III Mind Loving: A Minor Problem

Nothing is real, so there’s nothing to get hung about. The more people demand speed, the less likely they are to be thinking things through. We need to stop, hey, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s coming down. We are stepping out into our own 1984 brave new world where Huxley and Orwell are both models of Existence. How many more models can we create, based on the popular culture? Movies, songs and television shows are the display of works of literature, in forms beyond the written word. Each form has something lost in translation, like a bad Bill Murray film.

There is unrest in the forest, there is trouble with the trees. Cause the maples want more sunlight and the oaks ignore their pleas. Our body of knowledge has been compartmentalized to the point where we talk about the same things in different languages called English. Plumbers and electrical engineers both focus on flow, yet neither groks that their work is the same in different form. We all work from the same story line, Conrad’s hero’s journey and the level of intelligence appears to border Idiocracy levels.

What if we accept nothing and question everything? How far will our mind sets allow us to step out of the current configuration of time and space. It is always now, and we can see that we lived in an immediate past that resulted in getting us to the point of the now of today. What if the dark ages haven’t happened yet? What if time is an illusion, just before Toto pulls back the drape where the little man pulls the levers of Oz? We followed the yellow brick road – it led us to a munchkin land full of lemmings at clif-side!

Allow me to get specific in my focus area of science. As a chemist, I have a basis to grok chemistry by understanding both physics and mathematics. I lost interest in biology when I lost respect for teachers that taught memorization ahead of learning and insisted on weeding out pre-med students instead of teaching biology. I studied biology on the fly, learning anatomy from Grey and then finding the art of Alex Grey. If things make sense to me, I have no need to question them. If a process works, work the process and identify what makes things tick.

The interface between chemistry and biology is called biochemistry – big surprise. The chemistry is mostly about amino acids making proteins and enzymes, base pairs making DNA and other mechanism and structure type topics. The chemistry mechanisms do not fit in with the biology that I know, but I am self-taught in the topic. Gerald Pollack at University of Washington released a book called The Fourth Phase of Water that blended with my chemical knowledge to add insight to my comprehension. Imagine my surprise when conventional science refused to grasp the concept and instead targeted the messenger.

To grasp this science is to see the fallacy of what is taught in universities as points of knowledge. We owe it to ourselves to investigate deeper how much has been presented to us skewed, in order that we could not get the same results as the innovators of the early 1900. These folks, like Royal Rife and Walter Schauberger and many others had their work stolen, then hidden, so it could be rolled out again for profit. Try Tesla, or Walter Russell, or Wilhelm Reich. Stunning how the memory hole works.

If the folks who really know their fields start to put together the basics by measuring and demonstrating the proper protocols for measurement, then we as observers could begin to tell fact from fiction. Chemical instrumentation costs a lot of money to operate properly and universities have lots of nice pieces sitting idle because the mechanisms are old and not digital based. If we could teach each other how to design tests, we could all be ‘scientists’ in the game of discovery. If you are not afraid of a kitchen, you can become a chemist.

Yet, the system is set up to have us argue about how to do even the most simple tasks. It is time that we learn from experience and get our hands wet with whatever task need be done to confirm what we think we already know. I used to be on the forefront edge of physics and math, but the edges became opaque and the fields have slipped backwards. James Clerk Maxwell had more physics to work out his theories of electricity and magnetism than I with a PhD in chemistry have been exposed to in my university training. There are areas of science where DARPA stepped in and realization stepped out. Humanity cannot survive with secret knowledge and both patents and copyrights are political wedges that prevent dissemination of knowledge. That is what our masters cannot handle, that we know how to work our professions instead of doing what they told us.

The key is to support each other and take the cutting edge deeper into our reason. Nothing is quite what it seems, so the key factors in success tend to be mind-set and starting conditions. Looking at the results and keeping track of protocol changes that affect results are key to understanding. Assuming that because something works the first time, it will always work the same way is not valid – there are too many parameters to consider.

In chemistry, statistical significance has to do with the number of repetitions of the same process are required to get reproducible results on a sample that can then be used for reference. Generally this number is 30 – an average of 30 or more scans will give enough data to run statistics and exclude bad data and artifacts of the process. Much biochemical data is collected this way by means of a technique called x-ray crystallography.

Crystals are grown in a way to exclude water and have a repeating pattern that diffracts the x-rays based on the size of the atoms. This fixes the location of these atoms in space. Thus, complex molecules with thousands of atoms have structures identified – we know how things space themselves out. Only one problem – that absence of water. Since life occurs in water, removing the water necessarily alters the structure and bonding arrangements by changing the physical space. Water is over half the physical weight of proteins and enzymes – it’s exclusion from the x-ray data is game-breaking. None of the published biochemical x-ray data is any good.

So, to have this information as a basis for big pharma and the medical profession is building myth upon myth – none of anything in mechanistic biochemistry can even possible on the chemical level – it starts off with a fallacy.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and investigate the entire knowledge base to see where misinformation has crept in through the methodology. Let’s also stop taking ourselves so seriously and do important stuff like stop using items that poison our environment, since the environment seems to be keeping us alive, whether we can describe it properly or not. I personally think that water is the seat of intelligence and we are all huge sacks of water when we wear these meat popsicle suits.

Namaste’ … doc

Unnamed References: Beatles, Buffalo Springfield, Rush, 5th Element

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