Crack Boom – Danger Will Robinson

As I read the press – I find all sides presenting hopeless fear and certain vectors burying potential solutions. The social media is complicit – the algorithms are stacked in favor of bullshit, fluff and the party lines. Control is in the hands of a few, and if you are reading this,consider yourself lucky. They target individuals because we have demonstrated independent thought. By not taking a side, we get hit by the entire spectrum of imposed duality.

The solution is non-economic – we have to get rid of the monetary overlay. The game of finance has sucked us into a false reality – just watching the rise of crypto-currencies allows one to see the microcosm from a perspective of very awake.

Who is owed the national debts? Isn’t illegal coercion like illegal? Crime is criminal no matter how far up in the government you work. People are not groups – massive groups are so far away from the reality of human scale that true human scale is not permitted to operate.

So, let’s ask a few basic questions. What is value? What is ownership? People are owned, but not by other people. If the planet, Gaia, collapses, then there are no humans here on earth. Corporations are legal fictions of lawyers – the law is not legitimate because it is based on non-value economic reality.

We can blow it up before it hits the crack-up boom on its own. You can do it yourself – withdraw. Move back to a local lifestyle, where you know every person that is physically within your world, your personal interactive space. A person is not a human – legally corporations are persons withour human responsibility.

What is responsibility? It is a made up concept. Why do we work for a living? Because elites known as robber barons codified this behavior before any of us was born. Henry Ford invented the 8 hour working day to get the most benefit for the least cost. Economy of scale has no respect for a single human – you are a single human.

The question of who controls the system once the system breaks is a non-sequitur. The only person that you can control is yourself. If you are out of control, then you cannot be prepared to assume responsibility for anyone else. We each are responsible for what matters to us. We are not talking about life and death – when we stop the current game there is plenty enough value of wealth to go around to support everybody. It is just not properly distributed.

How do we take personal responsibility at human scale? Can we remove from view everything that is not connected to human size by fractal geometry? To do this, we stop focusing on things that are smaller or larger than two fractal scales away. We distribute all the knowledge that we have discovered as humans, such that the secrecy game is ended and all science, philosophy, arts and humanities are equally accessible for all. Then we reinvent everything that has been invented, while using reason and logic to estimate what is true and false, among what we think we knew.

Let’s define the commons. What belongs to everyone and what belongs to individuals? Let’s look at the current elephant in the room. Upon a reset of affairs, who is in control of the global one. The answer can only be we the people, the human ones. Those of us who learn to operate on human scale and are in control of ourselves.

We now come upon a sovereign world of merit. Before we can have a meritocracy, we have to talk about how value is distributed. Who can speak for everyone, when we are a collection of many diverse individuals with different needs and desires?

You are the only person who can represent yourself accurately, in the ultimate reality. We are all one human species and we are all a single human individual. If you represent yourself while acting in a role while playing yourself, you are ready to play in the knew weigh game This game involves measuring your own performance in your own terms, along with other actors in their roles doing a similar analysis. Everyone is playing themselves acting in whatever roles are chosen within the game.

We have a series of games set up as models. Each game has rules and scoring, the modules are set to provide a structural framework common to the participants. If we have to do things differently, these models provide a means of doing the same thing in different ways, to get perspective on what really works, for us on a local basis, at human scale.

We can begin with our own need to reinvent entertainment after the current Hollywood scandals and the education system after the reveal of mountains of hidden knowledge – used for the benefit of controllers on the global scale. We have to create new knowledge – to evaluate what we think in context of what is true, to see if we know what we think we know. In a world of non-disclosure agreements, patents, copyrights and intellectual property to enforce the legal sequestration of knowledge, we cannot possibly live in true. Current education is globalist-serving false belief.

Fantasy is an escape from the reality of our minds. We can read a novel that takes us into a fictional world of characters that explore their own reality. Why can’t these books serve as our starting models?

They already are – we just don’t realize it. The plots of movies and television shows are mostly scripted from original works of literature. Hollywood changes the titles and the endings, to get the right ending. What is the right ending for teaching a whole world of people dishonestly? Well, the controllers get everyone playing a game of compartmentalization that rewards dishonesty and call it economics. And then they set rules of governance, and exempt themselves from following these rules.

Current Hollywood style governance is taking advantage of inherent dishonesty within good people winning in the end by ‘doing the right thing’ – being a sucker or a dupe, or turning evil and working the system. The eternal battle is good and evil at the individual human level.

Let’s stand up and walk away from the current duality option of a rigged system. Let’s use play acting through LARPs – live action role play. We can reset any action sequence to our favorite theme from plays, movies, books, television, song, and any other media creation that everyone can recognize. We act the part, play the role and look for real among the cognitive dissonance of what we were taught. No economic drivers allowed – pay up front to play and never incur another personal cost of the game.

Pretend – we can fund everything by redistribution the resources that have been collateralized to pay the fictional debt that we have borrowed against to support the economic fiction of the current reality. Who do we owe our debt to. Ourselves – not the few banksters that print the money, nor the world ‘owners’ that set up the rigged system based on economics.

Namaste’ … doc

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