Form Minding IV: Existence Rules

Is government the problem or is it the governance? Has the corporate kleptocracy taken our knowledge basis away to make it pay to play? Is the problem just the people in charge, or is the form of hierarchy self-serving and biased toward ‘educated professionals’? Does advertising persuade people to adapt their point of view, or is it market manipulation in a finer form? Why have we given lawyers, commercial codes and maritime law precedence over common law, the constitution, honesty and truth?

What is a country? Is it the same as an overlay? How much are we bound to based on geography? How many jurisdictions are simultaneously in play? Why are laws and service contracts created in secret, with fine print, binding by a checkbox on a website, and not a notarized signature? How is the legal system actually legal?

There is something going on with the rampant insanity associated with the basic intolerance of the two extremes for each other’s perspective. Most folks have detached from physical reality. I do not wish to dwell on injustice, we see it all the time from every individual perspective. I wish to stop injustice! My intention is to return to the positive. By what criteria must negativity govern?

Let’s all be for stuff instead of against it. I am for clean water and clean air. I withdraw my consent from those who govern who allow industrial pollution, including geo-engineered spraying of toxic chemicals and municipal sewage plants. I am Sui Juris and nobody may represent me without my direct consent. I am, without obligation to the strawman that has accrued credit and debit in my name.

How much of our current information is based on faulty belief? Do people really believe the script provided to us is binding? We are each in our own movie, on an individual timeline, in a little compartment build for us by the matrix of our own perception. Can we withdraw consent to be governed by anyone other than self? Do I get to set the global rules?

The game of Existence is a system to reset the structure of the world, based on a multi-level role play game where players represent themselves in different character and alignment. The game structure is totally personal at one end and universal at the other. The rules morph as the game goes along, such that different levels have different goals and hence different rules. The rules are made to be broken, with everyone involved gaining experience, because it is the experience of adapting to new rules that keeps the endeavor going forward.

The rules cannot be cumbersome, but a violation of the rules will immediately crash the game. The players involved then step out of character and fix the rule to be appropriate to the situation to get the work done. The temporary rule applies until the game is retroactively scored, with players involved receiving immediate promotions in the current game, as a reward for instigating the need to change the rules.

Each game level has its own purpose. The entire game is a training in creative thought as applied to a sustainable Gaia – a living planet. Players participate in events, events are scored through a sacred geometric 8×8 grid and rewards are given through the documentation of hours spent on task, with multipliers based on group theory. The premise is that since chemistry and sociology are parallel hard and soft sciences, the underlying mathematics of each topic are the same, as fractals of each other. Thus, the rules of chemistry apply to social strata, and can be applied successfully thru permaculture.

Each level of Existence has its own purpose. The tier of play depends on the character abilities. The goals are personal. The game goal is to have the collective aligned with the individual to provide truth, justice and show the weigh. By weigh, I mean to measure everything, and develop the criteria for measurement, through individual and collective guilds that pay attention to the order of things. Creating protocols of action that work.

The levels of the game depend on the individual perspective. You are either a sovereign in charge of our own time and effort, or you are a student apprentice, learning a skill from a sovereign master. In fact, you are always both, with life experience providing the criteria for your starting position. You begin in a virtual community, in a guild based on earth, air, fire or water.

The game plays as a 48 hour intensive where you participate in projects developed by working guilds. These projects are things like cooking a pro-biotic meal or assembling a composting toilet or anything that might be necessary to build a functional community using a resource based economy, beginning from scratch on 40 acres of prime rural real estate.

We put you up in a tiny house at our bud and breakfast. The cost is what you would expect for a weekend getaway – if you come play here. In reality, there can be a virtual game taking place anywhere, as long as the events are scored through a set of measurements that are established by the guilds doing the work.

Okay – I got too complicated, too quickly. Go visit here for the newsletter version of results from the first iteration of the game. This current version is the 4th attempt at pulling the game off. If you are interested in playing, lemme know and i’ll let lemme know.

Namaste’ … doc

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