III Form Powering: How to do

Anytime somebody tells you you have to do something, you should immediately question their motives. You know what you have to do and it does not include somebody else’s bidding. You are welcome to exchange your time for their time and work with them; it has to be a conscious choice on your part.

The idea that we have to file paperwork to claim sovereignty is nonsense. The system compels us to take certain actions and we jump through the hoop. The system will not stop until we resist, but that generates loosh, angst and hard feelings. Much easier to ignore the system and do what you need to do.

The game is over, the new game is up to you. I have my own game – with a kitty attached at the hip. The white shadow has decided to follow the other two kitties, and the observational hysteria of baby kittens learning is great fun. It has nothing to do with the fake world – kittens are real.

Humans are pin-cushions in kitty space. Continual morph begins with ownership – each animal that we relate to has ownership over us. This is an inherent part of the bonding – chemical bonding is made of love. Covalent bonding is sharing two electrons, ionic bonding is opposites attract. Chemistry determines everything – it is the matter that matters.

Matter can be converted to energy – we are all self generating energy units. We should own our loosh – if you lose it, it is because of your own irrationality. Being in control means listening and hearing, not thinking about what you wish to say next. Listening can be difficult, but the information gathered is more than just the words.

To function today requires empathy. It used to be that empathy was a burden – the old game is what the older folks are used to – ever seen a tiger change its stripes? It doesn’t happen. Control of direction for the entire society needs to transfer to the youngest cognitive generation possible. Age is in the heart and mind; experience is the most direct weigh of learning. It takes ten thousand hours to master a topic – real hours, working, to grok the concepts.

Get to work – see ya tomorrow.

Namaste’ … doc


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