III Mass Minding: Reelly ?

i wonder sometimes, about how growth occurs in natural systems. The Fibonacci spiral works for explaining fractals, such that embeddedness happens as a function of scale. The energy changes perpendicular to the major axis in three dimensional space. However, something is wrong with the postulate.

We do not have three dimensional space. The assumptions of physics begin in a place were we really do not have an answer – that is why we have to make the assumption. It would really help if we were playing with the whole of physics, but that just is not the case. Heck, we are not even playing with the whole of discovered physics – Tesla, Schauberger, Rife, Reich, Russell – the names of the first half of the last century were buried in the cultural war.

Our minds are not the source of our intelligence. The deeper we think we know, the more we know what we really don’t know. The spin of life is clockwise – is there an equal and opposite world counter-clockwise? Is time a dimension, or an application? I think it is a construct – a box that keeps us from exploring the true history of reality – this particular holographic illusion.

How do we know where we are? Heck, how do we know who we are? I am a personality on earth in this year of 2017, but deep down, my consciousness is a whole lot more. I am way more than my organic brain – organic chemistry is just the material that frames the metals in my super-structure, the human body. On this plain, we think we have it all, when in reality, we are like grains of sand in the hourglass.

Numbers collude to entangle us. The mathematics of the form of the current system is perfect because everything has a proof and if not, it cannot be accepted. But proof in mathematics is also a construct – we can prove that one equals two, yet the proof is not valid. The sum of infinities is always infinity, but hence, there must be different infinities. Just like there are different time (and thyme) lines.

We have time travel ability. When you go back in time, you change the forward reality and hence never can get back to the past that you left – you always end up in parallel. However, parallels merge if they are not substantially different, so you can never meet yourself because if you are there twice, you become yourself. We are all sui juris pretending that we are pro se. We act to represent ourselves, but the illusion that we are a self is just that, an illusion.

I am you and you are me and we are all together. We are fighting ourselves in our own conscious minds, because we cannot see ourselves for what we are – unity that divides fractally. Every decision we make creates another parallel universe where we make a different decision. We have near death experiences in order to pass away in other universes, where our souls were recreated by another souls decision – our veil was spread too thin and we start to lose temper if we have too many of us running around.

I took a tangent and doc begat lemme. lemme was too ultra-sensitive, so doc and lemme shared a being and other folks started to hang around in their space. They started teaching the inner child, who peeked howdt to find about nature and then poof – armando spiders and suddenly eljay is back and i have too many people in this one person all of a sudden : because their outlets were intercepted in the mixture of divergent timelines.

DNA does not work the way we were taught about DNA in school. In fact, water does not work the way we were taught solvents work, and all science in aqueous solution is suspect at best – based on faulty premise and lots of chaff. That water is a fractal of silica means that no computer can ever match organic life – silica can never size scale down to water scale. Analogously, human scale is never going to be taken over by machines – we can always pull the plug.

So maybe, just maybe, it is time to pull the plug on the common illusion and ask – WTF is really going on. Or better yet – let’s just change the current reality. Or at least, let’s base it on something more real than current reel that we watch at the movies and on the tubes.

Namaste’ … doc

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