Much has happened. I was in a state of shock when the goats were killed by a mountain lion; and only now, a week later, am i catching wind in the sails. Thyme to get a grid game going – a one by one for one hour. Then a two by two for four hours and a three by three for 27 hours. Then we will evaluate where we are.

Namaste’ … doc


Rules – why?

Rules are created to provide structure for chaos as it turns its weigh to order. These rules are observations of barriers – places where the signs scream at you as you blow past. Sometimes, we reach the transition state, where the next stop places us beyond the current rules. In my mind, rules are made to be broken.

People tend to make rules for themselves, then apply them to everybody else, without even bothering to inform people that we are ‘ruling’ them. This becomes apparent in the default sheeple mindset, where rules were learned in schools and used to ‘level the playing field’. Sports involves working the rules of the game well, such that they change the rules to create ‘cheaters’, people who break the rules.

Interesting, how most video games are learned through cheat sheets, rather than by playing the game and learning the rules by experience. The rules of a game seem to be the lowest common borders of fair play. Often, what is not written into the rules is as important as the material covered.

I grew up playing Monopoly, the game of Atlantic City property purchase that leads in a strange way to presidential candidate Donald Trump. I usually was the banker, we had four regular players and we kept track of game wins on the back of the white one dollar bills. Standard rules are that when houses are used up, hotels cannot be built unless there are enough houses to make 4 per property before going to a hotel. A shrewd businessman might trade for Baltic and Mediterranean, to suck up the four houses apiece – to be sold off later to cash in on higher property value monopolies.

The standard rules also make no mention of purchase options. If I have two out of three of a color group, I might offer $25 to another player for their option on the third. I get to make the purchase, if they happen to land there. Options started as gentleman’s agreements – pink five dollar bills became the written contracts down the road.

Simplicity breeds complexity. When you narrow the rules of a game to restrict player options, then players become more creative at bending the rules. When a rule becomes blatantly unfair, well there you have government. Sometimes a new rule replaces the old rule and restores balance; more often, it widens the imbalance.

As a child, I played in a spontaneous neighborhood game called fumblitis, which was a great place for morphing rules. The game was a cross between football and rugby, where everybody tried to kick the football or pick it up and run. When the latter happened, everybody tackled the kid with the ball, who fumbled and the game continued. The object was to try to hold the ball without getting tackled, and everybody had to pick up the ball at some time. Rules changed when somebody kept the ball too much, they were prohibited from offense. The game was played by kids of both sexes and all ages, but by middle school there were better things to do.

Nowadays, the rules for social order are total chaos. As an Asberger’s laureate, I have no ‘common’ sense. I have to think about things to get them to work. If the hot water faucet is flowing cold water, I would figure that the water heater is off, not that the plumbing lines had been switched. My preference is to be a hermit, rather than deal with strange people, especially when it comes to rules.

I am not a sheep. I do not stand in line well and wait my turn because waiting is a total waste of my time. Especially, when I have something else to do. I do not shop, because other people tend to get into my personal space and it makes me very uncomfortable. In fact, when I am alone, I have the time to write essays on rules. I rarely obey the social strata rules, because I never learned them in the first place.

By doing and attuning to nature rather than to other people, I am learning to be more comfortable in my own skin. I can make rules for me, but the critters that amble into my outdoor lab don’t respect my rules, not even the other humans. I try to do the best I can with the cards that I’m dealt.

In science, the rules are called protocols. Following the protocols allows direct comparison of the results. It demonstrates that the same items measured the same way give the same results. We use quality control and quality assurance protocols to see that our equipment is maintained, works properly and gives results that are consistent and make sense. Then we attempt to explain results, just to make people laugh.

The protocols help establish limits. To change a protocol is to move beyond comparison with accepted results. A new revised protocol can be issued with method improvements; tried and true methods methods written to establish reproducibility between labs are necessary for proper analytical chemistry. We do the lab work with known standards to produce the desired physical results, before we experiment with real solutions.

That’s all for now. Namaste’ … doc

Got yer Goat ???

People get mad when you don’t engage them. These kids definitely teach unskuul around here. To Fred, now dead, who is the start of life eternal …CAM02133CAM02143CAM02134CAM01965

Happy holiday weekend!  Namaste’

The Time is Now – Change Happens

These are the end of times; these are the start of times. The outdoors calls as the indoors ferments, while the stage of the whirled rocks from the foundations. The time to be clear with self is now – the decisions that we make today will put the constraints on our abilities in the future, if we allow it.

To base belief on the current presentation of reality is absurd. To listen to experts talk in their field of interest leads me to grok how out of touch modern existence really is to life. Sometimes, somebody speaks truth and it resonates through-out. Doc goes on the airwaves at times – to inform people about the reality of Doc’s truth. Which is now in question, as doc has been lied to by the same folks that lie to you.

Annie sang: Would I lie to you? Would I lie to you, Honey? Now would i say something that wasn’t true? Of course she would. Do you know about crop circles? I thought I did, but … Listen to this. My friend Carol and her guest Suzanne get into some interesting things – but most people choose Pokemon Go – go figure.

What we train ourselves to believe needs to be consistent with what we otherwise believe. By suspending belief in everything, we end up with nothing of context. So now, Doc believes everything. There is a grain of truth to every statement and logical consistency must be met with more logical consistency. So we turn to measurement.

To see what we see is to know, except that now that we know photoshop, how can we accept what we see at face value? The holographic reality allows our minds to create every logical situation (illogical ones too!), and as such, everything that happens in our vision sphere is acknowledge true fiction. And if it is truly Pulp Fiction, we eat it up as fast as it is printed because that’s what we are taught to do.

So, you are here on a time out at Thyme Howdt and I am telling you that what you think is real is absolutely real in your own reality, which is different than my reality until we choose to coincide. Then we can share experience in the same time frame, which we have created to encase our vision of this whirled in this reality. What about other thyme lines?

Namaste’ … doc

Note from lemme :  The reality of the illusion is that whatever we believe is true is true until we no longer believe it. To change reality, all we must do is to stop believing that what we think is true, is real. It will not be, such that we will have to construct something in the place of what we formerly believe. Get your imagination out, it is gonna be fun to let the ego go and surf the waves of light through a new image of what is real. SFF

The State of Water

Travel near, travel far

Little water molecule

Taking the phase of life

Become solid, liquid or gas

State your state of matter

In ephemeral states of mind…

Gas – water evaporated

Blowing in the wind

Coming together

Condensing as clouds

Manipulating climate change

By being in the aerosphere

Holding rainbow images

While recollecting thought…

Liquid – water droplets

As raindrops keep falling down

Hit the ground to splatter into

Puddles that soak the dirt

Or run downhill to the stream

Land sheds water into

Rivers, lakes and oceans,

People, plants and ice…

Solid – water holds people together

Single molecules tether within

Protein functional groups

Providing internal pathways

Which pass along food and fuel

Redirecting resource nutrients

Between intentional cell sets

Living their weighs of life

By manipulating cycles into

Bursts of valuable commodity

That brings internal community

To keep us feeling internally well

Quantum – water in a singlet space

Whereas triplet states occur

To mediate electron flow

Water directs the scenario

Conscious of local linkages

Coordinating complex networks

That keeps us all alive

Thank you, Great Spirit,

For the water of our lives

As the water, in our lives.

© 2007 lemme howdt

Wow – ONRRI Science

Yesterday was ‘Sound Loving’ and we had lotsa visitors. Work is work and we are documenting natural growth in an outdoor environment. The Oregon Natural Resources Research Institute is coming back into reality. First founded in 2001 at the Wildlife Safari, by Doc, Bob Craft and the late Jim Long, ONRRI flourished teaching math and science to advanced high school youth on weekend.

The Bug Zone was about developing knowledge of protocols for the ARIMS data base. The idea was to give youth hands-on experience in areas that would assist government scientists in collecting and collating data. The bugs were collected properly and picked out of the dendritus with tweezers and magnifyers. The results translated into a measure of water quality.

The youth involved appreciated the opportunity to get out and the internship looked good on their high school level resume – college scholarships were still worth something at that time. Now – everything is about control.

We need a few good folks to help us develop protocols for operating greenhouses and bio-domes, producing bio-char and other products from fuel load fuel. There are a lot of things on the ground that will burn if in the path of fire that can be used in other weighs. We hope to play this summer, and write this winter. BY next year, the goats will have goatlings, the staff here will have apprentices and we can develop new and novel free energy sources to power our intentions.

Drop a notice of interest through the comments with an e-mail address – i will not post the comment through, but rather will send you an e-mail making comment. Only people who can handle rural farm life need apply – although mebbe we can find some local accommodations for those of us not quite so bold.

Thyme to get onery …

Namaste … Doc

Water you waiting for?

Transcript from an interview with Father Time about Mother Nature by Doctor Lenny Thyme

Water you waiting for?

FT A leap of faith based on scientific premises.

DLT How can we be of service to you, Gaia, each as sovereign cognitive individuals?

FT By passing along a message of love, for all creation, large and small. We are fractals of each other at every scale, connected by our bodies of water. Have thoughts that all life is a container of water and know that each water being operates on a different scale of time.

By stopping the fouling of the water, and removing the sewage flow into the rivers. Nature is not a septic system and foul ecosystems cease function readily when polluted. The criminal nature of the fouling of the Alaska Coast and the Gulf of Mexico were true crimes against all aquatic life in the oceans of the world. To pick up and properly dispose of the plastic Pacific Island would be truly appreciated.

Water flows downhill by the path of least resistance, and the interplay of eddies and currents creates the mechanism for exchange in life. Imitate nature and work with the flow, rather than attempting to control every last detail. The nuance is in the detail. The crawly critters called benthic macro-invertebrates will repopulate streams, when there is cause for the insects to return. Stopping the chemical run-off caused by spraying agriculture farms to kill pests should be replaced by bio mimetic methods. Farmwars.info has much things to say about this topic.

DLT Water is as water does, filling the cavities of space at every scale of modern Existence. The concepts of sacred geometry and free will combine to allow water multiple degrees of freedom, within three dimensional space-time. The coupling of water with water on many scales creates systems of many individuals. By going into the depth of the waterfall, the actions that build and release energy stored by the connectivity of water is the key to producing supported sub-systems at the scale of the endeavor. Water works locally in whatever capacity is required, to be what water needs to be.

Water is a basic life support system. It communicates through an internal lattice of water molecules that radiate their conditions to each other of large and small distances. The nature of water is that it is the solvent of the solution, the medium that other items are dissolved in. The dissolution of water about soluble substances creates ionic charge, which then conducts current via a process of alignment of hydration spheres.

All ions create a hydration sphere when dissolved in water. The process of dissolving a salt separates cation from anion through a wedge of water. With table salt, the process dissolves sodium cations and chloride cations – with each taking on a whole bunch of water molecule, determined by the collation of charge in the nucleus and the physical size of the central atom. The charge pulls on the dipole of water and arranges the water molecules into a round arrangement surrounding the central atom, with each layer becoming more weakly adhered to the ball, as it is further away from center. At some point, depending on the concentration of ions, the ball either overlaps another ion with either attraction or repulsion forces or it is pulled off by water solvent in a dynamic exchange at the limit of the ionic attraction.

Water takes on the role of support of many biochemical molecules – the proteins and enzymes, lipids and carbohydrates, nucleic acids and organelles made from these substances all carry multiple times their carbon structure weight in water. This water is not hydration sphere water like small chemical ions, but rather water that plays an integral part in the dynamics of function and structure of the biological body. In an organic chemical structure in a biological system, water serves to bridge different functional groups and tether together the fine structures that keep the proper folding and spacial arrangements for dynamic function. In this respect, water is confined in a position that is dictated by other molecules and has no connection with bulk water structure.

In humans, we are taught that our bodies are completely regenerated every seven years. As water flushes through our systems, the areas where there is a lack of water get dehydrated and the system makes due with a lesser than optimal structure, because the water can fit into places where it is very strongly tethered and hold things together. Then, later re-hydration can restore function, without damage to the organism. Replacement water is continually substituting for worn out water in biochemical systems as we eat and drink. The water comes as a resource connected with our eating habits, although we get more benefit if we drink clean fresh water as opposed to anything mixed into the water.

FT In all fact, we should be drinking the best clean water that we can find. Water is structured on the basis of introducing chaos through turbulent flow, or by creating the order that comes after a good chaos destroys the old apparent order. Energy is created in the process of consumption, and water is a product of the combustion process. The total mass in the world is constant (dynamically, Gaia gains and loses only things that leave the environment for deep space, or come back from the skies in the forms of meteorites and space junk.)

Love to All

Having fun with goats, dogs and fowl – chasing critters through their ramblings. The net is just camoflage and the plan is to return to sounding off after the connectivity improves. It is good to be outside – nearly two weeks since the last chemtrail was spotted overhead. Namaste ‘ … doc


Thyme on time redux : Current Status

Thyme inquiring about time, because the weigh to measure time appear to job the question of what time is. The clock says almost 7:30 am, but in real time, we seem to be suspended in animation. Our clock ticks are based on the measured vibration of a cesium isotope – nothing that is real to most of the people.

We have been taught to look at scientists for answers to our questions. In reality, these scientists take what the books tell them and attempt to expand upon the profound truths. That the truths are truths are commonly accepted without argument – to the point where the response, well that’s science, is now the excuse for believing.

For instance, let’s look at the translation and rotation of the planet Earth. The third rock from the sun rotates in a period of 24 hours to create what we call a day. Each of us does something with that day, expending our energy in the form of work for money, while then passing on that money to acquire stuff to keep us all working on future days. This does not translate into benefit for us, the people of Gaia.

Supposedly, the planet is moving in space at 67,000 miles per hour. Might we expect a bit of backdraft at that rate? Once again, this rate is a speed denominated over time – but really – is an hour of my time the same as an hour of your time? Whose hour is more expensive? More Useful?

I had somebody get down on me for not laboring with my time while she was laboring on hers. Her assumption of an artificial deadline put pressure upon her to complete a task by a certain future event – and anyone not focused on her task was a waste of space. While I believe that talking with people to earn about them is a good use of time, I got barked at for taking her worker bee off task. The worker bee was a volunteer and I need input from every level to build a system that works for all of us, not just the barking dog.

We all have different perspectives about what we need. Acquiring money to have that choice is nonsense – the money enables the bankster system, not the people who can make anything happen, as long as we apply ourselves to the task of being, not the task of making money. The eight hour work day was a Henry Ford concept for compensating people for their time by wage – work as such is a waste of time for people, great profit for industrialists.

So now, we have people applying pressure to each other to keep up the system of nonsense that is a complete failure for each one of us people. Why? Because we haven’t rejected the learning we did to make us believe in the system. We believe people who tell us that we only have so much time – now is always the current time. You cannot waste time – it always exists in the same form where we are. The future will come to us as another now, one based upon the now we just finished. How do we finish now to get to tomorrow, when tomorrow is always today by the time we get there?

The set-up is key. The initial starting conditions of a task give us the ability to accomplish the task. Tightening a screw is a much easier task when we have used time to get a screwdriver, before we start the task. We could use out fingers, or another tool that doesn’t work as well; the idea of the correct tool saves us time – but that only means we finish the task sooner and can get onto something else.

I like clock time for setting up meetings, yet i think our time experience is based on our vibrational frequency – which has little to do with translation or rotation, but is yet another flow stream of directional movement? What is being directed to move? Us? Gaia? We do not move our body, but it translates in space because the earth moves, yet we cannot feel the movement. No – something in the concept still smells bad. Let’s keep ruminating on time.

namaste’ … doc

Full Moon Solstice – Thyme for Change

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. The changes that arrive are beyond belief; we have to have faith to extend beyond the current belief system as we watch all our history swept under the rug as new things to believe come about. The fortunes of today are over, the game will become sharing in the abundance of the many – as soon as we end this current greed cycle.

The system that is currently in place is like a house of cards, where the foundation is being pulled out one card at a time. Any card can crumble the structure, yet judicious choice of card to pull keeps things standing. The question of who is left standing after the revelations is a matter of what we believe. There is no need for us to correlate our opinions – what we see is what we get.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to see what is actually there and not the illusion painted for us by the current hierarchy. After all, history is written by the victors. Fiction is the means of carrying forth the real story, some of the best historic fiction definitely seems more true than the facts as currently provided.

We are each trapped within our own minds. What we think is a combination of our learning and our creativity. We are given a mind set from the beginning that orients us toward our future behaviors – we try to fit into the paradigm even though there is no reality to the concept. We have been divided and conquered without even a battle, by the lack of a really common reality.

The law is a creation of the body of corporation, acting through men. The recent changes that recognize corporations as persons have depersonified us into where people are just another intelligent animal. I even question that – our intel comes from the television and the media. We believe insanity and have become collectively miserable. We pay rent to live – what a scheme.

To really change – we have to escape the concept of money. Everything is not denominated in dollars and taking more than we use to be ‘safe’ is eating the planet alive. The actions taken to obviate threats create more threats and the 1% controls the ability to live – in their own sense. The banksters are crooked : we need to act differently.

We need Ubuntu. What we see is people preying on each other instead of working for the betterment of all. Ubuntu is contributionism – what you have to contribute is appreciated by the people that we serve. If we can bring the whole system back to human scale, then we may have a weigh to create happiness and power rather than a crippled people acted upon by force. Money is a tool of enslavement – we can trade without the concept of needing to sum everything to exactly zero.

In fact, the university system has failed us badly in this respect. The isolation and compartmentalization of every profession has led to a lack of universal knowledge. The balance of power is divide and conquer: we are taught to be on our own heroes journey, where everyone else is against us. It is interesting to look at how they do this (how we do this to ourselves).

Recently, I have been monitoring my conversations with people in different age groups. The story titles remain the same, but the plot and direction of the story changes based on region, religion, and perspective. The idea of a commons of belief is nonsense, especially when the powers that be can hide information, to release it in a means that cannot be believed based upon what we think we know. We have to be open to tossing away things that we were taught as fact, when the facts no longer fit the reality.

Doc is a scientist – but the science of physics that he learned is missing some key concepts. The idea of what is really going on has been co-opted by leaving out some pertinent facts. The burying of the 1950’s scientific knowledge of Tesla, Schauberger, Walter Russell, Wilhem Reich and others has been disappeared, in order to be reintroduced again as new knowledge later in the time cycle. The fact that we operate in 20 year cycles with different orientation created this pattern – the reintroduction of things that made sense to us when we first learned by the time we have aged.

The whole concept of time seems to be different than we give it credit for. What if we rotated our time line by 90 degrees – then all time would take place in the same time. That seems true – we are always in the now. The experiences that we have gained are for our benefit, sometimes we can have adventures that are completely out of time.

Howdt of Thyme – this blog is pronounced time-out. I ask you to suspend belief in what you know and be open to a different perspective. Try this experiment. The next time somebody talks to you with a different opinion than the one you currently hold, hold your tongue and hear them out. Americans have the ability to negatively counter every remark as a course of action, because the dialog in movies and television is rushed to eliminate any spare thought. If we slow down and actually listen, rather than thinking about our reply, we might find that we learn something.

Here, we celebrate Hallmark holidays – fathers day and mothers day and valentines day and all the war celebration days – why are we confining ourselves to this insane schedule? Think about it – Oct means eight and yet October is the tenth month. We have to leave this entrainment in order to be able to create new means of getting along.

This is where we really differ in perspective. Most people are horrified at losing the one and entire system that we know before we have something else to move toward. If we pay attention to the rest of the world (which our current media ignores), then we find a lot of alternative systems, like Ubuntu. This link is hot – to a two hour presentation that could change your life!

So let’s set up a system to compare different civilization models to determine which ones are workable and which ones are defeating our common good. We need to return to common law – money buys justice and the rest of us squirm. Current law is either commercial law or maritime law – dependent upon fictions that we were taught to believe. Let’s start out on our new fictional path, as determined by us. Let’s remove consent from the current corporate kleptocracy!

TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. You can make a change on this solstice day – the first day of summer. The full moon today accentuates the fact that a new beginning is called for – the governance requires the consent of the governed and we never signed up for this. It is not at all what we believe it to be – the constitution of the united states is not binding on people, it is the rules of governance in the current system, only.

Let’s stop our common consent, refuse to stand for the nonsense and create a dozen different simultaneous systems. Let’s remember that each of us, as an individual, marches to a different drummer than the person next to us. If we can change our fear of loss into a love of life, exploring the new opportunities brought by abundance rather than dearth, we can alter the timescape and start enjoying the benefits of being human, at this time.

Namaste’ … doc