III Form Flowing: Another Weigh

Okay – given that the corporate kleptocracy has stolen the assets behind the wealth of the world. The game of personal responsibility is on – if you wish to use the current financial system, you are empowering the racket. Turn your TV off and start to think about how you would fix the problem.

Nothing is real except you. You are who you think you are. You have the power to be anything you wish, but you will remain a slave to the system as long as you play the system game. The only weigh to break the system is to evaluate your status correctly and work within your means to change your life.

If you like your current life – do not change. But if you are being taken care of by another person, you have no real say in whether to change – you have to step out on your own. We have been taught all sorts of self-serving crap by the school system – a reality check is necessary.

If the system broke tomorrow – how long are you prepped for? If you cannot purchase food, fuel or medicine – how long are you prepped for? If there is no electric service, the benefit is no television. Could you entertain yourself? How many people do you know that cannot read – that get all their information by word of mouth on video or audio learning?

Discernment is not believing things that are printed, until you can integrate them into your system. Do you have a personal system? If we are all free agents, how do we come together to create an economy of scale that supports everyone on a local level? Who is everyone? How many people are actually in the social circles that we care about?

Yesterday’s O’Keefe video shows how to control the corruption – that system is already over. We need multiple new systems with concurrent jurisdiction – it does not matter whose laws you follow as long as you follow laws. But law has decended into legal speak, not the common language. The simple common ground is extremely complex. How do we negotiate when all bets are off?

By role play. Thyme has come to teach us how to role-play ourselves. Now that we have the computer back from the shop, the goal is to deemphasize it, while working outside the virtual realitry to learn from nature : our brains are way more advanced that any computer any way. Make contact thru izzythewonderdog42 at gmail dot com to request Existence survey information – Existence is coming soon to a local theater near you to play act. Quick, Somebody call a thesbian.

Namaste’ … doc

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