III Mass Massing: a day in the life

Another new Treei day, number 339, which translates to Love Year ( 5 x 64 ), Flow Month ( 2 x 8 ) Flowing Day ( 3 ). This is day one of the next cycle of 64 days, the theme is to enjoy the next 64 days without requiring attention toward the outside whirled. Doc and lemme are going to play to #unrig the game.

Constituents everywhere are the employers of their congress critters. When your employees get uppity, you fire them. The president used to host The Apprentice, he has a lot of experience at saying, your fired. With all the political unrest this summer, we all need a break. Thyme to take the summer off.

So, the blog might be neglected, or it might get busy – adventure is a real world topic. Gaia gets 75% of my attention, persons that are human get 25%. The game score for each day will be calculated and the next new set of metrix developed for fall quarter. We ran into a minor challenge with the puter. Wish i had the forethought to set up the camera.

Three days ago, computer met tree in the first battle of technology versus nature. After three good swats by computer, the bout was called by the referee and tree was declared the winner. Computer ceded the hard drive, the fan and the battery pack … all else perished for the cause.

To quote James Brown, ‘I feel good … knew that i would … so nice.’ This is my response to Kurzwell and the AI gang. Bring it on. You want transhumans … go be transhumans, but leave me howdt of your game. I got my own … Existence! You win by surviving.

Chemtrails, modern medicine, politics, vaxxines; you name it and it can kill you. So what. Fear porn exists. NOBODY EVER DIES. We die for the benefit of each other in each timeline, yet we inhabit so many timelines, that there is always one line that we remain on, in our personal consciousness. You always wake up from your near death experience, on your own personal timeline.

Fractals are embedded into each other in holographic form. Every piece of the whole can be the entire whole. So everything is coded, by DNA to project a micro-reality in time and space. These are Einstein’s limits to his own imagination, he was a fairly smart dude. Natural Geographic notwithstanding, the myth is greater than the man. I did enjoy Genius, will get the last two episodes in tomorrow.

We do not have to accept science’s limited view of the ‘real’ world. We can step outside ourselves and observe anywhere, on any scale. We can put together a model and envision what happens, by playacting the real and filming onto the reel and observing ourselves with detachment.

Or we can keep on with human vanity and work a global scale rather than a human svale and watch the mass extincting place us all in pur own bare worlds with nobody else around. Each of us gets to go thru the eye of the needle, nekked and alone with nothing. It  is called birth. It starts a new you when the old you ran out of juice in your personal imagination,

I am you and you are me and we are all together. Let’s take the summer off, have a good time playing and let go of the system for the next 64 days. Just ignore everything that is not within your personal sphere of influence. Help us #unrig the system by imagining what you could do with a new system, based upon you. I did this, that is where Existence comes from, me role-playing me.

Of course, the schizophrenia of Doc, lemme, eljay, hari’, and all the other characters that i am as i am, always keep me entertained. And the bonus is Izzy the Wonder Dog lives here. And now she has 4 humans to herd.

Namaste’ … the gang (doc on point)

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