III Mind Voiding: Lessons from Summer Experience

A few things that i have observed while play acting Existence, a role playing game to develop sustainable community concepts and Gaia friendly natural resource use …

New apprentices should never work alone. People only hear half of what you say, so you have to say what you need to get across multiple times. Defining roles helps people act in character as opposed to acting in person. You are playing yourself in a movie role, act the part.

Safety is a first person singular priority.

Never refuse help. Never offer help unless you can provide it.

Hierarchy in decision making can be superseded by the person doing the work. However, changes in protocol should be reported as accurately as possible, including an explanation for the changes. The scribe guild is responsible for documentation.

If you are asked a direct question, please give a direct answer.

Never refuse a gift. Never offer something as a gift that you wish to keep for yourself.

Always respond to kindness with kindness and good manners. Please and thank you go a long way. Especially appreciate people who assist you when they do not have to, they made a conscious decision in your behalf. Also, pick up people who get down on themselves, they need a kind word.

Value is in the eyes of the beholder.

Appreciate things with an attitude of gratitude. Your amplitude is determined by your attitude crossed with your altitude.

Feed people well – both in physical nourishment and thought provoking discussions

Teach active listening and differentiate that nodding and saying yes is simply following along and tracking – not agreement.

Trust your judgment until you measure performance, then trust your measurements.

Always create a flow chart for each project – especially when apprentices are involved.

The names of the quarks are top and bottom, up and down, charmed and strange.

The first approach is either charmed or strange. The second is the opposite of the first. We get to see the best and the worst the first two times out. If strange comes first, repeat the process to get charmed. If charmed comes first, expect differences and note the causal relationships.

The third time going through a process is when you really see if you know what you are doing. By the fifth repetition, you can write the protocol for others to repeat because you have seen all the parameters required for tracking in action.

Take the lessons learned in one guild and translate them into general lessons for all guilds. The key is to enable innovation, to step beyond protocols by learning the lesson and taking to the knowledge back to others.

Modern science obscures lessons by 1) only publishing ‘successes’ and never publicizing failures, 2) rewarding first handsomely and correct, not-at-all, 3) keeping the knowledge base static, via gate-keepers.

The foundations that we set today are set in stone once the ideas are developed, extended and built upon. We wish to be sure that what we say is true to the extent of our current knowledge, and then beyond.

The tools that we need are located in places that are placed off limits to truth seekers. Control is more important than truth in their whirled. Always maintain self-control, especially in public encounters. As universities fail, we will collect lots of equipment. It will require repair to make it useful.

You are sui juris – the only person capable of being you. You do not have to represent yourself to be who you are. When you carry a personal stable of ethics and morals higher than the standard and you are able to slice through red tape. Know that ‘I am what I am‘. When you believe that you can do anything, you can do anything.

Switch positions between the apprentice and the master and see that the tasks make sense from the opposite perspectives. Identify the caveats early and try to avoid changes that make prior work useless.

Plan the work, work the plan.

Love the one your with.

Identify the tools required and materials on hand before starting any project. Stock on hand needs to be replaced as part of the project.

Who gets to determine value? What if there is no agreement on value? One party leaves feeling cheated.

Up front – work for 1) Room & Board 2) Pay.  No work required for space rental, but why rent space?

Define the roles clearly – Identify Poisons and Present ‘Correct’ History

When a single individual feels slighted, it is worth polling the group as to whether group consensus has been violated.

Engineers cannot be trusted in a leadership capacity – they should focus on working as an engineer.

Formal education has limited people’s breadth. Depth is a rabbit hole that sometimes leads nowhere.

If up is down and top is bottom, the charmed is strange. These are fibonacci pairs of alternative ones, like self and species.

Everybody must get stoned … at 4:20 and 11:11 daily

Freely Sharing: From Stillness in the Storm

This is being shared because stillness in the storm is being blocked by the intentional malware spread in computer systems by people that do not wish for you to discern.

Namaste’ … doc

Discernment 101 | Intrinsic and Extrinsic Knowledge — Critical Thinking Fundamentals: Correlation and Causation

by Justin Deschamps,

Discernment is arguably the most important skillset we can develop in life. But not everyone consciously understands why they believe what they do. Not all methods of discernment are created equal. Often, we develop a method rudimentary discernment processes early on in life that gives us some answers but might not be the best technique for evaluating claims of truth. Case in point: correlation is not necessarily causation. Correlation tells us if one or more things are present in relation to a phenomenon, but it doesn’t tell us if these related things caused the phenomenon in question. For example, there is a 100% positive correlation that everyone who has ever drunk water eventually died. But this correlation doesn’t necessarily mean that death is caused by drinking water. This might seem like a trivial example, but it highlights how easy it is to make mistakes in discerning the truth when we assume that positively correlated things automatically reflect causation. Given how importance of discerning the truth, an examination of the difference between correlation and causation will be helpful.

There are various theories of knowledge that describe how we come to know the truth, generally referred to as the philosophy of knowledge or epistemology.

We tend to use different techniques for evaluating claims and our experience throughout our lives, depending on what we’re comfortable with. Some people are innately logical and scientific, trending towards a pragmatic or hard data method, reliance on evidence. Others are more intuitive and rely on emotional resonance, which says if a claim resonates with our beliefs if it “feels true” than it probably is. While both approaches can point us in the right direction, reliance on one over another is limiting.

Correlation and Coherentism

By and large, unless you’re a scientist, work in law, or have an active philosophic mind, you’re likely using correlation and coherentism, which is the easiest and quickest discernment technique insofar as providing an answer, but often the most problematic.

For instance, this method says that if we discover a positive correlation between two things, like drinking water and death, then there must be a causal relationship as well. From here, we just have to come up with an explanation that agrees with what is observed. So long as it is coherent with pre-existing beliefs—so long as it resonates—then it will likely be accepted as true. In the case of water causing death, I might claim that it is an age long conspiracy on the part of some insidious group. And if this agrees with your belief system, you’ll accept it because there’s an observable correlation.

Correlation alone isn’t enough to prove causation. And insofar as coherentism, our beliefs can, and often are, inaccurate. Just because something resonates with our beliefs doesn’t mean it is true. And yet, this is arguably the primary method people employ to discern if a claim, theory, or story is true.

For ages of time, people believed that the weather was caused by gods in the sky warring with each other in epic battles. This explanation fit the beliefs of the cultures that used them, but this doesn’t make them true. “How do we know that the gods create the weather?”—this is the question that begins the process of investigation, the technique of confirming if a theory is true or not by assessing the evidence available to support it.

A positive observable correlation—the fact that two or more things are present when a phenomenon emerges—often leads us to come up with an explanation, which is coherent with our beliefs. The fact that this seems to happen automatically means that philosophic comparison is an innate ability within the human organism. But like all abilities, this needs to be finely honed and mastered.

Whether or not the explanation fits reality is a question that requires a more detailed analysis.

Causation: Epistemic Investigation

If we don’t know why or how our explanation is true, then we might just be relying on a form of personal dogma. And dogma, by nature, is extrinsic, even if it was intrinsically derived. That is, we need personal first-hand knowledge, we need to reproduce the scene of the crime, as it were, so that we can really know for certain if the things we observed (positive correlations) causally contributed to the manifestation of an event.

For example, an investigator trying to discover who is guilty of a murder might question a suspect as to their whereabouts on the night the crime took place. The suspect might say they were home with their wife when they were actually out with their mistress. The investigator, after hearing the alibi of the suspect, might discover later that suspect was lying were lying—they weren’t actually with their wife. The explanation here could be that the suspect was lying, perhaps because they are the murderer. But the investigator needs more than just the correlation that the suspect lied about their whereabouts, they need positive evidence that the suspect was at the scene of the crime on the night of the murder. Later, the investigator might discover that the suspect was actually with their mistress, in which case the previous explanation ends up being false—they aren’t the murderer. This should hopefully highlight the fact that, through detailed investigation (called an epistemological evaluation or investigation), inferences or explanations that attempt to causally explain observed correlations can be evaluated to see if they are true.

Causation, in this sense, is the treasure hidden below the surface of correlation. We discover this treasure, the knowledge of what actually happened, by an epistemological investigation process. By asking how one thread of a story can be proven to be true, what evidence exists to support it, and if that evidence is reliable.

Correlation gives us a trail of bread crumbs to follow. But causation is the actual story of how the bread crumbs ended up on the ground in the first place. The key is to learn how to discover causation, which requires tools of careful analysis, the use of your philosophic faculties and the ability to assess relationships with detail in mind.

Despite the problems of correlation and belief coherence, we shouldn’t throw everything about these techniques away either.

 Detailed Evaluation: Knowledge Purification

The ability to tell how well something resonates with our beliefs is an important skill to have, as it helps guide us through an exploration of meanings—a philosophic process of improving our knowledge.

When we learn something new, like the fact that cures for cancer exist, this new idea might not agree with our beliefs, it might not resonate. But as many reading these words know, there are indeed cures for cancer, despite this fact being obscured from most people. As such, when we discover that a new idea is true, despite the fact it doesn’t agree with our beliefs, this lets us know we need to unlearn what we have learned. It means our belief system has flaws and we need to do some house cleaning to find out what is untrue, and replace that false knowledge with true knowledge.

Let’s state that again for clarity.

When we learn something new, we’re immediately confronted with having to evaluate this new idea in relation to what we already believe. If the new belief is true but doesn’t agree with our pre-existing knowledge, then the next step is to compare it to our beliefs and rework these beliefs to fit the new truth. Conversely, if the new idea is not true, then by comparing it to our beliefs, we gain greater clarity of how our knowledge is true. Thus, whether a new idea is true or not, the process of comparison and evaluation is incredibly useful—which I call knowledge purification. The overall effect is to strengthen our knowledge.

In the case of cures for cancer, we need to replace the false belief, likely fueled by experiences of listening to expert opinion on TV or in school, with personal knowledge.

In other words, extrinsic belief, blind faith in things other than our own personally derived knowledge, is inferior to intrinsic knowledge. When we’ve done our home work, when we’ve taken the time to personally analyze and assess information, proving it to ourselves, we’ve turned blind faith or dogma into an empowering exercise.

For example, if a friend tells us that a mobster is holding his family hostage and he needs $1,000,000, initially, we won’t have any evidence but their word that their claim is true. And we might pay them in such case if we accept this extrinsic belief. But instead, what if we investigate their claim, asking for evidence, only to discover that our friend’s family is fine and they actually owe $1,000,000 to a Casino for gambling debts.

Final Thoughts

Without detailing all the beneficial effects of personal evaluation, intrinsic knowledge is always better than extrinsic belief because we know more about the story. Developing intrinsic knowledge requires pouring over raw information ourselves, and in the process, we develop a firsthand account of the issues in question.

If firsthand knowledge is like a detailed photograph, instead of a poor drawing, the knowledge of causation is like a high-resolution image of something observed.

Correlation will tell us an apple and a flask of milk exist in a room, but causation tells us the apple was purchased three days ago by a friend and the milk was left there the night before by your wife. In other words, the story of causation, owing to the fact that proving a cause requires more detailed information, is a complete account of a situation.

Discernment of the truth, which is important for almost everything we do in life, also requires a high degree of detailed comprehension.

We might be tempted to assume that correlation is all the evidence needed to prove a claim, but if we can’t describe what causally happened, we don’t really know for certain.

Someone who knows the truth personally, who has worked hard to develop intrinsic knowledge, can tell you what they believe, how certain they are of that belief, and can prove that what they believe is likely true. And such a person, if they’ve recognized the virtue of humility, will be open-minded, ensuring that as their knowledge and awareness increase, previously held beliefs can be reevaluated to form better explanations.

So in all your truth seeking, strive to go HD.

Work hard to develop intrinsic knowledge, testing your correlated observations to see if a causal relationship exists. This will help you avoid making mistakes as well as enhancing your discernment capabilities, improving lie detection while also imparting the eyes to see more of the truth.

– Justin
The preceding is a Stillness in the Storm original creation. Please share freely. 

III Mind Loving: A Minor Problem

Nothing is real, so there’s nothing to get hung about. The more people demand speed, the less likely they are to be thinking things through. We need to stop, hey, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s coming down. We are stepping out into our own 1984 brave new world where Huxley and Orwell are both models of Existence. How many more models can we create, based on the popular culture? Movies, songs and television shows are the display of works of literature, in forms beyond the written word. Each form has something lost in translation, like a bad Bill Murray film.

There is unrest in the forest, there is trouble with the trees. Cause the maples want more sunlight and the oaks ignore their pleas. Our body of knowledge has been compartmentalized to the point where we talk about the same things in different languages called English. Plumbers and electrical engineers both focus on flow, yet neither groks that their work is the same in different form. We all work from the same story line, Conrad’s hero’s journey and the level of intelligence appears to border Idiocracy levels.

What if we accept nothing and question everything? How far will our mind sets allow us to step out of the current configuration of time and space. It is always now, and we can see that we lived in an immediate past that resulted in getting us to the point of the now of today. What if the dark ages haven’t happened yet? What if time is an illusion, just before Toto pulls back the drape where the little man pulls the levers of Oz? We followed the yellow brick road – it led us to a munchkin land full of lemmings at clif-side!

Allow me to get specific in my focus area of science. As a chemist, I have a basis to grok chemistry by understanding both physics and mathematics. I lost interest in biology when I lost respect for teachers that taught memorization ahead of learning and insisted on weeding out pre-med students instead of teaching biology. I studied biology on the fly, learning anatomy from Grey and then finding the art of Alex Grey. If things make sense to me, I have no need to question them. If a process works, work the process and identify what makes things tick.

The interface between chemistry and biology is called biochemistry – big surprise. The chemistry is mostly about amino acids making proteins and enzymes, base pairs making DNA and other mechanism and structure type topics. The chemistry mechanisms do not fit in with the biology that I know, but I am self-taught in the topic. Gerald Pollack at University of Washington released a book called The Fourth Phase of Water that blended with my chemical knowledge to add insight to my comprehension. Imagine my surprise when conventional science refused to grasp the concept and instead targeted the messenger.

To grasp this science is to see the fallacy of what is taught in universities as points of knowledge. We owe it to ourselves to investigate deeper how much has been presented to us skewed, in order that we could not get the same results as the innovators of the early 1900. These folks, like Royal Rife and Walter Schauberger and many others had their work stolen, then hidden, so it could be rolled out again for profit. Try Tesla, or Walter Russell, or Wilhelm Reich. Stunning how the memory hole works.

If the folks who really know their fields start to put together the basics by measuring and demonstrating the proper protocols for measurement, then we as observers could begin to tell fact from fiction. Chemical instrumentation costs a lot of money to operate properly and universities have lots of nice pieces sitting idle because the mechanisms are old and not digital based. If we could teach each other how to design tests, we could all be ‘scientists’ in the game of discovery. If you are not afraid of a kitchen, you can become a chemist.

Yet, the system is set up to have us argue about how to do even the most simple tasks. It is time that we learn from experience and get our hands wet with whatever task need be done to confirm what we think we already know. I used to be on the forefront edge of physics and math, but the edges became opaque and the fields have slipped backwards. James Clerk Maxwell had more physics to work out his theories of electricity and magnetism than I with a PhD in chemistry have been exposed to in my university training. There are areas of science where DARPA stepped in and realization stepped out. Humanity cannot survive with secret knowledge and both patents and copyrights are political wedges that prevent dissemination of knowledge. That is what our masters cannot handle, that we know how to work our professions instead of doing what they told us.

The key is to support each other and take the cutting edge deeper into our reason. Nothing is quite what it seems, so the key factors in success tend to be mind-set and starting conditions. Looking at the results and keeping track of protocol changes that affect results are key to understanding. Assuming that because something works the first time, it will always work the same way is not valid – there are too many parameters to consider.

In chemistry, statistical significance has to do with the number of repetitions of the same process are required to get reproducible results on a sample that can then be used for reference. Generally this number is 30 – an average of 30 or more scans will give enough data to run statistics and exclude bad data and artifacts of the process. Much biochemical data is collected this way by means of a technique called x-ray crystallography.

Crystals are grown in a way to exclude water and have a repeating pattern that diffracts the x-rays based on the size of the atoms. This fixes the location of these atoms in space. Thus, complex molecules with thousands of atoms have structures identified – we know how things space themselves out. Only one problem – that absence of water. Since life occurs in water, removing the water necessarily alters the structure and bonding arrangements by changing the physical space. Water is over half the physical weight of proteins and enzymes – it’s exclusion from the x-ray data is game-breaking. None of the published biochemical x-ray data is any good.

So, to have this information as a basis for big pharma and the medical profession is building myth upon myth – none of anything in mechanistic biochemistry can even possible on the chemical level – it starts off with a fallacy.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and investigate the entire knowledge base to see where misinformation has crept in through the methodology. Let’s also stop taking ourselves so seriously and do important stuff like stop using items that poison our environment, since the environment seems to be keeping us alive, whether we can describe it properly or not. I personally think that water is the seat of intelligence and we are all huge sacks of water when we wear these meat popsicle suits.

Namaste’ … doc

Unnamed References: Beatles, Buffalo Springfield, Rush, 5th Element

III Mind Powering: A Group Theory Model 4 Community Construction

Please don’t take anything personally. We are acting models for human scaling the roles that individuals have to play in getting the group dynamics correct from a ground up perspective. We each have a different base of projection for our perspectives and an hour long Meyers Briggs test result tells me more about you than you can say in that same hour spent. I am INTJ – very rare. My ‘we’ is all inclusive to all readers and people in general, not just our small limited group. This is a theory put into test phase, a game of Life, so to speak.

I plan to reach out individually to each of you with an Existence survey. Existence is the name of the original role play game.  As a hermit, I have been free to follow the sacred geometry of natural design – the latest revision of the game has a non-linear algorithm that simulates the fibonacci sequence. The math is clever, but not impossible to grok, yet you do not need to know it to be who you are.

We all have our own perspectives, and can each meet our own needs in the first person. Thus individual everyone in this discussion is capable of taking care of themselves, but under different ground rules of what ‘taking care’ means. Some of us need income, others can produce with inputs. We all have our own lives centered on our own decision making ability. In one respect, we are auditioning to become an ensemble cast of our own movie – playing the supporting actresses and actors to each other’s lead roles.

If you move past me, you now have taken my responsibility to look after an area where I may have a concern. If we have guilds responsible for each project area, then you have to clear your action with other members of the guild. Guilds are voluntary action programs, that run in our consensus reality. Each guild has its own criteria for membership and a specific go to leader who can make the call for the guild’s responsibility. Look at the ‘Mondragon’ model.

Everyone has one guild that is their own guild that is their responsibility. The community has general guilds – air, earth, water and fire that combine to form specific guilds, like earth + water gives an agriculture guild life to build a garden. The water guild might not be involved in building the greenhouse, guilds are fungible. When they are not needed, they go away.

Rabbits and tortoises ave different outlooks. Letting the rabbits run free early is a good way to disrespect the tortoises. Rabbits lose interest before the actual work gets done, but seem to micromanage the plans for doing the work. If a rabbit runs past my barrier, she now has my responsibility in that area that we didn’t discuss. Rabbits can not be allowed to make decisions without the consent of the tortoises. Which part of consensus am I missing here?

In chaos theory, the start is critical for getting the desired result, because the starting conditions have a huge effect on achievable outcomes. You work your soil before you plant seeds or build foundations. Patience is a virtue, when you get caught in the need to move fast because the world is moving fast, are you not just being a lemming running over the clif with everyone else? If you are caught feeling you need to take advantage of a situation, who exactly are you taking advantage of?

The media lies all the time with an agenda of consistent liberal elite bias. The alt media lies all the time with an agenda of consistent conservative bias. It is not sane to accept parts of either as fact and reject other parts based on the bits and pieces that we know from listening to the medias. Now expand the media to all of education and look at the biases there and I quite believe that the entire belief system is compromised. So assuming anything the same going forward as it has been in the past is limiting our options by setting artificial limits. If we don’t know what is going to happen in specific, basing an action plan on a predicted event in general makes no sense. Moving to a good growing area when the problem is industrial pollution delivered by geo-engineers and powerful corporations is not a useful train of thought.

Doing the same thing multiple times and accepting the same result is a factor of the number of times that you have been through the experience in different forms. To be statistically significant, you have to repeat the process numerous times and compare measured results. The more you understand nuance and niche, the better you can predict the outcome of repeated tasks, done under similar conditions. Note the caveats here – there are a whole lot of variables that require consideration and forethought.

You have to be able to handle both 1st person singular and 1st person plural before you move on to a group of two. 1st person singular is you alone and 1st person plural is all living water creatures. We bounce between both of these extremes all the time as an all inclusive group and an all exclusive group. A one person group is the foundation for beginning anything worthwhile. If you are not ready to work with others, then you need to learn yourself and how you fit in. The group has a responsibility to its members and the members are the group. We are talking specifically of groups smaller than eight equivalent persons. Some of us speak for others, partners, children, critters – lots more variables.

We decided on consensus, where everybody signs off on all key decisions. Very time consuming, but a necessary starting point for most groups.

Each of us is sovereign and makes decisions for ourselves. You may schedule my time, but you may neither allocate it, nor demand it. You may take me at my word when you schedule something and tell me what time to be there, but if you stand me up at the time and things run late, you are not likely to get me there multiple times. You can speak for me once we have mutual trust – this would be done by proxy arrangement between the people concerned, on a local, interpersonal scale. We are trying to reach what Kirkpatrick Sale called Human Scale in his late 1970s textbook.

So let’s hear people out and address their concerns directly as they come up. We all have an issue where we like to jump in before the speaker has finished and some people take longer to set up what they need to say, while other spit things out off the top of their mind. We each learn differently, we have to listen better to hear what we are saying to each other. You can solve things without knowing the scope and scale of the problem, but the best solutions are always on a bigger scale than the original problems. Oterwise, we cause more bigger problems.

Please allow each speaker to say their say before jumping in. We could use a talking stick – everybody who has something to say needs their input to be considered. Most people will mimic bad behavior, especially when they see that behavior being rewarded with attention while they play by the rules and get shut out. That also causes resentment, because we truly are not being heard when people shout over us and don’t let us get to the point before the solution is offered. We need to resonate with each other, not bully ahead based on perceived need.

Existence is now formally an eight tier game with different rules at each level. It is multi-directional and requires teachers to learn and learners to teach. Players empower each other with an additional awareness of other perspectives with the goal of getting things right before we set the foundation in stone. You as an individual have only one role to play – yourself. You always have to play you no matter what role you are asked to slip into.

And I have reached my self-imposed word limit and will continue this thread again.

Namaste’ … doc


For this winter, I am staying where I am. I will have a responsibility here for spring farming. If I have a greenhouse and a working tractor and some assistance, then I can move for six months to a year in another community, to help get things structured with a solid foundation before other people arrive. I can adapt to other people’s ideas and develop metric measurements in cooperation with any form of existence – as long as we speak the same language.

Existence is now the Knew Weigh. We take everything we knew and measure it against the criteria of each one of us. We see how things go, build protocols and teach each othr while looking out for each other, with love and forgiveness of transgression, because none of us willingly wants to harm any of us.

While I am sympathetic to others having different needs, I cannot justify a medic trained in allopathic medicine dispensing big pharma in my envisioned space. Medical doctors, lawyers and other elite professions come with a distinct bias and if we wish to start with base inequity, we can invite them in. Stereotypes are not specific to any caracters, we are all individual and we are each individual. Respect that and ‘we all be good’.

I have a 20 year project here in Oregon to build an effective apprenticeship training facility for social permaculture and Gaia-friendly resource use. This means addressing prior abuses and quitting industrial pollution in all forms. The theory of community matching the arrangements of atoms in a molecule allows the mathematics of structural chemistry and sacred geometry to define decision making, based on assessment of many factors from different perspectives.

Question everything, but keep consistent within your first person. Do unto others is the golden rule. Be nice, but firm, definitely not squishy. Einstein is my cat. Uncle Albert once said “imagination is more important than knowledge.” He then set the imaginary limits of time and space. What if these two concept hold us back from seeing reality. It seems as though it is always now, whenever I check in. Time on clocks to measure rate is different from time when you are alone and engaged in depth.

We can do a lot more if we forget our formal educations and think about everything for ourselves in our own first hand realities, then correlate them. Once you change somebody else’s belief to your own, they now must consider being consistent across their entire thinking, to make changes to your new way of thought, to act in the knew weigh. Measure against what you know and change based on results. Tinker, because getting something done meets our needs, whereas idle theory burns brain cells.

We have seven entities with at least 22 opinions in play on every topic.  Let’s figure out who has primary responsibility for key areas, divvying up the workload and front loading the horses and cattle. That way, when the carts are built, we are pulling in the same direction. Using ‘Whoa!’ and the whip together make for rather schizophrenic horses.

Love you all,

Namaste’ … doc

III Power Voiding: For What It’s Worth

So – what is real and what is fake news?

The entire medical profession is a eugenics project, set to keep all the slaves ill with fake medicine. Instead of full spectrum healing, we get mono-culture potency – one key molecule is amplified and given without consideration of side effects or even general interaction. Big pharma extracts, magnifies and does great harm. Rife frequencies would be successful for healing, but not profitable for corporations. If we use preventive medicine and pay no insurance, then as a whole we would be much better off.

I have a fundamental problem with modern biochemistry. If all the mechanisms are based on the geometry established by crystallization of de-watered proteins, and as Pollack demonstrates, over 50% of most biological entities is water weight, then all the structural chemistry basis is false because the water is too important to not consider. Seems that the gate-keepers would rather attack Pollack than get the science correct.

The make war profession is also fake news. American Exceptionalism is a myth – even though a small amount of real work goes a long way, most people are not even capable with that. We get most of our images as Bernaysian advertising, made to sell only some things while demonizing others. Politicians should have to grapple personally, then there would be no wars of significance.

The powers that used to be have co-opted everything for their own benefit. What is taught in school perpetuates the myths, which are re-enforced through all forms of advertising. Money is not correlated to value, lack of money is enforced behind the scene when they target you. Blackmail and crime serve as persuasion; they are completely willing to lie to our face and kill us when we speak out in disagreement.

The misled intelligentsia have control now, so they push agendas that separate people rather than bring us together. All elder white males are to blame, because we were brought up to be the patriarchy that these people hate. The cult of personality rules and the winners are the best plunderers. The game is so badly rigged, that you never know where the hammer comes from in the eternal game of whack-a-mole.

My universe is holographic, not material. Mericans believe what they were taught and turn their brains off to feeling empathy. Confusion reigns. As long as they get us to fight us, they win. Who are they, but part of us, the one human consciousness.

I sit by the stream, writing and dreaming, listening to the babble of the brook. Animals have no guile and demonstrate a greater love for humanity than people exhibit for ourselves. That must change. Self-love is necessary first, then eternal love for everyone is in order.

Love is the chemical bond between atoms – the partnership of covalent sharing between two unique individuals to create something greater than the sum of its parts. We get confused easily, because we are taught to count wrongly from an early age. The number system might work for mathematics, yet there is quality in numbers in addition to quantity. Nature counts via Fibonacci.

When humans alter sacred geometry, then the convergence of all things is annoyed. The 1.61 phi ratio is set to allow fractals to embed themselves in an efficient weigh. By the genetic modification of life, we alter the spirit of our beings – and harm our ability to shift scale.

Most humans cannot grok the concept of scale. The best they do is get economy of scale, which is a manipulation because the more units produced, the lower the cost per unit. This business model has been used by the big box stores to murder the mom and pop game. So now, cheap foreign merchandise has replaced the made to last economy. This process is called churning and we the people are the butter. How people think this is a good thing, I just do not grok. I feel like Michael Smith, a stranger in a strange land while the world is run as the Matrix form of Smith.

To change, we need to develop alternatives. Nobody is right when everybody’s wrong. Young people speaking their mind, getting so much resistance all the time. We better stop – hey, look around – everybody look what’s coming down.

Google and their derivative YouTube are censoring our discussions. The cult of personality is providing new vanilla heroes and literally pushing pedophilia. I saw where 5 year olds were encouraged to display themselves in Victoria’s secret clothing. Some really sick causes are promoted, while good people are being shellacked. What is the end game?

Do not play. This is not war, no fight. The controlled resistance is as bad as the lame stream media in promoting divisiveness. Start gifting hugs, and receiving them graciously.

Namaste’ … lemme

Refs: Heinlein, Buffalo Springfield


III Power Forming: More Community Conversations

After listening to the rest of Erin’s interviews from yesterday, I am very impressed with the quality of thought about Intentional Community.  In the past, I did some in-depth analysis on the topic of social permaculture. I think I will go back and see what I wrote, to post here as a series if it still holds water.

Here are the videos of Erin talking with Walter, Beth and Bridget.  Enjoy!

Namaste’ … doc

III Flow Loving: Home #Unrig

I guess that my congress critter has been put on notice. As we expand #UNRIG and move toward different forms of governance, like Ubuntu, the thyme has come to step up to the plate. Lots of veggies on the plate today.

Enjoy the heat.  Namaste’ … lemme

III Flow Powering: Political Change Thyme

Thyme to look at the current political situation in stark reality terms. The congress has decided to declare war against the president and by following the money, we land in the black hole of an undrained swamp. The things we know for sure are mostly false and the whole system has been rigged to provide a fleecing of the sheeple. It is time now to question some of our beliefs and take action to change the things we find unacceptible.

The growing movement of the alt-left and alt-right which avoids the muddle in the middle is called #unrig : hashtag unrig. Dr. Cynthia McKinney and Robert David Steele have united the sides to start a dialog, with listening and hearing each other being the focus. Steele needs to stop insulting us with the same ‘her smart, me dumb’ joke – everybody is in the same boat here.

The political system is rigged. Both McKinney(Green)  and Steele (Reform) were party presidential candidates who experienced the ‘third’ party exclusion. If you do not have a D or an R by your name, the press does not supply any information that is not forced. Doc was treasurer for the Reform Party in the state of Oregon from roughly 1998 – 2003 – started back with Ross Perot in 1992 to prevent the giant sucking sound that was NAFTA/GATT. Aliens at the wedding derailed a likely pre-Trump.

Part of the problems is the assumption of what we are. This system is a capitalist corporate kleptocracy. The game is rigged so far until Tuesday that we just play go along to get along and feel unempowered to do much of anything. Our time is spent keeping up with the Jones and everybody is Jonesing. Let’s question a few basic assumptions.

First – universal healthcare is not important at all. The largest killer of americans is the big pharma/medical complex. Notice how you are investigated criminally if somebody dies without the medical profession present to convey their blessing. The FDA, food and drug administration, is bought and paid for, such that GMO food is sanctioned and preventive medicine banned. If alternative doctors keep dying mysterious deaths, there will be nobody left to treat real people.

Of course, this is a fallacy too, that people need treatment. Our health is our own responsibility and we should all take it seriously. Eat good organic food, drink structured water and try not to breathe the air when they spray chemtrails. The last item here is facetious, but really – let’s stop the spraying yesterday. There is enough data that has been presented against the idea of solar radiation management – the only reason left is population reduction.

The supreme court in the citizens united case declared that corporations are persons, yet these persons are not held responsible for thei contemptful actions. For details – see Farmwars.info for details on genetic engineering, geoengineeringwatch.com for details on chemtrails and many other youtube videos on various sundry ways that the system attacks the individual for stepping out of the sleep state. The president needs to write an executive order to reverse this Scotus ruling – or we do not have the semblance of valid governance.

In fact – why do we think that we need to hold this diverse country together as a single entity? The balkanization of the USSR led to a rearrangement of the Russian sphere of influence – and the massive arming of NATO to combat an insincere threat. The current game of pin the tail on the Putin is not working and threatens to isolate Americans from the new world order arising without our participation. The BRICS bank will replace the Federal Reserve, which is not federal and holds no reserves.

Money is a made up entity and the banksters have ruled the roost, by playing the middle against both ends and expanding without resistance. The need for a common currency to trade is totally artificial – trade can take place in many ways without the current need for accounting everything fiscal. In fact – the political system runs on interest on the capital amassed and when you look at the CAFR – Comprehensive Annual Financial Report – of any jurisdictional entity, you find megamillions of dollars in stocks and bonds that back everything. Our taxes are extractions from persons done to make every American feel the pain.

Back in the aughts, lemme worked to develop a group called the Universal Sovereigns of a Living Earth. We set up a structure of rules and bylaws to guide our actions, based our economy on metals like silver, gold and platinum and started walking a different path. The idea of trading silver for fiat cash in order to purchase cigarettes and drugs led to the instant evaporation of the group – and allowed doc to get out of the american economic and political systems entirely.

Except for the watchers. Every time we appeared in certain places, there were cars with people setting around doing not much of anything. This is normal life in the big city, but in rural areas, it becomes obvious that they are there for a reason related to individual presence. When the same vehicle with the same license plate showed up to watch 100 miles away, we had the game tagged. Thus, using the back door – an escape off the grid and the radar was enacted.

That worked until the powers that be thru amtrak decided to keep doc from reboarding a train in Los Angeles. Homeland security had identified the travelling alias and needed to see some real identification to ensure that doc was doc. Fortunately, at that time the drivers license was still current. If we are not participating in commerse, why do we need a drivers license? Because we believe that we do.  And because we cede our behavior to the law.

They say ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking laws. Yet thousands of laws are passed both by elected officials and appointed bureaucrats and these laws are petty inconveniences to disallow behaviors. The entire economic system has become a series of cartels that control aspects of the business to keep the monopolizers of the business fat. Economy of scale only works when you can organically grow on a reasonable scale. Otherwise, it becomes brutish force.

Doc has been developing a Mondragon economic model based on guild control of operations within their domain of action. If multiple guilds claim jurisdiction, then a new temporary guild is formed to accomplish a task. When finished, the participants can either return to their old status at their prior guild, or remain with the new guild as long as there is still function to be formed. If a guild has no mission, it needs to dissolve.

One other thing to say, before this gets too long. (it already is) The game of environmental dessicration has to stop immediately. The EPA (environmental protection agency) should never have been allowed to grant permissions for pollution. Industrial disease is our biggest challenge. I remember when Lake Erie caught on fire in the 1970’s and the reaction was immediate. Then, shortly after, business as usual returned and now we have things like the deliberate use of Corexit to sink oil spills out of site rather than clean them up. The game of kill the planet’s metabolism has to stop and if all industry has to be shut down and reconstructed, so be it.

The footprint of humanity on the earth is relatively light on an individual level. All of nature groks the concept that you don’t shit in your nest. Except for humanity, with its artificial corporate persons that bear no responsibilty for human action. If corporate leaders were held personally responsible for every business transaction, and the measurement system was based on everything, not just shareholder profit, then maybe we could get a fix on the situation.

Recently, global warming rates of several planets have been demonstrated comparable to earth. The fact that an oort cloud carries more hydrogen to burn in the background may be the explanation. But maybe the electric universe theory has some better ideas as to how everything comes about. Could we set up some learning systems based on actual discovery of knowledge, rather than the current indoctrination of the way it is and the way it will always be.

The New Weigh is ready to publish, yet operating in a world without cash limits doc to not being able to play the publishing game. Existence is a role play game to attempt as many alternative realities as we can imagine, with a true campus being developed to work thing out. Initial focus is on food growth,  home building and infrastructure development. The plan is to use sustainable permaculture as a basis set under the Mondragon model, then to invite other groups to demonstrate ability to improve the current status.

Plans include building tiny housing unts, developing a biodome for processing algae into energy, working on water systems that return cleaner water to the stream that what was removed, and creating small mixed working environments to demonstrate contrasts between different valid approaches. A learning system based on curiosity with direction from the student, not control by the teacher. We are all students and teachers, you cannot be a teacher without continually learning.

Wait. Yes you can. Teachers in public schools today need to follow Linda Shrock Taylor, and get a grip on the purpose of education – creating functional adult persons. Imagine that.

Namaste’ … doc