II Mind Minding: Adventure

Yesterday was an adventure day. The day was overcast rather than hot, so i bicycled up the road to the freeway and hitched a ride north. First jump was 12 miles and left me at Sunshine coffee shop. I took a cuppa joe and went off on foot to the next freeway exit, a mile up the road. Hit the road jack, and doncha come back …

Caught a ride in about two minutes, another 15 minutes up the road. The driver was a foundation planter – in the construction industry. I consider myself a foundation planner in a Hari Seldon sorta weigh, and we had a good discussion. My new found political aspiration will lead me in the footsteps of Ghandi, Pauling and Uncle Albert.

Got dropped at a bus stop, only to find that the busses aren’t running for fourth of july week. Seems the county is broke and mid summer is a good time to furlow employees. Rural america is spread out and transit burns fuel, so it makes sense to cut poor people off from the fourth of july celebrations or make them drive their own cars at their own expense. There has to be an urban rural partnership among people to help each other out.

Cultural exchange comes in many forms. The walk across town back to the freeway was invigorating and my next random ride was waiting near the exit. A random traveler in his van, doing what i did for about five years. The bonding was awesome and we connected on another level – he took me where i needed to go and we chatted for another half hour. I enjoy particle exchange, as it models chemistry.

So, I arrived in an hour and a half, when i left myself six hours to get there. Got to visit an old young friend and connect on an interpersonal basis. There was a lot of deja vu in the scenario, a purple and blue haired matron with a strangely happy child that stays with dad wandered through for 15 minutes and then poof – everyone was gone and we enjoyed three kitties playing kitty games.

I am a kittyphile – cats seem to be directly on my personal wavelength. A siamese, a white terror with calico ears and a black brindle all gave purr therapy and set the mood – angels and kitties play where most mortals fear to tread … pure love.

So I hiked onto my destination – the Umpqua Watersheds office. Downtown Roseburg Oregon is downright creepy, as the power that used to be have run everything into the ground – in order to yuppyize and remove the impoverished riff-raff. So they tore up the streets and chased away all the downtown businesses, then the county said, we need our own scandal too. If you want to see what happens to rural america when landed gentry have all the money and no clue, come to Douglas County Oregon.

Never Mind. I have a long history with water and the Umpqua Watershed. The watershed is Douglas County. In a unique stroke of brilliance, somebody in Salem decided to all the entire watershed to be contained in a single contiguous sociopolitical unit. From headwaters to estuary, Douglas County is home to the Umpqua River, and all its tributaries. I live on Cow Creek, which feeds into the South Umpqua River.

In 1990, when I first arrived in Roseburg, by design and free will choice, i have been on an adventure. The idea of opening fish passage for salmon flows was empowered by OWEB, the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board. I was a major payer in the game of watershed council and we funded millions of dollars of culverts and road repair and other significant improvements that opened almost 200 miles of road-locked spawning ground.

I personally adopted the Quartz Creek Wilderness and spent many days, hiking and camping and ground truthing the local geography. A major fire swept through and toasted a diversionary log jam – allowing me to watch first hand how nature has her way with obstacles placed in her path. My first journal was begun there.

So I got to reconnect with many friends and strangers and people that are now somebody that i used to know. Four hours swept by like 15 minutes, but thank you Bob, Zach and Chris, because were are going to WOW them. The Wild On Wilderness committee is now functional and empowered and ready to play in the entire county – building political happiness is a goal of Ubuntu Existence.

So WOW Existence will launch on July 15th at River Appreciation Day at Whistler’s Bend Park from 11 am – 8 pm. Free event – 10 $ camping sites available the night before. I will invent a game for the event with entertaining prizes and unique mind games. There will be live music, food booths, disc golf and other fun stuff. Alice DiMicele will be there – one of my favorite modern folk singers.

So I hopped a ride from an old friend and colleague to south county – same exit as my first morning drop off. Got a ride home, but my bike was gone. Hope it was somebody who needed a ride rather than somebody stealing a bike. But it was a junky bike that needed a new back tire and i have several other frames. The bike guild will keep producing bikes such that everybody on campus has local transport.

All in all, an amazing day. Everybody needs a July adventure, or three. See you at River Appreciation Day. Namaste … lemme

Ref: Asimov, Charles, Goyte, Lennon

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