it’s a rise – about equity and fair housing issues. If the system does not present due process and then insists upon following  protocol, that leaves most peeps between a rock and a hard place.

We pay for things with a currency owned by banksters who get to play by different laws and are not punished for transgressions, while here on the ground in the small place, nimby oppression by local ruffians is part and parcel to the collapse of the systems. The left hand does not only not know what the right hand is doing – the two hands simply cannot acknowledge each other.

How can it be that asset forfeiture raises more value for cops than crime does for criminals? Well, when fiscal crime at the top is not a crime, and the banksters print the money to buy the media and the political circus (hey – where are Michael Palin, John Cleese and Eric Idle anyway?), then why do we even try to have a play in the game? Vote? Why?

So, today is the treei day of mind forming on my personal calendar. The small place required direct attention; not sure if i am putting out fires or starting them. The treadmill of battle goes on and on and on because the mindset is that you have to fight to get what you are owed. How silly is that? Yet, as i come in with my shelter from the storm, I find illogic and rhetoric have replace most form of thought. Apparently, you can take the pieces of what you want to believe out of context and as Jean-Luc Picard would say “Make it so” and it is. I think that i need a reboot: that is a possibility because the entire system is suddenly absorbing energy.

So, there is chaos brewing. The times, they are a changin, yet the more things change, the more they stay the same. All you need is love! Not available in these times where the small buttons on the phone are the forefront of information exchange.

There is a new world coming when we surrender to what is and Let It Be. The mindset says abundance, yet without the greed and other entrained mindsets that we have been given by the material that we feed ourselves. Pablum is never tasty.

namaste’ … doc

Chaos comes – Let It Be

Day after day, alone on the hill, the man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still … nobody seems to notice, they can tell that he’s just a fool …

Everybody is somebody. When we try to develop something on our own for other people, we want to be able to do things the way that we do them in order to make efficient use of our time and effort. When other people attempt to tell me how to do the things that i am doing for them, i am less inclined to do the things that i do that work, because only one approach works best. Hybrids work haphazardly.

The light is shining and people are getting to know things that were hidden under the veil of secrecy. The goings and comings of all individuals are the folly for these type of games – the reality of what we believe dictates the emotional state that we find ourselves in. Be Calm, Do Not Fear. To take control of self and to make the allowance for other people to be themselves without bothering the nature of who we are, is the most important things that we can do for ourselves.

Some of us are dependent upon the kindness of others. We all are, to some extent, because of the interconnection within the species. The human perspective is encapsulated between limits of our wave functions – in either time/space or natural phi surroundings. What will be, will be – whether we accept it or fight against it. What you make of things is your take; if we all take, then we cannot realize abundance. We always need to give, to counterbalance the take.

Supertramp had a hit song in the late 1970’s – Give a Little Bit off the Even in the Quietest Moments album. Rock Music has all the answers : Hey kids – rock and roll – rock on – groove my soul … but where do we go from here? David Essex. We’ve gone too far to give up who we are, so let’s raise the bar and be just who we are! Daft Punk

Tides are shifting and too many people seem to be uncalibrated. To be dissolved in the depths of the windows, where we only see ourselves in the mirror and do not like what we see – we lash out and receive the lash back and wonder why we are in pain. Whereas being responsible for how we say the things we say requires politically correct sugar coating that does not allow for saying what we really think. Yet mud is always slung – no matter whether the dirt is ore or sand – let it be. Don’t continue in the mindset of retribution. Take out your cosmic surfboard and ride the waves.

We change our minds often – it’s easy. All you need is love. Be an actor in a role and design the role to be part of the scene, where you, the director, is leader of an orchestra and each harmony is a celebration of musical delight. It is the things we do for love. Like walking in the rain and the snow when there’s nowhere to go. Yet we go on and do the things we do, as parts of each other’s supporting cast.

So let’s let all the negative greetings (anything that would get us angry) go and not allow them to bother us or knock us off our game for the day. Acknowledge that other people don’t see what you see and leave them to resonate at their own level of interaction with the whirled rather than the world.

As i speak – let me note that Gaia Portal is a cryptic messenger that gives phrases of encouragement veiled in deeper meaning. For instance, the term hue-man is often used to speak of those in a wakened state where light is resonating on all wavelengths.  I wish to give a shout out to Jason at Stillness in the Storm for his interpretations of Gaia Portal and other news coverage. Here is today’s GP …

Illusions of form continue to present, for dissolution.

Rapid scrubbing is noted.

Softenings of the vibrational journey are experienced.

Gaia speaks to all.

Also – for those who want to go back in recent history – my prior blog – the Zone is still on line.  Enjoy the back archives.

Namaste’ … doc

Another Summer of Love !

History never repeats itself exactly, it rhymes first in tragedy, then with farce. Comedy is the ability to laugh at the real situation – because otherwise one might be tempted to dry. In today’s merika, people seem to root for others misfortunes.

However, we do need to circulate about the self – the ego exists and is not the enemy. We are responsible for our own thoughts, and thus our own actions. We are each individually fallible, and need to support ourselves with with love, not money, spite and malice.

There is enough to go around – the picture painted here, now, is a beginning toward different. As I go from the ‘big’ place to the ‘small’ place, I realize that place is just location and where I choose to ground myself is the current center of focus in an extended sphere.

Game on! Let’s restart the Love Revolution of the 1960’s. Maybe this time we can give peace a chance to hold space. At the very least, we can recover and wear our old tie-dye tee shirts.

It’s okay … some of us have had to fit in a whirled not of our own creation, making or choosing. We have that ability, yet it has been blocked, hidden and removed from our development, at an early age. The manipulation goes very deep – the old game has to end for the new game to begin, in our minds on proper terms: before we can move into abundance.

The power is in our minds. The holograph works on the basis of belief – it also works on the converse – the things that we deny are true are not true. The elasticity of the system causes a rebound back to the current default value. It takes energy to climb out of the well, then more to climb over the hill, before descending into the next valley between peaks.

To learn how to play the game, it’s easy … all you need is love. Let’s make this another summer of love, by building extended Beatles communities, everywhere. After all, we all live in a yellow submarine. Or, on a green garden earth. Whatever we decide, in our own mind, is how we see what is. My ground state shifts closer to ‘home’, with a drop in access. All good.

Namaste’ … lemme


Howdt of Balance: Dynamic vs Static

The weigh things work is that yin gets balanced with yang only when all space is evenly divided. This is the place of total symmetry, where the mirror relationship reflects best. In holographic reality, the morphologic field entrains the species and sets limits that hold most of the time. The only balance point is the apex: we are always on one side or the other.

In a static transition state, nothing moves. In a dynamic transition state, the movement left is counterbalance by other movement right, movement up reflects the opposite of movement down and the net change appears to be zero. Yet in the microscopic, which is a fractal form of the macroscopic – the balance does not appear to be achieved. There is always a tangent or a derivative to take us to the next size gradient – which starts a whole new fractal at one.

I am you and he is she and we are all together … see how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they run … i’m crying. Who is the walrus? Who is the fisherman? Why do we always fall back on fables, that were designed to tell us stories, about how life should be. If our fairy tales are fractured, then our simple minds need another story to make everything seem all right. Cartoon physics is never real – just think about how a roadrunner stands off over a cliff.

What we see in the whirled today is the glimpse that our media wishes to present. How true the picture depends entirely on our perspective – the one that the media doesn’t get to shape. The way that things are is just exactly how we need them to appear, to get the lesson that we are collectively learning. That lesson is that nothing is real and there is nothing to get hung about,

Yet everything that we believe is real, by our definition of reality. It is sort of a circular reasoning, I think, therefore, i am. Are you the walrus (or maybe the clam)? The popularity of reason is that it allows you to think that you know what is right. At best, we can hope to know what is light.

Light is everything that is not dark. When you take a light approach, you no longer feel weighed down by the burdens created by the dark. Good and evil and a different yin/yang pair than light and dark, just like top and bottom are not the same as up and down. This life is quarky – everything is strange and charmed. You learn how to play the game, it’s easy … All you need is love!

Let’s look at love from a perspective of chemistry. It takes a molecule of oxygen and splits it apart with hydrogen, via a catalyst. The result was water – with two hydrogen atoms attached to one oxygen atom. Only when alone. When water has another water with it – it shares a hydrogen atom with its nearest water molecule neighbor. They reach out and touch another water molecule and everybody clusters. The community of water molecules attract other water molecules, as like likes like.

So let’s look at the two types of bonds in a body of water – there are firm chemical bonds and there are weak hydrogen bonds. The water shares these types of bonds and makes everybody (every water molecule) happy within the shared arrangement. If that’s not love, what is? Water in solution with only water in an EZ (exclusion zone) environment forms as a tetrahedral lattice and passes information better than any silicon based computer chip. Water and silica (quartz) are iso-electronic – have the same configuration on different fractal size levels.

Fractals repeat patterns based on exponential drift. The patterns are always self-similar, yet completely different as we expand through other scales. The dampening of one trait happens through a time period, the fragment may be lost for several scales or may appear shortly, we never know. The dynamic at equilibrium are always changing, the yin/yang is never in balance except at the apex of the transition state, which cannot be held energetically.

The net result is that we slide down the slippery slope whenever we play with fire. The safe game is always to return back to what you know, because the unknown way our there is kinda scary. Yet what is out there is very locally better than what we have in here now. The in is very controlled, the out is expansive and unknown. You have to cross the bridge, guarded by a knight that asks three questions.

Ooops – wrong movie. Just adapt and roll with the punches and see things for what they are. As the yin/yang pairs reverberate, it sets a resonance that we can use to lift our frequency up out of the doldrums – to create enough energy to get through the transition state and see what is on the other side, when we do not return to this old, infirm static ground state.

Namaste’ … doc


Argh – Protect Space

I have been reading this morning – attempting to decipher what the news is telling most sheeple. I don’t know. The agenda is different from anything I can imagine – so i’ll go back into my little hole. Thyme to imagine differently.

I do wish to give a shout to American Freedom Radio and Carol Rosen at 3 pm PST.

3-25 3-5PM Pacific US americanfreedomradio.com Carol R.

Enjoy the weekend … namaste’ … doc

Transition States of Change

The mechanism of change involves moving through a transition state, where the next step forward precludes any step in the reverse direction. One way of thinking about this is that you are climbing up a long hill. When you reach the apex, the next step that you take is downward. It pays to stay on top of the hill and take a deep look around – to survey the situation.

Once you start moving downhill, the energy that it takes to return uphill is much greater than the energy required to continue downhill. Momentum pulls us in the direction of gravity – at a faster rate downward with each subsequent step. The bottom of the hill is another energy well – a place where you can settle comfortably before starting a long climb up the next hill.

The transition state is the place where the next step of the process is irreversible. All the action in a chemical reaction can be summed up by the placement of atoms in the transition state – a place where old bonds are broken and new bonds are formed. The high energy is necessary to break those old bonds – the more structured the order of the bond, the greater energy required to break the bond. When things break, enough energy is released to form new bonds – connections cannot remain untethered for very long.

Long however is a relative concept. A long long time ago is a very nebulous storybook setting – our history details events that happened in a distant past. Living history is the sum of the events that we have seen with our own set of eyes – my living history includes the Kennedy’s, Nixon and everything since. That politics is entertainment, televised for our cognition to make it seem real, is a theory borne out by current events.

What we get is a function of what we believe. There are so many valid perspectives different from our own on every topic, that we are forced to defend our opinions as though they were part of self. Those of us believing in the current illusion will bend over backwards to create a scenario that we can believe, such that we don’t have to give up the lie. But truth shall prevail.

Truth is either absolute or relative, depending on whether you know, or think that you know. The more we know, the more we find out how much more there is to know. However, the broad basis of all known information is expanding – the borders of current knowledge are like the surface edge of an amoeba; they radiate in all directions with different depth and texture. Life is a fractal of life, which is a harmonic fraction of further life.

To make it through the long lost tea-time of the soul, take on a project that motivates your sense of inquiry. Form a new hypothesis, based on your current observations and work to assemble proof that you know what in the whirled you are talking about. You do not have to be consistent with the current knowledge base, just within your own sense of logic. We have to remove a number of deeply embedded untruths without the perspective of what is the underlying truth. If we all take this upon ourselves, on our own without assistance for the thyme being, then we can restore a set of clear thinking individuals who can combine thoughts to get the perspective from all 360 degrees of the sphere.

Coordinates change from different perspectives. Defining the ground state is highly important to where we start a process; in chemistry the initial starting conditions are key to setting up the best transition state, such that when enough energy is available, the transition flows smoothly. Gaia is a cauldron that is a melting pot for excitation frequencies – especially here in ‘merika where the controlled major mass media provides a quicksand surface of truth, and a whole lotta crap.

Define what you are curious about and pursue your interest. Use the QPRST scientific method of question, preview, read, study, test. Test a new hypothesis against the measured results of your experiments … does your data support your theory? By starting from a new ground state and redefining what parameters are true in your own specific field, we can start the process of questioning all knowledge and acknowledging all questions. Our openness as a society depends on our current progress.

As the waves crash on the shore, your cosmic surfboard should allow you to ride the crests of the waves, as long as your vibration is high enough. Time spent in the morass of other people’s daily drama is time not invested in creating a better tomorrow. Stay in the now, and allow the illusion to flow past without notice. By the time we come up for air, the abundance of a new weigh will be in sight.

Namaste’ … doc