Historic Fiction

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Historic Fiction

All fiction is real, all reality is fiction. The two are commonly mixed such that individual memory has no idea if information collected is a dream or a reality. We have watched many movies that rewrite the events of the story that we learned in school or watched on the news. Books provide depth in context.

Isaac Asimov wrote both science and science fiction. In reading while growing up in the 1960s, I got a much wider expansion of ideas from the past early in life, before a lot was buried in the flood of rewriting the history. Asimov essentially introduced a generation to the concepts of computers via the robot stories.

His other major work introduced a failing galactic empire and a scientists quest to not lose the knowledge base. The three books, Foundation, Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation, were seminal in setting the foundation of my scientific understanding. Note that I am talking first person singular – as we tell our stories, the focus on I as the hero of the story is a learned behavior of story telling.

The heroes journey is the plot perspective from the individual perspective and ceding that to the group perspective can never be accepted. The groups that influence the behaviors of individuals by dictating a thought pattern are insidiously embedded in the control structure. The elites make common sense rules for behavior – etiquette – and then hold others to standards, rules that bind them to act a certain way. The scripts of movies hold actors and actresses to be in character and enforce specifics of interactive personal behavior.

Most children learn behavior from other children. If a child is not first born, there is no sense of privilege in the spectrum of group play – there is no comprehension of having the parents attention focus. Only children expect everything, because they always have adult focus, they grow quickly to recognize other sources of authority – a different world view.

How your world view was shaped is personal perspective. Your attitudes are learned from people who are looking out for themselves and trying to teach you things about life. Public school has morphed from informing to indoctrinating and children and adults need to play.

As a kid I was a thespian, a stage actor. The plays that we got were movie scripts and adapted books and I got to be a role player in lots of minor characters in the Music Man, Lil Abner and several other musicals. Being tone deaf, I could not hold a tune and was more of an extra grip on-stage. Both mom and lil bro had stage careers in the local community, I turned to chess.

If we need entertainment value, let’s form stage companies and entertain ourselves. With video outlets like ewe tube, there are methods to put out good material with low overhead costs. I would like to film a movie using drones and mini-cams attached to items in the scene. If we develop our acting abilities, we learn that we can play ourselves in any role, if we do our homework on the role.

I need some help. I am developing a small role play game for a group of 34 people. The knew weigh game scale is five to eight people. The 13 to 21 game scale is already conceptualized, so the quest for this mission in to create scenarios for small guilds to come together in a showcase of their ability in a random setting.

If you have been a dungeon master, you grok the need for different scenarios that the players can sharpen skills and collect prizes to warm up for the major level of the game. If you have a fictional realm ready where a story can be applied, let’s talk.

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