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Nothing is real, so there’s nothing to get hung about. SFF

Listening to David Icke and typing away on the computer, when the computer froze and locked down. I know that I am a targeted Individual, but i didn’t realize the depth that they will attempt to go to preserve the matrix of artificial reality. The concept of time travel makes sense to a Thyme traveller and so i felt the need to pursure the topic deeper.

The original post …

Day one of a new game, with new rules and new goals.

The project of the past ten years has now been accomplish, Existence exists. The game is a multi-dimensional eight level system to create an education system based on natural resources. The current construct is deceit – David Icke (link) has connected enough dots to prove to me that George Orwell had to be a time traveler.

To comprehend reality, one needs to step out of the immersion perspective and become the outside observer. The internal perspective of each individual requires a first person perspective. You have to think about self-preservation, because if you stop looking after yourself, you give tacit permission to others to not look after you either. We have been brainwashed by ourselves, to believe what we are taught. We know what we know because we understood the perceptions as children, and we believe the explanations that fit context to what we already understood.

We cannot stand under this knowledge any longer. We know that myth has been inserted into truth. Iff, which means if and only if, iff the deep state hides technology for 30 years before it introduces things to the public, then the release of photoshop in 1990 portends that they had the ability to morph public reality in 1960 – and provide us with memes for every individual belief system that would fit into common knowledge.

Let’s say that Dwight Eisenhower announced photoshop to the public in his 1958 speech.

And the next line was frozen in mid sentence and no trick could enable the screen to function. I killed the power and walked away – for several hours, but now, like Chucky, I’m baack. From the you-tube comment page.

If, and only if, the deep state technology is introduced to the public 30 years or so after it was developed, and photoshop was introduced in 1990, then mebbe Eisenhower’s 1958 speech begat the photoshopping of modern history and nothing from the 1960s ever really happened. The beatles told us nothing is real, so there’s nothing to get hung about.

If knowledge comes from television, and television was coming to every american living room, then we grew up believing life from the viewpoint of donna reed and the brady bunch. Choice du jure in belief is flintstones (armageddon) or jetsons (space age).

What if the televised 1960s never happened. Kennedy was not shot in 1963, no moon landing, no vietnam war. Yet we all know some vets who were in the war and it was real to each of them. No Woodstock? The holodeck on the Enterprise in the next generation could make a new reality.

What about time travel? What did H.G.Wells and Jules Verne know, that their fiction was so close to real. We talk Orwell and Huxley, the third of that unit is Kafka. Belief is in the mind of the beholder.

Thank you david for allowing me to ramble and connect more dots. I have a story for you, published later today at thymehowdt.com.

So even here, the copying was difficult because ewetoob didnt wish to allow access to the comments – requiring refresh. Perserverence is always a good trait for a game character. We all get to play ourselves in the giant movie – reality vs belief and guess what – you get to believe in any reality that you wish too. Of course Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest holds and you really wouldn’t wish to win a Darwin Award.

The goal of the next game is Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. Asimov wrote more non-fiction science than science fiction and the explanations were clear and lucid. And likely, the non-fiction was more false than the fiction in the merit of the content in modern day context. Yer by believing the myth, hook, line and sinker, I became a tool of the system.

I am glad I am awake. Come back and discuss chemystery with me at any thyme. I once had a blog character named Hari – find the weigh back machine. Cartoon physics rules, let Sherman be your guide. Peabody.

Namaste’ … doc on twitter as @lennythyme



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