Sound Sounding IV: Gaia Villages

How do I make the case for change? It seems that the path of Hari Seldon through psychohistory has been taken from fiction into fact. There is a developing science of neouro-physics crossed with genetic engineering as part of the AI mind control Kurtzwell delusion. I like the Existence form of chemosociology better, altho chemopyschopathology would be the turn of the not so friendly cards.

Any weigh, I have been told by three different people that i have to earn a living. I question the basis set of their life style and they tell me, oh just reconnect as thought it would solve all of their worries of economic collapse. I have no valid ID, i carry no papers and my identity has been taken by the deep state after i wouldn’t play along. The cliff is here and the lemmings are pushing the pack toward the edge and piling in from behind. They pay no attention to the man behind the curtain …

Do I have what i need to present a new model system that could work if given a chance? Yes. I can take the Gaia Village model using the formula of We Choose Love and run with a meritocracy of self-selected individuals that have the personal means to dare to do something different. There are eight levels coming and going and the starting target and ending target change generationally in a revolving torus, a grid of eight by eight, with perushka mandala capability.

We are all prisoners here, of our own device. Physical prisoners of our own minds, with self-constructed limits called time and space. Einstein said Imagination is more important than knowledge, and played mind games with himself in imagining what physics could be. Maxwell was closer earlier to true physics, but reality has been coopted for somebody else’s benefit – hence our economics based world. What if we throw away economics and travel to a land of abundance? It all depends on what we believe is conscious.

Our senses want to believe things that are unbelievable, and so we give ourselves an image that is what we base our foundation of knowledge upon. I know not what is real together, only what is real to me, as presented by my own perception.

To be in the current construct USA is to not accept the construct of GAIA as a living, loving individual independant cognitive being. Yet, day to day life leaves out the ability to change ones thinking about relations with the planet and adapt to the new paradigm of ‘ascention’.

Ascention is a fibonacci growth on a large number scale. Smaller scale things happen because larger things happen; at critical threshhold levels the doubling function supercedes fibonacci as a limit of growth and the input/output ratio of physics is one to one. You can only get out what you put in.

So nature, in her infinite wisdom, resets herself to one. From one, you are in danger of going back to zero and it all ends. Or you can remain at one, and spend time there while looking to expand to two, where growth can begin again on a new fractal level. When you embrace the fact that fibonacci counts zero, one, one , two; you realize that there are two number ones and they are qualitatively different.

I look at this as self and the collective. We are all part of each, and yet never excluded from either. Our systems have to approach beginning from both ones, not one or the other. The vibration has Einstein excited.

To step howdt into Gaia Villages is a reality that we can make happen. Planting the seeds of culture, different from many perspectives, have to be encouraged. The military industrial education complex that Ike warned about when I was born is now dominant in full spectrum force – but not in power. We have the power to control our own minds.

So Gaia Villagers are peace empowered to form guilds and get things done. rowing food, building small footprint structures and exchanging with Gaia on many scales replaces the need to work for a living. Instead we will be doing grander work, setting up a foundation to measure how we are doing our chosen work, not our assigned task from TPTUTB. We have optional forms of governance with a localized approach.

To be alone as one to think without distraction is of monumental utility. To create one’s own sympathetic space is nature. Gaia Villages Existence provides unique opportunity not generally afforded to individuals today – to make discovery in a new format of landscape. I would like to thank the sponsors of my effort over the past ten years – i could not have done this from inside the constraints of what we have now. I wrote a poem as lemme, called ‘there’s another there out there’. We are excluded from that thereout theree when embedded in the here, now, the current system that does not work.

We need a comparative system – a knew weigh – where we reevaluate all known facts and measure their correctness on many scales. Each guild will have its own criteria based on the tasks at hand within that guilds reality on site, developing foundational structure. We develop our own techniques from scratch, using the tools on hand. We come together locally in peace to trade goods and services on a small scale – not coming from the economic manipulations of corporate kleptocracy that we formerly called governance.

Economics cannot be a driving factor – Gaia metabolism has to be reestablished and embellished, without weather manipulations, mountaintop blasting, fracking, oceanic oil spills, etc. Gaia is a living being and a partner in exchange on many different scales. We share water, air, earth, fire and many resources. Let’s scribe our weighs, keep data measuring outcomes and build what our imagination requests. We have enough knowledge to assess what is real and what is a construct – we need to take a look at the pieces and decide if we are collectively playing checkers, chess, go, monopoly or nuclear war.

Is this the real life – is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality. Open your eyes, look up to the skies. And see.

Namaste’ … doc

Refs: Asimov, Eagles, Einstein, Queen, Flying Buffalo Inc

Sound Powering IV: The Real Story

In working through an alternative concept of time, Doc goes back into the science fiction of the last century and pulls themes of characters working through different dimensions of time. Anathem‘s mathic kingdom makes sense as the fifth rendition of the history as the group got itself through the stagnation of the current time warp. You know what history is supposed to be, because you have lived it before.

Let’s do the time warp again.

The time sense of Donaldson’s White Gold Wielder series has the protagonist riding dreams to experience the history of another land in thousand year increments on a nightly basis. Like Inception’s four levels of dream with different time sense, the scale of being sets the ropes for how time increments.

Yet the perspective of the individual is best told in The Real Story, an epic of perception that details the antics of a space pirate in the ethos of the deep space. Each book in the series of six retells the same story from the back story of each character – the protagonist changes as the song remains the same. Let’s see this current holographic life, through the eyes of this sense of illusion. Every one of us is the star of our own Truman Show.

Let’s start with the very obvious, it is always now. Anytime you feel yourself perceiving something, you are in the moment of capture of what is going on in your now. Reading this brings you into a perspective of my immediate now, which is in your recent past. This is written in October, 2017 by the standard calendar – the day is the fourth sound powering in the current Treei time tract.

Treei is a 64 day calendar that follows a very strict concept base. The limbic mind served as the site of nucleation and time constant begins on the day of birth (or conception, the cycles overlap). The idea is that you start your cycle with your mass massing and you end it with a void voiding. In between you cycle the six other concept – form and flow, power and love, sound and mind in sequence and apply the rhythm of breadth at all scales.

I am approaching my 340th cycle – which allows me to start projects with intention and have plans in how to carry out the concept of the next 64 day period on the scale of focus for that project. My mind works simultaneously on many scales – it has a ground state level for each of the participating characters. You are the reality that you step into.

The ground state is you, alone. You share your time with other people, where people are defined as other consciousnesses that have their own free will. This means that the kitties and dog are each people, but in my world, the ducks and the geese are each one people, with the exception of Maxwell. Bang bang Maxwell silver hammer is a silver muscovy duck with an embedded blue gene.

This expresses itself as silver, so i have a single duck with a backstory that relates him to me, in a past life. Back in the early 1990’s, after I ‘bought the farm’, we decided to purchase a muscovy duck from Minnesota and have it shipped to Oregon to establish the blue line of color in the local black and white muscovy duck population.

I was a professional chemist, working for the deep state in the aerospace industry, fresh out of the school system. I was able to avoid a real job until i was in my thirties, but after a post-doc debacle of self (?) sabotage, i decided that  to be as far away from the rat race of the east coast megacity as i could be – a dystopia of kafkaesque proportions. In a fight or flight world, flight was always the solution – never looking back. It was a very naive weigh of assessing the world, but our perceptions are shaped by the environment around us, and our genetic nature.

Raising rabbits and ducks, and farm pets as a hobby kept my family busy as I added a second job teaching at a local community college at night. I learned how I learn, by investigating the depth of configuration from alternate perspective. It only goes so far in each direction, yet sometimes the assumptions differ, especially when embedded.

What is embedded? That is when you daily life is what it is and your perspective from your daily life is the only one you are allowed. Now allowed is a harsh word – because with free will, we are allowed anything. Yet common sense and reality often dictate what we are allowed to do and how it differs from what we think. We all accept gravity as a concept and we would never step off the cliff with the roadrunner in cartoon physics. Yet, like every cartoon, the physics of your personal reality changes based on what you believe or don’t believe.

Expanding consciousness is such, that if you don’t believe something, we tend to write it off as an anomaly. Quite often, we will say – i didn’t see that and convince ourselves something didn’t happen, because nobody else saw it when we did. It doesn’t make sense how the cat can walk past twice in the same direction, but i saw it happen enough times that i know cats can do this. They have a alternate time sense reality, because they have a different size of form.

From the cats perspective, i did a 20 mile hike in kitty world, wereas it was more like a 2 mile hike to the base camp V that i recently started conceptualizing. The book has been properly rained on, so the project is real and not an illusion – i actually have the experinece of seeing how organic structure forms itself given the nature of the surroundings. My hope is that it is not necessary, but on the scale we live upon, we don’t have the perspective of necessity at other scales.

Nature is dealing with climate change – which has been military engineered by the deep state as a form of total tactical control – full spectrum. The assault on life at all wavelengths beyond the visual is taking place technologically and the mind control is being sold to us as fait accompli. It is not. The idea that they tell us the can do more than they can actually do is part of the dyssinfomation campaign. The form that we believe in is not the basic structure of the universe.

How much of our physics is like astrology rather than astronomy? How much genetics is actually transparent to the acknowledgement of educated people, rather than the dumbed down strain of genetics pushed by major universites as the way it is, when they know it doesn’t work that way. The fraud of the student loan is that we have to pay them to lie to us as truth and get us to work as their slaves based on their truth. Economics is not the basis of sound social structure. Sociology follows the rules of chemistry and chemistry seems to make sense in itself, divorced from physics.

Physics, the physics of Einstein and Newton, has been superceded by the insight of people like James Clerk Maxwell. But Maxwell was simplified by Dirac, because the science of the day didn’t want us to know the potential of the interface between electricity and magnetism. Tesla, Rife, Reich, Russell, Steiner, how many more, buried by conscious decision to hide known information. So the game got played at one level in secret and another level in public and what is the real story?

We know that it is not Las Vegas, the American economy or Hollywood’s latest lurid sex tale. We do know that geoengineering and chemtrail spraying is a form of aerosol control to allow conduction of communications wave (5G) for total spectrum information collection. Who benefits? Who gets control of the information.

I want folks like Elana Friedman and Jim Lee and Francis Mengles and Matt Landman and .. and .. and … to have access to the information users to get a complete picture of what they think they are doing. I call it scattering industrial waste, but there might be a better answer when we get answers to basic questions.

The public servants are running the current asylum no longer. Anyone who misses the puppet show can engage in a separate reality by agreement – i no longer feel bound by the social contract established upon deceipt. Until i hear the real story from multiple observers, I will be a consciencious objector and live my life without paying attention to the legal ramifications on their fictional scale. The only scale is local and local is the only place in time where the now exists for each of us. I live in my own tardis.

Thyme to localize and do everything that we need to do, without asking permission or paying duty to anyone wishing to do something different, until the justification can earn our consent.

Namaste’ … doc, lemme, hari’, and the whole collection of sybil’s in the current personality sphere.

Refs: Neal Stephenson, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Stephen Donaldson, Inception, Stephen Donaldson, The Truman Show, Armando Busick, Dr. Who

Love Minding IV:

Okay, thyme to get back to base knowledge. What do we know for sure? I am. You are. I am we and you are me and we are all together, helter skelter. The universe acts on a hyperbolic function. When you get too big for your own sense of scale, the universe assumes you to be at the next level of scale.

Humans are not working on human scale. The depth of the misconception has led to the question of what is true within our knowledge base. The fact that some of us are playing on a different time field than others gives some folks a very unfair advantage. The rules of a game are meant to be played fairly, not a game to fleece the flocks.

Give a little bit. Give a little bit of your life to me. Supertramp was one of my favorites, the business of the game is a disclaimer on the work of Rodger Hodgson – i wonder what the back story is. Everything has a back story. Sometimes, the further back you go, the more clear the fuzzy details become. I find out new facts to replace the old facts and sometimes the changes begin to create an astrological sum.

Numbers reset when they get to the next scale. Fibonacci begat a series than Mandlebrot ran with; somehow we disCERNed a Mandela Effect. The common belief system has broken down, because the house of cards could no longer sustain. How deep is the rabbit hole? Go ask Alice, when she’s ten feet tall.

If in doubt, go back to basic premises. Chemistry works for me. I opened up a gate and travelled into Walter Russell and my mind no longer works the same. Fields are morphological and things happen because we believe them to be true. I always assumed the physics underlying my chemistry knowledge was true; it made sense and other very smart people believed it. We could make predictions based on it and measure the results in a laboratory to tell if our predictions are true.

Somehow, i got locked out of my laboratory. I drifted into a lab of the mind, where nothing is real, so there’s nothing to get hung about. Nature provides the answers to all questions, as long as you ask the proper questions. Getting along is going along. I want to be, under the sea, in an Octopus’ garden. It’s just that we are not allowed to imagine for ourselves – we have to take the images off the screen. That is like using cartoon physics.

I object. I rule the world, as master of the castle of my own mind. I play in the reality of the whirled, as imagined and cry a lot when it doesn’t turn out to be how i thought it so. I get ideas and run with them, then find out that i cannot make them happen because they are prohibited. The laws of physics can be very prohibitive when you disobey them;   Even though Roadrunner stands away from Wile E. on just the air, Daniel broke his arm falling out of the apple tree at a young age.  Funny how i thought of that yesterday morning when Izzy treed a brown bear.

The wizard of Izzy, is a 50 lb white shadow under the breed of pit bull. She is a rescue dog and a constant companion. When she uses her deep bark, I tend to notice. The 150 or so pound bear was sitting in the apple tree and had about 50 pounds of apples knocked down. I got to about 15 feet and smiled – she wasn’t too big and she is used to harvesting from this tree for many years before i got here last summer. About two dozen apples had single bites taken.

We watered the orchard consistantly this year and this one green apple tree just kept fruiting and not ripening. The apples were small and sour in september. But they didn’t fall. It really hasn’t weathered properly this year at all. The fires were instigated by spraying dessicants – can’t we ban atmospheric industrial waste? Oops – back to topic.

The apples here on October 22 are awesome. The bear knocking them down has me making apple sauce, and playing with cinnamon and other spices. Vanilla works good – and chocolate/peanut butter apple sauce is an interesting treat. You can use too much of either, but when you get the balance right …

So, Izzy ran the bear off to the nearby woods, but you could tell from the interaction that the bear was familiar with this dog and the chase was not fierce – more like an escort. I have found half a dozen different scat piles from a variety of critters – we have big cats and coyotes and elk and deer in addition to the bear. Plus skunks and a pair of beavers.

The fence helped keep the rest of the birds alive, so we take eight geese and thirteen ducks into the winter, plus three cats, two humans and underdog. All fibonacci numbers, hmm. Always under foot, Izzy the white shadow. She can say she ran off the bear, but i get the sense that nature wants us to interact and learn that all of our preconceptions are not true. That is, we can no longer believe anything that we were taught and have to verify each bit of knowledge against what we know, before we can accept it. And then, only at face value.

So, where do we go from here? Still lookin for that routine, summer time queen, prettiest girl that you have seen. See her walk on a movie screen like … Jimmy Dean. Jimmy Dean? James Dean.

How do we make sense of this world? We don’t, just sit back and watch, and have supplies to live on hand, just in case. Water, clean food, attitude adjustment apparatus. Get ready to measure, to see what will be.

Namaste’ … doc

Refs:  Beatles, Supertramp, Jefferson Airplane, Beatles, Beatles, David Essex

Love Flowing IV: Dialog by Two

Gonna go   – Go, where?

Anywhere but here   – there?

Everywhere is different   – care?

Not one in the world   – whirled?

Spinning place, rock is rolling   – quakes?

In their boots: fear porn   – media?

Fake news with fake ideas   – school?

Knowledge repeating false facts   – nature?

Burning brightly   – stars?

Legends in their own minds   – elites?

Ego driven tools   – women?

Witches, wretches, and wenches – men?

My way or the highway   – so?

Gonna go


lemme howdt – 2017 creative commons

twitter @lennythyme

Love Massing IV: An Alternative Theory of Time

We are still hearing about the Las Vegas shootings ten days later. This seems to be a temporal marker to the time line split. It sure seems that the shooting was staged, covered up and swept under the rug. There seems to be a play to change the formal governance of the sheeple, but not on this pathway. The current universe is holographic and the substance is motile. The Mandela effect seems real, when you consider changing our perception of time.

I now know that we create the world we live in, without all the trappings. Each of us creates our own world simultaneously and the merger of individual time lines yields the temporal space we find ourselves in. It is belief based – if we didn’t think it was true, we wouldn’t be cognizant here. We would find ourselves on a time line more in tune with what we think.

We have the ability to create images of other people on our own time lines, in the image of how we ‘know’ them to be. They are there in material presence, but not completely there in the aetherosphere. Their images and actions are what we expect of them, knowing their personality. The true person is in their own personal reality on their own time line. If it converges with ours, then we co-create, but if it doesn’t, we have just created another one of the sheeple. Other people create images of us that are not totally functional, provide a key ingredient in the interactive display of ‘real’ life.

Cats seem to be able to swim through multiple time lines. They grok when we are sheeple on other people’s time lines. We are barely cognizant that our life force is being split, until we have too many of us running around on simultaneous different time lines. Then we feel hollow. A near death experience on our own timeline causes true death experience on adjacent time lines and removes us from the places where we really shouldn’t be, based upon other’s thought patterns.

My kitties are currently very wigged out. Both Einstein and Yage are being pests, fighting each other for the right to sit on my journal as I write. This is common, they get direct attention by being badly behaved. I finally tossed Einstein out – his bouncing off walls was being a distraction to my thinking clearly. The goal is to get these thoughts together to explain the premise, that time does not function at all like we are taught that it does.

People never leave the primary time line that their essence is upon. When we construct somebody who isn’t with us in thought and action, they pass away as soon as the utility that we needed them for has evolved past the point where we need their presence. This allows them to have more of their own essence on their own divergent time line.

Time lines differ in the frequency that they resonate. When you hold a higher frequency, you have more time to contemplate actions in your own presence. You have the ability to change your own reality – but only in the context of what you believe is possible. Most people are limited by the Einsteinian concepts of time and space.

This past weekend, I read a massive article by David Wilcock at divine cosmos. I have generally lost patience with the man and his aura of ego at Gaia TV – he is pushing a message that doesn’t resonate. However, I had access to the back story on his Financial Disclosure book from five years ago and his reporting then was spot on with my personal perspective. I know that he has information sources that confirm and correlate with my current world view.

World view defines specifically which main time line we are on. If we live in fear and lack, we generate more of the same. When we live in abundance, then everything we need seems to flow to where it is to be exactly when we need it to be there. As I look at relativity reality, I have to decipher which of the possible time lines a certain set of actions come from and respond from where I currently am – so as to not be taken off my preferred time line by subtly changing a belief to conform to somebody else’s narrative.

I have a working hypothesis of 13 concurrent time lines, from highest order light to lowest order darkness, with the prism of frequency branching to separate all the possibilities from each other, in gradient form. As individuals shift their personal timeline onto one of these group menage’s, our access to other time lines diminishes and we become constrained consciously to the reality that we believe.

Thus, multiple forms of the same self exists on these different time lines, as participants in the action and not functionally generating that particular reality, because the underlying conscious is not there. There is a dependence upon who is generating the individual timeline and how it merges with one of the group time lines. You generate a personal time line with your belief that fits comfortably in a group timeline, co-created by the group of people resonating actively at that same frequency. Once we see how the mechanism can work, we can make a conscious choice to leave behind what we don’t want, by excluding it from our realm of possibility.

So – lemme and doc are entrapped in a lemme/doc world where most of the common characters are animals: Izzy the Wonder Dog, Einstein, Yage and Brindle, the three muskikittens, the geese and ducks, the other human. All the non-human animals have the ability to be on every time line simultaneously, as they span the frequencies of all time.

Let’s define the thirteen spheres in the Mayan calendar as the time lines. These are magnetic, lunar, electric, self-existing, overtone, rhythmic, resonant, galactic, solar, planetary, spectral, crystal and cosmic. We can be on all time lines, but our thinking process resides mainly on one. The system operates as a mobius strip, where cosmic and magnetic are next door to each other. Look at it like Ms. Pacman leaving the screen on one side and returning on the other. Adjacent levels have self-similarity – but can differ by up to 50% in the context while holding the same ‘relative’ story line. One jump away levels have 25% integrity between them, double jumps are 12% … not very close at all. You can see how quickly this falls off, when you change the integrity of the illusion.

If each world concept is a different time line at a different frequency, then all time can be simultaneous, and yet take place as if it wasn’t current. When Doug and Tony came back to 1960’s American society in the Time Tunnel at ten times normal speed, they found that they could only interact by making a physical change that could be spotted by the normals to tell they had been there. The only solution was to go back into the time tunnel and travel elsewhere, yet they were so close (and yet so far).

Temporally, time has to move forward. However, the increments of time are fractals of each other, on different scales. Big and small are relative to each other. What is to say that the very big is not the exact image of the very small? As above, so below. In fact, it seems that the current powers that used to be can photoshop anything into our consciousness to consume. How do we actually develop technology?

We do it through consciousness. In human life today, essential knowledge is sequestered away from we, the people, by patents, copyrights and other legal and illegal means. Elon Musk rolling out Tesla to capitalize on the myth, while still hiding the essential knowledge of what Tesla had to say, is just another means of controlling the masses, to be held at lower frequency.

So let’s return to the essential of human thought – Beatles lyrics. ‘Let me take you down, cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields. Nothing is real, so there’s nothing to get hung about. Strawberry Fields forever.’

I am the walrus. (here’s another clue for you all, the walrus was Paul)

Namaste’ … doc

Power Sounding IV: What is

Something is up, big time. There is a strong part of me that wishes to stand back and watch the entertainment industry feed on itself, but that is a big time distraction so that all eyes are away from the prize. The financial system is cooked and the powers that used to be are impaling themselves on their own swords in trying to save it.

The internet is full of all sorts of useful information, if you want to dig it out. The information is often provided out of context, but when you read between the lines, you can get a picture that looks a lot different than the one formally presented. There is a focus on material things, and the lack of transparency in the system that brings them to us. When we look at the underlying picture – there is no there there.

Today there is a special report out on cryptocurrencies, by none other than Benjamin Fulford. Doc has a history of becoming imbedded in the strange and the charmed. Often we cannot tell one from the other, especially when looking from the inside out. A trip to Las Vegas to deliver some financial records concerning huge value bearer bonds turned out to be an insanity of many illusions competing for space in the reality of the day. Thanksgiving in a black baptist church with football and turkey was a respite from normality, and the delivery of the goods to a non-traditional judge over four separate meetings required ‘holding space’ to allow it to all happen. Fulford provided documentation to David Wilcock that became the internet book Finanacial Tyranny, which started the fall of this faux empire of greed.

You see the house of cards tumbling today. The idea of cryptocurrency as a safe stash place for value depends on the electrical grid remaining intact. The science that we all know, the stuff taught in school, explains how electicity is generated by the consumption of fuels, coal and oil being the major inputs. The plug in the wall has a lot of connections, behind the scenes, to give you the power to run your household. Yet we are at the mercy of the power companies and the electric grid.

Really? In this day of wireless technology, the powers that used to be expect us to believe this. If they tell us a lie and repeat it enough times, is that good enough for ‘mericans to believe? Listen to the media, they cannot even get Las Vegas right. Realize, they are not trying. The more everybody worries about you-tube censorship and fake news, the more nobody is paying any attention to the fact that the walls of reality are tumbling down.

Let’s look at basic physics. We are taught that electricity and magnetism are related to each other as perpendicular radiant fields – electric flow is ninety degrees away from magnetic flow. The force falls off with the square of the distance, so electricity can be run through a wire and the magnetic effects distributed in the immediate vicinity. This all has to do with the material nature of reality – the fact that matter and energy are intercontrovertable. Can we question this basis of reality? Apparently not.

Energy is expressed in wave form – the measurement units are cycles per second. The scale of wavelength can be very short with high energy in the red range, or very long with low energy on the blue/violet side of the scale. Our vision allows us access to the visible light spectrum, a small narrow portion of the whole that allows for the creation of our material world, and Madonna was a material girl. The duality of nature as particle and wave is not readily understood, so in physics, they ignore the wave and focus on the particle. I am glad that i am not a physicist.

The idea of chemistry being based on physics is fundamental to the understanding of the processes of chemistry. The fact that the university system teaches sequestered knowledge from a gleaned data base allows the powers that were to hide many relevant facts and teach obfuscations that lead away from the ‘known’ reality of today. The whole 5G game is using microwave energy to cook protein – this is not a viable world communications creation. It is literally cooking us alive. So who benefits? Those who feel that humanity is a deplorable set of useless eaters.

What if our whole basis is holographic and not material. Then anything that can be explained in the material universe is worked for an angle that establishes it to be true to the senses. The visible spectrum of our sight is very narrow in the frame of what we can see, versus what is out there. If atoms are mostly empty space and space is an illusion, then we bind ourselves with images to a reality that is an artificial construct. I warrent that our world has been photoshopped ever since they rolled out television.

It makes sense to me, that the history that we have been presented in our lifetimes is a self-serving stack of garbage produced by our controllers, these powers that usta be. They are now grasping at straws and cannot even align their own images, in the face of growing disbelief in all of their fake news. Let’s realize that we have fake education also. The basis of life is holographic – can we explore that in different terms?

The electric universe at does just that. The books that have been published in science over the years have been rewritten to remove reference to things that we knew and substituted with things that they want us to believe. When we run through the litany of stars from 100 years past, we find tesla, walter russell, schauberger, rife, reich and many other brilliant people buried in the notes but not referenced in the thoughts. Now they roll it our again as new, so we can buy their technology – don’t buy into it.

There is no democracy in the ‘merican system. Votes do not matter, but the time spent collecting them is a significant waste of time for all those involved. Nothing is ever invented by a committee. The one person in the room who comprehends how things really work, explains what has to happen in physical terms to allow what is currently here to continue and everyone else follows because their basis set of learned beliefs tells them it is true. That basis set is fraudulent, Scotty can beam you up at any time.

Let’s explore the nature of time … in our next segment.

Namaste’ … doc

Flow Minding IV: Smoking Gun

If we wish to address conspiracy theories directly, then how about providing explanations to the critics?

Doc has been asking questions about chemtrail spraying for the past decade.  The burden of proof has been ignored and now the media is telling us that this is a done deal. Really? Barium, strontium and aluminum all have latent health effects in biological chemistry.

Investigators like Dane Wiggington and Michael Murphy have done their proper homework and need to be addressed. The power to act is limited in access. The spraying is now called solar radiation management – and it is exactly what was stated in What in the World are they Spraying, filmed almost a decade ago.

Doc wrote a paper with Matt Landman on the social implications of geo-engineering, submitted to Northwestern University for a conference this past spring. It was not accepted, yet the conference was held to discuss the rules of implementing solar radiation management. If as a professional chemist who has been addressing this topic for years, doc cannot be heard, then how much does our system listen? Not at all.

So – how do we address the reality of not being heard? By being sovereign and not participating in globalization. Instead, we choose localization and create groups of us, amongst our friends and adversaries and set rules for how to be in community with each other. The weigh to address governance is to take control on a personal basis.

Do not be afraid. The current fear porn presented as news is totally polarizing. Let’s all lose the anger first. If you need to break something, go break a chair. Quit breaking your fellow human beings by telling them how to be, instead demonstrate how to be by first hand action. You have control of you. They have big guns. So what, they are not going to shoot us all, especially if they can mind control us to shoot each other.

Start Reading. You are reading this, so you know how to read. The depth required for written argument is much more substantial than the spoken word. All to often, I’ll watch an emotionally charged video commentator say a whole bunch of unjustified assumptions. We need to question everything.

But then, after we accept the truths as we see them, we need to develop an internal consistency within our own identity. Insanity is holding two opposite thoughts concurrently. Let’s allow everyone their own internal reality, and not force our personal reality externally onto others. If they ask …

namaste … doc


Flow Powering IV: The Power to Change

There is no way to make heads or tails over the news events that are presented to us. There is an obvious sense that things take place for reasons, yet the current state of affairs seems to be created for our benefit – to scare the bejeevers out of us. Las Vegas is just another shot over the brow … The question is why?

The reason is that we need to stop. The belief in what we are doing is insane – we have no idea who we even are. Can we step back for a moment and ask – how did i become part of this we? What part of inclusion do i have, when i do not choose to participate in the events? Who represents us in this system.

No one, this system is ridiculous. Why do we have to play by the rules of universal commercial code, when we do not participate in their commerce? Which of us mericans ever had a say in our form of governance? The whole game of Monopoly, where banks run everything, is over – we have to find a different medium for servicing ourselves that takes better care of Gaia, this living, breathing planet.

Oh – the current US govt does take care of the planet. Look how dispersed the defense department is – all over the world except here. Why are any of our national guard currently overseas? Why do we need licenses to do normal things, and yet allow the govt to take license to do anything that they can get away with?

Thyme to stop. Do not be the cog in the wheel. When nobody goes to work, the game is over. It is a house of cards, based on money, which has no intrinsic value. Is your boss really your boss, or is he your controller? Every one of us is controlled and we are not the individuals in control.

Or are we? I can control my own behavior; therefore I catch abuse as somebody to be worried about. I am not under substance; however every one of us is under substance, as food and water are substances. How much of what we know from school is actually true? How could we even tell, in most cases. Fake news is based on fake knowledge.

The new game is to figure out who you are. What do you want? How do you contribute to the game? The solution – Start your own new Existence game. Take what you have now and convert it to what you want. We each control our own selves – let’s see who needs to control others and have them play a different game. Stop believing the media and stop believing what your education taught you. Start thinking for yourself. Use the knew weigh to measure what you thought you knew, to confirm the data.

If it isn’t true, then why bother? Acting on false belief cannot possibly get me a favorable result. Find a basis set of what you know for sure and build on it from there. Evaluate all our assumptions, and then question what leads up into them. I can base reality on chemistry, i know a bit about the subject.

Thyme also has to control personal prejudice. Everybody has value to themselves; we need to respect that individuals have free will and expect that they are well informed about what they know. Go back to first principles and treat everyone by the golden rule – assume that you are dealing with you and treat them how you wish to be treated. They could be living in  different reality than you.

Have patience with yourself, and take the time to get to know you. We have all the time in the world, because nothing that you believe is true unless you can verify it. Go back to square one – find yourself. Then move on to square two and find how you fit into the world at large. This is actually still square one – it is the flip side to being an individual is working within your groups of individuals.

What is a group? You are a group of one. Anything that relates to you becomes part of a group with you. Some things are inanimate – let’s leave them out of your group for now. Only alive things are allowed to be in your group. But everything that carries water is alive – plants, animals, fungi, and many other things. Organic chemistry provides a scaffold for life.

Group theory in chemistry is the way atoms arrange themselves in molecular space. Consider yourself a human atom and see who your nearest neighbors are. How do you interact with them. In my case, three of them purr, while the other two bark. One of them even speaks human, though i beg to differ if i have to consider myself the same species.

The old game is over. The thyme has come for jubilee; to walk away from the old debt systems entirely and work from scratch to create new systems, which can be completely different. The land is abundant, let’s make everything freely available, do wise use to conserve resources and enable everyone to grow, both literally and figuratively.

Wen we are each free to pursue our passions, and enable each other to enjoy our unique presence, then purrhapps the three kitties will be proved to be correct, in that love is all there is and it ain’t worth the time to complain, if you’re not going to change.

Namaste’ … doc