Sound Sounding IV: Gaia Villages

How do I make the case for change? It seems that the path of Hari Seldon through psychohistory has been taken from fiction into fact. There is a developing science of neouro-physics crossed with genetic engineering as part of the AI mind control Kurtzwell delusion. I like the Existence form of chemosociology better, altho chemopyschopathology would be the turn of the not so friendly cards.

Any weigh, I have been told by three different people that i have to earn a living. I question the basis set of their life style and they tell me, oh just reconnect as thought it would solve all of their worries of economic collapse. I have no valid ID, i carry no papers and my identity has been taken by the deep state after i wouldn’t play along. The cliff is here and the lemmings are pushing the pack toward the edge and piling in from behind. They pay no attention to the man behind the curtain …

Do I have what i need to present a new model system that could work if given a chance? Yes. I can take the Gaia Village model using the formula of We Choose Love and run with a meritocracy of self-selected individuals that have the personal means to dare to do something different. There are eight levels coming and going and the starting target and ending target change generationally in a revolving torus, a grid of eight by eight, with perushka mandala capability.

We are all prisoners here, of our own device. Physical prisoners of our own minds, with self-constructed limits called time and space. Einstein said Imagination is more important than knowledge, and played mind games with himself in imagining what physics could be. Maxwell was closer earlier to true physics, but reality has been coopted for somebody else’s benefit – hence our economics based world. What if we throw away economics and travel to a land of abundance? It all depends on what we believe is conscious.

Our senses want to believe things that are unbelievable, and so we give ourselves an image that is what we base our foundation of knowledge upon. I know not what is real together, only what is real to me, as presented by my own perception.

To be in the current construct USA is to not accept the construct of GAIA as a living, loving individual independant cognitive being. Yet, day to day life leaves out the ability to change ones thinking about relations with the planet and adapt to the new paradigm of ‘ascention’.

Ascention is a fibonacci growth on a large number scale. Smaller scale things happen because larger things happen; at critical threshhold levels the doubling function supercedes fibonacci as a limit of growth and the input/output ratio of physics is one to one. You can only get out what you put in.

So nature, in her infinite wisdom, resets herself to one. From one, you are in danger of going back to zero and it all ends. Or you can remain at one, and spend time there while looking to expand to two, where growth can begin again on a new fractal level. When you embrace the fact that fibonacci counts zero, one, one , two; you realize that there are two number ones and they are qualitatively different.

I look at this as self and the collective. We are all part of each, and yet never excluded from either. Our systems have to approach beginning from both ones, not one or the other. The vibration has Einstein excited.

To step howdt into Gaia Villages is a reality that we can make happen. Planting the seeds of culture, different from many perspectives, have to be encouraged. The military industrial education complex that Ike warned about when I was born is now dominant in full spectrum force – but not in power. We have the power to control our own minds.

So Gaia Villagers are peace empowered to form guilds and get things done. rowing food, building small footprint structures and exchanging with Gaia on many scales replaces the need to work for a living. Instead we will be doing grander work, setting up a foundation to measure how we are doing our chosen work, not our assigned task from TPTUTB. We have optional forms of governance with a localized approach.

To be alone as one to think without distraction is of monumental utility. To create one’s own sympathetic space is nature. Gaia Villages Existence provides unique opportunity not generally afforded to individuals today – to make discovery in a new format of landscape. I would like to thank the sponsors of my effort over the past ten years – i could not have done this from inside the constraints of what we have now. I wrote a poem as lemme, called ‘there’s another there out there’. We are excluded from that thereout theree when embedded in the here, now, the current system that does not work.

We need a comparative system – a knew weigh – where we reevaluate all known facts and measure their correctness on many scales. Each guild will have its own criteria based on the tasks at hand within that guilds reality on site, developing foundational structure. We develop our own techniques from scratch, using the tools on hand. We come together locally in peace to trade goods and services on a small scale – not coming from the economic manipulations of corporate kleptocracy that we formerly called governance.

Economics cannot be a driving factor – Gaia metabolism has to be reestablished and embellished, without weather manipulations, mountaintop blasting, fracking, oceanic oil spills, etc. Gaia is a living being and a partner in exchange on many different scales. We share water, air, earth, fire and many resources. Let’s scribe our weighs, keep data measuring outcomes and build what our imagination requests. We have enough knowledge to assess what is real and what is a construct – we need to take a look at the pieces and decide if we are collectively playing checkers, chess, go, monopoly or nuclear war.

Is this the real life – is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality. Open your eyes, look up to the skies. And see.

Namaste’ … doc

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