Crack Boom – Danger Will Robinson

As I read the press – I find all sides presenting hopeless fear and certain vectors burying potential solutions. The social media is complicit – the algorithms are stacked in favor of bullshit, fluff and the party lines. Control is in the hands of a few, and if you are reading this,consider yourself lucky. They target individuals because we have demonstrated independent thought. By not taking a side, we get hit by the entire spectrum of imposed duality.

The solution is non-economic – we have to get rid of the monetary overlay. The game of finance has sucked us into a false reality – just watching the rise of crypto-currencies allows one to see the microcosm from a perspective of very awake.

Who is owed the national debts? Isn’t illegal coercion like illegal? Crime is criminal no matter how far up in the government you work. People are not groups – massive groups are so far away from the reality of human scale that true human scale is not permitted to operate.

So, let’s ask a few basic questions. What is value? What is ownership? People are owned, but not by other people. If the planet, Gaia, collapses, then there are no humans here on earth. Corporations are legal fictions of lawyers – the law is not legitimate because it is based on non-value economic reality.

We can blow it up before it hits the crack-up boom on its own. You can do it yourself – withdraw. Move back to a local lifestyle, where you know every person that is physically within your world, your personal interactive space. A person is not a human – legally corporations are persons withour human responsibility.

What is responsibility? It is a made up concept. Why do we work for a living? Because elites known as robber barons codified this behavior before any of us was born. Henry Ford invented the 8 hour working day to get the most benefit for the least cost. Economy of scale has no respect for a single human – you are a single human.

The question of who controls the system once the system breaks is a non-sequitur. The only person that you can control is yourself. If you are out of control, then you cannot be prepared to assume responsibility for anyone else. We each are responsible for what matters to us. We are not talking about life and death – when we stop the current game there is plenty enough value of wealth to go around to support everybody. It is just not properly distributed.

How do we take personal responsibility at human scale? Can we remove from view everything that is not connected to human size by fractal geometry? To do this, we stop focusing on things that are smaller or larger than two fractal scales away. We distribute all the knowledge that we have discovered as humans, such that the secrecy game is ended and all science, philosophy, arts and humanities are equally accessible for all. Then we reinvent everything that has been invented, while using reason and logic to estimate what is true and false, among what we think we knew.

Let’s define the commons. What belongs to everyone and what belongs to individuals? Let’s look at the current elephant in the room. Upon a reset of affairs, who is in control of the global one. The answer can only be we the people, the human ones. Those of us who learn to operate on human scale and are in control of ourselves.

We now come upon a sovereign world of merit. Before we can have a meritocracy, we have to talk about how value is distributed. Who can speak for everyone, when we are a collection of many diverse individuals with different needs and desires?

You are the only person who can represent yourself accurately, in the ultimate reality. We are all one human species and we are all a single human individual. If you represent yourself while acting in a role while playing yourself, you are ready to play in the knew weigh game This game involves measuring your own performance in your own terms, along with other actors in their roles doing a similar analysis. Everyone is playing themselves acting in whatever roles are chosen within the game.

We have a series of games set up as models. Each game has rules and scoring, the modules are set to provide a structural framework common to the participants. If we have to do things differently, these models provide a means of doing the same thing in different ways, to get perspective on what really works, for us on a local basis, at human scale.

We can begin with our own need to reinvent entertainment after the current Hollywood scandals and the education system after the reveal of mountains of hidden knowledge – used for the benefit of controllers on the global scale. We have to create new knowledge – to evaluate what we think in context of what is true, to see if we know what we think we know. In a world of non-disclosure agreements, patents, copyrights and intellectual property to enforce the legal sequestration of knowledge, we cannot possibly live in true. Current education is globalist-serving false belief.

Fantasy is an escape from the reality of our minds. We can read a novel that takes us into a fictional world of characters that explore their own reality. Why can’t these books serve as our starting models?

They already are – we just don’t realize it. The plots of movies and television shows are mostly scripted from original works of literature. Hollywood changes the titles and the endings, to get the right ending. What is the right ending for teaching a whole world of people dishonestly? Well, the controllers get everyone playing a game of compartmentalization that rewards dishonesty and call it economics. And then they set rules of governance, and exempt themselves from following these rules.

Current Hollywood style governance is taking advantage of inherent dishonesty within good people winning in the end by ‘doing the right thing’ – being a sucker or a dupe, or turning evil and working the system. The eternal battle is good and evil at the individual human level.

Let’s stand up and walk away from the current duality option of a rigged system. Let’s use play acting through LARPs – live action role play. We can reset any action sequence to our favorite theme from plays, movies, books, television, song, and any other media creation that everyone can recognize. We act the part, play the role and look for real among the cognitive dissonance of what we were taught. No economic drivers allowed – pay up front to play and never incur another personal cost of the game.

Pretend – we can fund everything by redistribution the resources that have been collateralized to pay the fictional debt that we have borrowed against to support the economic fiction of the current reality. Who do we owe our debt to. Ourselves – not the few banksters that print the money, nor the world ‘owners’ that set up the rigged system based on economics.

Namaste’ … doc

Energy Levels of United States

Peace – What is it? We choose love, which brings a vibration of peace. The game of vibration has to do with motion – the less motion, the more quiet. Peace is a state where excitation doesn’t quite happen.

Let’s talk about energy. Einstein said that energy and mass are different aspects of the same concept. Peace is a higher vibration, which is actually due to a lower ground state. Your ground state is where you spend your recharging time – it is not sleep.

To get Peace, use higher intent, focus on love. Meditation brings one to peace, through quiet by slowing motion. Music also takes us into a realm of peace, by using Sulfeggio frequencies. When you calm your thoughts, the rest of you relaxes and you get closer to peace in your ground state.

The transition from the ground state to an excited state requires an input of energy. The amount of energy employed depends on the level you begin, and the level that you end. The ground state lowers with the less energy that you carry. The excited state is a fixed discreet level that has a different resting point, that is more like an excited ground state. You have to work in peace to get lower.

So we can call this the floor state. The floor state is higher than the ground state. Somewhere between the floor state and the ground state, we can assemble our foundation. This is the place where we can anchor ourselves, above the ground state of no motion, but beneath the floor that we naturally operate on.

Treat these states, the ground, the foundation and the floor as aspects of the sense of place that you create for your being. The more you feel comfortable here, the less energy you require to remain at that place. The energy comes from outside and from inside – either the whole of the world you live in, or the internal creation of your own mind.

These are all level of being with a different measurement axis. The things we measure are the things we care about. The things we measure are the things we care about. All value is received in measured terms – we evaluate value based on our energy state. The more motion, the more activity. The more activity, the further we pull away from our peaceful lower energy states.

What are we? Human people are masses of water with a carbon based frame structure that absorbs dissolved energy intake feeding a material body that expends energy to exist. As I write, Stevie Nicks Belladonna album plays and a kitty purrs firmly on the lap. A preferred ground state for today, yet well above my foundation state level of quiet. Quiet, as far as I can control it.

How does control affect peace? What is control? According to Get Smart, Control is the opposite of K.A.O.S. If control is setting order by sorting, then chaos is losing order by unsorting. We measure this as entropy (S) – a thermodynamic concept.

Thermodynamics and kinetics are a yin-yang pair similar to chaos and order. Thermodynamics require the setting of play to be placed in a weigh that the event may happen. An event is an activity that takes us from one energy state to another. When we put enough energy in, we raise the vibration state. When we sum up enough energy, by sorting things into proper order, we get over an energy barrier that allows us to accomplish a task. We then rapidly lose energy, and move toward stability, giving off energy to settle the state down as close to our floor, foundation and ground states as possible. You can call the next adventure the second story.

Think of this as a multi-floor hotel. After you park your car in the sub-basement, you get on an elevator to the lobby. The lobby becomes your working state, your current activity ground state. This is a world of excitation, with lots of motion and many vibrations, well above your normal floor – but set by the daily interactions with other people, staying in the hotel this day.

When you are in your home environment, your personal awareness changes and you take on a different role, in your own mind. At work, you interact with others while progressing toward a goal. This level of

achievement requires work over time, until you ratchet up enough energy to get over the hump of the next transition state. Once you achieve this transition state, again a lot of energy is blown off and your energy level returns to less motion closer to your ground state on a higher floor of the hotel, well above lobby level.

Your kinetics are the rate of accomplishment, the thermodynamics having arranged factors properly to get over each transition state hump. This always takes extra energy – which you as an individual provide to enhance a collective. Groups kick up the energy levels. If each group that forms takes the time to develop a foundation state, we would get a streamlined flow of energy toward the next transition state.

These energy states have analogs at every level, and every tier. A tier is a level of accomplishment that changes the game and sets new boundaries. A new relationship, a better job, or establishing a new pattern of action are all examples of changing tier. The energy level of the next tier state is accomplished by more motion to get higher and by less motion to get lower.

Our goal for this game is peace, through high energy transition states that help us each individually lower our floor states closer to our foundation and ground levels. How this LARP plays out is more important than you might think.

Namaste’ … doc

Void Massing V: The fix to the fix

I find myself being compelled by other’s panic to act together by following their lead, rather than acting alone on the basis of my personal truth. That we must all act together is nonsense, when that action is perscribed by self-serving individuals with different world views based on local perspective and false information, provided curteosly by the system via schools, media and social culture.

The feeling of coercion is due to my belief being run roughshod over by people who think that I should be doing their bidding and change my weigh of thinking to their way rather than having any discussion over the difference of opinion based upon knowledge or truth. There are too many separate truths that individuals believe, that are not real to the rest of us who do not grasp them in the weigh that the speaker comprehends.

The pressure to believe what people tell you is self-induced. We all create our own models and base reality on what we personally believe. The presentation of ‘truth’ is subjective – we tend to argue amongst ourselves about nonsense facts. The current has to change – but it cannot change until we act, and believe differently.

How do we know anything they tell us is real? We all have our own representation of real, yet our basis sets are skewed from the beginning by the controllers of information. Water is the basis of life – our academic science has not collectively got there yet. The more I watch, the less I think ‘we’ know. When I read, I get information counter to what I think I know. I must critically think about which is true – the new or the knew (old). Or is real a hybrid? Or is it ‘ And now for something completely different, ala Monty Python.

Thyme to detach to collate information without specific evaluation, to define a complex relationship.I do not bounce ideas off others – there is no individual human here to bounce with. The reality picture that I see with my senses is entirely local, rural america. Losing touch with reported non-local reality is at my own peril. Yet if I cede them no value, I have to ignore most of the nonsense.

The alternative is to go deep. But then, I would not have breadth, as depth narrows the width of vision. I have created a new model – a different big picture detached from the current scenario. After not getting what I am asking, I get attacked about beliefs. A model does not take on individual belief – it builds from a different perspective.

Non-disclosure agreements are coercive. When information is kept secret and proprietary, the system works against the people for the enhanced benefit of the controllers of the system. The current system is run by coercion with no attempt to allow for fairness and equity – it is bulk people management.

Rules are made to be broken. The laws are set up to prevent action against the controllers. The penalties are used to enforce fear by retribution. This system cannot hold – but until we replace it, it has to hold. Fear dictates so, fear of the unknown. Fear is the mind killer.

Legal status in current merika, based on maritime law is corporate nonsense. The big fiction is that the global economy is the sum of the local economies. It is not, the commons is what is left after the racketeers skim off everyone’s work, to provide an infrastructure. If things were based on merit …

Larp thyme.

What is merit?

How is merit defined?

Is merit a reflection of value?

Who determines merit?

Is merit a fair evaluation?

How do we collect data on merit?

We need to define a floor and a ceiling on human scale, to base our foundation of the knew weigh. Focus should be on getting resources by means that does not have adversarial impact on every other living being on the planet, including the planet Gaia, herself. Weneed to reevaluate our knowledge base based upon all information, including all the stuff sequestered in economic secrecy of non disclosure agreements, patents, copyrights and gatekeeper peer reviews.

Namaste’ … doc

The Outdoor Natural Resources Research Institute will provide a framework structure for investigating the basis of each science relevant to research extraction. The plan is to build a Minecraft type world that mines data, landfills, hazardous mine sites and other waste areas for previously discarded valuable resources. We also will investigate new methods of repairing damage from old resource extractions – the type of work that the environmental obstruction agency (EPA) used to exasperate via Superfund, which is no longer funded by the system.

Mind Forming V: Okay – a resteemed post

Okay – if both socialism and capitalism are abject failures, and our governance bears no relationship to our reality, then how do we stop the game, shift gears and move on to something else?

Self-governance does not have to imply anarchy. Can we give ourselves a Chinese menu of options, where we can select one from column A and two from column B, for each of us to individually follow? I personally prefer the four agreements of Don Ruiz. Why can’t we all have our own beating drummers?

Let’s say we have eight different sets of rules as potential options. Each can take a different form and essentially regulate the same things. Some of the very basic rules will be exactly the same all across the board. For instance, we likely will not have a set where rules promote truly bad behaviors, codifying theft, rape and pillage for instance. Oops – wrong about that, we seem to be there in the current system.

Contract law has some allowances for agreement to violate otherwise steadfast rules, by consent. There is a huge volume of flaw that exists right now, that ignorance of the laws has to be considered a valid excuse.

The coordination of agreement is a real problem. Most people have become subject to the will of force. This is because a prior action has demonstrated irresponsibility within the system and a penalty revoking access to privilege has been issued. It makes me wonder how many of us are actually capable of our own sovereignty. Would a free interaction be better than current maritime law, where the uninformed are ‘lost at sea’ and assumed to be the wards of the current power structure? Hypocracy runs rampant when the controllers have different rules for themselves, with oppressive rules for everyone else.

Let’s change our thinking again. Let’s talk about a different process. The way that measured process works was defined by Armando Busick in his Treei works. Treei is based in the linbic system, communications of arborial plant growth. He takes eight concepts in permutations of two, so that they envelop each other in a regular pattern. This generates an eight by eight checkerboard pattern.

Thyme to spark a new idea – the Knew Weigh. Measure everything. Take what we thought we knew and validate the basic truths that we hold – to see if the truth is corroborated by practice. Each and every field of endeavor should be individually scrutinized by the actors in that field – people who have insight and grok the basis set of how things work. This would be phase one – an isolated view of exactly what we believe as a witch hunt for embedded falsehood that lead tangents away from circular truths.

Okay – Treei – the concept is much deeper than this application. More context will be available in due time. With respect to every individual out there – we all need a self-evaluation prior to working on this task with others. Consider it like a Zen ritual. The practice of introspection balances the look at all the details of the outside world.

Begin by starting. Mass what you think you will need for the task. Allow the work to take form, a shape of how you plan to manage this quest. Watch the flow develop into a rhythm to generate the power that allows you to accomplish your work. Overlay love, from a perspective that raises your personal frequency of vibration and sound off about what you have observed. Use your mind to analyze aspects of the learning experience, then step into the void, relax and take a mental break, savoring the accomplishments.

The undelined words are the eight key Treei concepts. The permutations of two begin with mass massing, continues with mass forming and mass flowing. As mass powers, we accomplish and overlay mass loving. Telling the story by mass sounding allows mass minding to see that all is done, then mass voids and form begins to mass.

The sixty-four squares create a calendar of one treei day. When you begin tracking your actions on a new form of calendar, you help remove yourself out of the limiting mindset of the current time frame. When we step away from the five on, two off work routine and take each day of the 64 as its theme suggests, we move at a pace where we can observe personal progress.

Namaste’ … doc

Note: I will been using the hashtag #lennythyme as a keyword for knew weigh posts.

Mind Massing V: Game Theory


Why do we value the crumbling foundations of the dishonest empire? They spent a lot of time teaching us to respect the knowledge of educated individuals like doctors and lawyers, who have subsequently perpetrated a system that abuses us as individuals. These people have no greater sense of truth than any of us. The lies have been compounded enough that reports of actions need to be verified before we can believe anything. At this point, our basis set is skewed – we cannot get it right from the basis of our current perspective.

The only weigh howdt is to find our way out. Rebuild the entire system from scratch, locally, based on the real availability of local resources. This is specifically against the rape and pillage of the planet by global industry for the benefit (profit) of a limited few. The whole game is so badly rigged that we cannot trust anything about it. We need our own new games.

Games theory is an area that uses games to project results onto real world situations. Each game is an individual that can be repeated from the same starting conditions, and followed on a predestined pathway with a score based on the rules of the game. The conditions vary, but once the game ends, the next game can start without the basis of the prior result.

The games known as professional sports have the best performance measurement system ever invented. You can look at the statistics and discern relative performance. The best players have the best stats over the length of the season. The winning team does not always have the best statistics in the game. Why don’t we use this system of performance measurement for children in school?

Because schools are failed institutions at all levels. The culture taught at school is assume to be the same everywhere because the curricula is dictated by the central authority. It is not understood, because teachers repeat what they are taught instead of co-learning with the curious student. There is no room in the current presentation of knowledge for the logic of thinking.

Schools teach division. Each curricula is broken into smaller and smaller micro-concerns and differentiated into separate compartments as opposed to being integrated into a whole. An electrical engineer and a plumber require the same skill sets for a similar job – allowing the flow to flow. The trades and the arts and sciences rarely exchange information, as they are parts of different social structures … by design. Each set speaks a unique language in a different culture.

If you are a smart child, you are targeted to a profession at an early age. You are taught a partial reality by a convoluted self-consistent method. Your mentors believe what they teach and teach from a point of knowledge. Each profession is able to create its own rules of reality, with its own common language and a level of depth that isolates the true believers together into a professional personal reality.

We do not have a common culture. The controllers only teach some things and hide away other things on a need to know basis. Non-disclosure agreements keep people from talking to each other about things that might really matter. We are taught to hide things for professional advantage, such that nobody really has a clear picture of how most things work outside of their own work area. So let’s turn that around and use our specific depths to create new and different models that describe our uncommon reality. And, let’s play the new games with enough iterations until we converge on the real truths. As long as each perspective is true in the micro, as above, so below, says it should be true in the macro sale also. This ensures that we eventually get how things work correct, as small realities converge into bigger realities with the greater frequency of game play.

The key is to get things right, individually. Everybody matters, every perspective is requires. No hand waving – if something logically follows from one field, it should universally apply to all other fields. You know what you know. You have put in the work being you to know enough to drop unreality when you find that it doesn’t work. Sometimes, things work for a while, as long as you believe, but when you withdraw that belief, it no longer works. That makes it even more important to be real with yourself.

If you find someone who knows differently, listen. Do not attempt to correct a different idea without hearing it all the way through. Track your own questions and question answers by questioning how you know your own beliefs are true. If they hold, then maybe there are multiple realities created by people thinking with their own minds. The common reality is the sum of all the individual realities, but it is not all inclusive. We sometimes can have an experience that is outside of time.

Time is a construct, based on the measure of astronomy and applied mathematics. The math taught in school is not quite correct in that it does not describe the real nature of nature. We cannot possibly have the concept of time correct when our basis set is false. Nature uses sacred geometry and symmetry to reset to a new basis set at each fractal of scale. There is a deeper driver, a pendulum of centripetal and centrifugal forces spiraling as the flow of all things goes through regular patters.

We can explore this concept deeper in future blogs.

Namaste’ … doc

Sound Sounding V: You Are Free TV

As a writer, I struggle to catch the quietude that I need to come up with original thought. The media is filled with news readers that bring us what they read in audio and video formats. The commentary of how this comes together is processed by intelligent souls interpreting personal reality through their own individual senses. Each perspective comes from a unique source – a personal point of view.

This is a zero point of energy. The you reading this essay has made a decision to be curious about the information written here, because you find it useful in your interpretation of how you can get along in competition with 8 billion or so other people on this planet earth which some of us call Gaia. Gaia as a living, breathing, personally thinking entity that interacts with us, not only as humans, but as common beings of water, sharing the same space and time. I like to think of it as a cooperation rather than a competition, yet I personally do not feel like cooperating in the disbursement of false knowledge

Now space and time are both constructs of our personal universes, coming together to create a common reality that we assume as the main timeline. We assume that it is all inclusive on the scale that we humans work on, each human counts as one thinking person and gains responsibility based on their ability to interact with other humans. Anything smaller than a single human or different in any way, shape or form does not count, or so we have been taught. What if all intelligence is of the same mind?

That means that we have to change our basis of thinking. Currently, the olde system of thinking is breaking down and the knew weigh of thinking hasn’t begun to develop the tools of measurement for thinking differently. We are stuck in the same patterns that we have always thought in, because the basis for learning has been commonly taught to us through the institutions of knowledge. That they were untrue from the beginning never crossed our minds – so now we are being told to be love and stop thinking. That is a wrong answer.

I have a friend stressing over the change in tax rules on crypto-currency. Seems the government wants him to account for and tax all gains made in the exchange, without considering the costs that went in as a basis of exchange. In other words, they want to extort their cut of last years growth, by making those early investors assess past data that was not previously tracked. The fear of jail drives the stress of extra work and people get mad at me for pointing out that it is nonsense that they fear jail for breaking rules.

Civil disobedience has been around for a long time. To change means dropping rules that are no longer serving us. The form of governance that we have is not of our choosing and is totally ineffective for anything but herding us to be cattle. So – the thyme has come to start promoting a knew media, one based on the reality that is not the illusion. The fact that all of our current tools are on the platforms that already exist is a liability hazard that we have to work through. The common assumption that we actually share a commons with common ground is fundamentally false.

You are free. The video attached is from another Steemer – you should follow her sense of reality. Your sense of reality is different from mine and that is okay – we are not bound to common false agreement. I trust you at your word, I think that I trust me at my word, so that when I speak, I believe what I say. If you hear something different that what I am saying, that is okay – interpretation depends on perspective and I come from a different place than you do.

When we correlate our clocks and link into the same frame of time, the reality that two people perceive can be altered by agreement. Have you ever asked someone – Did that just happen? If they say yes or no changes your perception of what you thought you saw based on whether somebody else perceived the same interpretation of events in time and place as you did. I see the kittens playing with things that are not there in my world, all the time. I just assume they see a wider sphere of space. This has to do with wavelength range in the visible spectrum – a science topic that chemists actually know something about.

Or think we do because of ed chew kate shun. Pink Floyd has it write on the wall, we don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control, no dark sarcasms in the classrooms – hey, teacher, leave those kids alone. Or better, learn from them. Take the innate curiosity of being a nine year old and apply it to living outside in nature, where a wavelength carrying data does not blare information at you at every moment. If the learning experience is driven by the learning process, research directed learning could bring to bear all the things that we know, from when we need to pull them together. The trick is to get outside the box.

The all inclusive human box. Expand it. Include personal responsibility for all input and output on every scale toward everything made up of atoms of elements to form compounds of matter. Take the spirit of thought and use love to emote the shape of things to come, differently from the shape of things that came once in the past. Or twice. Or more, since history flows in cycles and repeats itself. To step out and do what you can, instead of stepping in and doing what you have to requires a sense of freedom from fee dumb.

You are free. No TV required.

Namaste’ … doc