III Mass Sounding: Psychology 101

The Animal Husbandry guild (#255) has increased membership this weekend – Einstein on my soulder makes me happy. Named after the dog in Back to the Future, Einstein is one of three kitties that have come in to be the mousers, to enable retirement of mouse-traps. Brindle arrived one day earlier than Einstein and Yarrow, Einstein’s brother, who is off exploring. Two boys and a girl – today and tomorrow, my game is to watch them interact with the other critters.

Each cat has its own personality and its own unique purr. Purr therapy is the absolute best medicine you can get – pure love in a kitten package. Adults cats have the ability to slip into their inner kitten so easily – it would help us humans to learn that ability. Meditation is close, but not quite the same as being the inner child in a world of wonder.

Tracking wise, the cat contingent is back to where it belongs – count of three – Izzy the Wonder Dog is the eldest current resident animal and solo dog. Watch Dog. She watches everything and beats it with her tail. It wags like a metronome, signifying the fun in her daily relationship. The geese preceded the ducks, who got here before just me. Only two of eight have elder status. The two chickens are also somewhere in the mix. As far as animals – everybody here has a specific job – we watch them to learn how they do what they do. Great guild modellers.

Yarrow and Brindle started with the bat games – Brindle was not an only cat in the house growing up, so there is already a lot of old animosity coming into the new that makes this psychological study fascinating. Pets own their owners and the bond between animals and humans is of deep emotional quality. I love the interaction of commitment and trust without the human sabotage. The pet relationships with each other are personality driven. I am interested in how my influence affects their behavior, with documentation.

I met some new human folks this weekend too – I have to work on myself to not sabotage the relationships. Since i do not fit, i try too hard to fit and then i can never be sure whether i am accepted or the person that tried to hard at first made the impression. People are weird in that first impressions stick, even though they are often very wrong. People put on aires and strut like peacocks – but we are all worried sick about what other people think.

Why? Because we were taught peer pressure could influence our peers. Each animal that i keep has an individual relationship with me – although the species also has a group relationship with the individual me. This is the duality of two ones in the fibonacci sequence – the single and the whole. A very new concept to master, but one inherent in the wisdom of nature.

I am glad to be the scribe of the animal husbandry guild and the 5th level guildmaster in lieu of Izzy the WonderDog’s leadership. Named animals who’s name sticks become noted fellows – Maxwell the duck and Einstein the cat are part of the social scientist collection – I wonder who will catch the name Newton.

Namaste’ … doc

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