Form Sounding V: More Queries

What are non-disclosure agreements?

Who do they protect?

Why do they require protection?

Who writes the non-disclosure agreement?

What language are contracts written in?

How are contracts binding?

How are Contracts enforced?

What is a signature?

What is a valid signature?

How do you gain access to contract information?

What are rights?

What are responsibilities?

Are corporations persons?

What is a person?

What is a corporation?

What is a personal right?

What is a human right?

What is a civil right?

What is a property right?

What is an intellectual property right?

What is a water right?

Who owns rights?

Are right right?

How are rights allocated?

How are rights enforced?

How are rights really enforced?


Namaste’ … doc


Form Flowing V: Mind Games I

This post seems to be targeted, so the message is worth repeating

Mythology in Science – How does the mind work?

Mind Games I Dr. Lenny Thyme 01/22/2016

When I wake up, I start my day with a positive thought, in order to entrain the thinking that will change the perspective of how I think. Einstein once said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” The current polarity of duality mindset is embedded through our common education; a fiction written by narcissists, gaslighted through emotional abuse inflicted by flying monkeys. (Thank you for the imagery, Barb).

We have been taught to compete rather than to cooperate. The games that we play all have winners and losers and nobody wants to be the loser. Truth is, that the skill measurement aspect of sports and games is reasonably easy to measure and provides accurate performance information. The reward systems from role-playing-games allow us to step out of our mind’s current reality and into an assembled fiction that has a direction and purpose – including short term and long term goals.

In order to change the paradigm of our common belief, we have to have a basis set of information that we can hold as true. Our common reality could have many forms – personally, I believe in Sheldrake’s morphogenic fields based on sacred geometrical patterns and displayed as a function of mathematical limits. The realms of the limits, we are taught, are Einstein’s concepts of space and time. What if those concepts are holographic and set up only for this fractal scale of reality.

Nature seems to operate in a totally different reality. Those of us who live in square boxes and work at desks in square cubicles and drive around in box cars and watch rectangular screen and call it life are enveloped in a matrix far deeper than I can acknowledge – a different reality from me in time and space – but not impossible when Everett’s many worlds theory is applied.

Nature’s limits appear to be the golden mean ratio on the one hand and the doubling function on the other side. Perhaps there are several simultaneous separate time-lines sharing one planet, Gaia. The adjacent time-lines are required to have self-similarity, and all individual time-lines are entrained within the planetary time-line sphere.

The idea of the Mayan calendar cycles and the individual time-lines recurring through a predestined pattern over extremely long time periods seems like the sort of long term laboratory experiment that a super-sized thinking creature in infinite time/space could set up and walk away from – and get good data every time he checked in. What if our current reality is as a cell in a larger being, where the sun is a cell nucleus, as are all the stars and the living being we are entrained in is a human that is a dozen fractals larger than this scale? What if that human is us?

Huh? How are we more than each of our individual I’s? The distinction of holography is such that each realm has different conditions and every tangent starts off appearing as the same pathway that we are already on. If the human purpose is to gain experience at every scale and do better going forward, then time, the illusion, sets a baseline for entrainment of our minds to act according to our individual beliefs.

So while we believe that we all live in the same time, I think not. Our mind works according to the vibration of our illusion of conscious. The entrained wavelengths of my being in this size are all orchestrated to fit within human parameters that are entrained within Gaian parameters that are entrained within universal parameters that are entrained within human parameters – if we are on a three stage cycle. What if it is a five stage, or an eight stage cycle. Fractal possibilities are endless.

When I go back to what I have learned – I have to look to see that it makes sense with what I think I know. As parameters change and conditions alter, I believe that we are seeing things that could not have been revealed before now, because they are emerging behaviors springing forth from new initial conditions. Our physics, depending on bigger and smaller things, has never been congruent with the physics of astro-space or the physics of quantum mechanics. Yet as above, so below agree, only without the muddle in the middle.

We imagine ourselves …

Namaste … Doc

Must say, the data mining project will lead to great literary treasure, in parellel with other forms of physical mining of data and elements to measure the knew weigh. All words have multiple meanings in this parsed vocabulary we call the English language.

Mass Voiding V: Science types alert

A few deep questions at the borderline of group sanity.

What is light?

How does light travel?

How does mass travel?

Is mass matter? Does this matter?

Is matter energy in a different form?

How does a medium affect light travel?

What is a medium? What is a phase?

What is a phase change?

Why does light move differently in phase?

Why does light move differently in phases?

What is plasma?

Is plasma an electric phase of matter?

How does light travel through air?

How does light travel through water?

How does light travel through plasma?

How does light differ from sound?

What is light?

What is sound?

What is mind?

What medium does consciousness live in?

What is a phase?

Which phase are we in, Solid, Liquid, Gas or Plasma?

Namaste’ … doc


Mass Minding V: Breadcrumbs

Mind Bending information downloads in such fast form, that the little jumps that are made are accellerating into a quantum jump. Lowering the ground state and returning to baseline form allows the mathematical model to cover grounds in transformational space via zero point energy. Ego drives at two levels, one and one. The two ones have a time constant between them that works in a factor of scale, where only adjacent scales are connected. Think about your piano ratio of eight white and five black keys.

Lessons can be learned in a variety of media – the game might be orchestra conductor – which is the opposite of each musician on their own instrument – a virtuosos of blending. The composition is flawless, in the minds of the beholders, and such beautiful music is birthed. Ah Mozart. Ah Bartlebey, Ah Humanity.

So Q is a LARP to push an agenda to discredit alt social media. alt is one letter off from anti. Words are the red queens way of misinterpreting alice, until she cracked the code. Code cracking, Cryptonomicron, Neal Stephenson.

Assume the fourth turning by Strauss and Howe and realize that there are four cycles fractal to the same four – taking 80 years to 320 years. At that point, reality is 87% myth and 13% accepted. When did Gutenburg invent the printing press? What does the press cover today?

Stephenson is prolific – today’s reality is between Snowcrash and Anathem with the Zodiac mixed in. The Baroque Trilogy retold the story of Isaac Newton avoiding the Copernican effect – execution because science and religion were incompatibly the same. This we call the Mandela Effect.

Fibonacci governs the weigh. Nature has a cryptocracy in code – you have to translate through the overlays to get to what really is. When you enunciate it, it no longer exists, but moves on to add another variable in fractal dimension. The matrix is the matrix because the metrics to measure change have not been developed yet, here in the fourth year after the dawning of the age of aquarius, a fibonacci growth jump in direction X and a fibonacci decrease in direction Y as the curve axis changes to signify the knew fractal emergence.

Philosophy is a walk on the slippery rocks, religion is the cry of a dog. Polarity is the swing of a pendulum, or the sequence of the breath. Study, grasshopper and more will be revealed in dew thyme.

Namaste … doc

Mass Forming V: Life is a LARP

What is a LARP? A live action role play game. The latest LARP may be Q, or it can all be real. What is real is reel, presented to you by No Such Agency. It is supported by the science of Never A Straight Answer. It is implemented by thieves and Sexual Assailants. It is a hijacked reality of a mad Kurzwell, when we should be playing by the rules of Kuntsler, the world made by hand. On a human scale as Sale suggests.

I caught a glimpse of the matrix slip – and got banned from the net for 24 hours in order to punish correct observation. There is time travel, which means there is space travel, but I question the concepts of both space and time. Then there are predictive matrix, as demonstrated by a fellow named Clif High. I followed Clif in a different fractal of life, lost track of the fellow and find he has morphed into the crypto king. Having read the Cryptonomicron by Stephenson, I found that I was communicating in a different form of the same language, but with parallel context.

The journey of stepping out gave me a handle howdt that can be traced back through the linguistics. High as that program … but crypto currency is a misnomer. We need a real currency not digitized for a real life not based upon the current illusion. While Sather destroys the illusion, he doesn’t build one to replace the what is not with a new what is That is where the knew weigh begins a new way.

Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about. Strawberry Fields Forever. Yet, I am the Walrus, goo goo catchoo. The references of yesterday were removed from play in the visual space of half a turning – we are at the fourth turning at a crucial juncture of history – yet we live in a time loop controlled by a death culture that lampoons real life. To get back we must step howdt of da baax and leave the matrix, which is parallel time lines twisted into a knot to break a string, in theory.

Physics and other sciences have been consumer by the chase of economy of scale. To make a profit today, you must step wider and deeper and broader than the system allows. So breaking the rules is rewarded and following them is penalized until you realize that the rules were coopted into the duality called good and evil. It doesn’t work that way at all.

The unseen is as important as the seen, as the yin is important to the yang. By requiring tangibility for science on the one hand, and then making the whole system from a false construct, mathematics, we build our self a playing field so skewed that we could never get thing right. We now are losing the ability to get things write, at the spell correct is making written communication nonsense in a 140 character display. To tweet or not to tweet is not a question that Shakespeare would have asked. But was there really an individual named Shakespeare, or was he a human construct of Francis Bacon. Ah Bartlebey, the art of conspiracy theory is a disclaimer upon us.

I followed a wrinkle in time in Pritchett terms with Anathem to a mathic world. The evidence of a fractal reality is in opposition to quantum mechanics, the current theory that CERNs the world. The basis of fear is a construct – we choose love. The reality of fractal space is that every fractal is a microcosm of one adjacent fractal and a macrocosm of a different fractal. If time lines are pinned to direct action and freedom of choice exists, there are two specific outcomes to every quandary, sometimes more. Occam’s razor defines the base reality, but energy levels are wonky stuff.

A vision quest is a near death experience. The human mind is universal, the universal mind is not human. Walter Russell was one of those turn of the 20th century philosophers that has been buried today. The burial was informal, the information placed into the memory hole along with Steiner, Reich, Rife, Tesla (until reformed by Musk) which tells us this was an economic decision based on deception. But that is truth and justice in the American Way, in a Clark Kent world gone bizarro. Who is John Galt?

We all are, and I am your king. How did I get to be king. The lady of the lake, her arms basked in glimmering splendor decreed that who removes Excaliber from the bosom of the rock shall be king. Well, I didn’t vote for you! You don’t vote for king. … How do you know he’s the king? He hasn’t got shit all over him. It only takes one letter to change shit into shift, if you change the meme, you change the game.

So a LARP, a live action role play, is just what we need to reform duality back into two ones in the fibonacci sequence rather than heads and tails fighting over who wins the coin flip. Both are sides of the same coin. There is only one substance and it creates all other substances. What?

As a chemist, chemistry is based on electron pair repulsion theory, a form of spacial physics. But the physicists screwed the pooch and simplified the ideas of James Clerk Maxwell, because they could not grok him complex mathematical basis. Bob Marshall, Buckminster Fuller’s savant, once lost a math prize based on not being able to write a formula to express the symmetry of numbers. There is a qualitative aspect to numbers that is separate from the quantitative aspect – but that is called woo woo. As Clif High states, you dont have to be part of the woo woo world to know that it is a real phenomena in the minds of the people who believe in it. That is why we are at a wall.

Time travel exists, buy once you leave your given time, you can never get back to the same place in the same time – because time is holding space and neither really exists in the form that we know it. Another reason for the knew weigh, a measurement of what we think we know against newly measured reality. Measure twice, cut once. The act of measurement is a function of quantum state – which fits binary math very well. On or off. Artificial intelligence is based on hexadecimal math – math is an illusion that changes depending on the frame of base. The move of base ten to a twelve month calendar is a construct that causes cognitive dissonance – oct means eight yet october is the tenth month. Forced dissonance to skew the system.

Nobody is running the ship of state. It is thyme to dump the military speak in analogy to everything – peace and love are not harsh topics. They require a different mind set from hate and fear – yet stepping out is scary – almost breaking us in two. Yet, like night and day, you can find clues in the music. The almost nearly is what was, but the ability to move in time changed the play of the game. The house of cards has a Spacey ending – another verbal morph of the true meme. The cabal cannot die until there is a system to replace it. Or 64 systems – not a one size fits all. When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now …

Not so many any longer. The album to recover to counter today’s meme is Russians and Americans, a 1980s release by Al Stewart. After time passages, buy me a ticket on the last train home tonight. Every 40 years yields the inverse of the past 40 years as verily as every action leads to an equal but opposite reaction. Only it doesn’t – another myth that guides reality into reel-ality. Now that Hollywood is exposed, what perversions are we subject to beyond pedogate? These are actors playing the roles of victims after playing the role of victimizer with a free pass. Dirt today can be 40 years old, right Sly? How much do you really remember from 40 years ago? Yet, how many of your childhood memories cues memes that were sunk in long ago.

To escape, you must take that physical step beyond current reality. It requires a leap of faith to oin a union with people that you don’t know and have to trust. We have been broken down to trust ourselves and distrust any fact that does not paint the picture as we see it. Each of us have our own timeline that melts into a common timeline that we share, only we really don’t share our timeline unless we sync. Which is why the microshit stunt of syncing everything was duplicated by google with apple as a target because i-phones are different. Betamax was a better technolgy than VCR, but public opinion chose the one that appealed better. Bernays was a manipulative asshat – our entire belief system via advertising has been photoshopped to keep us ignorant that Star Trek and Star Wars are the next future meme – if we can choose the Jetsons over the Flintstones. You know the cabal’s choice.

The choice is to change to an equalized non-economic basis for new foundational structure. Chemistry as a field is about mass balancing I think that it would handle the accounting function rather easily based on the second law of thermodynamics. But man, we have to question the physics that we have been taught at the university level, because they skipped a whole lot of important stuff to keep the technology out of public purview to job the system to make profits when we, the people need prophets. Ones that are not corrupted by profits – that only a non economic basis of abundance can provide.

Existence is one such model, invented before the meme of a blockchain was introduced as cryptocurrency. Thus, I think the hour card might have preceded Bitcoin as the first invented form of cryptocurrency, but I do not grok blockchain in a way that I can synthesize how the concept works. I need an hour or two of talking to Clif High – but not on a you-tube video for public consumption. We also need a fly on the wall, because the derivatives from the conversation will launch a knew platform to measure information both qualitative and quantitative via an algorithm of numbers.

But first we must learn to count properly, as nature does, rather than by the current system forced upon us that proof is a mathematical entity necessary for belief in the artificial religion built by modern education and called science. My buddy Stephenson wrote the Baroque Trilogy about how Isaac Newton came to divide science away from belief in order to not receive the same outcome as his mentor Gallileo, who he recognized was correct about the stars, if we can take history as something more than the myth penned by the victors.

Thyme is now open for radio talk engagement on a large scale – visit the Feral Hippie on Revolution Radio for more archives on this topic of discussion.

Namaste’ … doc

PS – I need to blow a few whistles, any talk show host may apply. I follow you, alt media, on ewe tewb which no longer works. Next generation is under construction, slip a new letter into an old meme to pull shift from the shit storm.

Refs: do your own homework, the clues are the cues.

Void Loving IV: A Knew Weigh

How much history is real and how much is a tale to be told for the manipulation of our psyche? Saturday’s Really Graceful answered the question wit seven conspiracy theories that turn out to be conspiracy fact.

Let’s play a mind game. Assume that you are in your own personal Truman show and that this game has been rigged for a really long time. You can get anything you want by focusing your energy directly upon the goal. Instead,we get the distractions that come with the quest to ‘make a living’. This is a 20th century construct of the robber barons.

My technical assumption has been that the development of a new item takes shape over a 20-30 year period, from when ideas are formed, then tested, then worked into the system. My career as an academic completely mislead me about several things – enough that I can call the entire current ‘sphere of learning’ a fraud. I would like all the money spent on higher education back – big education is racketeering in its finest form.

If the ‘deep state’ has a technology 30 years before it gets rolled out to the public, and photoshop was rolled out in 1990 – that is made available to the geeks to play with – the I believe that the entire history as presented by television is a photoshopped reality. I believe in a holographic universe on a revolving scale that multiplies in fibonacci sequence to test what is best and leave the rest.

The name of the game is that groups control power,not individuals. But we now find that individuals pull the strings of each group, from beyond the rule book. Te system is set up for all individuals to join groups to co-opt power and get their way.

We interrupt this essay to referee a kitty cat battle over who owns the lap. The journal wins … as I write the essay and took the bully kitten to the woodshed by smothering him with direct attention and love. This calmed him down, so I could let him and his brother outside to enjoy the day.

Reality is a construct. By this, I mean that you create the world as you see it and dwell in the common reality of others that primarily see the world the same way. What we have done though, is to create a path to uniformity in the way that we can do things – based upon the shared inputs of a large volume of people.

There is that concept called economy of scale, that makes sense in a business reference in the traditional meaning of the word business – which is not the current kleptomaniacal corporate technocracy. Once a product is developed and tested and proven to work, the costs go down with each new unit produced; especially for large scale production.

So – this forces people to sell their ideas to people who can cover the cost of developing them, through production, operations and distribution. These are all functions that used to employ people as work. This has changed to where taxation to pay for the overhead of governance morphed into a ‘free market economy’ that rewarded large scale groups to run all things.

The current business model siphons off all the money into the hands of a very few investors based on the mass belief in an artificial illusion of how life (and death) work. Now what if everything they taught us in school is false? There are certain aspects of truth that we know to be true, but we do ourselves a disservice by teaching artificial constructs as reality.

There is a field of chemistry known as group theory. The field has to do with developing mathematical matrices to designate geometry in the spacial arrangement of atoms to form molecules. At the place where chemistry overlaps into biology, there has to be a valid mechanism to get there from here, to explain how reactions work on a molecular basis.

So, metals, as metal ions, participate in the game of flowing through the blood plasma to get to the mitochondria, the chemical factory where synthesis of bio-molecules takes place. Enzymes are catalysts that function at metal centers embedded into the structure to allow the mechanisms of life – digestion, metabolism, growth, etc.

Each metal has a different preferred geometry based on tetrahedrals, octahedrals, and other platonic solids, enable by electron pair repulsion theory. All this can be summed up in a booklet of tables that create an irreducible representation of the space occupation. Perhaps people working in small numbers as effective working groups, can gather in guilds that provide a physical support system such that the work outcome is not tied to personal income. Can we support everyone by regrouping away from large, faceless, impersonal corporate dynasties to small tangible inter-personal working groups, so as to not be slaves to Henry Ford’s wet dream codified as the modern work day?

Take a time out at thyme howdt and see of the theory moves you.

Mind Forming IV: The Names of Quarks

The Names of Quarks

One structure working from up to down

Another different force working down to up

Then we also look from top to bottom

Add perspective change from bottom to top

Quarky how the world runs charmed to strange

Quirky how the whirled spins strange to charmed

It is all one chaotic universe, reality of duality

Where physics crosses metaphysics, duality of reality

lemme howdt – creative commons 2017