II Sound Sounding: Media

What is media? Seems a lot like a barking dog – lotsa noise and little value. The true media can be found by going back in time to a point prior to the adulteration of written knowledge. This thyme journey unfolds …

Welcome back to the early 20th century. We are not far enough back, but this is a good starting point for determining when things really went off skew. The banksters began the federal reserve in 1913, the Creature from Jekkyl Island. Within a few years, wars were making big money for those who invested in both sides. Current currency is all blood money.

It costs money to do anything in America today. However, if you do not touch the stuff, you get by with a little help from your friends. If everyone gave up money, we could have a peaceful world. But – fat chance. I can watch anyone act, we all sleepwalk the real show.

Notice how only humans use secondary values for primary purpose. We can buy anything – shopping is the cure for whatever ails us. Only it’s not – we just get more stuff that we don’t need. I watch other people try to shop for me, they bring things that i have no use for and expect my thanks.

I would rather watch a chick hatch out of an egg, than travel off to visit a group of whining adults who have run their personal ships into the ground. Yet – life is interacting with the negative rather than the positive until you realize that the world’s a better place when its upside down.

So … day 3 on Existence 4 and the first 48 hour rage. The cost for the weekend is 1$ – I will use goopy money. I was gifted some hash oil and i wrapped it into a dollar bill, folded it into my wallet and forgot it for a year. OOPS. Somewhat unspendable – a good representation of cash. Vegetables are the new dollar.

My day plans are going to alter. I no longer feel like participating in things that have no personal value. The circular reasoning on what is value is personal – i know what i like. Like likes like. I like what likes me. At this frequency level, nothing much can keep up.

Everything stops at the zero point. The zero point is an unachievable limit on the bottom end. Molecular motion freezes at absolute zero. This limit is an inversion point between scales – the opposite side works in mirror image to this side, using symmetry to conserve energy.

The way that we think is learned behavior. The observer watches the outside and attempts to detach from the incidence of action – we cannot dissociate ourselves from anything – we are quanta.

I am one quanta of human. You reading this are also one quanta of human. If the game is played at human scale – the smallest operational unit is one human. You can make the case that kids are not full human – until the brain engages and they can think for themselves. It’s only you and me and we just disagree.

All animals have a human type thought pattern. All plants have a human type thought pattern. All humans have a human type thought pattern. Human is a designation of biological intention that is very misleading. We are going to go deeper.

On another note, Microshit has conspired to take over our computers. They are eating my gigs because i refuse to upgrade this backup computer – better get off-line until i get the primary back – it had a power cord challenge. Industry creates immediately obsolete product to keep the false economy churning. Need to leave that game entirely.

Namaste’ … Eljay

Ref: Griffin, Beatles, Cilmi, Mason

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