II Power Flowing: How to Play

People need to relieve stress. There are many ways to do this. Breathing is good, but shouting is better. You do not have to shout at anybody, it’s just good to let the lungs go into a really good scream. By converting your excess energy to noise, it takes it away from your personal space and puts it out to dissipate into the aether. Release the energy without physical violence.

Energy conversion between forms requires extra energy to catalyze the change. Energy used productively is called work. However what is called work has nothing to do with productive energy. Working for a living means slavery – because work has become a tether of control.

I have full ownership of the use of my time. When i contract with others to accomplish a task, we barter for time. Then each of us goes our separate ways does our work on our own time. The time i used to spend with people is now spent out in nature observing – hermits can do that. Thus, the political illusion that was painted for the population here was completely lost on me – I have no common sense nor modern television knowledge.

Thus, everything is learned by taking in the new data, chewing on it in contrast to what I already think i know, then coming up with a new hypothesis, that is a refined old hypothesis. How things work is subject to belief and i as doc have a rigid belief system. I as lemme have an open belief system. Now, as Hari again, I have no belief system – I must be open to all beliefs.

Existence game #Metrix are based on chemistry and counting. It requires 30 repetitions of an experiment to establish scientific significance. Each one of these tests has to be structured independantly, under the same conditions and the observations recorded without bias. Data collected must be first hand, autographed by a witness and processed with probability and statistics before the rejection of any data is allowed.

The experiment requires an established protocol. This is a method for somebody to repeat the work. Repeated work will not necessarily produce the same result. In fact – good work will not produce the same result, because other conditions are involved. The protocol can control some conditions, some are free to change.

There is a concept of variables and constants. A constant is something that we as scientists hold in constraint. It is not allowed to vary. Thus, we can tease out the effect of non-variance upon the other variables, the things that we watch and measure. The real observations come when we know the process and have developed an idea of the mechanism, and can start to see how changing a variable affects the system of study.

Or you can just wing it. Start by starting, forget protocol entirely and go for it. You throw things together in a way that you believe will work and see if it does. Then you see what happened and make changes to get the desired effect. You have a goal of some target and how you get there is however you choose to walk the path.

Both approaches are valid – neither approach can work with the other. These polar opposites have an equal probability of working to get a good answer. Any mixing of approach is a sacrifice of one for the other, which takes us to a muddle in the middle and invalidates the correct answer (if there is such a thing). The idea is to have different poles working to race to accomplish the task.

Opposite poles are conservatives and liberals from Warsaw.  With the Russians to the East and the Germans to the West, the Poles are strung out and need to develop their own breathing space to remain in existence. They are taught that like attracts like and that opposites attract. Insanity is attempting to hold two opposite views of the same thing at the same time.

Which is why schizophrenia is okay and lemme and doc can co-exist – the left brain and the right brain are not fighting or at war with each other – peace has taken hold. I am not a duality of opposites, i am a unique individual of one, two, three, five, eight personalities – a veritable Sybil. The Data/Spock character lives in the number world and can slip into Bob Marshall reality – numbers are alive … clik, clik, zap. The lemme character can be a super-hero and fight the evil ticks attacking Izzy the Wonder Dog … Zap, Zap , Click

The pictures, descriptions and accounts of Existence are the sole property of the Scribe Guild and belong to the Faith and Trust Union (FTU). The FTU is a membership organization which is operated through Eight by Eight (8×8).  8×8 is an entity established to interface with the current banking industry. The terms of 8×8 have never been met in actual operation, theory has to be set out before practice can determine if the effort works.

Summer Solstice starts a new Existence Quarter. Each quarter, once the books are closed on the prior quarter, the statisticians will be allowed access to the data filed to crunch numbers. During the collection events, the data is off-limits. In fact – no data is due until the next solstice or equinox (SOE). Each guild has responsibility to file a report each quarter, in the week following the SOE, and this is added to the scribe guild data stream.

Existence will be scored in a number of ways, similar to the way statistics are collected in baseball. There will be seasons for various events, but until the season is over, the statistics are for performance measurement and enjoyment. As we increase game levels, more of these statistics will be shared on a real time basis. It requires critical mass to increase levels and to increase tiers and to go to deeper depth.

The 8×8 grid is the framework for Existence. You place your hour card on the grid according to color scheme and numerology, the events and games in play, the theme and context of the weekend and the need for guilds to accomplish the work of training apprentices. The monitoring takes place by creating media and we all role-play the themes while accomplishing the work. Private edjutainment.

Namaste’… doc, lemme, hari and the entire crew in the mind of Schizo.

II Power Massing: Bug Zones

There is much to do. The ground state provides a current baseline. If you are aware of the surroudings, you have noticed a shift – your sense of place has either resonated or evaporated. You either have to get out of Dodge or settle down for the long run. Diaspora is coming.

The cult of personality has taken hold of the US population. I can see how the media focus on people rather than ideas has individuals thinking about trivia. The nonsense spewed forth requires an extremely sharp knife to cut through the bullshit, piled higher and deeper by folks with ‘earned degrees’.

Remove the current and you stop the flow. The order of persons requires chaos as a foil. Theory is something different than practice – neither is actually what you do when you do what you do. The flow of things in the moment when action is taking place is what life is about.

I have a problem with how the media has sounded off recently. The idea of people versus people is encouraged and the idea of people getting together uniformly and all teaming up to cause change is complete and utter nonsense. Anyone who says we all have to do anything is trying to steal your time and effort in their behalf. You have to do what you do.

But now the loyal opposition is not respecting the ability of the people to make their own decisions about what we discern. We are allowed to offer our points of view and by having enought POVs, we gain perspective. One POV is not perspective – truth is what truth is. Truth rings true like the peel of a bell.

So, if I am alone in my truth, or others share my perspective, doesn’t really matter in the absolute – the truth is there to take or leave. If you leave the truth, you get yourself into a morass of deceit, where you have to remember what you said to whom, to keep the story straight. Or you can lie to yourself.

What i believe falls into different categories, depending upon my knowledge of the area of interest. I would like to share an observation that seems to limit the discourse of conversation. The media has created buzzwords, that instantly take people’s mind away from alternative definitions of the word used. The left and the right have both parsed the meaning of language, that they can speak the same words with opposite meaning to their clientele.

This means that nobody groks each other any longer. I would explain to get you to understand, but really – when you under stand something that somebody tells you, they take it as tacit agreement. This is bad and wrong and insane – yet it happens in virtually every conversation of relevance.

People hear what they wish to hear, based on selective listening. They hear what you say up to the point where you use the buzzword, then they shut down their mind and think about what they are going to say when i stop talking. The under standing is that i agree with their point of view and my one statement, out of context, is used as a jumping point off from logic.

Logic, and reason, are both superfluous in current america. Everybody needs to join together en masse by refusing to join together en masse. Your leader is you. If you cede your leadership to somebody else, are you then playing omega to an alpha?

Leadership is a learned skill. People who are natural leaders shine in their own light. When you find a person who can lead you in an area, you need to have their back and make certain that you have a channel to express your valid opinions. Your leader needs these, because they have to weigh the decisions from all input sources. You help them weigh.

The leader needs you to be you, honest, forthright and mostly present in the moment. The next phase is skill transfer – but we are not there yet. If you need to learn a skill, what skill would you like to have. Your personal toolbox of skills are things where you can then say,’ been there, done that’.

Experience is collected by doing the work. Your mind goes where your attention is, and learning requires watching and observing and repeating and watching and observing and repeating and watching and observing and repeating and watching …

Back in 2001, we began Redile. Redile stands for research directed learning. We rounded up local rural high school freshmen and sophomores by inviting them to the local zoo for a saturday morning course in entymology. Bug Zone. We got a grant from the BLM to hire a consultant for five weeks of four hour presentations – showing pictures and giving descriptions and accounts.

We learned about Mayflies, and Stoneflies and Caddis flies and benthic ecology. Our conduits were the docents – retired adults that had an interest in being with kids. My friends, like Claude and Neal, Donna, Bob and Jim. We took the protocol for collection, purchased nets and buckets and waders, and went into the streams.

Nancy was the driving force, the BLM biologist who wanted to collect bug data. People today like to rag on federal employees – the government in the trenches in a non political system. When there is work to be done, somebody who can follow the protocol has to collect data. Bug data is extensive, using ARIMS protocols.

We started with 23 kids, 13 finished the five week class and 9 went out with Nancy on at least one volunteer collection day. I went on five. The kids submitted a sample of their work (oh – i didn’t mention , collecting was only half the game – collecting the bugs out of the sample – with tweezers and microscopes for identification and counting was the other half). They scored an 83%.

One of the more awesome kids said to me -‘i thought we did better than that’. We recounted one of the samples and contested the Arims report – which had some obvious mistakes that the kids found. The recalculation gave the kids a 92% score. Seven of these kids continued public service to agencies through high school and received college scholarships. The other four weren’t interested. Marvin, our token senior, just wanted to learn to tie better flies for fishing. He even had his own waders.

A rural/urban partnership is required to give peace a chance. Thyme to bring back our Bug Zone – in many different forms – to learn what we think we know.

Namaste’ … doc

II Flow Voiding: This is a Test

Anthropomorphism is rampant in the professional biological community. Giving animals (and plants!) thinking human characteristics tends to place too much complexity into nature‘s operating process. Cause and effect in chemistry is simple – events are governed by their physical proximity to reactive change.

Energy both flows downhill and is conserved – so that when an event occurs, all the energy released has to end up somewhere. Various biological entities store this energy by promoting electrons to higher electronic orbital states, then harvest this energy on demand by attaining a threshold level.

So energy storage is cumulative, resulting in the transfer of energy to a readily accessible cascade of intermediate energy accumulators each time the threshold is reached. Bonds vibrate continuously as the energy absorbed rattles around trying to get to critical mass to begin the cascade.

Change happens when typical energy pathways are blocked – forcing the energy to be stored longer, until a novel threshold is attained and energy is released in a different direction. Current models of living systems do not allow for prediction of this direction (Heisenberg Principle).

As paradigms change – the vision of how to solve the current problem can never be found from within the mindset from which the problem was generated. Perspective requires reevaluating the base assumptions, from time to time.

Read this paragraph and define all the terms in green.

Read this paragraph again and relate the context of the terms in blue to each other in a short narrative. Try to use as many of the terms as possible – limit yourself to 250 words.

Describe what this paragraph is talking about by giving an example either supporting or opposing the author’s point of view.

Metrix test – Each of the three questions above approach a different metric measurement.

The first tells me the level of base knowledge that the student has – they can speak the language. This can also be measured in multiple choice format.

The second tests their view of the science big picture – do they have a grasp of how chemistry, biology and physics are related (do they even recognize the physics in the paragraph?) This can also be formed as short answer – the term in blue is the desired response to a descriptive question.

The third test looks into their ability to reason. Can they take information and go the next step, to synthesize an idea in a falsifiable format – something that can be tested. A short essay or long essay depends on the count of students – you can’t grade a whole lot of depth and breadth together. The more students in the class, the fewer words in the essay.

There is nothing wrong with not knowing all the answers. In fact, the only reason I know all the answers is because I just spent the last 5 years researching the natural resources field from a watershed perspective.

I would also like to collect statistical results from this test, so we will use this same paragraph over and over. I will likely create a system that generates paragraphs from the writings of the students – we should figure out a capture system for the really creative answers to the essay questions.

Namaste’ … doc