Void Loving IV: A Knew Weigh

How much history is real and how much is a tale to be told for the manipulation of our psyche? Saturday’s Really Graceful answered the question wit seven conspiracy theories that turn out to be conspiracy fact.

Let’s play a mind game. Assume that you are in your own personal Truman show and that this game has been rigged for a really long time. You can get anything you want by focusing your energy directly upon the goal. Instead,we get the distractions that come with the quest to ‘make a living’. This is a 20th century construct of the robber barons.

My technical assumption has been that the development of a new item takes shape over a 20-30 year period, from when ideas are formed, then tested, then worked into the system. My career as an academic completely mislead me about several things – enough that I can call the entire current ‘sphere of learning’ a fraud. I would like all the money spent on higher education back – big education is racketeering in its finest form.

If the ‘deep state’ has a technology 30 years before it gets rolled out to the public, and photoshop was rolled out in 1990 – that is made available to the geeks to play with – the I believe that the entire history as presented by television is a photoshopped reality. I believe in a holographic universe on a revolving scale that multiplies in fibonacci sequence to test what is best and leave the rest.

The name of the game is that groups control power,not individuals. But we now find that individuals pull the strings of each group, from beyond the rule book. Te system is set up for all individuals to join groups to co-opt power and get their way.

We interrupt this essay to referee a kitty cat battle over who owns the lap. The journal wins … as I write the essay and took the bully kitten to the woodshed by smothering him with direct attention and love. This calmed him down, so I could let him and his brother outside to enjoy the day.

Reality is a construct. By this, I mean that you create the world as you see it and dwell in the common reality of others that primarily see the world the same way. What we have done though, is to create a path to uniformity in the way that we can do things – based upon the shared inputs of a large volume of people.

There is that concept called economy of scale, that makes sense in a business reference in the traditional meaning of the word business – which is not the current kleptomaniacal corporate technocracy. Once a product is developed and tested and proven to work, the costs go down with each new unit produced; especially for large scale production.

So – this forces people to sell their ideas to people who can cover the cost of developing them, through production, operations and distribution. These are all functions that used to employ people as work. This has changed to where taxation to pay for the overhead of governance morphed into a ‘free market economy’ that rewarded large scale groups to run all things.

The current business model siphons off all the money into the hands of a very few investors based on the mass belief in an artificial illusion of how life (and death) work. Now what if everything they taught us in school is false? There are certain aspects of truth that we know to be true, but we do ourselves a disservice by teaching artificial constructs as reality.

There is a field of chemistry known as group theory. The field has to do with developing mathematical matrices to designate geometry in the spacial arrangement of atoms to form molecules. At the place where chemistry overlaps into biology, there has to be a valid mechanism to get there from here, to explain how reactions work on a molecular basis.

So, metals, as metal ions, participate in the game of flowing through the blood plasma to get to the mitochondria, the chemical factory where synthesis of bio-molecules takes place. Enzymes are catalysts that function at metal centers embedded into the structure to allow the mechanisms of life – digestion, metabolism, growth, etc.

Each metal has a different preferred geometry based on tetrahedrals, octahedrals, and other platonic solids, enable by electron pair repulsion theory. All this can be summed up in a booklet of tables that create an irreducible representation of the space occupation. Perhaps people working in small numbers as effective working groups, can gather in guilds that provide a physical support system such that the work outcome is not tied to personal income. Can we support everyone by regrouping away from large, faceless, impersonal corporate dynasties to small tangible inter-personal working groups, so as to not be slaves to Henry Ford’s wet dream codified as the modern work day?

Take a time out at thyme howdt and see of the theory moves you.

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