Mass Minding IV: Alosha’s Perspective


Hi Mathebula, Nedbank team and Illuminati,

I challenge you in front of all people to show how much you really care for us.

Here is the situation:

After paying for my bond, continuously, for the last 120 months I have defaulted for the last 3. Because of this Nedbank have set a motion and a summary judgement to auction our eco school, which I have been building for the last 9.5 years.

You have given me no choice but to open a can of worms thats very nasty and totally unfair. It is called Securitisation.

What is securitisation?:

The bank makes money out of thin air using our original loan agreements with our wet ink signature by selling them to a Special Service Vehicle (SPV). The banks actually sell our loan agreements to get money in fast & right away! … whilst making us pay for them at triple rate for 25 years. The bank no longer holds the original agreement and acts as an administrator between an investor and home / car owners. Thus Nedbank can not legally sue me.

I have proof of this from multiple sources including my loan agreement which has a securitisation bar code sticker on it. My agreement has been sold and it has taken Nedbank 4 years to find it, when I asked for it back in 2011.

Since we have been Off the Gold standard we , the people, are the collateral, so reserve bank and IMF can raise money out of thin air using our birth records and enslave us into forever debt.

So whilst the bank wants to auction off our eco academy I am doing everything I can so we can open our doors with our First Eco Building Workshop this October.

But I know in court I will eventually loose because you have all the money, all the guns and you own all the courts. You own the entire system.

Hence you claim to be our greenest bank supporting the best of the eco cause, here is a headline that will send some truthful ripples very soon.

Our greenest Bank is auctioning the only eco Academy in JHB

Or this article could sound like this:

Our greenest bank Supports our Eco Academy


Which way would you like it to go….?

WHAT I REQUIRE FROM YOU is to let go of the monthly bond so I can run this school properly and educate our children on how to live in harmony with nature and each other.

It would be really great if “our greenest bank” actually invested into the greenest school, in Johannesburg, as a socially responsible project.


I am prepared to fight until the end as this injustice is crippling our humanity. You are making money out of nothing and making the people pay it off with interest !!! Whilst you invest our money into nuclear power and war and what ever else brings the biggest profits.

Show us that you really really care

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CEO & Visionary Inventor
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