Sound Massing V: My STEEM Dream

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As I watch the iddy bits grow into mega bits via Steem, Bitcoin, Etherium and other crypto currencies, I smell tulips in a historical sense. The belief in electrons as an intermediate storage form of wealth works better if the coins and tokens are actually exchanged for goods and services instead of just having investors increment the value of their accounts in their selected wallets. It beats paper currency because people involved believe in the value more than they believe in the federal reserve note.

Redemption backed by gold to restore value in hyper-inflated currencies of war destructed countries seems to be the current proposed alternative form of jump-starting economy throughout the world. These are paper moneys like the Iraq dinar and the Zimbabwe zim. With the calibrated value of the US federal reserve note fading fast due to the tether to petroleum, we are going to need a total reset into a different form. The economics game no longer serves the purposes of humanity.

What is humanity? Hard to say any longer with so many belief systems that are unhinged by their links to a false reality. The fake news name calling game opened the door to see that there is another level of complexity beyond everything we think we know. What is dancing in the shadows can no longer be ignored.

Iff – if and only if – the basis sets of mathematics and physics were deliberately taught with consistent yet false disinformation, eventually people would begin to base their central core scientific judgment on that incorrect data stream. This concept parallels in every other discipline. The entire educational system taught in the United States seems to have been re-invented since WWII in the middle part of the twentieth century. This was done with complete whitewashing of the works of persons like Tesla, Russell, Reich, Rife, Schauberger, Steiner, etc.

Imagine a thought experiment, like Einstein used to envision quantum scale. Imagine a world like Lennon imagined after the Beatles. Our world has an abundance of stuff and no valid formal control structure or ownership concept of earth itself. In fact, legally, Gaia, the planet, should be first in line for ownership rights by being the eldest living thing participating here. What can we do?

First – we can stop every action that requires coordination by taking a brand new two fold approach. We open source everything, all information, all machines, all accesses and then we set up a total meritocratic operating system. We create learning systems based on individual interest, not what the system decides you need to know. We validate all the information in every field and we unpack the boxes to derive how we get to the state of where we are in control of ourselves rather than the dysfunction that we current put up with.

Let’s look in depth at those creative geniuses of the first half of the past century, whose works are either off limits, buried or ignored, until the internet remove the latch key from the private university library monopoly over control of thought. The college ‘gatekeeper’ ponzi scheme was built to sequester knowledge, rather than building anew from what we really knew. Universities gave us partial knowledge, deliberately removing concepts to hide secrets, in space, in industry and in the control aspects of day to day life. Sometimes they have the audacity to roll out these old concepts as brand new for lots of personal profit.

The rigging of the system is too large to #unrig. We need a new system, but it really has to be an olde system. A voting public with absolutely no say is a charade. We are better off living in a benevolent monarchy. Back in feudal times, there were apprentices and guilds. There were also masters who knew things, called renaissance men (and women, though less recognized only because of the patriarchy built into our mindsets). These folks grokked the system in all facets, not just a single immersion into the depth of the rabbit hole in one narrow discipline. My personal preference of the latest rendition of this is called the Mondragon model, developed in the Basque region of Spain, middle of last century. Interesting, given the developments taking place in 2017 in Catalonia.

If each of us played the meritocracy honestly, I believe it would prove that everybody has merit. If we work from a platform of abundance, then we would have to create several new phases to be able to get there from here. If we can create a place with value inherent everywhere, with a level playing field and a fair set of rules, then we might have a need for token and coin to balance a trade, not to undermine the entire system.

One things that each of us share in common is our 24 hour day. We nominally break it into an 8 hour work day and an 8 hour sleeping night, which leaves us 8 hours of optional time to work more, play hard, eat and otherwise do those things that humans do. We impose calendars and clocks and other time monitors to coordinate actions – it would be tough to hold a meeting if nobody respected clock time, or if 9 am implied something different for each of us. Yet we manage to coordinate time zones with Greenwich, UK, so we are capable of ditching the concept of time, as we know it.

We (they?) use time to create stress by forcing cognitive dissonance of always being in a hurry to end up waiting. We repeat this cycle over and over and oh the places that we go. The level of push is exasperated by our focus on what other people are doing. We keep up with the Joneses while watching celebrations of the rewards of viral popularity. It is a figment, a created reality, ushered in when the local stage was replaced by the big screen. Yes, video killed the radio star. America has de-evolutionized – are we not men? We are Devo. Dee Eee Vee Oh. Or the borg.

So as Spock, or Data, or Six of Nine – I can see that we have a monumental choice between the Flintstones and the Jetsons – or a totally knew weigh. Let us all turn off our screens and experience reality at human scale. Not quantum scale. Not electronically bombarded by full spectrum waves of every length and time constant. Let’s turn it off and move to Kunstler’s world Made By Hand. Or any other model that we can conceive of, that might work for all of us, rather than the selected few.

I hope the Archdruid reads this, as he developed my art of thinking outside the box of science.

Namaste’ … doc

PS – lot’s of unnamed and named references to look up in this one. Enjoy.

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