Never Present: Ever Wise

Sorry that i have been distracted from posting. This site has a finite shelf life, as the powers that used to be grasp at straws left in the dying embers of a once mighty civilization. Earning money through work is nonsense, when the corporate culture jobs the system and rewards breaking rules at the highest of positions.

Effervescence aside, i have been posting essays on steemit – trying to learn the social culture as @lennythyme .  Next, #thymehowdt will point to here maybe, but i do not grok the backwardsness of thinking necessary to succeed in the game of power and influence.

This site gets three or four dozen spams daily, and i generally approve about half a percent of the comments, one in 200. If the comment is real and I miss it, sorry, but it is hard to catch reality amongst the fluff. The post Mind Games I is by far and away the winner – but the targetting just adds extra work to the maintenance of the voice.

The cost of doing business is entirely due to the positioning in the infrastructure on the feeder food chain of everybody trying to get something for nothing, or attempting to provide nothing for something. I attempt to get people to think,by mispelling words to signal deeper context. Been doing that for years.

Just opened my tablet to skype and then my computer told me i had a message on skype – ten seconds after i looked. The artificial intelligence thinks it has control of the electronics and will profit by shutting off access to the system. This is causing chaos, seek shelter from the storm.

Photo essay coming on steemit sometime soon. I got some nature pictures from shroomsville and after i download and edit – i will see what i can do to make a new form of display that catches attention. The world is changing gradually, but change doesn’t happen subtly. What is going on is not real, but the whirled in which we live is not real either.

I need a favor. If you have read this far, can you make a comment to me, so that i can have an indicator of how many people actually see this site. My feeling is that i have been shadow banned for some time and that unless i send people here deliberately, there are no eyes getting this far. They are herding us into their social media in order to blur the effect of separate voice.

Separate does not relate to unity. I will join any collective that makes a good case for my input and allows it on my terms, which are always negotiable and not available by demand. I do not work for cash, and have not been accepting donations.

I minimalize everything to be able to do it efficiently, like nature. The civilization game has been to use harness nature and create an oversystem. You can see how that works. Geo-engineering the skies today, after three days of clarity only got me to redouble my belief that it will change all at once, not gradually.

Be the change you wish to see.  Ghandi.

Namaste’ … doc

PS – I did not Steem this rant. I will use this blog as more of astream of conscious weblog and post my essays to steemit. Consider joining – there are many weighs to play, few of which make sense to this 60 year old gamer. Guess that games are no longer experiments based on trial and error – instead they are pied pipers leading the flock to …, to where?