Sound Powering IV: The Real Story

In working through an alternative concept of time, Doc goes back into the science fiction of the last century and pulls themes of characters working through different dimensions of time. Anathem‘s mathic kingdom makes sense as the fifth rendition of the history as the group got itself through the stagnation of the current time warp. You know what history is supposed to be, because you have lived it before.

Let’s do the time warp again.

The time sense of Donaldson’s White Gold Wielder series has the protagonist riding dreams to experience the history of another land in thousand year increments on a nightly basis. Like Inception’s four levels of dream with different time sense, the scale of being sets the ropes for how time increments.

Yet the perspective of the individual is best told in The Real Story, an epic of perception that details the antics of a space pirate in the ethos of the deep space. Each book in the series of six retells the same story from the back story of each character – the protagonist changes as the song remains the same. Let’s see this current holographic life, through the eyes of this sense of illusion. Every one of us is the star of our own Truman Show.

Let’s start with the very obvious, it is always now. Anytime you feel yourself perceiving something, you are in the moment of capture of what is going on in your now. Reading this brings you into a perspective of my immediate now, which is in your recent past. This is written in October, 2017 by the standard calendar – the day is the fourth sound powering in the current Treei time tract.

Treei is a 64 day calendar that follows a very strict concept base. The limbic mind served as the site of nucleation and time constant begins on the day of birth (or conception, the cycles overlap). The idea is that you start your cycle with your mass massing and you end it with a void voiding. In between you cycle the six other concept – form and flow, power and love, sound and mind in sequence and apply the rhythm of breadth at all scales.

I am approaching my 340th cycle – which allows me to start projects with intention and have plans in how to carry out the concept of the next 64 day period on the scale of focus for that project. My mind works simultaneously on many scales – it has a ground state level for each of the participating characters. You are the reality that you step into.

The ground state is you, alone. You share your time with other people, where people are defined as other consciousnesses that have their own free will. This means that the kitties and dog are each people, but in my world, the ducks and the geese are each one people, with the exception of Maxwell. Bang bang Maxwell silver hammer is a silver muscovy duck with an embedded blue gene.

This expresses itself as silver, so i have a single duck with a backstory that relates him to me, in a past life. Back in the early 1990’s, after I ‘bought the farm’, we decided to purchase a muscovy duck from Minnesota and have it shipped to Oregon to establish the blue line of color in the local black and white muscovy duck population.

I was a professional chemist, working for the deep state in the aerospace industry, fresh out of the school system. I was able to avoid a real job until i was in my thirties, but after a post-doc debacle of self (?) sabotage, i decided that  to be as far away from the rat race of the east coast megacity as i could be – a dystopia of kafkaesque proportions. In a fight or flight world, flight was always the solution – never looking back. It was a very naive weigh of assessing the world, but our perceptions are shaped by the environment around us, and our genetic nature.

Raising rabbits and ducks, and farm pets as a hobby kept my family busy as I added a second job teaching at a local community college at night. I learned how I learn, by investigating the depth of configuration from alternate perspective. It only goes so far in each direction, yet sometimes the assumptions differ, especially when embedded.

What is embedded? That is when you daily life is what it is and your perspective from your daily life is the only one you are allowed. Now allowed is a harsh word – because with free will, we are allowed anything. Yet common sense and reality often dictate what we are allowed to do and how it differs from what we think. We all accept gravity as a concept and we would never step off the cliff with the roadrunner in cartoon physics. Yet, like every cartoon, the physics of your personal reality changes based on what you believe or don’t believe.

Expanding consciousness is such, that if you don’t believe something, we tend to write it off as an anomaly. Quite often, we will say – i didn’t see that and convince ourselves something didn’t happen, because nobody else saw it when we did. It doesn’t make sense how the cat can walk past twice in the same direction, but i saw it happen enough times that i know cats can do this. They have a alternate time sense reality, because they have a different size of form.

From the cats perspective, i did a 20 mile hike in kitty world, wereas it was more like a 2 mile hike to the base camp V that i recently started conceptualizing. The book has been properly rained on, so the project is real and not an illusion – i actually have the experinece of seeing how organic structure forms itself given the nature of the surroundings. My hope is that it is not necessary, but on the scale we live upon, we don’t have the perspective of necessity at other scales.

Nature is dealing with climate change – which has been military engineered by the deep state as a form of total tactical control – full spectrum. The assault on life at all wavelengths beyond the visual is taking place technologically and the mind control is being sold to us as fait accompli. It is not. The idea that they tell us the can do more than they can actually do is part of the dyssinfomation campaign. The form that we believe in is not the basic structure of the universe.

How much of our physics is like astrology rather than astronomy? How much genetics is actually transparent to the acknowledgement of educated people, rather than the dumbed down strain of genetics pushed by major universites as the way it is, when they know it doesn’t work that way. The fraud of the student loan is that we have to pay them to lie to us as truth and get us to work as their slaves based on their truth. Economics is not the basis of sound social structure. Sociology follows the rules of chemistry and chemistry seems to make sense in itself, divorced from physics.

Physics, the physics of Einstein and Newton, has been superceded by the insight of people like James Clerk Maxwell. But Maxwell was simplified by Dirac, because the science of the day didn’t want us to know the potential of the interface between electricity and magnetism. Tesla, Rife, Reich, Russell, Steiner, how many more, buried by conscious decision to hide known information. So the game got played at one level in secret and another level in public and what is the real story?

We know that it is not Las Vegas, the American economy or Hollywood’s latest lurid sex tale. We do know that geoengineering and chemtrail spraying is a form of aerosol control to allow conduction of communications wave (5G) for total spectrum information collection. Who benefits? Who gets control of the information.

I want folks like Elana Friedman and Jim Lee and Francis Mengles and Matt Landman and .. and .. and … to have access to the information users to get a complete picture of what they think they are doing. I call it scattering industrial waste, but there might be a better answer when we get answers to basic questions.

The public servants are running the current asylum no longer. Anyone who misses the puppet show can engage in a separate reality by agreement – i no longer feel bound by the social contract established upon deceipt. Until i hear the real story from multiple observers, I will be a consciencious objector and live my life without paying attention to the legal ramifications on their fictional scale. The only scale is local and local is the only place in time where the now exists for each of us. I live in my own tardis.

Thyme to localize and do everything that we need to do, without asking permission or paying duty to anyone wishing to do something different, until the justification can earn our consent.

Namaste’ … doc, lemme, hari’, and the whole collection of sybil’s in the current personality sphere.

Refs: Neal Stephenson, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Stephen Donaldson, Inception, Stephen Donaldson, The Truman Show, Armando Busick, Dr. Who

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