III Flow Powering: Political Change Thyme

Thyme to look at the current political situation in stark reality terms. The congress has decided to declare war against the president and by following the money, we land in the black hole of an undrained swamp. The things we know for sure are mostly false and the whole system has been rigged to provide a fleecing of the sheeple. It is time now to question some of our beliefs and take action to change the things we find unacceptible.

The growing movement of the alt-left and alt-right which avoids the muddle in the middle is called #unrig : hashtag unrig. Dr. Cynthia McKinney and Robert David Steele have united the sides to start a dialog, with listening and hearing each other being the focus. Steele needs to stop insulting us with the same ‘her smart, me dumb’ joke – everybody is in the same boat here.

The political system is rigged. Both McKinney(Green)  and Steele (Reform) were party presidential candidates who experienced the ‘third’ party exclusion. If you do not have a D or an R by your name, the press does not supply any information that is not forced. Doc was treasurer for the Reform Party in the state of Oregon from roughly 1998 – 2003 – started back with Ross Perot in 1992 to prevent the giant sucking sound that was NAFTA/GATT. Aliens at the wedding derailed a likely pre-Trump.

Part of the problems is the assumption of what we are. This system is a capitalist corporate kleptocracy. The game is rigged so far until Tuesday that we just play go along to get along and feel unempowered to do much of anything. Our time is spent keeping up with the Jones and everybody is Jonesing. Let’s question a few basic assumptions.

First – universal healthcare is not important at all. The largest killer of americans is the big pharma/medical complex. Notice how you are investigated criminally if somebody dies without the medical profession present to convey their blessing. The FDA, food and drug administration, is bought and paid for, such that GMO food is sanctioned and preventive medicine banned. If alternative doctors keep dying mysterious deaths, there will be nobody left to treat real people.

Of course, this is a fallacy too, that people need treatment. Our health is our own responsibility and we should all take it seriously. Eat good organic food, drink structured water and try not to breathe the air when they spray chemtrails. The last item here is facetious, but really – let’s stop the spraying yesterday. There is enough data that has been presented against the idea of solar radiation management – the only reason left is population reduction.

The supreme court in the citizens united case declared that corporations are persons, yet these persons are not held responsible for thei contemptful actions. For details – see Farmwars.info for details on genetic engineering, geoengineeringwatch.com for details on chemtrails and many other youtube videos on various sundry ways that the system attacks the individual for stepping out of the sleep state. The president needs to write an executive order to reverse this Scotus ruling – or we do not have the semblance of valid governance.

In fact – why do we think that we need to hold this diverse country together as a single entity? The balkanization of the USSR led to a rearrangement of the Russian sphere of influence – and the massive arming of NATO to combat an insincere threat. The current game of pin the tail on the Putin is not working and threatens to isolate Americans from the new world order arising without our participation. The BRICS bank will replace the Federal Reserve, which is not federal and holds no reserves.

Money is a made up entity and the banksters have ruled the roost, by playing the middle against both ends and expanding without resistance. The need for a common currency to trade is totally artificial – trade can take place in many ways without the current need for accounting everything fiscal. In fact – the political system runs on interest on the capital amassed and when you look at the CAFR – Comprehensive Annual Financial Report – of any jurisdictional entity, you find megamillions of dollars in stocks and bonds that back everything. Our taxes are extractions from persons done to make every American feel the pain.

Back in the aughts, lemme worked to develop a group called the Universal Sovereigns of a Living Earth. We set up a structure of rules and bylaws to guide our actions, based our economy on metals like silver, gold and platinum and started walking a different path. The idea of trading silver for fiat cash in order to purchase cigarettes and drugs led to the instant evaporation of the group – and allowed doc to get out of the american economic and political systems entirely.

Except for the watchers. Every time we appeared in certain places, there were cars with people setting around doing not much of anything. This is normal life in the big city, but in rural areas, it becomes obvious that they are there for a reason related to individual presence. When the same vehicle with the same license plate showed up to watch 100 miles away, we had the game tagged. Thus, using the back door – an escape off the grid and the radar was enacted.

That worked until the powers that be thru amtrak decided to keep doc from reboarding a train in Los Angeles. Homeland security had identified the travelling alias and needed to see some real identification to ensure that doc was doc. Fortunately, at that time the drivers license was still current. If we are not participating in commerse, why do we need a drivers license? Because we believe that we do.  And because we cede our behavior to the law.

They say ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking laws. Yet thousands of laws are passed both by elected officials and appointed bureaucrats and these laws are petty inconveniences to disallow behaviors. The entire economic system has become a series of cartels that control aspects of the business to keep the monopolizers of the business fat. Economy of scale only works when you can organically grow on a reasonable scale. Otherwise, it becomes brutish force.

Doc has been developing a Mondragon economic model based on guild control of operations within their domain of action. If multiple guilds claim jurisdiction, then a new temporary guild is formed to accomplish a task. When finished, the participants can either return to their old status at their prior guild, or remain with the new guild as long as there is still function to be formed. If a guild has no mission, it needs to dissolve.

One other thing to say, before this gets too long. (it already is) The game of environmental dessicration has to stop immediately. The EPA (environmental protection agency) should never have been allowed to grant permissions for pollution. Industrial disease is our biggest challenge. I remember when Lake Erie caught on fire in the 1970’s and the reaction was immediate. Then, shortly after, business as usual returned and now we have things like the deliberate use of Corexit to sink oil spills out of site rather than clean them up. The game of kill the planet’s metabolism has to stop and if all industry has to be shut down and reconstructed, so be it.

The footprint of humanity on the earth is relatively light on an individual level. All of nature groks the concept that you don’t shit in your nest. Except for humanity, with its artificial corporate persons that bear no responsibilty for human action. If corporate leaders were held personally responsible for every business transaction, and the measurement system was based on everything, not just shareholder profit, then maybe we could get a fix on the situation.

Recently, global warming rates of several planets have been demonstrated comparable to earth. The fact that an oort cloud carries more hydrogen to burn in the background may be the explanation. But maybe the electric universe theory has some better ideas as to how everything comes about. Could we set up some learning systems based on actual discovery of knowledge, rather than the current indoctrination of the way it is and the way it will always be.

The New Weigh is ready to publish, yet operating in a world without cash limits doc to not being able to play the publishing game. Existence is a role play game to attempt as many alternative realities as we can imagine, with a true campus being developed to work thing out. Initial focus is on food growth,  home building and infrastructure development. The plan is to use sustainable permaculture as a basis set under the Mondragon model, then to invite other groups to demonstrate ability to improve the current status.

Plans include building tiny housing unts, developing a biodome for processing algae into energy, working on water systems that return cleaner water to the stream that what was removed, and creating small mixed working environments to demonstrate contrasts between different valid approaches. A learning system based on curiosity with direction from the student, not control by the teacher. We are all students and teachers, you cannot be a teacher without continually learning.

Wait. Yes you can. Teachers in public schools today need to follow Linda Shrock Taylor, and get a grip on the purpose of education – creating functional adult persons. Imagine that.

Namaste’ … doc


III Flow Minding: A Hollow Graphic Universe

Michael Talbot’s book, The Holographic Universe, makes more sense today than when it was written in the early 1990’s. When we look deeper into what we think we know, we find the system that we assumed valid is breaking apart faster than our minds can handle. If we believe the pictures, descriptions and accounts that we are given, then there is full cognitive dissonance and nowhere to turn.

If nothing is real and we are in the matrix, then our actions do not matter in the base scheme of things. By going along to get along, we perpetuate the myth that everything is gonna be all right. In this world, everything seem alt right, or alt left – definitely no alt center. What we see here is all image, no substance.

There is far howdt. Howdt is pronounced like out. The eitch is silent. The name of this blog is thyme howdt – because we deviate from the flow of what people consider normal. Normal is a mathematical average – Idiocracy shows what happens when normal is applied to specifics. We get to water our plants with kool aid.

If you drink the kool aid, you end up jonesing. Trying to keep up sets you further back. The mission is to deflect you off your mission. Life depends on what you value. My values are freedom and the ability to manifest what i need when i need it. Self-reliance began after reading Thoreau … I wonder if anyone reads the classics any longer. In fact, i sometimes wonder if anyone reads books at all.

One of the keys to functional ability is to have direct connections to the people in the know in certain areas. Each of my friends is a colleague and my mission is to manifest their mission. By empowering others, I get to do many things that i would not ordinarily even know about. I can role play myself in whatever role I am handed – life begins daily at wake-up and continues faithfully until evening pillow talk, every day.

Yesterday, I got to make plans about the future. This is a very good means to get the great spirit laughing, to make your own plan. In this day and age, just having the ability to plan is a luxury; too many of us are eaten by the professional role that we have been assigned and the urgency to acquire our ever diminishing share of the pie.

I prefer my pi – the 3.14 number. People tend to stay away from geometry, yet the world works with the form of sacred geometry that allows embeddedness. When we act without understanding the relationships between things, we mess them up. Quantum entanglement demonstrated that everything is connected – such that any individual action requires that an effect is achieved. The results are then entangled with everything else and we rarely see our efforts accurately when superimposed upon the world view.

You are the most important person in your life. If you give your power away to anyone else, i.e.) make them more important than you, then you have lost the ability to act by your own reason. Our belief system currently is set to disempower you … why do you want to believe in it? Let it go, let it flow, let it flow like a river.

If you are interested in exploring something useful, but really currently unknown, consider the study of water. Water, water everywhere, and all the boards did shrink, water, water everywhere, yet not a drop to drink. I distill my water daily and use water as a purge of excess ions – my weight is falling and i feel relatively healthy. Short term I will continue, long term ions are necessary in water for proper health care.

Notice that your health care is on you. Place responsibility in you own hands whenever possible, that way you can never be dissappointed with the results. Your goal is to provide the best possible Existence for yourself. I am here to help you explore possibilities. One of those possibilities is an on-line water course with a follow up of application to technological development in the form of a bio-dome, a peace fountain and a natural resource research initiative. You have a permanent open microphone. Speak Up.

Namaste’ … doc

Ref: Mason, Coleridge

III Form Loving: Void

There is not much to say – let’s watch what happens this week.

Namaste’ … doc

Meanwhile, listen to Vinny Eastwood with a far howdt guest … me.

III Form Powering: How to do

Anytime somebody tells you you have to do something, you should immediately question their motives. You know what you have to do and it does not include somebody else’s bidding. You are welcome to exchange your time for their time and work with them; it has to be a conscious choice on your part.

The idea that we have to file paperwork to claim sovereignty is nonsense. The system compels us to take certain actions and we jump through the hoop. The system will not stop until we resist, but that generates loosh, angst and hard feelings. Much easier to ignore the system and do what you need to do.

The game is over, the new game is up to you. I have my own game – with a kitty attached at the hip. The white shadow has decided to follow the other two kitties, and the observational hysteria of baby kittens learning is great fun. It has nothing to do with the fake world – kittens are real.

Humans are pin-cushions in kitty space. Continual morph begins with ownership – each animal that we relate to has ownership over us. This is an inherent part of the bonding – chemical bonding is made of love. Covalent bonding is sharing two electrons, ionic bonding is opposites attract. Chemistry determines everything – it is the matter that matters.

Matter can be converted to energy – we are all self generating energy units. We should own our loosh – if you lose it, it is because of your own irrationality. Being in control means listening and hearing, not thinking about what you wish to say next. Listening can be difficult, but the information gathered is more than just the words.

To function today requires empathy. It used to be that empathy was a burden – the old game is what the older folks are used to – ever seen a tiger change its stripes? It doesn’t happen. Control of direction for the entire society needs to transfer to the youngest cognitive generation possible. Age is in the heart and mind; experience is the most direct weigh of learning. It takes ten thousand hours to master a topic – real hours, working, to grok the concepts.

Get to work – see ya tomorrow.

Namaste’ … doc


III Form Flowing: Another Weigh

Okay – given that the corporate kleptocracy has stolen the assets behind the wealth of the world. The game of personal responsibility is on – if you wish to use the current financial system, you are empowering the racket. Turn your TV off and start to think about how you would fix the problem.

Nothing is real except you. You are who you think you are. You have the power to be anything you wish, but you will remain a slave to the system as long as you play the system game. The only weigh to break the system is to evaluate your status correctly and work within your means to change your life.

If you like your current life – do not change. But if you are being taken care of by another person, you have no real say in whether to change – you have to step out on your own. We have been taught all sorts of self-serving crap by the school system – a reality check is necessary.

If the system broke tomorrow – how long are you prepped for? If you cannot purchase food, fuel or medicine – how long are you prepped for? If there is no electric service, the benefit is no television. Could you entertain yourself? How many people do you know that cannot read – that get all their information by word of mouth on video or audio learning?

Discernment is not believing things that are printed, until you can integrate them into your system. Do you have a personal system? If we are all free agents, how do we come together to create an economy of scale that supports everyone on a local level? Who is everyone? How many people are actually in the social circles that we care about?

Yesterday’s O’Keefe video shows how to control the corruption – that system is already over. We need multiple new systems with concurrent jurisdiction – it does not matter whose laws you follow as long as you follow laws. But law has decended into legal speak, not the common language. The simple common ground is extremely complex. How do we negotiate when all bets are off?

By role play. Thyme has come to teach us how to role-play ourselves. Now that we have the computer back from the shop, the goal is to deemphasize it, while working outside the virtual realitry to learn from nature : our brains are way more advanced that any computer any way. Make contact thru izzythewonderdog42 at gmail dot com to request Existence survey information – Existence is coming soon to a local theater near you to play act. Quick, Somebody call a thesbian.

Namaste’ … doc

III Mass Minding: Reelly ?

i wonder sometimes, about how growth occurs in natural systems. The Fibonacci spiral works for explaining fractals, such that embeddedness happens as a function of scale. The energy changes perpendicular to the major axis in three dimensional space. However, something is wrong with the postulate.

We do not have three dimensional space. The assumptions of physics begin in a place were we really do not have an answer – that is why we have to make the assumption. It would really help if we were playing with the whole of physics, but that just is not the case. Heck, we are not even playing with the whole of discovered physics – Tesla, Schauberger, Rife, Reich, Russell – the names of the first half of the last century were buried in the cultural war.

Our minds are not the source of our intelligence. The deeper we think we know, the more we know what we really don’t know. The spin of life is clockwise – is there an equal and opposite world counter-clockwise? Is time a dimension, or an application? I think it is a construct – a box that keeps us from exploring the true history of reality – this particular holographic illusion.

How do we know where we are? Heck, how do we know who we are? I am a personality on earth in this year of 2017, but deep down, my consciousness is a whole lot more. I am way more than my organic brain – organic chemistry is just the material that frames the metals in my super-structure, the human body. On this plain, we think we have it all, when in reality, we are like grains of sand in the hourglass.

Numbers collude to entangle us. The mathematics of the form of the current system is perfect because everything has a proof and if not, it cannot be accepted. But proof in mathematics is also a construct – we can prove that one equals two, yet the proof is not valid. The sum of infinities is always infinity, but hence, there must be different infinities. Just like there are different time (and thyme) lines.

We have time travel ability. When you go back in time, you change the forward reality and hence never can get back to the past that you left – you always end up in parallel. However, parallels merge if they are not substantially different, so you can never meet yourself because if you are there twice, you become yourself. We are all sui juris pretending that we are pro se. We act to represent ourselves, but the illusion that we are a self is just that, an illusion.

I am you and you are me and we are all together. We are fighting ourselves in our own conscious minds, because we cannot see ourselves for what we are – unity that divides fractally. Every decision we make creates another parallel universe where we make a different decision. We have near death experiences in order to pass away in other universes, where our souls were recreated by another souls decision – our veil was spread too thin and we start to lose temper if we have too many of us running around.

I took a tangent and doc begat lemme. lemme was too ultra-sensitive, so doc and lemme shared a being and other folks started to hang around in their space. They started teaching the inner child, who peeked howdt to find about nature and then poof – armando spiders and suddenly eljay is back and i have too many people in this one person all of a sudden : because their outlets were intercepted in the mixture of divergent timelines.

DNA does not work the way we were taught about DNA in school. In fact, water does not work the way we were taught solvents work, and all science in aqueous solution is suspect at best – based on faulty premise and lots of chaff. That water is a fractal of silica means that no computer can ever match organic life – silica can never size scale down to water scale. Analogously, human scale is never going to be taken over by machines – we can always pull the plug.

So maybe, just maybe, it is time to pull the plug on the common illusion and ask – WTF is really going on. Or better yet – let’s just change the current reality. Or at least, let’s base it on something more real than current reel that we watch at the movies and on the tubes.

Namaste’ … doc

Ref: Beatles


III Mass Sounding: Psychology 101

The Animal Husbandry guild (#255) has increased membership this weekend – Einstein on my soulder makes me happy. Named after the dog in Back to the Future, Einstein is one of three kitties that have come in to be the mousers, to enable retirement of mouse-traps. Brindle arrived one day earlier than Einstein and Yarrow, Einstein’s brother, who is off exploring. Two boys and a girl – today and tomorrow, my game is to watch them interact with the other critters.

Each cat has its own personality and its own unique purr. Purr therapy is the absolute best medicine you can get – pure love in a kitten package. Adults cats have the ability to slip into their inner kitten so easily – it would help us humans to learn that ability. Meditation is close, but not quite the same as being the inner child in a world of wonder.

Tracking wise, the cat contingent is back to where it belongs – count of three – Izzy the Wonder Dog is the eldest current resident animal and solo dog. Watch Dog. She watches everything and beats it with her tail. It wags like a metronome, signifying the fun in her daily relationship. The geese preceded the ducks, who got here before just me. Only two of eight have elder status. The two chickens are also somewhere in the mix. As far as animals – everybody here has a specific job – we watch them to learn how they do what they do. Great guild modellers.

Yarrow and Brindle started with the bat games – Brindle was not an only cat in the house growing up, so there is already a lot of old animosity coming into the new that makes this psychological study fascinating. Pets own their owners and the bond between animals and humans is of deep emotional quality. I love the interaction of commitment and trust without the human sabotage. The pet relationships with each other are personality driven. I am interested in how my influence affects their behavior, with documentation.

I met some new human folks this weekend too – I have to work on myself to not sabotage the relationships. Since i do not fit, i try too hard to fit and then i can never be sure whether i am accepted or the person that tried to hard at first made the impression. People are weird in that first impressions stick, even though they are often very wrong. People put on aires and strut like peacocks – but we are all worried sick about what other people think.

Why? Because we were taught peer pressure could influence our peers. Each animal that i keep has an individual relationship with me – although the species also has a group relationship with the individual me. This is the duality of two ones in the fibonacci sequence – the single and the whole. A very new concept to master, but one inherent in the wisdom of nature.

I am glad to be the scribe of the animal husbandry guild and the 5th level guildmaster in lieu of Izzy the WonderDog’s leadership. Named animals who’s name sticks become noted fellows – Maxwell the duck and Einstein the cat are part of the social scientist collection – I wonder who will catch the name Newton.

Namaste’ … doc

III Mass Loving: Hard and Soft

Brindle came home with me last night. She is soft. She is a kitten and this is her first adventure into her new permanent home. We got back from River Appreciation Day way late and i got to check in with Izzy the Wonder Dog – she was kicked out yesterday night as our site watchdog, so nothing extraordinary. Initial meeting was brief.

As I was typing, Izzy walked in. We had a good heart to heart – the pit bull in Izzy likes to put her chest into mine and wag her tail during morning greeting. I am going to establish animal husbandry guild protocols based on what the animals tell me, not what i think. This will be guild #255 ( akin to the Illuminati game secret groups.)

The Illuminati game is run by Flying Buffalo, Inc (FBI) of Flagstaff, AZ. The company used to run play by mail games and i was addicted to that world before computers became prevalent. I played both Illuminati and Starweb – both are used as part of the basis set of Existence.These games seem hard at first, but once you get the hang – it’s so easy to consume your time.

Playing Games. Games can be experimental and provide a learning experience. The degree of difficulty in a game doesn’t matter, as long as the players start on a level playing field. You get your own world! It is your call. In Existence, the worlds are called guilds and there are the same number of guilds as worlds in the starweb game. Using already developed context makes sense for content providers – and aren’t we all content providers, at least for our own entertainment.

So – level one, tier one is the hard fixed starting point. Fill out the survey and design your hour card. As this week is massing, i am bringing together the rules of the game for the first three game fractals, levels two, six and seven. The sorting hat from Harry Potter will help decide where you start. When you get your paperwork in – application survey and card format – you will be assigned to your initial guilds and work tasks.

Having a work task entitles you to play the game as a player and earn a score. The score that you earn is irrelevant and mostly harmless. You are establishing a baseline for other players and yourself and become part of the group as an individual. Doc is a group theory chemist. Chemistry is a hard science. lemme is a poet – poetry is in the journalistic field and is the softest border of soft – very subtle. There is a muddle in the middle.

This is a squishy plasma phase. The muddle in the middle has an ooze about it that reeks slime. The existing system is so badly tainted, that we have to work at human scale to replace everything that doesn’t work with something that will work. Can you keep track?

I can – that is what the metrix are all about. The metrix system is a form of measurement for the knew weigh. The game of Existence is to build level 4 at camp4us – but we have no idea how to even approach the bridge to make doc and lemme whole again. But with chemistry hard and poetry soft – there is a middle ground. Intentional community based upon somethings we all need. Food and Water.

As chemistry is a hard science, sociology is a soft science. They are reasonably parallel and have a sync that implies that they are fractals of each other. By setting up Existence with individual personal guild and different types of guilds at every fulcrum – we can have players starting at levels two and six, meet in the middle at level four. This works, as long as the purpose of the game is education and the function of the game is entertainment.

The mathematics of group theory in chemistry should hold as the premise of social permaculture in sociology. Doc has developed an algorithm to measure performance similar to professional sports. Currently the validation of the model has to do with fantasy baseball – two teams in the top 500 over 150,000 players. As Freddie says in Killer Queen – Wanna Try?

This weekend’s game ends in three hours and forty five minutes and i am going to score the event en toto as if everybody was playing, even tho nobody other than eye even knew there was an experiment – a game going on. I learned a lot about current human behavior and met another odd bird – Marlena. As an odd bird i collect odd birds – the odd birds own the roost, because few people can handle odd. They prefer even – so one is uncomfortable and two works better. In fact, in the scoring system, a well paired two is worth 2.33, because of nuance.

So, to sum up, the knew game is under weigh and we measure everything. Request a formal survey from Izzythewonderdog@gmail.com and fill howdt the questionnaire. At the next formal release date – you will receive your welcome from level one.

Namaste’ … Eljay