Flow Minding IV: Smoking Gun

If we wish to address conspiracy theories directly, then how about providing explanations to the critics?

Doc has been asking questions about chemtrail spraying for the past decade.  The burden of proof has been ignored and now the media is telling us that this is a done deal. Really? Barium, strontium and aluminum all have latent health effects in biological chemistry.

Investigators like Dane Wiggington and Michael Murphy have done their proper homework and need to be addressed. The power to act is limited in access. The spraying is now called solar radiation management – and it is exactly what was stated in What in the World are they Spraying, filmed almost a decade ago.

Doc wrote a paper with Matt Landman on the social implications of geo-engineering, submitted to Northwestern University for a conference this past spring. It was not accepted, yet the conference was held to discuss the rules of implementing solar radiation management. If as a professional chemist who has been addressing this topic for years, doc cannot be heard, then how much does our system listen? Not at all.

So – how do we address the reality of not being heard? By being sovereign and not participating in globalization. Instead, we choose localization and create groups of us, amongst our friends and adversaries and set rules for how to be in community with each other. The weigh to address governance is to take control on a personal basis.

Do not be afraid. The current fear porn presented as news is totally polarizing. Let’s all lose the anger first. If you need to break something, go break a chair. Quit breaking your fellow human beings by telling them how to be, instead demonstrate how to be by first hand action. You have control of you. They have big guns. So what, they are not going to shoot us all, especially if they can mind control us to shoot each other.

Start Reading. You are reading this, so you know how to read. The depth required for written argument is much more substantial than the spoken word. All to often, I’ll watch an emotionally charged video commentator say a whole bunch of unjustified assumptions. We need to question everything.

But then, after we accept the truths as we see them, we need to develop an internal consistency within our own identity. Insanity is holding two opposite thoughts concurrently. Let’s allow everyone their own internal reality, and not force our personal reality externally onto others. If they ask …

namaste … doc


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