Love Minding IV:

Okay, thyme to get back to base knowledge. What do we know for sure? I am. You are. I am we and you are me and we are all together, helter skelter. The universe acts on a hyperbolic function. When you get too big for your own sense of scale, the universe assumes you to be at the next level of scale.

Humans are not working on human scale. The depth of the misconception has led to the question of what is true within our knowledge base. The fact that some of us are playing on a different time field than others gives some folks a very unfair advantage. The rules of a game are meant to be played fairly, not a game to fleece the flocks.

Give a little bit. Give a little bit of your life to me. Supertramp was one of my favorites, the business of the game is a disclaimer on the work of Rodger Hodgson – i wonder what the back story is. Everything has a back story. Sometimes, the further back you go, the more clear the fuzzy details become. I find out new facts to replace the old facts and sometimes the changes begin to create an astrological sum.

Numbers reset when they get to the next scale. Fibonacci begat a series than Mandlebrot ran with; somehow we disCERNed a Mandela Effect. The common belief system has broken down, because the house of cards could no longer sustain. How deep is the rabbit hole? Go ask Alice, when she’s ten feet tall.

If in doubt, go back to basic premises. Chemistry works for me. I opened up a gate and travelled into Walter Russell and my mind no longer works the same. Fields are morphological and things happen because we believe them to be true. I always assumed the physics underlying my chemistry knowledge was true; it made sense and other very smart people believed it. We could make predictions based on it and measure the results in a laboratory to tell if our predictions are true.

Somehow, i got locked out of my laboratory. I drifted into a lab of the mind, where nothing is real, so there’s nothing to get hung about. Nature provides the answers to all questions, as long as you ask the proper questions. Getting along is going along. I want to be, under the sea, in an Octopus’ garden. It’s just that we are not allowed to imagine for ourselves – we have to take the images off the screen. That is like using cartoon physics.

I object. I rule the world, as master of the castle of my own mind. I play in the reality of the whirled, as imagined and cry a lot when it doesn’t turn out to be how i thought it so. I get ideas and run with them, then find out that i cannot make them happen because they are prohibited. The laws of physics can be very prohibitive when you disobey them;   Even though Roadrunner stands away from Wile E. on just the air, Daniel broke his arm falling out of the apple tree at a young age.  Funny how i thought of that yesterday morning when Izzy treed a brown bear.

The wizard of Izzy, is a 50 lb white shadow under the breed of pit bull. She is a rescue dog and a constant companion. When she uses her deep bark, I tend to notice. The 150 or so pound bear was sitting in the apple tree and had about 50 pounds of apples knocked down. I got to about 15 feet and smiled – she wasn’t too big and she is used to harvesting from this tree for many years before i got here last summer. About two dozen apples had single bites taken.

We watered the orchard consistantly this year and this one green apple tree just kept fruiting and not ripening. The apples were small and sour in september. But they didn’t fall. It really hasn’t weathered properly this year at all. The fires were instigated by spraying dessicants – can’t we ban atmospheric industrial waste? Oops – back to topic.

The apples here on October 22 are awesome. The bear knocking them down has me making apple sauce, and playing with cinnamon and other spices. Vanilla works good – and chocolate/peanut butter apple sauce is an interesting treat. You can use too much of either, but when you get the balance right …

So, Izzy ran the bear off to the nearby woods, but you could tell from the interaction that the bear was familiar with this dog and the chase was not fierce – more like an escort. I have found half a dozen different scat piles from a variety of critters – we have big cats and coyotes and elk and deer in addition to the bear. Plus skunks and a pair of beavers.

The fence helped keep the rest of the birds alive, so we take eight geese and thirteen ducks into the winter, plus three cats, two humans and underdog. All fibonacci numbers, hmm. Always under foot, Izzy the white shadow. She can say she ran off the bear, but i get the sense that nature wants us to interact and learn that all of our preconceptions are not true. That is, we can no longer believe anything that we were taught and have to verify each bit of knowledge against what we know, before we can accept it. And then, only at face value.

So, where do we go from here? Still lookin for that routine, summer time queen, prettiest girl that you have seen. See her walk on a movie screen like … Jimmy Dean. Jimmy Dean? James Dean.

How do we make sense of this world? We don’t, just sit back and watch, and have supplies to live on hand, just in case. Water, clean food, attitude adjustment apparatus. Get ready to measure, to see what will be.

Namaste’ … doc

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