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Now that I have gigs, the main computer is in the shop. Thyme to walk howdt of the general consensus – Existence is currently manifest. I wish to thank all those player characters that work through the game – the experiential learning should benefit all of us.

Level One of Existence is designed to feed the data base. Each potential player takes the Existence survey and reports the results to the scribe guild. Doc reformatted the survey to Ubuntu, but then did not follow through on the program. Looking at how things go, he decided that the path was wrong and it was better to stop rather than forge ahead.

Let’s discuss how the game of Existence forms the shape of things to come:

Existence is a learning system to build viable communities of sovereign individuals. The game starts with an individual wishing to accomplish a goal. There are two directions of play – ascending and descending. There are also two level ones – the entry level and the final level – you can get there from both directions.

The play of the game takes place on a grid of 64 – a chessboard. There are four orientations – making a total of 256 units. This grouping sets an upper limit on the system, in reality, any group over 144 is going to begin efforts to divide in a fractal manner. The game is based on chemistry group theory – the goal is a whole knew weigh of site. or a whole new way of sight.

The vision has eight levels and eight tiersĀ  – thus the eight by eight grid. The individual player opens the game at level one by taking the survey and being assigned to either level two or level six. The results of the survey will be placed into an algorithm to set an initial starting avatar that is your character. You then role-play yourself to earn hour cards, which hold value through the faith and trust union.

Nothing is as it is in the real world. The levels of the game each have distinct rules under a Mondragon economic model. The initial game format is to build a world from scratch by building civilization advances from human scale. We start with minimal resources and tools, but as the game develops, each verification of knowledge will lead to new guilds (level 5) that develop projects.

Players are guild masters and acolytes, verifying knowledge and working together to develop plausible scenarios of community development within constrained limits of theme. The roles we play will change depending on the theme of the week – with a 48 hour scoring event capping each week. This event is designed to bring in tourists, teach a concept and return them home with an additional skill. This is estimated at two years out.

Early development is to establish the campus at level six and begin the investigation of knowledge at level two. Acolytes on level two apprentice in a guild with a level six guild-master. Assignments will be based on tasks at hand – with the air, earth, fire and water guilds being available. The study of nature is the function of this summers work – getting the site started.

We need two dozen middle school students – ages 13-15 (+/- 1) – to help film the background and early life of the characters in a movie. Since adult casting in two years off, a diversity of types of youth is necessary. To this end, anybody who knows a bright, bored child might wish to contact doc. To this end, a new public e-mail for the game is established – izzythewonderdog42@gmail.com . If you wish to take the level one survey, the cost is one hour of your time.

The rules of the game change at each level, the individual is empowered to learn about their interest by inventing their own personal guild. This level 3 guild guides the personal formation of education program – collecting hour cards from the best mentors in the field, by working with them on high level resource research. The tier of each player is the experience from a knowledge base – this is distinctly separate from the levels. Players at every tier play at each level.

The fourth level is the bridge between the generations and the key to the game. We do not know what is there, because it hasn’t been invented yet. This is no space in no time. There are a few people there, now, but you cannot get there from here. You have to go into that depth from your starting level and direction and create, using the compost of the muddle in the middle – the decaying ruins of the capitalist system.

Meanwhile, acolytes learn from guild-master 2/6 and advance to join a project guild 3/5. Once the projects get completed, this will open up space and time (new land, new ideas) that will be seen to fruition. A level six guild-master advances to level seven by passing his guild’s control to another player. A level seven sovereign may add expertise to any level five project. When you pass off your personal guild, you advance to level eight and win the game. Or you can descend from level two to level one and win the game.

There are many other quirks and pitfalls – the game has a subset of training people to role play to become actors in our movie. The child actors will build the sets while filming each other and programming the algorithm as it develops. The movie set is at level four – the 36 acre campus where we have established the camp for us – camp4us. This is rev four of the game – Ashland was rev two.

The game plays quarter to quarter and FILO holds – first in, last out. The date you join the game matters, especially for the player characters. You earn hour cards by spending hours working in a guild. The work you do must be tangible, but the guild master has say in their own guild and you have a personal guild once you are above tier 3. Scores, reported to the scribe guild are processed during the next quarter and posted the following quarter. Thus, winter score advances in tier and level get posted this week.

To get into the earth/air/water/fire guilds, you must complete the initial survey. The cost is one hour and no money – there is a buy in for level six, there is no buy in for level two.

Namaste’ … Eljay


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