III Power Voiding: For What It’s Worth

So – what is real and what is fake news?

The entire medical profession is a eugenics project, set to keep all the slaves ill with fake medicine. Instead of full spectrum healing, we get mono-culture potency – one key molecule is amplified and given without consideration of side effects or even general interaction. Big pharma extracts, magnifies and does great harm. Rife frequencies would be successful for healing, but not profitable for corporations. If we use preventive medicine and pay no insurance, then as a whole we would be much better off.

I have a fundamental problem with modern biochemistry. If all the mechanisms are based on the geometry established by crystallization of de-watered proteins, and as Pollack demonstrates, over 50% of most biological entities is water weight, then all the structural chemistry basis is false because the water is too important to not consider. Seems that the gate-keepers would rather attack Pollack than get the science correct.

The make war profession is also fake news. American Exceptionalism is a myth – even though a small amount of real work goes a long way, most people are not even capable with that. We get most of our images as Bernaysian advertising, made to sell only some things while demonizing others. Politicians should have to grapple personally, then there would be no wars of significance.

The powers that used to be have co-opted everything for their own benefit. What is taught in school perpetuates the myths, which are re-enforced through all forms of advertising. Money is not correlated to value, lack of money is enforced behind the scene when they target you. Blackmail and crime serve as persuasion; they are completely willing to lie to our face and kill us when we speak out in disagreement.

The misled intelligentsia have control now, so they push agendas that separate people rather than bring us together. All elder white males are to blame, because we were brought up to be the patriarchy that these people hate. The cult of personality rules and the winners are the best plunderers. The game is so badly rigged, that you never know where the hammer comes from in the eternal game of whack-a-mole.

My universe is holographic, not material. Mericans believe what they were taught and turn their brains off to feeling empathy. Confusion reigns. As long as they get us to fight us, they win. Who are they, but part of us, the one human consciousness.

I sit by the stream, writing and dreaming, listening to the babble of the brook. Animals have no guile and demonstrate a greater love for humanity than people exhibit for ourselves. That must change. Self-love is necessary first, then eternal love for everyone is in order.

Love is the chemical bond between atoms – the partnership of covalent sharing between two unique individuals to create something greater than the sum of its parts. We get confused easily, because we are taught to count wrongly from an early age. The number system might work for mathematics, yet there is quality in numbers in addition to quantity. Nature counts via Fibonacci.

When humans alter sacred geometry, then the convergence of all things is annoyed. The 1.61 phi ratio is set to allow fractals to embed themselves in an efficient weigh. By the genetic modification of life, we alter the spirit of our beings – and harm our ability to shift scale.

Most humans cannot grok the concept of scale. The best they do is get economy of scale, which is a manipulation because the more units produced, the lower the cost per unit. This business model has been used by the big box stores to murder the mom and pop game. So now, cheap foreign merchandise has replaced the made to last economy. This process is called churning and we the people are the butter. How people think this is a good thing, I just do not grok. I feel like Michael Smith, a stranger in a strange land while the world is run as the Matrix form of Smith.

To change, we need to develop alternatives. Nobody is right when everybody’s wrong. Young people speaking their mind, getting so much resistance all the time. We better stop – hey, look around – everybody look what’s coming down.

Google and their derivative YouTube are censoring our discussions. The cult of personality is providing new vanilla heroes and literally pushing pedophilia. I saw where 5 year olds were encouraged to display themselves in Victoria’s secret clothing. Some really sick causes are promoted, while good people are being shellacked. What is the end game?

Do not play. This is not war, no fight. The controlled resistance is as bad as the lame stream media in promoting divisiveness. Start gifting hugs, and receiving them graciously.

Namaste’ … lemme

Refs: Heinlein, Buffalo Springfield


III Power Forming: More Community Conversations

After listening to the rest of Erin’s interviews from yesterday, I am very impressed with the quality of thought about Intentional Community.  In the past, I did some in-depth analysis on the topic of social permaculture. I think I will go back and see what I wrote, to post here as a series if it still holds water.

Here are the videos of Erin talking with Walter, Beth and Bridget.  Enjoy!

Namaste’ … doc

III Flow Loving: Home #Unrig

I guess that my congress critter has been put on notice. As we expand #UNRIG and move toward different forms of governance, like Ubuntu, the thyme has come to step up to the plate. Lots of veggies on the plate today.

Enjoy the heat.  Namaste’ … lemme