Form Sounding IV: Lost and Found

Somewhere, I lost myself in the midst of the society. I found myself following others to achieve their goals, without even thinking about the goals i had set for me. We get entrained with our behaviors and controlled by our demons, the ones that tell us we need more. More of what?

In listening to the outdoors, i have pulled myself away from the wants of the tribe. I have isolated myself into my own little sphere, a bubble of reality that fixes everything just the weigh i want it to be. I measure this and watch that and see if i can predict the changes that happen in my vision path. Being out (howdt)in nature allows me a different context than being in close proximity to other humans.

Our consciousness is not human. We think we are human because we are taught that we are individual persons, and the basis set of all knowledge as presented catches us up to what humans ought to be. How that was defined in the past is now lost to us – we are characatures of characters in a movie scripted to govern our actions.

Just like the Truman show. The camera is always on and the records of the day are Akashic. Size and scale are presented to us as fixed, when in reality they are fractals and we can never tell the size and scale that we actually fit into. Our minds are set to the options presented to us by our schooling – and are about as far from observable reality as we can get.

The options changed drastically with the innovation of mass media. As we question the lame stream news reporting, we begin to discover individual variation in our observations on life. We are not bound to the things that we see – the range of absorption of information is from five senses, not just one. When four scream loudly that the other is false, perhaps we should pay attention.

Life has been photoshopped for our ‘benefit’ by hollywood. From Donna Reed to the Brady Bunch, via Gilligan and Spock, we in our late 50’s have been taught to see through the eyes of fictional characters in a fictional world. The whirled is spinning too fast and we all might fly off – except that the world may be flat. Check your senses.

If we know the media lies, and we know that the governance form is breaking down, then how many other missed realities underlie the lies that we get from the commons. People have become a herd, flowing into a common sense that has no bearing on the individual at all. If you know what you know, then as long as your premises are good, your should be good to go.

Check your premises, what do you assume? The commons include language systems that coordinate our thinking into translatable form. I know what i know because the basis set of what i was taught, by my parents, then in school, was the common basis for all thought in the world that i was presented. I got A’s in school, which meant that i could repeat back the information on demand.

I was taught to question everything – so i became a scientist. Back in the day scientists were respected for what they understood, before the abstract began sub-dividing the knowledge fields into compartments. By getting deeper into a field, the breadth of the field was narrowed. The cardinal observations at the forefront of modern knowledge are changed one funeral at a time. When a scientist passes with his dogma, the next proposal can fill the void.

I have watched eight of the ten volumes of PBS’s Einstein propaganda. I honor Uncle Albert by disagreeing with his beliefs – after all he said that ‘imagination is more important than knowledge’. The concepts of time and space as thought experiments led me to believe in my own conception of reality – little did i realize that i had left the common thread behind.

Have you ever looked into a kitten’s eyes and known that they know everything that you thought you knew? We have the telepathic ability to communicate with our pets – familiars in the language of fantasy fiction. The different species of animal each control their own streams of thought – and the smaller scale the animal plays on, the more knowledge becomes important to maintaining their life.

All life is dependent upon water. Water is the true seat of intelligence and there is more water, by the molecule than any substance by far. Chemistry is a mystery to most people, because it was introduced in a way to make it confusing. The amount that you have to know to understand has been complicated by the term understand. You do not have to stand under anything. We are allowed to have individual beliefs that are not common – the trick is to make them real and not delusional.

We all live in our own delusion, on our own timeline, in our own private world. Our animals show no pretense, they know exactly who they are. The dogs will attempt to appease us, by predicting our behavior and being johnny on the spot with knowing how we should go – even to the point of leading without the follower. Iz thinks she knows where i am going, but my tasks are not kin to her knowledge base.

The kitties on the other hand do not care about my tasks, they sense my feelings. They get wound up in my moods and tether closer the more my wavelengths emit excitation. The purr therapy is different from each of them, yet one is always there to sense that my sense is tingled. Of course, they always want food. Kitties need more food than cats to support the growth function. Also, good, clean structured water.

The water is common to all life. By structuring the form of water, we can make it available for integral biological use. There are many forms of water because water serves as the universal solvent – it is part and parcel to everything that goes on in all aspects of life. Schauberger developed a natural philosophy of water in the middle of the last century. Too many scientists of that era have had their common knowledge removed from the commons, by the powers that profit from our being.

Why do we believe that school taught us truthfully while the media lies? What if school lied too? What if counting is not as simple as one two three four five and if geometry as taught is not sacred? Suppose that they preempted the script and led us on a wild goose chase, by returning Back to the Future, when time has no real direction at all? Time is an illusion and Einstein’s space/time is an artificial limit to reality.

What is reality? Do you have to be in control of your own reality? If you are not in control, who is? Do you have a handler? Where is the film crew? How many nanobots can dance on the head of a pin? What if it is a bowling pin? Is life as absurd as presented, or is there something real about disbelieving all belief? Can we go back to our first premises?

Maybe we better.

Namaste’ … doc

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