III Mind Voiding: Lessons from Summer Experience

A few things that i have observed while play acting Existence, a role playing game to develop sustainable community concepts and Gaia friendly natural resource use …

New apprentices should never work alone. People only hear half of what you say, so you have to say what you need to get across multiple times. Defining roles helps people act in character as opposed to acting in person. You are playing yourself in a movie role, act the part.

Safety is a first person singular priority.

Never refuse help. Never offer help unless you can provide it.

Hierarchy in decision making can be superseded by the person doing the work. However, changes in protocol should be reported as accurately as possible, including an explanation for the changes. The scribe guild is responsible for documentation.

If you are asked a direct question, please give a direct answer.

Never refuse a gift. Never offer something as a gift that you wish to keep for yourself.

Always respond to kindness with kindness and good manners. Please and thank you go a long way. Especially appreciate people who assist you when they do not have to, they made a conscious decision in your behalf. Also, pick up people who get down on themselves, they need a kind word.

Value is in the eyes of the beholder.

Appreciate things with an attitude of gratitude. Your amplitude is determined by your attitude crossed with your altitude.

Feed people well – both in physical nourishment and thought provoking discussions

Teach active listening and differentiate that nodding and saying yes is simply following along and tracking – not agreement.

Trust your judgment until you measure performance, then trust your measurements.

Always create a flow chart for each project – especially when apprentices are involved.

The names of the quarks are top and bottom, up and down, charmed and strange.

The first approach is either charmed or strange. The second is the opposite of the first. We get to see the best and the worst the first two times out. If strange comes first, repeat the process to get charmed. If charmed comes first, expect differences and note the causal relationships.

The third time going through a process is when you really see if you know what you are doing. By the fifth repetition, you can write the protocol for others to repeat because you have seen all the parameters required for tracking in action.

Take the lessons learned in one guild and translate them into general lessons for all guilds. The key is to enable innovation, to step beyond protocols by learning the lesson and taking to the knowledge back to others.

Modern science obscures lessons by 1) only publishing ‘successes’ and never publicizing failures, 2) rewarding first handsomely and correct, not-at-all, 3) keeping the knowledge base static, via gate-keepers.

The foundations that we set today are set in stone once the ideas are developed, extended and built upon. We wish to be sure that what we say is true to the extent of our current knowledge, and then beyond.

The tools that we need are located in places that are placed off limits to truth seekers. Control is more important than truth in their whirled. Always maintain self-control, especially in public encounters. As universities fail, we will collect lots of equipment. It will require repair to make it useful.

You are sui juris – the only person capable of being you. You do not have to represent yourself to be who you are. When you carry a personal stable of ethics and morals higher than the standard and you are able to slice through red tape. Know that ‘I am what I am‘. When you believe that you can do anything, you can do anything.

Switch positions between the apprentice and the master and see that the tasks make sense from the opposite perspectives. Identify the caveats early and try to avoid changes that make prior work useless.

Plan the work, work the plan.

Love the one your with.

Identify the tools required and materials on hand before starting any project. Stock on hand needs to be replaced as part of the project.

Who gets to determine value? What if there is no agreement on value? One party leaves feeling cheated.

Up front – work for 1) Room & Board 2) Pay.  No work required for space rental, but why rent space?

Define the roles clearly – Identify Poisons and Present ‘Correct’ History

When a single individual feels slighted, it is worth polling the group as to whether group consensus has been violated.

Engineers cannot be trusted in a leadership capacity – they should focus on working as an engineer.

Formal education has limited people’s breadth. Depth is a rabbit hole that sometimes leads nowhere.

If up is down and top is bottom, the charmed is strange. These are fibonacci pairs of alternative ones, like self and species.

Everybody must get stoned … at 4:20 and 11:11 daily

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