III Mind Powering: A Group Theory Model 4 Community Construction

Please don’t take anything personally. We are acting models for human scaling the roles that individuals have to play in getting the group dynamics correct from a ground up perspective. We each have a different base of projection for our perspectives and an hour long Meyers Briggs test result tells me more about you than you can say in that same hour spent. I am INTJ – very rare. My ‘we’ is all inclusive to all readers and people in general, not just our small limited group. This is a theory put into test phase, a game of Life, so to speak.

I plan to reach out individually to each of you with an Existence survey. Existence is the name of the original role play game.  As a hermit, I have been free to follow the sacred geometry of natural design – the latest revision of the game has a non-linear algorithm that simulates the fibonacci sequence. The math is clever, but not impossible to grok, yet you do not need to know it to be who you are.

We all have our own perspectives, and can each meet our own needs in the first person. Thus individual everyone in this discussion is capable of taking care of themselves, but under different ground rules of what ‘taking care’ means. Some of us need income, others can produce with inputs. We all have our own lives centered on our own decision making ability. In one respect, we are auditioning to become an ensemble cast of our own movie – playing the supporting actresses and actors to each other’s lead roles.

If you move past me, you now have taken my responsibility to look after an area where I may have a concern. If we have guilds responsible for each project area, then you have to clear your action with other members of the guild. Guilds are voluntary action programs, that run in our consensus reality. Each guild has its own criteria for membership and a specific go to leader who can make the call for the guild’s responsibility. Look at the ‘Mondragon’ model.

Everyone has one guild that is their own guild that is their responsibility. The community has general guilds – air, earth, water and fire that combine to form specific guilds, like earth + water gives an agriculture guild life to build a garden. The water guild might not be involved in building the greenhouse, guilds are fungible. When they are not needed, they go away.

Rabbits and tortoises ave different outlooks. Letting the rabbits run free early is a good way to disrespect the tortoises. Rabbits lose interest before the actual work gets done, but seem to micromanage the plans for doing the work. If a rabbit runs past my barrier, she now has my responsibility in that area that we didn’t discuss. Rabbits can not be allowed to make decisions without the consent of the tortoises. Which part of consensus am I missing here?

In chaos theory, the start is critical for getting the desired result, because the starting conditions have a huge effect on achievable outcomes. You work your soil before you plant seeds or build foundations. Patience is a virtue, when you get caught in the need to move fast because the world is moving fast, are you not just being a lemming running over the clif with everyone else? If you are caught feeling you need to take advantage of a situation, who exactly are you taking advantage of?

The media lies all the time with an agenda of consistent liberal elite bias. The alt media lies all the time with an agenda of consistent conservative bias. It is not sane to accept parts of either as fact and reject other parts based on the bits and pieces that we know from listening to the medias. Now expand the media to all of education and look at the biases there and I quite believe that the entire belief system is compromised. So assuming anything the same going forward as it has been in the past is limiting our options by setting artificial limits. If we don’t know what is going to happen in specific, basing an action plan on a predicted event in general makes no sense. Moving to a good growing area when the problem is industrial pollution delivered by geo-engineers and powerful corporations is not a useful train of thought.

Doing the same thing multiple times and accepting the same result is a factor of the number of times that you have been through the experience in different forms. To be statistically significant, you have to repeat the process numerous times and compare measured results. The more you understand nuance and niche, the better you can predict the outcome of repeated tasks, done under similar conditions. Note the caveats here – there are a whole lot of variables that require consideration and forethought.

You have to be able to handle both 1st person singular and 1st person plural before you move on to a group of two. 1st person singular is you alone and 1st person plural is all living water creatures. We bounce between both of these extremes all the time as an all inclusive group and an all exclusive group. A one person group is the foundation for beginning anything worthwhile. If you are not ready to work with others, then you need to learn yourself and how you fit in. The group has a responsibility to its members and the members are the group. We are talking specifically of groups smaller than eight equivalent persons. Some of us speak for others, partners, children, critters – lots more variables.

We decided on consensus, where everybody signs off on all key decisions. Very time consuming, but a necessary starting point for most groups.

Each of us is sovereign and makes decisions for ourselves. You may schedule my time, but you may neither allocate it, nor demand it. You may take me at my word when you schedule something and tell me what time to be there, but if you stand me up at the time and things run late, you are not likely to get me there multiple times. You can speak for me once we have mutual trust – this would be done by proxy arrangement between the people concerned, on a local, interpersonal scale. We are trying to reach what Kirkpatrick Sale called Human Scale in his late 1970s textbook.

So let’s hear people out and address their concerns directly as they come up. We all have an issue where we like to jump in before the speaker has finished and some people take longer to set up what they need to say, while other spit things out off the top of their mind. We each learn differently, we have to listen better to hear what we are saying to each other. You can solve things without knowing the scope and scale of the problem, but the best solutions are always on a bigger scale than the original problems. Oterwise, we cause more bigger problems.

Please allow each speaker to say their say before jumping in. We could use a talking stick – everybody who has something to say needs their input to be considered. Most people will mimic bad behavior, especially when they see that behavior being rewarded with attention while they play by the rules and get shut out. That also causes resentment, because we truly are not being heard when people shout over us and don’t let us get to the point before the solution is offered. We need to resonate with each other, not bully ahead based on perceived need.

Existence is now formally an eight tier game with different rules at each level. It is multi-directional and requires teachers to learn and learners to teach. Players empower each other with an additional awareness of other perspectives with the goal of getting things right before we set the foundation in stone. You as an individual have only one role to play – yourself. You always have to play you no matter what role you are asked to slip into.

And I have reached my self-imposed word limit and will continue this thread again.

Namaste’ … doc


For this winter, I am staying where I am. I will have a responsibility here for spring farming. If I have a greenhouse and a working tractor and some assistance, then I can move for six months to a year in another community, to help get things structured with a solid foundation before other people arrive. I can adapt to other people’s ideas and develop metric measurements in cooperation with any form of existence – as long as we speak the same language.

Existence is now the Knew Weigh. We take everything we knew and measure it against the criteria of each one of us. We see how things go, build protocols and teach each othr while looking out for each other, with love and forgiveness of transgression, because none of us willingly wants to harm any of us.

While I am sympathetic to others having different needs, I cannot justify a medic trained in allopathic medicine dispensing big pharma in my envisioned space. Medical doctors, lawyers and other elite professions come with a distinct bias and if we wish to start with base inequity, we can invite them in. Stereotypes are not specific to any caracters, we are all individual and we are each individual. Respect that and ‘we all be good’.

I have a 20 year project here in Oregon to build an effective apprenticeship training facility for social permaculture and Gaia-friendly resource use. This means addressing prior abuses and quitting industrial pollution in all forms. The theory of community matching the arrangements of atoms in a molecule allows the mathematics of structural chemistry and sacred geometry to define decision making, based on assessment of many factors from different perspectives.

Question everything, but keep consistent within your first person. Do unto others is the golden rule. Be nice, but firm, definitely not squishy. Einstein is my cat. Uncle Albert once said “imagination is more important than knowledge.” He then set the imaginary limits of time and space. What if these two concept hold us back from seeing reality. It seems as though it is always now, whenever I check in. Time on clocks to measure rate is different from time when you are alone and engaged in depth.

We can do a lot more if we forget our formal educations and think about everything for ourselves in our own first hand realities, then correlate them. Once you change somebody else’s belief to your own, they now must consider being consistent across their entire thinking, to make changes to your new way of thought, to act in the knew weigh. Measure against what you know and change based on results. Tinker, because getting something done meets our needs, whereas idle theory burns brain cells.

We have seven entities with at least 22 opinions in play on every topic.  Let’s figure out who has primary responsibility for key areas, divvying up the workload and front loading the horses and cattle. That way, when the carts are built, we are pulling in the same direction. Using ‘Whoa!’ and the whip together make for rather schizophrenic horses.

Love you all,

Namaste’ … doc

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