Sound Sounding V: You Are Free TV

As a writer, I struggle to catch the quietude that I need to come up with original thought. The media is filled with news readers that bring us what they read in audio and video formats. The commentary of how this comes together is processed by intelligent souls interpreting personal reality through their own individual senses. Each perspective comes from a unique source – a personal point of view.

This is a zero point of energy. The you reading this essay has made a decision to be curious about the information written here, because you find it useful in your interpretation of how you can get along in competition with 8 billion or so other people on this planet earth which some of us call Gaia. Gaia as a living, breathing, personally thinking entity that interacts with us, not only as humans, but as common beings of water, sharing the same space and time. I like to think of it as a cooperation rather than a competition, yet I personally do not feel like cooperating in the disbursement of false knowledge

Now space and time are both constructs of our personal universes, coming together to create a common reality that we assume as the main timeline. We assume that it is all inclusive on the scale that we humans work on, each human counts as one thinking person and gains responsibility based on their ability to interact with other humans. Anything smaller than a single human or different in any way, shape or form does not count, or so we have been taught. What if all intelligence is of the same mind?

That means that we have to change our basis of thinking. Currently, the olde system of thinking is breaking down and the knew weigh of thinking hasn’t begun to develop the tools of measurement for thinking differently. We are stuck in the same patterns that we have always thought in, because the basis for learning has been commonly taught to us through the institutions of knowledge. That they were untrue from the beginning never crossed our minds – so now we are being told to be love and stop thinking. That is a wrong answer.

I have a friend stressing over the change in tax rules on crypto-currency. Seems the government wants him to account for and tax all gains made in the exchange, without considering the costs that went in as a basis of exchange. In other words, they want to extort their cut of last years growth, by making those early investors assess past data that was not previously tracked. The fear of jail drives the stress of extra work and people get mad at me for pointing out that it is nonsense that they fear jail for breaking rules.

Civil disobedience has been around for a long time. To change means dropping rules that are no longer serving us. The form of governance that we have is not of our choosing and is totally ineffective for anything but herding us to be cattle. So – the thyme has come to start promoting a knew media, one based on the reality that is not the illusion. The fact that all of our current tools are on the platforms that already exist is a liability hazard that we have to work through. The common assumption that we actually share a commons with common ground is fundamentally false.

You are free. The video attached is from another Steemer – you should follow her sense of reality. Your sense of reality is different from mine and that is okay – we are not bound to common false agreement. I trust you at your word, I think that I trust me at my word, so that when I speak, I believe what I say. If you hear something different that what I am saying, that is okay – interpretation depends on perspective and I come from a different place than you do.

When we correlate our clocks and link into the same frame of time, the reality that two people perceive can be altered by agreement. Have you ever asked someone – Did that just happen? If they say yes or no changes your perception of what you thought you saw based on whether somebody else perceived the same interpretation of events in time and place as you did. I see the kittens playing with things that are not there in my world, all the time. I just assume they see a wider sphere of space. This has to do with wavelength range in the visible spectrum – a science topic that chemists actually know something about.

Or think we do because of ed chew kate shun. Pink Floyd has it write on the wall, we don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control, no dark sarcasms in the classrooms – hey, teacher, leave those kids alone. Or better, learn from them. Take the innate curiosity of being a nine year old and apply it to living outside in nature, where a wavelength carrying data does not blare information at you at every moment. If the learning experience is driven by the learning process, research directed learning could bring to bear all the things that we know, from when we need to pull them together. The trick is to get outside the box.

The all inclusive human box. Expand it. Include personal responsibility for all input and output on every scale toward everything made up of atoms of elements to form compounds of matter. Take the spirit of thought and use love to emote the shape of things to come, differently from the shape of things that came once in the past. Or twice. Or more, since history flows in cycles and repeats itself. To step out and do what you can, instead of stepping in and doing what you have to requires a sense of freedom from fee dumb.

You are free. No TV required.

Namaste’ … doc

Sound Forming V: Social Orders and Social Chaos

Social Orders and Social Chaos

resteeming a Steemit post

I have the ability of putting out whales of information, yet to do this before anyone is reading would just make the body of the work difficult to digest. I see that Steemit has a momentum that plays like a service that rewards early buyers for getting in early, providing the steem for the platform to grow. However, I see us badly in need of a different type of media system, one that does not rely on sensationalism and the cult of personality.

In order to lay down some important breadcrumbs for future success, allow me to introduce a few concepts that require re-visitation, because the what of what we know is differently described from novel theoretical perspective. The concept of learning requires depth, breadth and acumen to see how different patterns build into a focal consensus of the way things must be, when we weigh the matter.

Each of these theories are embedded in the LARP of research directed learning – where we forms guilds to go into depth in focus areas of interest to the people learning. To learn is to teach and to teach is to reinforce learning. We all teach each other every time we interact. The formal recognition by tracking of the time spent on task is a good general indicator of the tier of knowledge of the participant – it has been estimated that a PhD requires 10,000 hours of work on task.

Since Existence is based upon an 8 x 8 grid – allow me to describe eight theories that are central to my understanding of how things fit together differently. Each of these theories stands alone and consists of a set of hypotheses that lay out a rational argument. Each will be discussed in more depth later, once we have the media in place to exchange unfiltered information.

The first theory is game theory – a branch of mathematics developed in the field of probability and statistics. By devising games that are not fair, but equally unfair to all players, we can see how the process of decision making evolves. Being a C class chess player in high school allowed me to think several layers into the game future. Running a dungeon for D&D taught how to create a scenario where a troupe of players can enact their reality – at the whim of a die roll.

Theory number two is chaos theory – a physics theme based in the apparent interactions of chaos and order. The involvement of strange attractors creates butterfly effects and the depth we hashed out in public debate in the 1980’s. In some ways, chaos theory corroborates Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, that momentum and location cannot be measured simultaneously.

The third theory is called group theory. Group theory has to do with the mathematics generated from the spacial arrangement of atoms around a central molecule. The point group symmetries generate mathematical tables in matrix algebra. I believe there is also a sociology based group theory of human interaction – Dr. Lenny Thyme proposes Sociochemistry as an analog to Hari Seldon’s Psychohistory.

This actually folds well into theory four – sacred geometry, which is a mathematical description of nature based on irrational numbers. Again, the symmetry of the universe comes into play. Bob Marshall, a genius that worked with Buckminster Fuller, describes holotomes and demonstrates how the quality of numbers complements the quantity measured.

My favorite radical theory, number 5, is conspiracy theory. Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts’ movie notwithstanding, the idea of secret things going on under our noses in plain sight seems readily apparent in light of recent information. I never trust an agency that I have or haven’t met. The whack-a-mole game of making individuals targets out of good people helped advance the corruption that this system is designed to replace.

The sixth theory is Einstein’s theory of space and time. It seems to me that time is a function of scale and that we have missed our conception of the topic. We can go back to the future and forward to different pasts, but we can never return home again. Parallel multidimensional universes are birthed and deathed all the time – depending on the reality that you believe is true. The holographic illusion plays rather well.

Theory seven is a tough one – it is called cartoon physics. IT allows roadrunner to stand in space over a cliff as Wile E. Coyote falls. Another awesome concept is Bugs Bunny’s portable hole. There is no question that if we can think it up, the Jetsons in us can create it for real. Armageddon results in a return to the Flintstones, maybe Barney Rubble was a pseudonym?

The eighth theory is Walter Russell’s Universal One. My concepts of matter and energy were rocked to the bone as I began reading. The work is not commonly available and Russell stands with notables like Steiner, Rife, Reich and Schauberger whose work in the first half of the past century has been altered and erased by the memory hole, such that somebody in the future can rerelease the ideas at great personal profit. Right, Elon?

So as we play our imaginary live action role play that should turn into a real on the ground role play once we get a revitalized economy going, let’s direct attention to proving if these theories are useful in explaining the measured dimensions of the knew weigh – taking all we thought we knew and weighing it again through the filter of modern reality. What a concept?

Namaste’ … doc

Sound Massing V: My STEEM Dream

This is a reproduction of today’s steemit post. Come over there and play for pay.

As I watch the iddy bits grow into mega bits via Steem, Bitcoin, Etherium and other crypto currencies, I smell tulips in a historical sense. The belief in electrons as an intermediate storage form of wealth works better if the coins and tokens are actually exchanged for goods and services instead of just having investors increment the value of their accounts in their selected wallets. It beats paper currency because people involved believe in the value more than they believe in the federal reserve note.

Redemption backed by gold to restore value in hyper-inflated currencies of war destructed countries seems to be the current proposed alternative form of jump-starting economy throughout the world. These are paper moneys like the Iraq dinar and the Zimbabwe zim. With the calibrated value of the US federal reserve note fading fast due to the tether to petroleum, we are going to need a total reset into a different form. The economics game no longer serves the purposes of humanity.

What is humanity? Hard to say any longer with so many belief systems that are unhinged by their links to a false reality. The fake news name calling game opened the door to see that there is another level of complexity beyond everything we think we know. What is dancing in the shadows can no longer be ignored.

Iff – if and only if – the basis sets of mathematics and physics were deliberately taught with consistent yet false disinformation, eventually people would begin to base their central core scientific judgment on that incorrect data stream. This concept parallels in every other discipline. The entire educational system taught in the United States seems to have been re-invented since WWII in the middle part of the twentieth century. This was done with complete whitewashing of the works of persons like Tesla, Russell, Reich, Rife, Schauberger, Steiner, etc.

Imagine a thought experiment, like Einstein used to envision quantum scale. Imagine a world like Lennon imagined after the Beatles. Our world has an abundance of stuff and no valid formal control structure or ownership concept of earth itself. In fact, legally, Gaia, the planet, should be first in line for ownership rights by being the eldest living thing participating here. What can we do?

First – we can stop every action that requires coordination by taking a brand new two fold approach. We open source everything, all information, all machines, all accesses and then we set up a total meritocratic operating system. We create learning systems based on individual interest, not what the system decides you need to know. We validate all the information in every field and we unpack the boxes to derive how we get to the state of where we are in control of ourselves rather than the dysfunction that we current put up with.

Let’s look in depth at those creative geniuses of the first half of the past century, whose works are either off limits, buried or ignored, until the internet remove the latch key from the private university library monopoly over control of thought. The college ‘gatekeeper’ ponzi scheme was built to sequester knowledge, rather than building anew from what we really knew. Universities gave us partial knowledge, deliberately removing concepts to hide secrets, in space, in industry and in the control aspects of day to day life. Sometimes they have the audacity to roll out these old concepts as brand new for lots of personal profit.

The rigging of the system is too large to #unrig. We need a new system, but it really has to be an olde system. A voting public with absolutely no say is a charade. We are better off living in a benevolent monarchy. Back in feudal times, there were apprentices and guilds. There were also masters who knew things, called renaissance men (and women, though less recognized only because of the patriarchy built into our mindsets). These folks grokked the system in all facets, not just a single immersion into the depth of the rabbit hole in one narrow discipline. My personal preference of the latest rendition of this is called the Mondragon model, developed in the Basque region of Spain, middle of last century. Interesting, given the developments taking place in 2017 in Catalonia.

If each of us played the meritocracy honestly, I believe it would prove that everybody has merit. If we work from a platform of abundance, then we would have to create several new phases to be able to get there from here. If we can create a place with value inherent everywhere, with a level playing field and a fair set of rules, then we might have a need for token and coin to balance a trade, not to undermine the entire system.

One things that each of us share in common is our 24 hour day. We nominally break it into an 8 hour work day and an 8 hour sleeping night, which leaves us 8 hours of optional time to work more, play hard, eat and otherwise do those things that humans do. We impose calendars and clocks and other time monitors to coordinate actions – it would be tough to hold a meeting if nobody respected clock time, or if 9 am implied something different for each of us. Yet we manage to coordinate time zones with Greenwich, UK, so we are capable of ditching the concept of time, as we know it.

We (they?) use time to create stress by forcing cognitive dissonance of always being in a hurry to end up waiting. We repeat this cycle over and over and oh the places that we go. The level of push is exasperated by our focus on what other people are doing. We keep up with the Joneses while watching celebrations of the rewards of viral popularity. It is a figment, a created reality, ushered in when the local stage was replaced by the big screen. Yes, video killed the radio star. America has de-evolutionized – are we not men? We are Devo. Dee Eee Vee Oh. Or the borg.

So as Spock, or Data, or Six of Nine – I can see that we have a monumental choice between the Flintstones and the Jetsons – or a totally knew weigh. Let us all turn off our screens and experience reality at human scale. Not quantum scale. Not electronically bombarded by full spectrum waves of every length and time constant. Let’s turn it off and move to Kunstler’s world Made By Hand. Or any other model that we can conceive of, that might work for all of us, rather than the selected few.

I hope the Archdruid reads this, as he developed my art of thinking outside the box of science.

Namaste’ … doc

PS – lot’s of unnamed and named references to look up in this one. Enjoy.

Steemy Whirled: Love Powering VI

Just joined steemit – don’t quite get it yet. Help is on the weigh.

Meanwhile – this is the post i posted there to introduce myself. Any helpful suggestions welcome.

Steemit Introduction: Introduce Yourself

Greetings. Dr. Lenny Thyme here, a chemist with a skewed perception from alternative perspective. I am a Universal Sovereign of the Living Earth and spend as much time outdoors in nature as humanly possible, while tracking, monitoring and measuring the decay of the empire. I grew up reading Isaac Asimov, both fiction and non-fiction, and believe that his Foundation series is a key model for modern constructive conscience.

I have been watching the whirled of Steemit and wondering if I should come out and play. My blog – The Zone – ran on Blogger from 2003 through 2014 before I was excommunicated by the #googlegestapo for not answering their questions properly. Problem was, I was on blogger before Google bought it. My character lemme howdt published over 1000 poems at that site, mostly in anger.

I took some time off from everything to go live outdoors the summer of 2012, just to escape the electronic noise. Since then, I traveled the western US looking for community and returned to home in 2015 to join friends with a localization plan to build it, and they will come. Not all fields of dreams work, yet we have enough model systems in place through our cognitively dissonant media that we have an instant plan to do anything we believe we can do.

Imagine, if you will, a place where you can take the plot of any novel, the theme of a song, the characters of a tv show and the script of a movie and combine them all into local theater. The internet gives us the ability to broadcast entertainment to ourselves, such that we do not have to follow the one script for everyone new world order game.

My current interest is in running a LARP – a live action role play game that transforms the systems that we have into systems that work. The idea that merit should trump all fictions is basic to the game philosophy, which takes a mondragon economic model and places it into a local working environment, based on the individual. Essentially, each player joins the truman show playing any role as themselves in every role. We set the stage for a cooperative venture and then gather together as a troupe and act out the play.

This begins as a mental model, but expands from there. My current blog at on word press is totally non-commercial as I have been cash repellent while developing the scoring system for the game. It is sort of like dungeons and dragons in that people get to invent their initial character based upon their own attributes. You join a guild, meet some people and develop an interest in an aspect of the virtual community. You start your own guild and join other peoples guilds and earn hour cards which mark your time spent. There are eight levels with different game rules and the players do not get a rule book. The game ‘breaks’ when a player violates a rule, the players collectively agree on a replacement rule and the game starts again.

Anyway, I call the game the Knew Weigh, because we must take everything we thought we knew and measure it again to verify truth. Since nothing is real, there is nothing to get hung about and we can have virtual strawberry fields forever. We also have the developing basis for a student oriented research directed learning system, a Redile.

So – back to the my base story. My idea for this LARP is to create a place where a tourist could come to spend a few days and be immersed into a theme park, based on the preset script of a theme. The first theme is to homestead a 40 acre parcel and film Ecotopia – Ernst Calumbach’s 1979 novel about a sovereign country formed in the pacific northwest after the helicopter wars broke up the US before the end of the last century. If we build an infrastructure for a working farm and have several local sets set up to demonstrate new skills that are old skills, our guild system can serve the role of infrastructure as we build real on the ground infrastructure. Then we have a better place to play.

Since this is Oregon and they want tourists here, the LARP stage could turn into a small artists community and be a training center for actors. Meanwhile … as a chemist, I get to be outside looking at how natural resources regenerates. I worked in the mining industry once, and there are mining messes like the Silver Butte (Formosa) Mine that is under EPA care and belches out a consistent pH under three, for over 25 years now. It was a Superfund site until congress chose to not renew Superfund legislation. Betcha didn’t know that.

I also played politics as a volunteer on a local scale. I was involved with the Perotbots of the Reform Party in the 1990’s opposed to Clinton – seems to be a recurring historical theme – better watch for the assassination squads. I am now affiliated with Ubuntu – the Michael Tellinger plan to make contributionism a basis for local systems featuring One Small Town.

As Dr. Lenny Thyme, I speak out on environmental issues. My Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame was in the movie What in the World are they Spraying? I also got trolled, undermined and sabotaged by all the good folks who didn’t believe that I should be saying bad things about their death culture. The whistle blowing takes courage and I do not have the heart to play in their war games any longer. They say the meek shall inherit the earth – I can buy into the concept. This is a cooperative, not a competition. The weigh is based on measurement and there is a lot of so-called reality that we should remeasure.

If you would like more of the backstory, my previous current blog is a place to detach from consensus reality called thyme howdt. I get deep into theory of everything – it might also ave some clues as to what is going on in the LARP – although the idea of moving here to Steemit is to build upon the open source concept and maybe make a bit of cryptocurrency to manifest the camp for us quicker. We build tiny houses and plant gardens this year, then open a bud and breakfast and accept visitors in 2019. Might be wishful thinking, but nobody ever got anywhere waiting for the band to play.

Namaste’ … doc as Dr. Lenny Thyme.

Flow Massing V: Jeopardy Queries

Why do celebrities change their names?

What is SAG?

What does SAG do?

What business is SAG in?

What is a guild?

What is a troup?

What is a company?

What is a movie?

Can you change the movie?

Who writes the movie?

Who writes the script?

Who really writes the movie?

What is SAG?

Why do Celebrities change their names?

Why do women change their names?

What is an actor?

What is a role?

What is a media?

In which mediums do actors act?

What is television?

What is radio?

Did video kill the radio star?

What is a movie?

Did the big screen kill the stage star?

Actors and their roles for ten, Art? Alex? …?

Why do celebrities change their names?

Namaste’ … doc

Form Minding V: Calendar Thyme

From the archives, June 2016

The weigh to measure time outside of the system is to change the calendar. The Julian calendar was adopted to cause cognitive dissonance – how can oct the prefix for eight be the beginning of the name of the tenth month? And what is really happening for a ‘leap’ year?

Doc uses a unique 64 day calendar based on the limbic system called Treei. Kudos to my mentor, Armando Busick, for the inventive thought. The cycle begins at the date of birth – the original date when your mass masses and you come out of the chute into life, as we know it. The concept of mass is the first concept of eight. To me, it symbolizes coming together on a new approach to achieve a single goal during the time period.

After mass comes form, where the mass accumulated begins to take shape. The plan of action is developed and the architecture established. The form provides the scaffolding to the system, as organic chemistry provides a scaffolding for water to create life, this mass that we shape into forms.

Once form is established, things start to flow. The rhythms of expression demonstrate the dynamic equilibrium that is what life is. Life is food, live food is healthful and transfers nutrients to our bodies in proper form. When the flow captivates the audience, people get involved in the production and contribute more because their gifts are valued.

This new and novel flow stream that we are on begets us the power of action. The ability to do things that make a difference is the force of action onto a different path. We create images of the goal and move through actions that provide shape to the form flowing that is a monument to the abilities that we as a group demonstrate.

The Love then grows, as the power of action successfully accomplishes the tasks at hand. The ability to share working environments adds such that the power of the group is greater than the individuals. Love is the connections between entities; the establishment of bonds that keep the people together during times that are difficult, and times that are easy and carefree.

Once we have the task in hand and have built our love into camaraderie, we sound our voices together in song and story, creating the tales of the accomplishment and collecting together the images, the descriptions and the accounts of the work, our accomplishment for the time period. The public display of emotion is derived to allow others to know of the forces we encounter.

After sounding our story, we put our minds together to see where we could do better, or worse. We take actions to reward the participants for their time, effort and love and create the documentation that solidifies the action taken onto the records, for all to see, this movement of change. The goals are evaluated and the story set to unfold.

Once the minds eye has created the images, the time to void and relax is at hand. The ceremonies and rituals are conducted and the well earned rest at the end of a journey is appreciated. The actions that took us through each cycle are reviewed and the plans for the next massing are drawn and quartered. The illumination of current events is cataloged into the time banks as the story continues to unfold.

The themes of each eight day cycle revolve through each sub-cycle. The order remains the same always, mass, form, flow, power, love, sound, mind, void – each alive in impact upon each other. The calendar starts n a different day for each individual in the group – every site location might also have its own calendar beginning on the date of acquisition with its own mass massing. There is no reason why each of us needs to be on the same day – the mixture of days of a group of individuals working together on a single project would span the entire array of options – from mass massing through void voiding.

It took doc about two years to get established to the point where we look at each effort and then see that, in fact, the Treei follows the reality better than the reality follows the Treei. When i know where i am, i can gauge the effort required – we can do a great deal more in our power cycles, as opposed to the void cycle, where we should be resting and planning, not chugging and burning.

To restore our life back to the life that we can have, sovereign rather than enslaved, it is thyme to create a new metronome for the ticking days of time – i hope this method intrigues you enough to calculate where your day is today. To do this – use the net to go to the date and time calculator and see how many days of experience you have collected over this lifetime. Divide by 64 and look at the remainder. This number corresponds to one of the days – from 0.02 for mass massing – 0.50 for power voiding and 0.98 for void minding. If you need more assistance – leave your birth date in the comments.

Enough for now – thanks for being and doing on my personal power sounding day. Namaste’ … doc

Form Sounding V: More Queries

What are non-disclosure agreements?

Who do they protect?

Why do they require protection?

Who writes the non-disclosure agreement?

What language are contracts written in?

How are contracts binding?

How are Contracts enforced?

What is a signature?

What is a valid signature?

How do you gain access to contract information?

What are rights?

What are responsibilities?

Are corporations persons?

What is a person?

What is a corporation?

What is a personal right?

What is a human right?

What is a civil right?

What is a property right?

What is an intellectual property right?

What is a water right?

Who owns rights?

Are right right?

How are rights allocated?

How are rights enforced?

How are rights really enforced?


Namaste’ … doc


Form Flowing V: Mind Games I

This post seems to be targeted, so the message is worth repeating

Mythology in Science – How does the mind work?

Mind Games I Dr. Lenny Thyme 01/22/2016

When I wake up, I start my day with a positive thought, in order to entrain the thinking that will change the perspective of how I think. Einstein once said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” The current polarity of duality mindset is embedded through our common education; a fiction written by narcissists, gaslighted through emotional abuse inflicted by flying monkeys. (Thank you for the imagery, Barb).

We have been taught to compete rather than to cooperate. The games that we play all have winners and losers and nobody wants to be the loser. Truth is, that the skill measurement aspect of sports and games is reasonably easy to measure and provides accurate performance information. The reward systems from role-playing-games allow us to step out of our mind’s current reality and into an assembled fiction that has a direction and purpose – including short term and long term goals.

In order to change the paradigm of our common belief, we have to have a basis set of information that we can hold as true. Our common reality could have many forms – personally, I believe in Sheldrake’s morphogenic fields based on sacred geometrical patterns and displayed as a function of mathematical limits. The realms of the limits, we are taught, are Einstein’s concepts of space and time. What if those concepts are holographic and set up only for this fractal scale of reality.

Nature seems to operate in a totally different reality. Those of us who live in square boxes and work at desks in square cubicles and drive around in box cars and watch rectangular screen and call it life are enveloped in a matrix far deeper than I can acknowledge – a different reality from me in time and space – but not impossible when Everett’s many worlds theory is applied.

Nature’s limits appear to be the golden mean ratio on the one hand and the doubling function on the other side. Perhaps there are several simultaneous separate time-lines sharing one planet, Gaia. The adjacent time-lines are required to have self-similarity, and all individual time-lines are entrained within the planetary time-line sphere.

The idea of the Mayan calendar cycles and the individual time-lines recurring through a predestined pattern over extremely long time periods seems like the sort of long term laboratory experiment that a super-sized thinking creature in infinite time/space could set up and walk away from – and get good data every time he checked in. What if our current reality is as a cell in a larger being, where the sun is a cell nucleus, as are all the stars and the living being we are entrained in is a human that is a dozen fractals larger than this scale? What if that human is us?

Huh? How are we more than each of our individual I’s? The distinction of holography is such that each realm has different conditions and every tangent starts off appearing as the same pathway that we are already on. If the human purpose is to gain experience at every scale and do better going forward, then time, the illusion, sets a baseline for entrainment of our minds to act according to our individual beliefs.

So while we believe that we all live in the same time, I think not. Our mind works according to the vibration of our illusion of conscious. The entrained wavelengths of my being in this size are all orchestrated to fit within human parameters that are entrained within Gaian parameters that are entrained within universal parameters that are entrained within human parameters – if we are on a three stage cycle. What if it is a five stage, or an eight stage cycle. Fractal possibilities are endless.

When I go back to what I have learned – I have to look to see that it makes sense with what I think I know. As parameters change and conditions alter, I believe that we are seeing things that could not have been revealed before now, because they are emerging behaviors springing forth from new initial conditions. Our physics, depending on bigger and smaller things, has never been congruent with the physics of astro-space or the physics of quantum mechanics. Yet as above, so below agree, only without the muddle in the middle.

We imagine ourselves …

Namaste … Doc

Must say, the data mining project will lead to great literary treasure, in parellel with other forms of physical mining of data and elements to measure the knew weigh. All words have multiple meanings in this parsed vocabulary we call the English language.

Mass Voiding V: Science types alert

A few deep questions at the borderline of group sanity.

What is light?

How does light travel?

How does mass travel?

Is mass matter? Does this matter?

Is matter energy in a different form?

How does a medium affect light travel?

What is a medium? What is a phase?

What is a phase change?

Why does light move differently in phase?

Why does light move differently in phases?

What is plasma?

Is plasma an electric phase of matter?

How does light travel through air?

How does light travel through water?

How does light travel through plasma?

How does light differ from sound?

What is light?

What is sound?

What is mind?

What medium does consciousness live in?

What is a phase?

Which phase are we in, Solid, Liquid, Gas or Plasma?

Namaste’ … doc