III Mass Loving: Hard and Soft

Brindle came home with me last night. She is soft. She is a kitten and this is her first adventure into her new permanent home. We got back from River Appreciation Day way late and i got to check in with Izzy the Wonder Dog – she was kicked out yesterday night as our site watchdog, so nothing extraordinary. Initial meeting was brief.

As I was typing, Izzy walked in. We had a good heart to heart – the pit bull in Izzy likes to put her chest into mine and wag her tail during morning greeting. I am going to establish animal husbandry guild protocols based on what the animals tell me, not what i think. This will be guild #255 ( akin to the Illuminati game secret groups.)

The Illuminati game is run by Flying Buffalo, Inc (FBI) of Flagstaff, AZ. The company used to run play by mail games and i was addicted to that world before computers became prevalent. I played both Illuminati and Starweb – both are used as part of the basis set of Existence.These games seem hard at first, but once you get the hang – it’s so easy to consume your time.

Playing Games. Games can be experimental and provide a learning experience. The degree of difficulty in a game doesn’t matter, as long as the players start on a level playing field. You get your own world! It is your call. In Existence, the worlds are called guilds and there are the same number of guilds as worlds in the starweb game. Using already developed context makes sense for content providers – and aren’t we all content providers, at least for our own entertainment.

So – level one, tier one is the hard fixed starting point. Fill out the survey and design your hour card. As this week is massing, i am bringing together the rules of the game for the first three game fractals, levels two, six and seven. The sorting hat from Harry Potter will help decide where you start. When you get your paperwork in – application survey and card format – you will be assigned to your initial guilds and work tasks.

Having a work task entitles you to play the game as a player and earn a score. The score that you earn is irrelevant and mostly harmless. You are establishing a baseline for other players and yourself and become part of the group as an individual. Doc is a group theory chemist. Chemistry is a hard science. lemme is a poet – poetry is in the journalistic field and is the softest border of soft – very subtle. There is a muddle in the middle.

This is a squishy plasma phase. The muddle in the middle has an ooze about it that reeks slime. The existing system is so badly tainted, that we have to work at human scale to replace everything that doesn’t work with something that will work. Can you keep track?

I can – that is what the metrix are all about. The metrix system is a form of measurement for the knew weigh. The game of Existence is to build level 4 at camp4us – but we have no idea how to even approach the bridge to make doc and lemme whole again. But with chemistry hard and poetry soft – there is a middle ground. Intentional community based upon somethings we all need. Food and Water.

As chemistry is a hard science, sociology is a soft science. They are reasonably parallel and have a sync that implies that they are fractals of each other. By setting up Existence with individual personal guild and different types of guilds at every fulcrum – we can have players starting at levels two and six, meet in the middle at level four. This works, as long as the purpose of the game is education and the function of the game is entertainment.

The mathematics of group theory in chemistry should hold as the premise of social permaculture in sociology. Doc has developed an algorithm to measure performance similar to professional sports. Currently the validation of the model has to do with fantasy baseball – two teams in the top 500 over 150,000 players. As Freddie says in Killer Queen – Wanna Try?

This weekend’s game ends in three hours and forty five minutes and i am going to score the event en toto as if everybody was playing, even tho nobody other than eye even knew there was an experiment – a game going on. I learned a lot about current human behavior and met another odd bird – Marlena. As an odd bird i collect odd birds – the odd birds own the roost, because few people can handle odd. They prefer even – so one is uncomfortable and two works better. In fact, in the scoring system, a well paired two is worth 2.33, because of nuance.

So, to sum up, the knew game is under weigh and we measure everything. Request a formal survey from Izzythewonderdog@gmail.com and fill howdt the questionnaire. At the next formal release date – you will receive your welcome from level one.

Namaste’ … Eljay

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