Energy Levels of United States

Peace – What is it? We choose love, which brings a vibration of peace. The game of vibration has to do with motion – the less motion, the more quiet. Peace is a state where excitation doesn’t quite happen.

Let’s talk about energy. Einstein said that energy and mass are different aspects of the same concept. Peace is a higher vibration, which is actually due to a lower ground state. Your ground state is where you spend your recharging time – it is not sleep.

To get Peace, use higher intent, focus on love. Meditation brings one to peace, through quiet by slowing motion. Music also takes us into a realm of peace, by using Sulfeggio frequencies. When you calm your thoughts, the rest of you relaxes and you get closer to peace in your ground state.

The transition from the ground state to an excited state requires an input of energy. The amount of energy employed depends on the level you begin, and the level that you end. The ground state lowers with the less energy that you carry. The excited state is a fixed discreet level that has a different resting point, that is more like an excited ground state. You have to work in peace to get lower.

So we can call this the floor state. The floor state is higher than the ground state. Somewhere between the floor state and the ground state, we can assemble our foundation. This is the place where we can anchor ourselves, above the ground state of no motion, but beneath the floor that we naturally operate on.

Treat these states, the ground, the foundation and the floor as aspects of the sense of place that you create for your being. The more you feel comfortable here, the less energy you require to remain at that place. The energy comes from outside and from inside – either the whole of the world you live in, or the internal creation of your own mind.

These are all level of being with a different measurement axis. The things we measure are the things we care about. The things we measure are the things we care about. All value is received in measured terms – we evaluate value based on our energy state. The more motion, the more activity. The more activity, the further we pull away from our peaceful lower energy states.

What are we? Human people are masses of water with a carbon based frame structure that absorbs dissolved energy intake feeding a material body that expends energy to exist. As I write, Stevie Nicks Belladonna album plays and a kitty purrs firmly on the lap. A preferred ground state for today, yet well above my foundation state level of quiet. Quiet, as far as I can control it.

How does control affect peace? What is control? According to Get Smart, Control is the opposite of K.A.O.S. If control is setting order by sorting, then chaos is losing order by unsorting. We measure this as entropy (S) – a thermodynamic concept.

Thermodynamics and kinetics are a yin-yang pair similar to chaos and order. Thermodynamics require the setting of play to be placed in a weigh that the event may happen. An event is an activity that takes us from one energy state to another. When we put enough energy in, we raise the vibration state. When we sum up enough energy, by sorting things into proper order, we get over an energy barrier that allows us to accomplish a task. We then rapidly lose energy, and move toward stability, giving off energy to settle the state down as close to our floor, foundation and ground states as possible. You can call the next adventure the second story.

Think of this as a multi-floor hotel. After you park your car in the sub-basement, you get on an elevator to the lobby. The lobby becomes your working state, your current activity ground state. This is a world of excitation, with lots of motion and many vibrations, well above your normal floor – but set by the daily interactions with other people, staying in the hotel this day.

When you are in your home environment, your personal awareness changes and you take on a different role, in your own mind. At work, you interact with others while progressing toward a goal. This level of

achievement requires work over time, until you ratchet up enough energy to get over the hump of the next transition state. Once you achieve this transition state, again a lot of energy is blown off and your energy level returns to less motion closer to your ground state on a higher floor of the hotel, well above lobby level.

Your kinetics are the rate of accomplishment, the thermodynamics having arranged factors properly to get over each transition state hump. This always takes extra energy – which you as an individual provide to enhance a collective. Groups kick up the energy levels. If each group that forms takes the time to develop a foundation state, we would get a streamlined flow of energy toward the next transition state.

These energy states have analogs at every level, and every tier. A tier is a level of accomplishment that changes the game and sets new boundaries. A new relationship, a better job, or establishing a new pattern of action are all examples of changing tier. The energy level of the next tier state is accomplished by more motion to get higher and by less motion to get lower.

Our goal for this game is peace, through high energy transition states that help us each individually lower our floor states closer to our foundation and ground levels. How this LARP plays out is more important than you might think.

Namaste’ … doc

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