Flow Powering IV: The Power to Change

There is no way to make heads or tails over the news events that are presented to us. There is an obvious sense that things take place for reasons, yet the current state of affairs seems to be created for our benefit – to scare the bejeevers out of us. Las Vegas is just another shot over the brow … The question is why?

The reason is that we need to stop. The belief in what we are doing is insane – we have no idea who we even are. Can we step back for a moment and ask – how did i become part of this we? What part of inclusion do i have, when i do not choose to participate in the events? Who represents us in this system.

No one, this system is ridiculous. Why do we have to play by the rules of universal commercial code, when we do not participate in their commerce? Which of us mericans ever had a say in our form of governance? The whole game of Monopoly, where banks run everything, is over – we have to find a different medium for servicing ourselves that takes better care of Gaia, this living, breathing planet.

Oh – the current US govt does take care of the planet. Look how dispersed the defense department is – all over the world except here. Why are any of our national guard currently overseas? Why do we need licenses to do normal things, and yet allow the govt to take license to do anything that they can get away with?

Thyme to stop. Do not be the cog in the wheel. When nobody goes to work, the game is over. It is a house of cards, based on money, which has no intrinsic value. Is your boss really your boss, or is he your controller? Every one of us is controlled and we are not the individuals in control.

Or are we? I can control my own behavior; therefore I catch abuse as somebody to be worried about. I am not under substance; however every one of us is under substance, as food and water are substances. How much of what we know from school is actually true? How could we even tell, in most cases. Fake news is based on fake knowledge.

The new game is to figure out who you are. What do you want? How do you contribute to the game? The solution – Start your own new Existence game. Take what you have now and convert it to what you want. We each control our own selves – let’s see who needs to control others and have them play a different game. Stop believing the media and stop believing what your education taught you. Start thinking for yourself. Use the knew weigh to measure what you thought you knew, to confirm the data.

If it isn’t true, then why bother? Acting on false belief cannot possibly get me a favorable result. Find a basis set of what you know for sure and build on it from there. Evaluate all our assumptions, and then question what leads up into them. I can base reality on chemistry, i know a bit about the subject.

Thyme also has to control personal prejudice. Everybody has value to themselves; we need to respect that individuals have free will and expect that they are well informed about what they know. Go back to first principles and treat everyone by the golden rule – assume that you are dealing with you and treat them how you wish to be treated. They could be living inĀ  different reality than you.

Have patience with yourself, and take the time to get to know you. We have all the time in the world, because nothing that you believe is true unless you can verify it. Go back to square one – find yourself. Then move on to square two and find how you fit into the world at large. This is actually still square one – it is the flip side to being an individual is working within your groups of individuals.

What is a group? You are a group of one. Anything that relates to you becomes part of a group with you. Some things are inanimate – let’s leave them out of your group for now. Only alive things are allowed to be in your group. But everything that carries water is alive – plants, animals, fungi, and many other things. Organic chemistry provides a scaffold for life.

Group theory in chemistry is the way atoms arrange themselves in molecular space. Consider yourself a human atom and see who your nearest neighbors are. How do you interact with them. In my case, three of them purr, while the other two bark. One of them even speaks human, though i beg to differ if i have to consider myself the same species.

The old game is over. The thyme has come for jubilee; to walk away from the old debt systems entirely and work from scratch to create new systems, which can be completely different. The land is abundant, let’s make everything freely available, do wise use to conserve resources and enable everyone to grow, both literally and figuratively.

Wen we are each free to pursue our passions, and enable each other to enjoy our unique presence, then purrhapps the three kitties will be proved to be correct, in that love is all there is and it ain’t worth the time to complain, if you’re not going to change.

Namaste’ … doc


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