Gotta Say Goodbye

After watching the amount of work vs the amount of benefit, I have to make the conclusion to shut down this WordPress blog. I get 50 spam per day and one or two valid comments. I had developed a filter that worked for a while, but not the spammers have revised their approach and I have no reason to spend the time paying to run a site that requires work.

If you wish to follow this blog, please follow @lennythyme on Steemit. The Thyme Howdt blog will be posted there where there is more accountability for the time required to publish information.

The game is changing. I expect this site to go down shortly, as pay for play requires somebody to pay. I believe that I have a different system that will work for people to follow their own beat and also cooperate with each other.

They can keep making us go away and we keep coming back in other forms. I appreciate your time and effort in following me here for the past few years – I promise that the game will not end, ust shift to a different playing board.

Namaste’ … doc

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