Steemy Whirled: Love Powering VI

Just joined steemit – don’t quite get it yet. Help is on the weigh.

Meanwhile – this is the post i posted there to introduce myself. Any helpful suggestions welcome.

Steemit Introduction: Introduce Yourself

Greetings. Dr. Lenny Thyme here, a chemist with a skewed perception from alternative perspective. I am a Universal Sovereign of the Living Earth and spend as much time outdoors in nature as humanly possible, while tracking, monitoring and measuring the decay of the empire. I grew up reading Isaac Asimov, both fiction and non-fiction, and believe that his Foundation series is a key model for modern constructive conscience.

I have been watching the whirled of Steemit and wondering if I should come out and play. My blog – The Zone – ran on Blogger from 2003 through 2014 before I was excommunicated by the #googlegestapo for not answering their questions properly. Problem was, I was on blogger before Google bought it. My character lemme howdt published over 1000 poems at that site, mostly in anger.

I took some time off from everything to go live outdoors the summer of 2012, just to escape the electronic noise. Since then, I traveled the western US looking for community and returned to home in 2015 to join friends with a localization plan to build it, and they will come. Not all fields of dreams work, yet we have enough model systems in place through our cognitively dissonant media that we have an instant plan to do anything we believe we can do.

Imagine, if you will, a place where you can take the plot of any novel, the theme of a song, the characters of a tv show and the script of a movie and combine them all into local theater. The internet gives us the ability to broadcast entertainment to ourselves, such that we do not have to follow the one script for everyone new world order game.

My current interest is in running a LARP – a live action role play game that transforms the systems that we have into systems that work. The idea that merit should trump all fictions is basic to the game philosophy, which takes a mondragon economic model and places it into a local working environment, based on the individual. Essentially, each player joins the truman show playing any role as themselves in every role. We set the stage for a cooperative venture and then gather together as a troupe and act out the play.

This begins as a mental model, but expands from there. My current blog at on word press is totally non-commercial as I have been cash repellent while developing the scoring system for the game. It is sort of like dungeons and dragons in that people get to invent their initial character based upon their own attributes. You join a guild, meet some people and develop an interest in an aspect of the virtual community. You start your own guild and join other peoples guilds and earn hour cards which mark your time spent. There are eight levels with different game rules and the players do not get a rule book. The game ‘breaks’ when a player violates a rule, the players collectively agree on a replacement rule and the game starts again.

Anyway, I call the game the Knew Weigh, because we must take everything we thought we knew and measure it again to verify truth. Since nothing is real, there is nothing to get hung about and we can have virtual strawberry fields forever. We also have the developing basis for a student oriented research directed learning system, a Redile.

So – back to the my base story. My idea for this LARP is to create a place where a tourist could come to spend a few days and be immersed into a theme park, based on the preset script of a theme. The first theme is to homestead a 40 acre parcel and film Ecotopia – Ernst Calumbach’s 1979 novel about a sovereign country formed in the pacific northwest after the helicopter wars broke up the US before the end of the last century. If we build an infrastructure for a working farm and have several local sets set up to demonstrate new skills that are old skills, our guild system can serve the role of infrastructure as we build real on the ground infrastructure. Then we have a better place to play.

Since this is Oregon and they want tourists here, the LARP stage could turn into a small artists community and be a training center for actors. Meanwhile … as a chemist, I get to be outside looking at how natural resources regenerates. I worked in the mining industry once, and there are mining messes like the Silver Butte (Formosa) Mine that is under EPA care and belches out a consistent pH under three, for over 25 years now. It was a Superfund site until congress chose to not renew Superfund legislation. Betcha didn’t know that.

I also played politics as a volunteer on a local scale. I was involved with the Perotbots of the Reform Party in the 1990’s opposed to Clinton – seems to be a recurring historical theme – better watch for the assassination squads. I am now affiliated with Ubuntu – the Michael Tellinger plan to make contributionism a basis for local systems featuring One Small Town.

As Dr. Lenny Thyme, I speak out on environmental issues. My Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame was in the movie What in the World are they Spraying? I also got trolled, undermined and sabotaged by all the good folks who didn’t believe that I should be saying bad things about their death culture. The whistle blowing takes courage and I do not have the heart to play in their war games any longer. They say the meek shall inherit the earth – I can buy into the concept. This is a cooperative, not a competition. The weigh is based on measurement and there is a lot of so-called reality that we should remeasure.

If you would like more of the backstory, my previous current blog is a place to detach from consensus reality called thyme howdt. I get deep into theory of everything – it might also ave some clues as to what is going on in the LARP – although the idea of moving here to Steemit is to build upon the open source concept and maybe make a bit of cryptocurrency to manifest the camp for us quicker. We build tiny houses and plant gardens this year, then open a bud and breakfast and accept visitors in 2019. Might be wishful thinking, but nobody ever got anywhere waiting for the band to play.

Namaste’ … doc as Dr. Lenny Thyme.

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