Power Sounding IV: What is

Something is up, big time. There is a strong part of me that wishes to stand back and watch the entertainment industry feed on itself, but that is a big time distraction so that all eyes are away from the prize. The financial system is cooked and the powers that used to be are impaling themselves on their own swords in trying to save it.

The internet is full of all sorts of useful information, if you want to dig it out. The information is often provided out of context, but when you read between the lines, you can get a picture that looks a lot different than the one formally presented. There is a focus on material things, and the lack of transparency in the system that brings them to us. When we look at the underlying picture – there is no there there.

Today there is a special report out on cryptocurrencies, by none other than Benjamin Fulford. Doc has a history of becoming imbedded in the strange and the charmed. Often we cannot tell one from the other, especially when looking from the inside out. A trip to Las Vegas to deliver some financial records concerning huge value bearer bonds turned out to be an insanity of many illusions competing for space in the reality of the day. Thanksgiving in a black baptist church with football and turkey was a respite from normality, and the delivery of the goods to a non-traditional judge over four separate meetings required ‘holding space’ to allow it to all happen. Fulford provided documentation to David Wilcock that became the internet book Finanacial Tyranny, which started the fall of this faux empire of greed.

You see the house of cards tumbling today. The idea of cryptocurrency as a safe stash place for value depends on the electrical grid remaining intact. The science that we all know, the stuff taught in school, explains how electicity is generated by the consumption of fuels, coal and oil being the major inputs. The plug in the wall has a lot of connections, behind the scenes, to give you the power to run your household. Yet we are at the mercy of the power companies and the electric grid.

Really? In this day of wireless technology, the powers that used to be expect us to believe this. If they tell us a lie and repeat it enough times, is that good enough for ‘mericans to believe? Listen to the media, they cannot even get Las Vegas right. Realize, they are not trying. The more everybody worries about you-tube censorship and fake news, the more nobody is paying any attention to the fact that the walls of reality are tumbling down.

Let’s look at basic physics. We are taught that electricity and magnetism are related to each other as perpendicular radiant fields – electric flow is ninety degrees away from magnetic flow. The force falls off with the square of the distance, so electricity can be run through a wire and the magnetic effects distributed in the immediate vicinity. This all has to do with the material nature of reality – the fact that matter and energy are intercontrovertable. Can we question this basis of reality? Apparently not.

Energy is expressed in wave form – the measurement units are cycles per second. The scale of wavelength can be very short with high energy in the red range, or very long with low energy on the blue/violet side of the scale. Our vision allows us access to the visible light spectrum, a small narrow portion of the whole that allows for the creation of our material world, and Madonna was a material girl. The duality of nature as particle and wave is not readily understood, so in physics, they ignore the wave and focus on the particle. I am glad that i am not a physicist.

The idea of chemistry being based on physics is fundamental to the understanding of the processes of chemistry. The fact that the university system teaches sequestered knowledge from a gleaned data base allows the powers that were to hide many relevant facts and teach obfuscations that lead away from the ‘known’ reality of today. The whole 5G game is using microwave energy to cook protein – this is not a viable world communications creation. It is literally cooking us alive. So who benefits? Those who feel that humanity is a deplorable set of useless eaters.

What if our whole basis is holographic and not material. Then anything that can be explained in the material universe is worked for an angle that establishes it to be true to the senses. The visible spectrum of our sight is very narrow in the frame of what we can see, versus what is out there. If atoms are mostly empty space and space is an illusion, then we bind ourselves with images to a reality that is an artificial construct. I warrent that our world has been photoshopped ever since they rolled out television.

It makes sense to me, that the history that we have been presented in our lifetimes is a self-serving stack of garbage produced by our controllers, these powers that usta be. They are now grasping at straws and cannot even align their own images, in the face of growing disbelief in all of their fake news. Let’s realize that we have fake education also. The basis of life is holographic – can we explore that in different terms?

The electric universe at thunderbolts.com does just that. The books that have been published in science over the years have been rewritten to remove reference to things that we knew and substituted with things that they want us to believe. When we run through the litany of stars from 100 years past, we find tesla, walter russell, schauberger, rife, reich and many other brilliant people buried in the notes but not referenced in the thoughts. Now they roll it our again as new, so we can buy their technology – don’t buy into it.

There is no democracy in the ‘merican system. Votes do not matter, but the time spent collecting them is a significant waste of time for all those involved. Nothing is ever invented by a committee. The one person in the room who comprehends how things really work, explains what has to happen in physical terms to allow what is currently here to continue and everyone else follows because their basis set of learned beliefs tells them it is true. That basis set is fraudulent, Scotty can beam you up at any time.

Let’s explore the nature of time … in our next segment.

Namaste’ … doc

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