Mass Minding V: Breadcrumbs

Mind Bending information downloads in such fast form, that the little jumps that are made are accellerating into a quantum jump. Lowering the ground state and returning to baseline form allows the mathematical model to cover grounds in transformational space via zero point energy. Ego drives at two levels, one and one. The two ones have a time constant between them that works in a factor of scale, where only adjacent scales are connected. Think about your piano ratio of eight white and five black keys.

Lessons can be learned in a variety of media – the game might be orchestra conductor – which is the opposite of each musician on their own instrument – a virtuosos of blending. The composition is flawless, in the minds of the beholders, and such beautiful music is birthed. Ah Mozart. Ah Bartlebey, Ah Humanity.

So Q is a LARP to push an agenda to discredit alt social media. alt is one letter off from anti. Words are the red queens way of misinterpreting alice, until she cracked the code. Code cracking, Cryptonomicron, Neal Stephenson.

Assume the fourth turning by Strauss and Howe and realize that there are four cycles fractal to the same four – taking 80 years to 320 years. At that point, reality is 87% myth and 13% accepted. When did Gutenburg invent the printing press? What does the press cover today?

Stephenson is prolific – today’s reality is between Snowcrash and Anathem with the Zodiac mixed in. The Baroque Trilogy retold the story of Isaac Newton avoiding the Copernican effect – execution because science and religion were incompatibly the same. This we call the Mandela Effect.

Fibonacci governs the weigh. Nature has a cryptocracy in code – you have to translate through the overlays to get to what really is. When you enunciate it, it no longer exists, but moves on to add another variable in fractal dimension. The matrix is the matrix because the metrics to measure change have not been developed yet, here in the fourth year after the dawning of the age of aquarius, a fibonacci growth jump in direction X and a fibonacci decrease in direction Y as the curve axis changes to signify the knew fractal emergence.

Philosophy is a walk on the slippery rocks, religion is the cry of a dog. Polarity is the swing of a pendulum, or the sequence of the breath. Study, grasshopper and more will be revealed in dew thyme.

Namaste … doc

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