Thyme after Time

The oddity of the game is that they mess with us for no apparent reason. Today is a fine example – the time change. There is no reason to make people change their clock for daylight savings time, except to create more inconvenience. The solution to this problem is to change your individual perception of time – to release yourself from the entrainment.

I use the Mayan Tzolkin calendar as my functional guide to life pace. The 260 days in the cycle, pair one of thirteen day counters with twenty glyphs  that correspond to months. The theme of each month repeats on cycle every 21 days, with a different non-linear count. My birth date is yellow cosmic star – today’s day is yellow rhythmic seed.

Is the plural of glyph glyphs, or is it just glyph? After all, fish is the plural of fish. Words express emotions in their choice – many printed words give dual meanings.  The appendix at the end of the book defines the authors connotations, but too often the words are co-opted by the buzz definition.

People talk in clips of phrases that are altered in comfort to become functional slang. Lemme has been spending time in chat rooms and on skype – developing a sense of world-wide exposure. He finds that people are very good at being people and communications depends on developing a basis set of common experience.

In this global world, we get to see a person in a distant place talk directly to us as though they are in the room. They can take the vocal cues and mate them to visual context – now two senses are in play and we can grow closer to establishing a bond.

People are always searching for people we can bond to. The process of bonding is a permanent weigh of establishing rap-pore with other people. It is a method of peeling the outer layers of self protection away, letting some vulnerability come into play.  It becomes a matter of establishing trust.

Our conditioning is to foster mistrust. Like attracts like and we get comfortable being around people that think the way we think. This validates self in our personal weigh of measuring our standing amongst others, especially those whose opinions we respect. We leave a place to get a new start and run away from issues that we cannot deal with. This process creates isolation, pits us against each other and against ourselves. It creates bad karma.

Chemical bonds are made of love – where two electrons pair and rest in a more stable state than the two individual electrons alone. The nesting theoretically creates two nests, one at a lower energy that is the ground state and a second region of high energy and volatility that remains empty – the anti-bonding state. The modern theory of chemistry can be used as a basis set for new age sociology – the idea of reforming community from the ground up.

The parallels between the ideas that we have and our physical reality are not coincidental. The entrainment of our collective thought serves to elevate a mass number of people into propping up an illusion, that the world can live in the highly excited anti-bonding world without depletion of our personal bio-energies.

The behavior that we have learned was from people overwhelmed by change throughout their life. The holographic illusion that we lived in morphed, as the culture turned stored oil into human resource and populated the whirled with 8 billion individual people without the permanent resource to sustain us all. Are there 8 billion individual souls?

I think not. I go back to the calendar and i see 260 souls – one for each day of the cycle. These soul groups are subdivided into six major orientations, which we can name north south east west up and down. Because people already grok the direction concept and have applied it to maps and globes, i suggest instead that we use the names of the quarks – up and down, top and bottom, strange and charmed to be the titles for this endeavor – to speak clearly in words that have assigned meanings, such that we begin branching from the same points of reference.

To meet a soul mate – one in 260 is a rare opportunity to look at yourself. The persons involved share a form of genetics that contains mannerisms and thought processes that are same rather than foreign – down to common assumption of how the basis of personal thought works ( or doesn’t work when entrained outside personal normal parameters ).

If you find a soul mate with the same spin quark – you have a doppelganger – the same person running around within multiple different individuals. The outsides don’t necessarily look the same, but the unique personal properties align in a way that contextual thought flows through all the beings simultaneously – a real example of a mechanism for the 100th monkey effect. Note that monkey is a glyph on the Tzolkin calendar.

The literal translation of our verbiage is similar to the thoughts of the red queen in Alice’s wonderland – where words mean exactly what she thinks they mean, and continually misinterprets what everybody is saying. The system has lost the ground state and nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about. SFF. Strawberry Fields Forever.

So, if we escape the constraints of the anti-bonding concept of exciting (messing with) everybody’s frequency by the nonsensical farce of time change within the current system, then perhaps our higher frequency resonance can create a ground state so stable that the energy of the current bio-energy feed rise to the point where the charade, this common illusion, can no longer be maintained.

In other words, we now have a mechanism to truly Give Peace a Chance.

Namaste’ … doc

Beatles Community

We get by with a little help from our friends …

I read the news today, old boy … the English army had just won the war … and though the news was rather sad … we heard it all before …

All you need is love!

Funny, how the Beatles had a song for every occasion. The wisdom incorporated in rock music has provided an enlightenment of sorts – it always allows me to philosophize upon modern wisdom as a catchment for observing life. The games we are playing now are beneath our personal dignity – it is time to move on.

Greer destroys the myth of progress at The Archdruid Report. His recent series on Retrotopia has got me thinking again about building community. As I watch the voices on the internet argue, bitch and groan about almost everything, I realize that we must stand away from the keyboards and go out and do it. The net tells us to pack up in big groups and fight the structure – that is not the weigh.

All we are saying … is give peace a chance …

The fight is not on – it is over. The heart says that war must end – peaceful coexistence is coming whether we like it or not. As we watch the total disintegration of the current holographic illusion, we need to remember, who we are and where we come from. It is our duty to live as free thinking people, not the clones and mind numbed remnants of the end of the prior age.

To understand the future, we must imagine a different past. The one we were loaded up with is a fiction designed to foster an illusion – it does not exist, as such. We are open to so many memory tricks – from photoshopped events to outrageous lies, that our reality has been shaped as a bubble by Hollywood with ulterior motive.

We now must wake up to the reality of what we have and what we do not have. This planet is abundant, yet has been ruled by a class of people that were not in it for our collective best interests. To change, it is time to learn. To learn, we have to forget and rediscover again, with childlike awe. To do this, we have new light – crystal and indigo children waiting to shine.

Reforming our system at the human scale is a matter of inverting the patterns. We each know something valuable from our experience here, which we have learned despite others telling us what our individual truths should be. We have allowed the mind-numbing to take away the conflict – but we do know better, when it comes time to share what we know … we cannot do that.

Each of us as an individual is a group of one responsible for ourselves. We take upon ourselves commitment to others; children, elderly, disabled, veteran, homeless, … as labels that we should help – not as persons who will appreciate a hand. When you offer help, do you allow the person who needs assistance to decide the terms? What is help anyway? Another Beatles song!

Help … I need somebody, help … not just anybody … when I was younger, so much younger, younger than today … I never needed anybody’s help in any way …

We, as a people, need to invent our new holographic illusion in the current fractal reality. The ability to succeed is a function of rebuilding a common knowledge from the ground up amongst a new group of people brought together by local geography. As globalization ends, each localization place can set up their infrastructure to serve the needs of the local community.

The current power structures are being extinguished by events that are taking place in real time. The key is to not panic and remember to carry a towel. The answer is forty-two. The real questions are, what do you have to offer and what do you need? As we offer new approaches to building community from our small groups of close knit people, we can share the idea of rebuilding infrastructure from the ground up.

Local food production is a major key. Removing the GMOs and the food additives and going back to local based healthy food rather than mass consumable garbage will help our internal vibrations. The higher we can be on simple life, without mind altering drugs, videos and propaganda, the more we should be able to see what is for what it really is. Clean water and clean air will make a big difference – let’s organize a stop to external pollution.

To begin, perhaps some sanity is required. The law as it is recognizes through Citizens United, corporate personhood. To have the benefits of being a person, without the responsibility to live in common with all people, is just plain wrong. The legal system no longer fits us – a return to common law and common sense needs to be sought – perhaps by defining common interest on a local level and building many places under different rules and requirements – all dedicated to making things better for the local cast of characters involved.

We all live in a yellow submarine

Here, locally, we have a non-profit, the Pacific Community Resource Center. We have a center for transitory living, which is an old 16 room motel with commercial kitchen space. We also run a thrift store in town, at a loss, to ensure that our clients have access to clothing, household goods and entertainment. We have a contract for a community garden, which was fallow for last year and ready to go. The ideas for what we can do are only limited by the number of folks we can feed and house.

Banks own many fallow properties, which they stole from people like you and me. If our local non-profits can own these buildings and gift them to our clients and workers, then we can begin to lift our local communities up from the bootstraps. Come Together, find out more.

Namaste’ … doc

Water Whirled

This is doc’s contribution to 90 issues with 90 solutions. To see more, visit timeless solutions.


The question has arisen, how do we solve the water challenges that we face in the world today? Well, water is the most abundant substance in the world. It is one of the few features of our system that remains a constant throughout all the variables on all the fractal scales. To begin to define the water systems depends upon redefining what we know and do not know about water.

Of all the different challenges to water – the ones that we can address best are the crises that we face on the human scale. The idea that there are people on this planet without access to potable water requires serious infrastructure expenditures. Cleaning up polluted waters is a fool’s game, as long as these waters are being continually polluted. The governance through law has failed the water system, but that is another solution – reformatting the legal structure.

The politics of water does require notice – water laws concerning water rights are decided by the states on a unilateral basis – here in Oregon water rights for the salmon were established in 1987 – long after the right of timber companies, ranches, farmers and existing municipalities. Who was here first? There are also squabbles about how to clean the water – with different hoops to jump through and fingers to point. The idea that your crops are in danger in low water years is enough to curtail growing activity – our system for growth should include watering home grown plants to feed all individuals within our community spheres.

However – food is its own problem. The allocation of water at different quality levels for different requirements has to be spread out on a big table where everybody can see both the current allocations and the necessary requirements. The use of groundwater rather than surface water has been a solution, but fracking and steady depletion without replenishment has contributed to fresh water abuse.

In Oregon, we used watershed councils enabled by OWEB – the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board. Lottery money was dedicated to opening fish passage in the Umpqua River Basin – where miles and miles had been cut off by roads with undersized culverts and other blockages. If the fish can go to places where they were previously cut off, then the whole ecosystem is enhanced with the nutrients they leave in the spawning process. The watershed scale is a point to begin a local approach to clean water.

This summer, we are putting in the foundations of a campus in Azalea Oregon, on the banks of Cow Creek off the South Umpqua River. The site is upstream of the EPA Superfund site at Middle Creek, where acid mine drainage has denuded the fish in 18 miles of prime habitat. The cost of phase one are projected to be over $10 million, to solve 20% of the problem – just the surface.

Stepping back – we need to change our thinking about water – to keep up with the forefronts of our modern science thinking. Gerry Pollack, at the University of Washington presents a TED talk, here, that should wake people up. Instead, the science has refused to migrate toward his theory – past dogma must be held until conclusive proof is established, by means set up to prevent that truth be told. To do better, we have to learn better.

The lessons are not to be learned in schools. The lessons are to be learned by getting back to the land and be part of the system of use that brings water to us on a human scale. When you grow a garden and meet a water schedule that allows you to watch your land turn into food with a few seeds – you realize a simple joy of life that enables clear thinking and refreshment.

Water is the key to life, to hold it sacred and protect its sources are things that can help heal the planet. Corporation ownership is not responsible to the land, only to the bottom line profit. The new weigh is a system of measurement that can be used to follow the water at many scales – by measuring the various properties and getting to know the water on a personal basis.

Pollack talks of structured water in exclusion zone (EZ) layers on hydrophilic (water loving) surfaces. The chemistry of natural resources is about the exchange of water throughout living systems. Rivers are analogous to veins and arteries of blood – carrying many things through a variety of landscapes – all leading back to the sea.

The ocean is yet another scale of the many facets of water challenges that we face. We could clean up oil spills, rather than hiding them. We could haul in the floating plastic islands in the Pacific. We can stop spraying the air with chemicals that alter the libido of the planet. In order to solve the ocean challenge – looking out for fish and dolphins and wales and marine life requires that we change our current perspectives. The sea has been a food source for many years, but overharvest has created serious tolls. Again, simplification of this problem to human scale requires a softening of our physical foot-print.

This can be accomplished by returning to local communities and developing home grown resources and wisdom. Civilized nuclear civilization has exploded the population, which has been educated to war rather than believing in peace. A pull-back to the scale where we internally rebuild infrastructures in more natural form, might allow us to get outside of the box and think differently about water use.

Good water quality is the ultimate goal for human use. The chemical tests that are included in water quality monitoring, include areas like turbidity, conductivity, pH, total dissolves and suspended solids, and coliform counts. By collecting good information and teaching the proper use of instruments, we can use this area as a focus point to teach our children well. Moving from municipal systems to wells in rural areas would also take pressure off the water. Current waste and wastewater treatment technology is highly technological and not terribly effective.

We could do well, by exploring the many facets of water deeper. As a chemist interested in water systems, I hope to develop a water business based on education, to measure the properties of structured and constructed waters as a means to better hydration for more healthful living. As water becomes more of a commodity to be concerned about, our intake of fresh water should be over a pint a day – just to keep a reasonable flush.

The things we can do include offering blessings and love to our water when we drink it. If we consider water to be alive on its own scale, we can exchange respect and have a much better relationship. This might be capable of opening new pathways toward solving other current crises, by getting out of the mindset where we created the problems..

Namaste’ … doc  030716

Hunab Ku


Today is Hunab Ku on the Mayan day calendar. It is a day in green when the four regular colors (red, white, blue, yellow) go off and take a break. The sun shines and the urge to go is calling. We resume tomorrow with the Yellow Resonant Human that would have been today.

For more info, the Foundation for the Law of Time is at .

Enjoy the day!

The debate

Sometimes, we need to step away, even though we may not wish to. The last trip led to a breaking of the keyboard on the laptop, so i am considering leaving the laptop home when i venture off on a trip tomorrow. No telling when i may return, but the blog will have to await access – which may not be for awhile.

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Questioning the Current Illusion

Do the peaks and troughs have to be the same regimented height and distance in a wave form, or can they each be individual and just the mean average provides the ultimate frequency? The waves that roll onto the beach do not each hit with the same force and weight. Why should sound and light waves act differently, for the purposes of explaining science? The mathematical concepts of average, zero and infinity use cancelling out the individual in order to create more bulk order.

Nature does not use mathematics, she uses sacred geometry. Numerology involves symmetry and Marshall demonstrated how holotomes affect the generation of larger numbers in a visual way. No equations, just clik, clik, zap. The numbers in nature change on every fractal scale – we just have to read the sequence and appreciate the fact that every collective is made up of individuals.

This scares many people. Self sufficiency is a learned task that depends on many different things. The resonances created on different scales commingle and become harmonies through several dimensions of interplay. The more people in a group, the more entrainment into group think for each of the participants. If each member of the group begins the journey as a group of one, growing to two or three, then ebbing back to one; then we are in the proper formative stages of creating a new system from the bottom up. Flip over the concept of top down and realize we now enter the charmed and the strange.

How these quarks shape the holographic fields is through morphogenesis. Cross Michael Talbot with Rupert Sheldrake and it all makes sense. Toss in Lyn Margulis and James Lovelock’s Gaia theory and Gerald Pollack’s EZ water and shake well – a new reality martini awaits.

A morphic fields shapes the holograph images to carry more complexity to smaller sizes with less physical matter. Consciousness is a function of scale and physical state of matter. The physics standard model is broken, yet the terms of this model persist because of the density of that model, which includes and excludes forms of data and ignores real information to keep the model going. New models are constrained by old concepts established to explain a system that was withholding true information. The story of the RCA/Westinghouse filter of technological information away from science theory using zero sum vectors sounds much like when Dirac simplified Maxwell’s equations to eliminate complex parameters.

If we could work with all the known vetted information about matter and energy, then we can likely solve most of the world’s real problems in short order. The consensus reality is breaking down and we appear lost in space/time. Time has a very real, different explanation – related to the cavitation effects of vortex energy. Implosion energy has been suppressed, while explosion has been used to produce a fear state.

We live in a common holographic illusions where chemical bonds are made from pairs of electrons. The matrix is changing our beliefs even as i type. Belief drives reality at higher dimension. The two states, love and fear are battling for control – i know which i prefer.

To investigate further, I need to refresh my memory in fields that i stopped tracking long ago – to see how they have morphed. Being forward thinking, I had to detach to release concepts that are currently valid, but not future useful. There has to be room in a new system for new – it cannot be entirely filled by clutter from the old.

To fix some of the problems would cost too much in short term time and energy, especially when the fix locks us into current terms of thinking. We are evolving difference as our old systems no longer function to meet the need of the populations they serve. Whether the design was flawed or deliberate doesn’t matter, it no longer suits the purpose.

The key to transition is to stop unethical behavior, not just accept it with a pay-off, a wink and a nod. We all have incidents in the past where we chose badly and then found a dark side that manipulated and provoked our behavior to make the problem worse. Forgive yourself and move on and don’t allow your dark side to manipulate your conscience into hiding. Realize that all of us were manipulated by teachings that we once accepted at face value, which no longer stand up to discernment.

The current system is perpetuated by some grand lies – we seek truth. The weigh to get to truth is by going back to square one and working through the whole knowledge base, beginning to end. Multiple times from different perspectives. We might be able to use some of the systems we currently hold, but we should derive them again from the basics of their fields.

Each one of us is our own filter, trust your own heart. We all need to have good knowledge that we can rely on to provide the basis set for a new reality – one that we can create to fit the illusions that we wish to carry. The current common illusion that we hold is not acceptable – we know better than to allow it to progress much further.

Namaste’ … doc

A Fresh Start !?

Chaos and order

Ebb and flow

Beaches alternate

Full and empty

As waves ride tides …

A vacuous water droplet

Sings in delight

Upon finding a clam

Resting under sand

As it knows

Its new beginning

Just started from an

Ebb and flow of

Chaos and order

lemme howdt 0216

A Mechanism for Change

I have been entertaining new thoughts about the fealty of current mathematics and science. The game has been rigged to teach to a stagnant model rather than a dynamic equilibrium. By looking at changes in the physics and chemistry of the things that we measure, which were formerly closed to debate, we can evaluate new weighs toward changing our current perspective.

The electromagnetic spectrum is the domain of waves, traveling at the speed of light. Sound is at a different point of the spectrum, moving slower than light but still in a sine wave, where it impinges our audio canal and resonance is turned into noise. Interference occurs with both light and sound. David LaPoint has a series of videos on you-tube about Primer fields – well worth watching to expand ones mind.

We as a collective should be confused by the information as presented, in many areas. It doesn’t follow the context of what has been taught to us – it requires a stretch of ones beliefs. What do I believe is a very good question to ask. It takes time, effort and interest to get a good answer. Are you willing to change?

Everyone is a leader of their own tribe. We are sovereign beings and responsible for our life – lively hood is a construct. If we wish to collapse our corrupt economic system, then chemistry can become a means of accounting – it already accounts for all matter, so money should be no object.

In truth, money is no object. It is a created illusion to steal everything for the bankster class. We badly need to pull the plug on current industrial society and set up equity in a new weigh. I have a book ready for framing into final text – the money to publish will appear at the time necessary to move the project to the next level.

Not quite yet, though. If you wish to help speed the process, leave a note as a comment

Namaste’ … doc


To Change the Whirled

There may be some hope peeking through the window of change as seen through the political distortion – switching perspective allows each of us to see the light through different sets of eyes. What we do, as scribes, is to catalog the makings of this world; restructuring the illusion toward some resemblance of truth.

No notice given for when to begin – the groundswell begins when you open your heart to yourself, first. To treat yourself well is the first mechanism of change. This gives you permission to do things that make you feel good. It allows you to radiate your highest frequency.

Color can be used as an indicator of vibration, when the light frequency occurs in the visible range. Kerlian photography allows auras that resonate in color to be seen in real time display.  We emit on different vibrations – depending on our internal sphere of mind.

A heartbeat is another frequency generator, which in turn sets your pulse rate. This is a good indicator of general health. We are each responsible for our own general health, responding to our changing gears by feel. When your drugs take you to a plane where you don’t wish exist, you envelop yourself in a lower frequency vibration. Not good.

We tend to do this to ourselves all the time. We like to set expectations on unreal standards. We have been taught through a common education system that changes the message frequently, as to cause cognitive dissonance and keep us individually off-balanced. The things that require common interest are created for entertainment value – to keep us off kilter. Thyme to stop.

The changes that come are different than the same as it ever was. The belief system that we carry forward is based on incongruent facts that mince realities. What i see could have been photoshopped for me to see – what i know takes precedence in my school of thought.

Each of us has a basis set to view the world. It is the set of facts, figures and accounts of the experiences we have with the people we keep. Like attracts like and so we hang with folks that reflect our weigh of thinking. We do what we do because we are driven to do it, by the means that we believe will get er done. Only we don’t, because we believe too much of what we see and/or were taught. Our senses require discernment – each has a role in the play.

A philosophy is to a person, as a rudder is to a boat. We have to base our self on what we know of self. Too many of us are under controlled thinking, where our evidence of support is flimsy, at best. Doc works under chemistry, which seems to make sense, but is an abstract field made up of make believe reality of very very small. We have our guides that tell us things based on our cleverness – individual atoms bonding to make molecules is a foregone conclusion and an outrageous fantasy, both at the same time. You gotta do your best with the hand that’s dealt, and be ready to play the next hand with different cards.

You don’t have to agree with me. You may have a different world view entirely. We can agree to disagree on the details as long as we agree on the direction heading forward. A circle of 360 degrees has at least that many initial directions of forward – perhaps we should achieve a dead stop before we move forward.

Life is in dynamic equilibrium, always shifting matter and energy between forms of itself. The perpendicular direction of electric and magnetic fields are well known – what is on the third perpendicular to the other two? Perhaps the game of time and space as Einstein explains – E = mc squared – is missing an essential component – the spiritual one.

“God does not play dice”, said uncle Albert – but probability and statistics play more of a role in comprehending the forces of nature than any other mathematical entity. Math is a language of explanation, a tool that humans use but nature doesn’t – unless sacred geometry has suddenly become the vogue. There are weighs of changing values. Einstein also said that “imagination is more important than knowledge” – let’s prove him right and change the whirled.

Namaste’ … doc

Wiser? Of Course

I am no longer chronologically challenged. The way to measure time passages is to count smaller increments than years. A treei-day consists of 64 human days and moves from mass to void in a cyclic rotation. Each day has a different theme that carries a project from initiation to fruition with rest before the next start.

Today is void sounding – i sing a story of hope with changes that require us to know better. The game is over except the fat lady has yet to sing. Believe that whatever comes is good and you will resonate away the symbols of the old whirled. This was the knew generation, our thyme has come. So, happy birthday!

The shift has happened – it now takes time to tease the individual timelines away from each other. The one guarantee from string theory is that strings tangle – we all get exactly what we expect. Time doesn’t play by human rules. So with another year of calendar done … we are getting closer to the point of know return. Cheers!

Namaste’ … doc