III Mass Massing: a day in the life

Another new Treei day, number 339, which translates to Love Year ( 5 x 64 ), Flow Month ( 2 x 8 ) Flowing Day ( 3 ). This is day one of the next cycle of 64 days, the theme is to enjoy the next 64 days without requiring attention toward the outside whirled. Doc and lemme are going to play to #unrig the game.

Constituents everywhere are the employers of their congress critters. When your employees get uppity, you fire them. The president used to host The Apprentice, he has a lot of experience at saying, your fired. With all the political unrest this summer, we all need a break. Thyme to take the summer off.

So, the blog might be neglected, or it might get busy – adventure is a real world topic. Gaia gets 75% of my attention, persons that are human get 25%. The game score for each day will be calculated and the next new set of metrix developed for fall quarter. We ran into a minor challenge with the puter. Wish i had the forethought to set up the camera.

Three days ago, computer met tree in the first battle of technology versus nature. After three good swats by computer, the bout was called by the referee and tree was declared the winner. Computer ceded the hard drive, the fan and the battery pack … all else perished for the cause.

To quote James Brown, ‘I feel good … knew that i would … so nice.’ This is my response to Kurzwell and the AI gang. Bring it on. You want transhumans … go be transhumans, but leave me howdt of your game. I got my own … Existence! You win by surviving.

Chemtrails, modern medicine, politics, vaxxines; you name it and it can kill you. So what. Fear porn exists. NOBODY EVER DIES. We die for the benefit of each other in each timeline, yet we inhabit so many timelines, that there is always one line that we remain on, in our personal consciousness. You always wake up from your near death experience, on your own personal timeline.

Fractals are embedded into each other in holographic form. Every piece of the whole can be the entire whole. So everything is coded, by DNA to project a micro-reality in time and space. These are Einstein’s limits to his own imagination, he was a fairly smart dude. Natural Geographic notwithstanding, the myth is greater than the man. I did enjoy Genius, will get the last two episodes in tomorrow.

We do not have to accept science’s limited view of the ‘real’ world. We can step outside ourselves and observe anywhere, on any scale. We can put together a model and envision what happens, by playacting the real and filming onto the reel and observing ourselves with detachment.

Or we can keep on with human vanity and work a global scale rather than a human svale and watch the mass extincting place us all in pur own bare worlds with nobody else around. Each of us gets to go thru the eye of the needle, nek Continue reading “III Mass Massing: a day in the life”

II Void Powering: Introducing Jack

There are three standard directions: length, width and height. These are represented geometrically by the letters x, y and z. The projection gives a three dimensional shape. Breadth might be this 3-D in context of time, thus the development of things as the mechanism follows through its course.

If we plot a derivative curve of the progression, we find that things always have the same shape, like a cigar or a turd. This could be considered to be a bubble – a meme that begins and ends with much ado about nothing within the muddle in the middle.

This node goes on and on like linked sausage, and we the people get chewed up again and again and again by the people we are supposed to trust. To the point where nobody trusts anybody and we all nitpick each other, because we do not trust ourselves.

Screw that! You are the authority on everything that you know – i know that all i know comes from my friend Jacques Schitte. There are some very smart people out there who know what is going on, because they can connect the dots of what they believe is true. We can all be right and still be left behind. We can all be left, but if we turn around we are facing right. The spinning is called cognitive dissonance.

The uncivil war is here – we must wage peace. Satyagraha – #unrig in the summer of love. The game is in void cycle – the next phase is howdt. Breathe the in breath, breath the out breath. Inhale, it is always 4:20 somewhere, the weigh i tell thyme – as the way i tell time.

Growing up, i watched Crazy Eddie commercials on television. The deals were insane. Of course they were, the merchandise was hot. So were the models. I must admit, i had a crush on Vanna White and used to watch Wheel of Torture just to see what she was wearing.

We are each alone in our own holograph, playing the role of ourselves. As a schitzophrenic, I have several roles that i play; it is awkward again to find an old role recur with a new personality. And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.

The weigh to go is through a Faith and Trust Union. Oh ye of little faith must have absolute trust in everything i say. No – I am full of Schitte. However, i do have depth to my character. I look scary, yet i play the role of the Oz lion well. I also play Santa Claus. Actors and their roles for ten, Art.

We can all be actors in the role of playing ourselves. We can localize and provide our own entertainment and set our time periods based on the collection of persons having interests. There are many worlds to explore – yet we spend our time trying hard to recreate what has yet to be created … what a fool believes.

We are all Eleanor Rigby. We trust nobody, especially not ourselves. Forgive me for saying this: you have to forgive yourself first. No matter how much pain you are in, healing requires that you trust yourself.

Namaste’ … doc

Ref: Mitchell, Fleming, Loggins, Beatles

II Void Flowing: Reality

Ground control to major tom. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on. The cult of personality has taken over and earth is on he said, she said status. What matters is social media – fact is just part of the fancy. If you get another follower on twitter, you must be ahead of the game.

Unfortunately, the game is a game of distraction. Put on another piece of music and kick back, watch without hooking your intention into the fray. By looking at the world rather than being part of the whirled, you should end up in the now, without the grief and baggage coming from the major media influence.

The alt media is an alternative reality for those of us who grok that the main reality is not real. The changes in how the game is played have directed the mass of the population to disregard the old tried and true method of looking things up. Instead, speculation dominates and news is gathered from what other people say.

This is dangerous. You are supposed to discern for yourself. You hear something and you say – hmm, i didn’t know that. What if …? And your mind goes. Truth has a way of resonating without the requirement of looking it up. If you are constantly searching for truth, you can tell how you feel, when the bell starts to peel. That is why things ring true.

Calibrate your instrument, we are getting ready for a search for truth. Nobody really knows what is going on and the speculation is rampant. Grab your cosmic surfboard, carry your towel and DON’T PANIC. Take the Wally road rather than being the Dilbert, but channel your inner Asok. And don’t worry if you miss the reference.

Time travel is here, but the return trip takes you to a parallel universe. To be here now is an elevation, the event is happening and we all came to be part of it. To play, we had to have our memory wiped and to win, we have to remember what we used to know. You can check out any time you want, but you may never leave.

The information that is being revealed now comes to us from many different time lines. The Mandela Effect is a symptom of the problem – the common consensus is breaking apart. The controllers of the game need a common consensus to operate – if the players revolt and change the rules, well now you have an Existence worth playing.

The powers that used to be need you to kowtow to them. If you create your own illusion, for yourself, then you are not a threat. You are a drop-out. Timothy Leary would be proud. The consensus reality in the united States is a polar war between colors and flags – symbols that represent the way we were trained to think. Like Pavlov’s dog.

You do not need money to edify yourself. If you have money, it is by your personal intention, not because you need to have it. When you hold ownership, it edifies your ego and it makes you feel like you have worth, because we were taught to collect things. lemme collected cardboard.

lemme’s cardboard collection were called baseball cards. The Nolan Ryan rookie card was the prize possession – 1969 was the year the Mets won. Nolan Ryan had a great baseball career … after he left the Mets. His rookie card and HOF career not-withstanding, the best cards were not part of the $10K sale that made the partial down-payment to buy the farm in 1992. And boy did i bought the farm.

The 2007 vision quest was a personal awakening before anybody was awake. The society calls it insanity. I am labelled a conspiracy theorist. Labels are representations that people use to avoid thinking about topics they know are false but do not care to consider. Most people live in their own delusions, supported by the illusions of others. It is easy to lead the pack when you never look back to see if anyone is following.

History is a story contrived by the victors of war. Science fiction is the next reality for the masses of folks who are literally dying to get into space. The earth will be left to the remainder and there are multiple timelines at different quantum levels that embed into each other. How close you are to reality will determine where you fall on the prism spectrum – everybody wins because we all get what we want in our own personal illusion.

Camelot … camelot … CAMELOT !!! Sshh … it’s only a model.

Namaste’ … eljay.

Unnamed Sources: Bowie, Rogers & Hammerstein, Adams, Adams, Ram Dass, Eagles, Monty Python

II Void Massing: Lugol’s Iodine

Lugol’s Iodine

This solution of Lugol’s Iodine is prepared at 2% concentration, from a mixture of Potassium Iodide (KI) and elemental Iodine (I2) . Each amber bottle has either 25 or 50 mL of 2% Lugol’s solution – which can be diluted to the desired concentration prior to use. This provides the solution at 26 mg/mL of triiodide anion (I3), the active water soluble form of nascent iodine.

Elemental iodine is a halogen and thus a fairly strong oxidizing agent. The use of this chemical in concentrated form may result in chemical burns or lesions – even at 2%, this is still concentrated enough that it should be diluted prior to internal consumption. To determine whether you personally are deficient in iodine – a simple patch test can be conducted with this Lugol’s solution.

Apply a small amount of 2% Lugol’s solution to a cotton ball and swab onto a small area near a pulse point on your inner arm (about 2 inch area). This should turn the skin orange. Your body will absorb the iodine at a rate where the patch gradually disappears over 24 hours. If the patch disappears faster, you may consider increasing your consumption of iodine.

A chemist might suggest that 2-4 drops in a glass of water or juice, once per day, should be enough to support your immune system and protect you from radiation. Citric acid cuts the flavor of the iodine – a little lemon juice in the water is easy. Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Vitamin D, B vitamins, and Omega fatty acids are all synergistic with iodine in metabolic systems.

Iodine is a well known topical germicidal agent effective against a wide spectrum of organisms including bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Iodine is normally available as solutions, alcoholic tinctures and iodophors. Iodine has bactericidal activity, e.g. a 1% tincture will kill 90% of bacteria in 90 seconds, a 5% tincture in 60 seconds and a 7% tincture in 15 seconds.

Another function of Lugol’s iodine is for use as a protection from iodine radioactivity. The release of nuclear radiation from Fukushima and Chernobyl includes the release of radioactive iodine – this airborne contaminant can be breathed in under normal conditions. When your body is saturated with the amount of iodine that it requires, there is no reason for it to hang on to the new iodine – you breathe out the radioactive form. When your body is deficient, then the radio-iodine remains, where it can emit and cause damage at a later time.

Dr. Donald W. Miller published Extra-thyroidal Benefits of Iodine in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons Volume 11 Number 4 Winter 2006. In this article, he writes ‘In addition to being an essential element in thyroid hormones, iodine has many biological functions. The recommended dietary intake of 100-150 mcg is perhaps 100 times too low. Potential benefits of higher amounts include enhancement of immune function and reducing the incidence of breast cancer.’

By accepting this product, you agree that neither the producer, seller, distributor, nor any intermediate handlers will be held responsible for any damages or injuries brought about by the use of this product. You agree that you have the knowledge and experience to safely handle this material. DO NOT TAKE LUGOL’S IODINE IF YOU ARE ALERGIC TO IODINE. IT CAN BE FATAL!!! If you have thyroid challenges, please consult a medical professional before using this product.

Namaste’ … doc

Lugol’s Iodine is now available thru the Existence mercantile.

II Mind Minding: Adventure

Yesterday was an adventure day. The day was overcast rather than hot, so i bicycled up the road to the freeway and hitched a ride north. First jump was 12 miles and left me at Sunshine coffee shop. I took a cuppa joe and went off on foot to the next freeway exit, a mile up the road. Hit the road jack, and doncha come back …

Caught a ride in about two minutes, another 15 minutes up the road. The driver was a foundation planter – in the construction industry. I consider myself a foundation planner in a Hari Seldon sorta weigh, and we had a good discussion. My new found political aspiration will lead me in the footsteps of Ghandi, Pauling and Uncle Albert.

Got dropped at a bus stop, only to find that the busses aren’t running for fourth of july week. Seems the county is broke and mid summer is a good time to furlow employees. Rural america is spread out and transit burns fuel, so it makes sense to cut poor people off from the fourth of july celebrations or make them drive their own cars at their own expense. There has to be an urban rural partnership among people to help each other out.

Cultural exchange comes in many forms. The walk across town back to the freeway was invigorating and my next random ride was waiting near the exit. A random traveler in his van, doing what i did for about five years. The bonding was awesome and we connected on another level – he took me where i needed to go and we chatted for another half hour. I enjoy particle exchange, as it models chemistry.

So, I arrived in an hour and a half, when i left myself six hours to get there. Got to visit an old young friend and connect on an interpersonal basis. There was a lot of deja vu in the scenario, a purple and blue haired matron with a strangely happy child that stays with dad wandered through for 15 minutes and then poof – everyone was gone and we enjoyed three kitties playing kitty games.

I am a kittyphile – cats seem to be directly on my personal wavelength. A siamese, a white terror with calico ears and a black brindle all gave purr therapy and set the mood – angels and kitties play where most mortals fear to tread … pure love.

So I hiked onto my destination – the Umpqua Watersheds office. Downtown Roseburg Oregon is downright creepy, as the power that used to be have run everything into the ground – in order to yuppyize and remove the impoverished riff-raff. So they tore up the streets and chased away all the downtown businesses, then the county said, we need our own scandal too. If you want to see what happens to rural america when landed gentry have all the money and no clue, come to Douglas County Oregon.

Never Mind. I have a long history with water and the Umpqua Watershed. The watershed is Douglas County. In a unique stroke of brilliance, somebody in Salem decided to all the entire watershed to be contained in a single contiguous sociopolitical unit. From headwaters to estuary, Douglas County is home to the Umpqua River, and all its tributaries. I live on Cow Creek, which feeds into the South Umpqua River.

In 1990, when I first arrived in Roseburg, by design and free will choice, i have been on an adventure. The idea of opening fish passage for salmon flows was empowered by OWEB, the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board. I was a major payer in the game of watershed council and we funded millions of dollars of culverts and road repair and other significant improvements that opened almost 200 miles of road-locked spawning ground.

I personally adopted the Quartz Creek Wilderness and spent many days, hiking and camping and ground truthing the local geography. A major fire swept through and toasted a diversionary log jam – allowing me to watch first hand how nature has her way with obstacles placed in her path. My first journal was begun there.

So I got to reconnect with many friends and strangers and people that are now somebody that i used to know. Four hours swept by like 15 minutes, but thank you Bob, Zach and Chris, because were are going to WOW them. The Wild On Wilderness committee is now functional and empowered and ready to play in the entire county – building political happiness is a goal of Ubuntu Existence.

So WOW Existence will launch on July 15th at River Appreciation Day at Whistler’s Bend Park from 11 am – 8 pm. Free event – 10 $ camping sites available the night before. I will invent a game for the event with entertaining prizes and unique mind games. There will be live music, food booths, disc golf and other fun stuff. Alice DiMicele will be there – one of my favorite modern folk singers.

So I hopped a ride from an old friend and colleague to south county – same exit as my first morning drop off. Got a ride home, but my bike was gone. Hope it was somebody who needed a ride rather than somebody stealing a bike. But it was a junky bike that needed a new back tire and i have several other frames. The bike guild will keep producing bikes such that everybody on campus has local transport.

All in all, an amazing day. Everybody needs a July adventure, or three. See you at River Appreciation Day. Namaste … lemme

Ref: Asimov, Charles, Goyte, Lennon

II Mind Sounding: Under Pressure

Freddie Mercury is one of my all time favorite artists. His group Queen was outrageously queer in an age where the closet was full of fraidy cats. Transgender in the late 1970 was not even imagined to the extent that life has become. Being a white hetero male has been an adventure.

When Queen got together with David Bowie and Annie Lennox on stage – the tribute to Freddie was palpably awesome. Annie’s panda mask and butch haircut belie one significant female range – that girl can sing. The intermix of entertainment crosses borders – music reaches all people.

Wars have to end. Peace is our goal. The micro-aggressions that we use to bring each other down are caused by pressure. Why are we under pressure? Because nothing is real and we worry about the wrong things. The chase for money is artificial – the use of money as a lubricant for energy flow has been bollixed by the fiscalization of everything. Our belief system is crumbling because we cannot fathom motive.

Step back – this is our last chance. Step away and defer and if properly detached, you will not even notice a change. Do what your passion is. Get buried in the depths. If we have no valid money, then we still have energy, just not the enormous flow that puts us all under pressure.

At the end of WWII, when reparations were being made, the basques were not invited to the table. This poor region in Spain was fairly isolated and mostly destroyed – the people left in the rural rural community had no real ability to do anything. One of the padres in the area took in a few of the orphans and started rebuilding by training the kids to do stuff.

from Jaques and Ruth Kaswan (1986)

The most spectacularly successful cooperative system anywhere evolved over the last 30 years in Mondragon, a small provincial Basque town in the northern Spain. Though their achievements are closely related to local conditions, the performance of these cooperatives is instructive for others because the challenges they face, like balancing democratic decision making with productive efficiency, or more mundane problems like financing, planning, or relating principles to practice, are similar to the challenges faced by cooperatives everywhere. What works for them may not work for us, but just as they borrow ideas from others, so we might try to learn from them.

What makes the Mondragon cooperatives so successful? Was it the unique leadership of Father Arizmendi, the cultural history of the Basques which stresses solidarity, hard work and self-reliance, luck in that when they started in the late 1950s Spain was entering a period of economic growth? All of these factors played a role. But we believe that the main reasons for their success is the organizational effectiveness in addressing most of the issues all cooperatives must deal with.

The game of Existence is organized using this cooperative model. One of the basic rules is that this is not capitalism. There is no money to be made here. It is a different economic system and thus, if you wish to play here, you must agree to the rules here, which include membership in the Faith and Trust Union (FTU) and exchange through our private mercantile. The game uses hour cards and the grid of 64 – it is explained elsewhere throughout this blog.

The basic principles for the Mondragon are reasonable. First is total democracy in the workplace. If you are part of a job team, you have say in how the job gets done. Period. Everybody is welcome to be participating and full effort is conditioned on having your say, if you are doing your work.

Second principle is that ownership rights are gained by active participation.  This is reflected in FTU membership – the game is not a true community yet. Each of us can play the game on our own, the game is a scoring system to determine merit.

Third principle is success requires participants who are good at their work. This model doesn’t operate well if we have products like those on the shelf at Walmart. Pride in the ability to put out quality is essential.

Fourth principle is continuous monitoring with both positive and negative feedback loops is necessary to proper function. If the data says make a change, you better be willing to change.

On a side note here – i have been validating the Existence metric scoring system by playing fantasy baseball through MLB and Yahoo!  I drafted a team in an auction, and created a second team in a traditional rotisserie draft. The teams were placed 27th and 200th out of all participants – the season is now halfway over. Good luck Hedley Lamarr.

The organization is a mutual support system. We form guilds that address different tasks, with each guild having a specific function that it provides to the community. Guilds are formed on demand to address a task on hand by requesting a participant from each existing guild that has an interest in the project.

The game has four guilds on the sixth tier – Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Your assignment will be based upon your zodiac sign. When you join, first level is information exchange. You then advance to either second level or sixth level, and play the game ascending or descending. If you do not wish to ‘play’, we will also have NPC characters – who have a different motive.

The outside world is not allowed in the inside world. The formal game will be set for weekends – until we have critical mass, the game will be informal. The home team will operate under the model of their choosing and the visiting team will follow the rules, with the caveat that they become the home team for the next game and can set their own rules (within the guild framework).

My time for typing is up – the Kaswan article is available upon request.

namaste’ … doc

BTW – This year the purpose of existence is dedicated to agriculture – starting the ‘farm’.