The Weird turn Pro

Let your loosh loose yet? The game gets weirder the closer you follow it. Thus, the trick to keeping sanity is not to follow the media. Lead, don’t follow. The game of high plains drifter follows logically into a mondragon model. It’s getting hot in heah, i’d better follow pitzagate…

Yes, the illogic of our times – ready to hit the reset button yet? Doc already did this, been there, wrote the book. Then, the book ran into the gatekeepers, who wanted money to control the flow of information. The book sat on the shelf, it got leaked and the idea went underground. Well, not exactly …

When exploring the ramifications of the fibonacci series, doc learned that the mathematical subtlety of the whirled could be visualized without equations. The equations follow from the overlay of the equations onto the map of physical reality, which at the time was Einsteinian time/space. When i first landed in Ashland, i did a constellation where i represented the sky – the sun and the moon. This was before i changed persective and one of the first spiritual quests that taught me the ‘real life’ ramifications of symmetry – C2 – as above so below.

The two should have a subscript, the editor for this blog is not up to speed. The two is a 50% rotation – a four would be 25%, eight is 12.5%, etc. So we have the early map of the doubling function – three iterations gives only 12.5 percent similarity. This is very important in scale. The physics of scale is determined by mathematical parameters overlayed upon the vision of reality – this is a fractal. The three orders of magnitude that make up a fractal are really an approximation of pi – 3.14. This value is double that of phi in nature’s ratios – phi – 1.61 – but not in the current mathematical overlay of reality. That has been corrupted.

The entire political system is a violation of natural law. We never signed up for it – it has been imposed upon us for as long as they have been issuing social security numbers to bank the debt. That means – 1913 – the founding of the federal reserve was the illegal act that bound all of we the people of 2016 into debt slavery – that action has to be declared null and void.

The system that we have works on fibonacci spirals and golden means – you can start travel on the path at either side – big or small. The entire muddle in the middle is so ridiculously mixed up, that you can take the model of biological meiosis and watch it develop a polar opposite cell from an initial starting point. That mitosis also works is incidental – the question is whether we can get there from here.

The answer is no – we cannot. Globalization and localization are the only two choices – everything else has been consumed as the muddle in the middle. Next reality has to be a humanity all-included project, or a start it yourself from scratch rebuild. You have either the composted decay of the existing system coming down, or the raw material of untouched nature – but nature has revolted because we did not respect life on larger scales. Remember what a fractal is, and the requirement for self-similarity through symmetry.

Welcome to a brave new world, sovereign being. Are you local or global?

Namaste’ … doc?

PS – people make the difference – Ubuntu is global – check out usa ubuntu

in love with Stevie

I looked up yesterday and found that we are in double digit December – Thyme flies when he’s having fun. We have been silently watching the gatekeepers fumble – we are becoming more aware of what the deception is every day. The key is to be detached from where it matters at all – as Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac crooned ‘You can go your own way‘!

Truth is not a casualty, it still rings true. But what is to be said, when tomorrow is the official deadline for stealing the election? How real is work ethic when the results matter less than the perception? How can things be honest when Penn State beats Ohio State head to head, wins their conference championship and still the gatekeepers punt the results and put Ohio State in the playoffs? Can i be appointed the new sports czar for the commissioners? (my pedigree fits)

Chase the money and you are embedded in the game. Don’t chase the money and the game sucks you dry, chews you up, spits you out (howdt!) and then fines you so you have to chase the money to pay them off. The rumours that fly (Stevie: Well, here it goes again, you say you want your freedom, well who am i to keep you down).

There is a better weigh – things are circling the spiral and implosion energy is about to spit forth a totally cool volume of phlegm. The internet that we know is just the tip of the iceberg – the deep state has control of so many more things than most of us can conceptualize (Did she make you cry? make you break down? Shatter your illusions (of love))

There is a big closet that liberals like to come out of when they no longer hold the common truths to be apparent. I have no gay problem – except when the militancy of the gay population violates the common consensus with shock schlock and does not conform to the mores that i was taught. We were taught by our parents, who were taught by their parents, our grandparents and the relationship between them was as ridiculously complicated as our relationships with our children. (and the landslide brings you down).

The elites changed the scenario of the big game about 80 years ago. This is a common theme in modern history – a single life span rarely reached 80 years, so people didn’t see the rhythm of how this is done, by changing the meanings of words gradually, slipping ideas through the cracks and then reconstituting them in a different package so that the same old ideas can be repackaged and sold again and again – for immense profit. All you have to do is control the schools system and get the people to believe in … to believe in … to believe in what?

Our beliefs are malleable, and shaped by our role models. Stevie is an awesome singer, but she is not a good role model. If we watch the journey, she retained her beauty, but the trials and tribulations have taken a toll. Doc has seen Fleetwood Mac perform in three different decades and is in love with Stevie (golddust woman, dig my grave). Maybe, just maybe, we can create a peace scenario that brings this angel into lemme’s current reality; howdtside of space and time.

This is the fourth turning for the country. It may not survive, but that is okay – the great Harrison said all things must pass. The turnings come violently every 80 years, as the cycle of thesis, antithesis, synthesis chugs on in an open loop – thyme for untheses and taking aim on the truth of the common illusion. Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about. SFF Strawberry Fields Forever. Only after we break this mental image.

The turnings – american revolution, civil war, world war too and now are places where the scheme fails and everything gets discombobulated into compost and the rich get richer as everybody suffers for the whim of the elite.  Only this thyme, they get the delete button – delete the elite – as we the people create a full meritocracy. How do we get there? By detaching from the current scenario and building a new dream. Thyme to lay me down in the tall grass and let me do my stuff, while imagining stevie singing along with me. Gotta go our own weigh!

Namaste’ … Doc


Excitable Boie

Same … regular.. daily pace .. slow .. breathe – fowl are calling. I have gone deep into my own work, spending thyme with the birds – watching them communicate to each other and also observe their dealings with me. Then, i found that Sheldrake was working in the same area and i am resonating with him through our approach to the workings of the bird brains.

Most humans are not engaged in the moment of now. The resonance field that i fled stratched out to encompass me yesterday … but i avoided the illusions and stayed within my microcosm .. thinking, being, doing. The thoughts that i have are to collect each others thoughts and bring out what it is they have learned from their time here, on planet .. while we are all here.

We have accepted limits to our knowledge base that must be challenged. If we each grok the depth of our field and bring our seminar works to bear, then maybe we can use applied symmetry to resonate out the true common shared reality that we wish to portray within our holographic illusion of reality.

Last night, i talked to a master who helped me togrok how to feel the phlegm moving through a tree. A gentle touch can send shock waves – but we have to get to tree octave before our resonance can intersect – and trees are slow. They have one day for every 64 of our days, when full grown. So five minutes is about the wake-up time for an older healthy tree to even know that it has been touched.

Electrical impulse is present at microscopic leves in everything we do. The separation of charge is such that when dipoles exist – electricity flows freely. So, there are really three state of concern in electric fields – why do they only show us two and tell us that we then have to ground? Because wither they don’t know what is going on, or they don’t want us to know – either weigh, i don’t like the implications.

The present is going to change rapidly. Get howdt your cosmic surfboard – we are ready to ride the wave of disclosure – as we inquire more into how we actually became slaves of the capitalist system without ever giving our consent – beyond the futile check-boxes on the internet that require us to bind ourselves to corporate nonsense, just to play. Life isn’t about buying (He says on black friedday) …

Same … regular .. daily pace .. slow .. breathe … Namaste’  … doc

Fake News – Fake Reality

Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about … Strawberry Fields Forever …

The way you think is a product of many realms of development. Parents are the key players in teaching you how to walk and talk. Problem is, they had no real parenting skills and the society has duped everybody into thinking that the construct is the reality – it is not. So … I am never going back to My Old <steely> School.

So – let’s talk about Fake News on the Internet. This blog has been here almost a year, prior to that i was blogging on blogger. Since 2003  lemme has been a journalist poet speaking to the public – I claim standing in this debate. The fake news is on the mainstream media – now renamed the lamestream.

Truth is out there, it resonates with your vibration. You recognize truth in a way that alters your perception of reality – it is like the fuzzyness is cleared when you put on your glasses. What you do with the truth builds your world view – your alignment can be good, evil or neutral. This preference alone tells you what you can believe and what you cannot believe. Is there absolute truth that resonates within all of us?

To build truth, we have to set a good foundation. The American school system was once thought to provide a solid foundation for the factual basis of what we know. Unfortunately, the gatekeepers decided that we didn’t need to know the real truth about things – they set us up to believe in fantasy.

I like fantasy. When it blurs with reality – we have choices to make in what we believe. To really know, we have to have some basis of comparison. To each of us, that is a unique position. To discredit what we know when a new truth is revealed is difficult at best – if we do not attempt to do so, we are now really being unreal. We do not have to believe in reality to get by – we only have to learn to follow the rules of the game.

I used to think that in science, physics were the rules of the game. The latest revellations from the world perspective have revealed that I was never taught proper physics – Maxwell’s equations were already modified to remove the true nature of electromagnetism. The big lie is that we progressed to here – we did not, there are many other real worlds outside our microcosm.

The question of real is now being resolved over the internet by people that are stepping back and comparing what we know, to what we were taught in school. Guess what! The compartmentalization of knowledge as brought to us by corporate schools has removed significant information from our vocabularies, so that corporations can sell it to us again and again and play in their world, not ours.

You do not need a job – job: just over broke – to earn money. The chase for money has corrupted the bed of knowledge. Thyme to work out a non-economic chemistry system of value to work with. If people each do this in their own field, independently of each other, then we can start to determine what has real value and what is just there to be the object of the Chase for money.

Existence is a game set to empower the individual. I am currently working on Existence Light – a method of starting the game as a player of one at the base of the golden mean spiral. I now have a growth algorithm that can accellerate a player from one to one and then fractally reset the one every time the players organization grows or contracts.

You are always you – the one who has to be satisfied by the results of the game. If you don’t like it, blink and start over again. As many times as you need to restart – do so, because the starting conditions have to be optimum for you to succeed in the game. You get promoted every time you crash the game – all you have to do is then rewrite the rule that was broken and pick things up at the next fractal reality level.

If you don’t quite grok this, you are not alone. That is why doc is now working on the grid board and the hour cards and the schedules of events. In doc whirled – the scribe guild level is 9 and the tier is 6. this means that doc can handle 54 different groups. The goal is to get to 64 groups for the first stage of the jump. The current fractal range is 3..5..8, which is an advance from the 2..3..5 level of last month. The growth curve based on phi suggests the next level jump will be at the start of spring – so much to do, building foundations …

On another nore : Holiday hugs to everybody – happy turkey day. Our geese are very happy, they are all still here – their goose is not cooked, quite yet. They grok why they are here, but in Existence, on the ground, the fractal of birds has grown to the point where there is no growing forward. Need to watch this peak, to learn how larger and smaller fractals merge seamlessly. Always learning, Bee well!

Namaste’ … doc, lemme, and the rest of the caste of characters.

Random Elevations

The whirled is mixed up. All we can do is all we can do. If you buy into the consensus reality, the powers that be are ready to cause a major panic attack. If you do not buy into that reality, you can blatantly ignore the lamestream media and continue on with your life.

Yesterday was an information flow day. I watched a movie Orbs – The Veil is Lifting – from 2007. It was a compilation of interviews, very well done. People have digital photographs that show us we are not alone – it’s just that our eyes don’t catch everything. This is an old photo that i took at a fire ceremony – the violet flame on the left is a real apparition.


So, then i listened to Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project talking about new space wars. Technology is generally 30 years ahead of what we are currently offered by the free market. If photoshop was released in 1990 – then by 1955, they were manipulating the images of reality. Greer details how we’ve been set up for a new false-flag alien invasion. Let’s all go rent Will Smith’s old Independence Day movie and learn how we are supposed to react. (Not !)

On a serious note – weaponizing space will lead to distruction. Please do not make that part of our consensus reality. If you wish to listen to Dr. Greer – here is the link to a you-tube of the Carol Rosin show – 11/18/16 – jump there after you finish reading this blog, please 🙂 .

In reality here – we know to not pay too much attention to the man behind the curtain. The world is changing rapidly and we can be on-board on several different time-lines. It pays to recheck Everett’s many worlds theory – it has a lot to do with how we perceive the current reality.

I perceive that I need to get stoned – right away. The marijuana game that is being played out upon society is a large reach into your wallet. If we feel that we are not part of that consensus, i suppose that they could use force to reel us in, however I don’t think they will. They are too vested in their own motives; if we do not play, all they can do is whine and cry (or kill us, and not softly Roberta).

Consciousness lives on after death. In fact – the big taboo about death has spawned a death culture that we just have to not pay any attention to, unless we wish it to become the focus of our lives. The mind is a joker that assumes that what you think is what you want – the more time you dwell on negatives, the more negatives that you get. So – be positive. Or neutral.

There is a lot to be said for neutrality. The lack of need for charge for instance. I am self-motivated. Chaotic neutral is a character type that is totally unpredictable – if we can make each of us play in that weigh – nobody could predict where we would end up – certainly not there. You cannot get there from here. No matter where you go, you are always here. Until you’re not, but then you are some where. Here is just here, wherever you are. However, if you come here, you will get there.

So let it go and don’t believe in false flag alien invasions. Believe in yourself and create your own reality, to play in and live with. And please, enjoy yourself. Life is too short to spend in self-generated misery. Let the attachment to things go and be there for the experience, the things will return and life will be ‘fascinating’ – Spock howdt.

Namaste’ … doc

Artificial vs Real

Note: I happened to read this article this morning on the guardians of reality – Facebook and Google. Since this essay, written for another group, is relevant – this is a “fake” news analysis – what is real? Let’s explore …

Sometimes we have to question our fundamental assumptions to move beyond the place where people are commonly stuck. What we have to work with in a material sense is real … life requires food, water, shelter, transportation and a few other things. Our relationship to Gaia is currently artificial … yet we still have to walk the earth and make things happen at human scale.

A novel is an artificial description of real situations. The author has poetic license to build a perfect scenario. The result is an image left upon the mind of the reader. Most people only pretend to read – they watch to learn and miss out on the depth and nuance of the written word.

Our approach has to be multi-dimensional – every point perspective forms initially within the mind of the game player. Identifying solutions to different observational challenges that make cumulative sense in a different weigh is important toward setting new foundations. What used to work is no longer possible, given the new limits and the rejection of non-conformed belief as real.

So, we can take one of two extreme points of view to begin: either everything is true until proven false or everything is false until proven true. To begin with either of these mindsets requires rejecting previously believed truth and falsehood. The criteria for accepted belief depends entirely on the chosen direction of approach.

Let’s start at everything is false. Only proven, accepted items that we grok from personal experience are allowed to begin. Reconfirming basic assumption is the first order of business; certain observed process are undeniably true. For instance, we must eat and drink to sustain life. No sense trying not to, until we react the mind-control state of a Bretharian. The trial and error approach to reconfirming ‘obvious’ knowledge should be able to give us measurable starting point upon which we can base new theory.

On the other hand – everything is true until proven false allows us to use our imagination to create possibilities that do not currently exist in our ‘real’ world. We have learned to suspend reality for movies and television shows to the point where anything goes. So, maybe, we have an over layer that requires belief in something to be true, in order for its morphic field to generate.

Thus, science is able to do the impossible in reality because the scientists themselves believed in their own personally generated true microcosm. And thus we have science embedded with false truths as the gate-keepers choose what trues to present to keep this operating reality, known as consensus reality, running.

The all is true until proved false is easier to work with internally, but true belief in falsehood distorts reality. That we each wear our own set of rose-colored glasses is a key to our being – we may hold different truths and both can be correct in our own real time-lines.

We are not bound by the current Einstein conception of space and time – any assumption is real, if we start from the perspective of true until proved false, as long as honest held false belief is discarded once proved false. It is impossible to prove a negative, because never is part of the infinite future, that we are exploring to set a ‘true’ foundation for us to act upon.

How many time-lines concurrently exist and how does one travel in time without moving in space? In other words, how does one move between time-lines? Are their space-lines, such that the inverse of our current space-time is a reality where three dimensions of time exist in a single physical space? Why limit it to three? Setting this theory up could lead to a valid explanation of ‘quantum mechanical tunneling’ … how you can get there from here without ever traversing the middle between.

Funny how concepts flow from the masque of true knowledge. Check out the depth of the Kansas album cover – Escher would be proud. The reality the imagination generates future knowledge was demonstrated by Einstein. We live in a carefully constructed American reality that dissolves once the common consensus no longer agrees upon the details. This begs the question of how time really works – a topic for another Thyme in different head space.

In unity and resonance,

Dr. Lenny Thyme, Ubuntu Political Adviser and Elder


Mushroom Thyme

How do we blend new and old, when new is the only given option, at the pace we fly. Current consensus reality, what we supposedly all agree upon, is not the reality of how things work. Since I no longer agree – i have escaped that reality. The only requirement is that i believe in the weigh that i perceive life.

I now have more contact with nature than people. As the light rain falls – I have to choose the direction to take for today – mushrooms or chantrelle mushrooms. The two logs are about 4 acres away from each other.



Ain’t the light rain great? The natural resource called fungi is completely diversified in the roles that it plays in nature.The echange of metals from mushrooms for sugars from trees is a symbiotic exchange that enables the redox chemistry to work.

The oysters require more attention because it is a day longer since i visited there. Yesterday I collected a whole bunch of chantrelles – beat the bugs, but not the snails and slugs – as you can see from the holes. No holes in the stems – where it matters.

Today is Mass Forming – the second day of my personal Treei calendar. I completed the task of envisioning the campus layout for ONRRI – including the tree house lab and lecture space, in the last 64 day period. Some of the shroom spore than I collect will be scattered in the ONRRI area – yesterday I went and scattered spore at some of my other favorite places on site. I also have agraricus spore, that i have been adding to the chip piles. Seven acres leaves a lot of place in the space, with no time requirement except that i be thyme.

Being in nature every day is the only weigh to immerse oneself in the world. It requires letting go of some of the things that other people pay attention to. On the other hand, by having 8 geese, and 40 some ducks and chickens, every day i have to be in a fowl mood. But we get all the eggs that we need and now with wild mushrooms, all i have to do now is get a milk goat and make our own cheese and my omelet will be entirely free of conventional cost. Four people, one of whom is canine – izzy the wonder dog.

Yet the current usa corp is dependent on us spending their money – to the point where they spend it in our names even when we do not authorize it. If we lived in a fair and equitable Ubuntu world, true justice would be enforced – as it is in nature when a mountain lion kills eight goats to eat two. Life ain’t fair. But we, the people need it to be as fair as we can make it.

So I leave you with this link. Thank you Judge Anna and BLD.

Namaste’ … doc

Songs in the Key of Life

Music is central to the background of our minds. The way that we connect to the rhythms of the airwaves directs the soul behind our thinking, in a non-cognitive sense. The reality comes from the words and images that we mentally bring into first our imagination, then our reality.

As I listen to a playlist that I made for October, I can see that I have themes that guide me into the thoughts that come about. Currently, Games People Play by The Alan Parsons Project is resounding as I type – the election and existence are the only two games now in my whirled : everything else has checked howdt.

Not true entirely – chemtrails and global human rights has been in the picture – can a group of polluters claim exclusive rights to fix the problem they caused by putting more gas in the air? The skies have lines from the emissions behind jets – whether it is a fuel additive or a distinct addition, it still is unreal. The climate changes, and there are people that monkey with the weather for their own agenda. Can we stop them? song: I will survive Petra Magone

How do we get to be for clean air instead of against CDM and SRM? Can we mitigate without harm? How do we even get a voice at the table? We write and ask the gatekeepers for permission to speak. We shall see how well that works, but that is the current mechanism (M) available. At least we speak the jargon.

Mahatma Ghandi had a different solution – Satyagraha ! The last straw that brought down the British empire. When Ghandi led the salt march, he did not appear to crowd funding to get started – he got on his feet and he walked. He walked the walk and he talked the talk and people listened. Why? Because he listened to them. Send Lawyers, Guns and Money Warren Zevon

We are all in this reality together, even though we are rapidly losing what that consensus is. Nature does not poll all the plants and animals to establish consensus. Nature does not follow the precautionary principle, it deals with each situation in as best as catch can. Sometime things do not work for the humans that isolate themselves from nature. Current song – ELO Turn to Stone

Thyme for this inorganic chemist to return to stone – lapidary, mining and soil amendments. Stone is earth and earth is Gaia and natural resources belong to nature and all of us huemans. Thyme to be meek – it has been five years since the journey of detachment came in force. Today is a mass massing – an allowable window to change perspective. Cake – You turn the screws (“The cement mixer gets it already” … stone theme.

Natural Resources can be harvested in a Gaia friendly manner. I’d like to explore the idea of physical separation of material by density – using the physics of roller coasters to throw materials off at angles. If we use water to run downhill and gears and levers to hoist ore up for the net ride down, perhaps we can have a low energy requirement boosted with leverage.  Billy Joel – My Life

To work outside the box, get out of your cubicle and return yourself to nature. If you would like to intern as an apprentice in natural resources or sustainable development – we may have some openings. You have to speak Ubuntu and grok the contributionism model. Drop me a comment of interest and we can discuss realities – tis not an easy life … tis not a hard life. What it is is a different life – you have to be ready for real.

The goats forgave us for their absence from Existence. I have Cappy’s collar on the alter and will look at how animal resources can be provided for in a better weigh than the current cage and eat systems. The buffalo used to talk to the medicine people of the tribe and work together to cull the weak and feed both sovereign populations. Developing mental models and images is the beginning of implementing change to better weighs and measure. Queen – Under Pressure

Such is the weigh – i passed on the bio-char in the rain to continue to write, or right brain over left brain – can’t we get both brains on the same page? Talking Heads – And She Was ; too bad the next song isn’t Industrial Disease by Dire Straits, the we could get back to chemtrails – a topic that i dwell on that needs to go away by STOPPING THE SPRAYING!

namaste’ … doc

PS – what i really find interesting was that the computer abbrieviated the playlist by not finding a whole bunch of music – my guess is that the AI is going through my files and deleting copyrighted songs. Of course, I purchased most of this music long ago on LP, which really includes hueman rights to listen to the songs – but those albums went almost 10 years ago in a whirlwind of deceit. It will be nice to read about what went on from the other end after we have full disclosure.


A New Whirled Chaos

The consensus reality has become an insane projection of a holographic illusion at the edge of current vibrational morphology. In other words – we cannot believe what we are being told on any level of the current human game. Thus – we can believe whatever we wish to believe; at the risk of falsehood and having our current belief system fall apart when new information is revealed.

Doc is delving deep into topics that have eluded his attention for many years. The ability to choose the path less travelled and stay moving against the wind of public opinion has come full circle as doc is currently on a cusp of what is real. The Beatles said that nothing is real and there is nothing to get hung about. We each have to have a back-up system for when this reality washes away … interesting how the second whirled war had it’s basis in a single person’s system – Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

Everything you believe is true – it has to be, or else you would not believe it. Cognitive dissonance is holding two opposite beliefs at the same time. Consensus reality demands compartmentalization that allows different worlds in different spaces – you have the choice to keep these worlds distinct or to merge them. Sometimes, you default and the holographic determines your space for you.

The timeline for the space you are in operates on a 24 hour clock that is calibrated to correllate to consensus reality – everybody has 60 seconds in their minute and 24 hours in their day. But the lengths of minutes and days are relative to frequency and not absolute. So by changing your frequency, you can have more time to act within your time.

To have more time to act within your set amount of time is an advantage when playing in this whirled. In one episode of the Time Tunnel, Doug and Tony came back at 10x the rate of the people on earth – who were frozen statues as the boys moved around. That did not work and they had to go back into the time tunnel and cange the illusion by force. The Hopi still walk in Mesa Verde; I could feel their presence when i was there and the force was with them.

You resonate at a frequency determined by your state of mind. If you believe something to be true and I do not accept it to be true, conventional reality asks us to argue about the point and bring each other into a hybridized reality that is a compromise of the situation. The ratio of compromise can be anywhere from all your way to all my weigh, to something muddled in the middle. This prevents advance, because we really never really need to be on the same reality page. In fact, enlightened thinking doesn’t want conventional assistance. ‘Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.‘ AE

So, we currently accept the Einstein POV on space time – three spacial dimentions known as height, depth and breadth, plus time, running linearly forward. Doc has left acceptance of this model, since Einstein said that ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ – right before he made up space/time and quantum physics. So, FROM Albert Einstein’s IMAGINATION, we have current consensus reality.

So let’s change the model. Let’s set Stephenson’s Anathem‘s mathic universe into Asimov’s Foundation trilogy, then sprinkle it with Calumbach’s Ecotopia local flavor. Let’s work on Sale’s Human Scale with Tellinger’s Ubuntu Contibutionism model as a goal. Our focus can be to reverse Suzuki’s Tipping Point by learning the lessons of Lomborg’s Skeptical Environmentalist, while applying both old and new technologies, like Schauberger flow-forms, Rife water pumps, Pollack’s 4th phase of water and bio-char to create free energy – in more weighs than one.

Thyme to be ornery – time to set ONRRI as the base foundation for the creation of the next phase. These videos were produced together – the first gives solutions to the problems identified in the second. You choose the order, I have a paper to write that combines the essence of change with a dash of knew knowledge that we seem to have forgotten.

Namaste’ … doc

ONRRI – outdoor natural resources research institute – currently looking for a few good people to change the world (M. Mead)

Note references to M. Talbot and R. Sheldrake in the opening paragraph. This article should provide any and all apprentices of the ‘Knew Weigh’ with a good winter reading list.