III Flow Minding: A Hollow Graphic Universe

Michael Talbot’s book, The Holographic Universe, makes more sense today than when it was written in the early 1990’s. When we look deeper into what we think we know, we find the system that we assumed valid is breaking apart faster than our minds can handle. If we believe the pictures, descriptions and accounts that we are given, then there is full cognitive dissonance and nowhere to turn.

If nothing is real and we are in the matrix, then our actions do not matter in the base scheme of things. By going along to get along, we perpetuate the myth that everything is gonna be all right. In this world, everything seem alt right, or alt left – definitely no alt center. What we see here is all image, no substance.

There is far howdt. Howdt is pronounced like out. The eitch is silent. The name of this blog is thyme howdt – because we deviate from the flow of what people consider normal. Normal is a mathematical average – Idiocracy shows what happens when normal is applied to specifics. We get to water our plants with kool aid.

If you drink the kool aid, you end up jonesing. Trying to keep up sets you further back. The mission is to deflect you off your mission. Life depends on what you value. My values are freedom and the ability to manifest what i need when i need it. Self-reliance began after reading Thoreau … I wonder if anyone reads the classics any longer. In fact, i sometimes wonder if anyone reads books at all.

One of the keys to functional ability is to have direct connections to the people in the know in certain areas. Each of my friends is a colleague and my mission is to manifest their mission. By empowering others, I get to do many things that i would not ordinarily even know about. I can role play myself in whatever role I am handed – life begins daily at wake-up and continues faithfully until evening pillow talk, every day.

Yesterday, I got to make plans about the future. This is a very good means to get the great spirit laughing, to make your own plan. In this day and age, just having the ability to plan is a luxury; too many of us are eaten by the professional role that we have been assigned and the urgency to acquire our ever diminishing share of the pie.

I prefer my pi – the 3.14 number. People tend to stay away from geometry, yet the world works with the form of sacred geometry that allows embeddedness. When we act without understanding the relationships between things, we mess them up. Quantum entanglement demonstrated that everything is connected – such that any individual action requires that an effect is achieved. The results are then entangled with everything else and we rarely see our efforts accurately when superimposed upon the world view.

You are the most important person in your life. If you give your power away to anyone else, i.e.) make them more important than you, then you have lost the ability to act by your own reason. Our belief system currently is set to disempower you … why do you want to believe in it? Let it go, let it flow, let it flow like a river.

If you are interested in exploring something useful, but really currently unknown, consider the study of water. Water, water everywhere, and all the boards did shrink, water, water everywhere, yet not a drop to drink. I distill my water daily and use water as a purge of excess ions – my weight is falling and i feel relatively healthy. Short term I will continue, long term ions are necessary in water for proper health care.

Notice that your health care is on you. Place responsibility in you own hands whenever possible, that way you can never be dissappointed with the results. Your goal is to provide the best possible Existence for yourself. I am here to help you explore possibilities. One of those possibilities is an on-line water course with a follow up of application to technological development in the form of a bio-dome, a peace fountain and a natural resource research initiative. You have a permanent open microphone. Speak Up.

Namaste’ … doc

Ref: Mason, Coleridge

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