Love Massing IV: An Alternative Theory of Time

We are still hearing about the Las Vegas shootings ten days later. This seems to be a temporal marker to the time line split. It sure seems that the shooting was staged, covered up and swept under the rug. There seems to be a play to change the formal governance of the sheeple, but not on this pathway. The current universe is holographic and the substance is motile. The Mandela effect seems real, when you consider changing our perception of time.

I now know that we create the world we live in, without all the trappings. Each of us creates our own world simultaneously and the merger of individual time lines yields the temporal space we find ourselves in. It is belief based – if we didn’t think it was true, we wouldn’t be cognizant here. We would find ourselves on a time line more in tune with what we think.

We have the ability to create images of other people on our own time lines, in the image of how we ‘know’ them to be. They are there in material presence, but not completely there in the aetherosphere. Their images and actions are what we expect of them, knowing their personality. The true person is in their own personal reality on their own time line. If it converges with ours, then we co-create, but if it doesn’t, we have just created another one of the sheeple. Other people create images of us that are not totally functional, provide a key ingredient in the interactive display of ‘real’ life.

Cats seem to be able to swim through multiple time lines. They grok when we are sheeple on other people’s time lines. We are barely cognizant that our life force is being split, until we have too many of us running around on simultaneous different time lines. Then we feel hollow. A near death experience on our own timeline causes true death experience on adjacent time lines and removes us from the places where we really shouldn’t be, based upon other’s thought patterns.

My kitties are currently very wigged out. Both Einstein and Yage are being pests, fighting each other for the right to sit on my journal as I write. This is common, they get direct attention by being badly behaved. I finally tossed Einstein out – his bouncing off walls was being a distraction to my thinking clearly. The goal is to get these thoughts together to explain the premise, that time does not function at all like we are taught that it does.

People never leave the primary time line that their essence is upon. When we construct somebody who isn’t with us in thought and action, they pass away as soon as the utility that we needed them for has evolved past the point where we need their presence. This allows them to have more of their own essence on their own divergent time line.

Time lines differ in the frequency that they resonate. When you hold a higher frequency, you have more time to contemplate actions in your own presence. You have the ability to change your own reality – but only in the context of what you believe is possible. Most people are limited by the Einsteinian concepts of time and space.

This past weekend, I read a massive article by David Wilcock at divine cosmos. I have generally lost patience with the man and his aura of ego at Gaia TV – he is pushing a message that doesn’t resonate. However, I had access to the back story on his Financial Disclosure book from five years ago and his reporting then was spot on with my personal perspective. I know that he has information sources that confirm and correlate with my current world view.

World view defines specifically which main time line we are on. If we live in fear and lack, we generate more of the same. When we live in abundance, then everything we need seems to flow to where it is to be exactly when we need it to be there. As I look at relativity reality, I have to decipher which of the possible time lines a certain set of actions come from and respond from where I currently am – so as to not be taken off my preferred time line by subtly changing a belief to conform to somebody else’s narrative.

I have a working hypothesis of 13 concurrent time lines, from highest order light to lowest order darkness, with the prism of frequency branching to separate all the possibilities from each other, in gradient form. As individuals shift their personal timeline onto one of these group menage’s, our access to other time lines diminishes and we become constrained consciously to the reality that we believe.

Thus, multiple forms of the same self exists on these different time lines, as participants in the action and not functionally generating that particular reality, because the underlying conscious is not there. There is a dependence upon who is generating the individual timeline and how it merges with one of the group time lines. You generate a personal time line with your belief that fits comfortably in a group timeline, co-created by the group of people resonating actively at that same frequency. Once we see how the mechanism can work, we can make a conscious choice to leave behind what we don’t want, by excluding it from our realm of possibility.

So – lemme and doc are entrapped in a lemme/doc world where most of the common characters are animals: Izzy the Wonder Dog, Einstein, Yage and Brindle, the three muskikittens, the geese and ducks, the other human. All the non-human animals have the ability to be on every time line simultaneously, as they span the frequencies of all time.

Let’s define the thirteen spheres in the Mayan calendar as the time lines. These are magnetic, lunar, electric, self-existing, overtone, rhythmic, resonant, galactic, solar, planetary, spectral, crystal and cosmic. We can be on all time lines, but our thinking process resides mainly on one. The system operates as a mobius strip, where cosmic and magnetic are next door to each other. Look at it like Ms. Pacman leaving the screen on one side and returning on the other. Adjacent levels have self-similarity – but can differ by up to 50% in the context while holding the same ‘relative’ story line. One jump away levels have 25% integrity between them, double jumps are 12% … not very close at all. You can see how quickly this falls off, when you change the integrity of the illusion.

If each world concept is a different time line at a different frequency, then all time can be simultaneous, and yet take place as if it wasn’t current. When Doug and Tony came back to 1960’s American society in the Time Tunnel at ten times normal speed, they found that they could only interact by making a physical change that could be spotted by the normals to tell they had been there. The only solution was to go back into the time tunnel and travel elsewhere, yet they were so close (and yet so far).

Temporally, time has to move forward. However, the increments of time are fractals of each other, on different scales. Big and small are relative to each other. What is to say that the very big is not the exact image of the very small? As above, so below. In fact, it seems that the current powers that used to be can photoshop anything into our consciousness to consume. How do we actually develop technology?

We do it through consciousness. In human life today, essential knowledge is sequestered away from we, the people, by patents, copyrights and other legal and illegal means. Elon Musk rolling out Tesla to capitalize on the myth, while still hiding the essential knowledge of what Tesla had to say, is just another means of controlling the masses, to be held at lower frequency.

So let’s return to the essential of human thought – Beatles lyrics. ‘Let me take you down, cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields. Nothing is real, so there’s nothing to get hung about. Strawberry Fields forever.’

I am the walrus. (here’s another clue for you all, the walrus was Paul)

Namaste’ … doc

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