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Diaspora is the flow of people to new places – like refugees. I live with an American refugee who cannot participate because he does not carry the required insurance. The concept of insurance is to protect the money – if something bad happens, you can get your stuff back free.

Except that by the time you calculate your time spent dealing with the insurance company and then the ramification of the hoops you have to jump through, you are better off paying out of your pocket and driving safely. The system compels you to have insurance, to protect the system, not to protect you.

So, if you have a safe community, with a place to live, food to eat and social activity – what you require to do your work are tools and stability. At the moment, ‘mericans have the luxury of shopping – that is the lure of the system. You can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant (‘ceptin Alice). Change happens in many forms, we shall see where the flow of people goes.

The system pushes people from rural into urban. At every turn, the urban legislators push benefits toward cities and harm rural infrastructure by allocating dollars without respecting scale. Economy of scale in urban places happens because people all pay individually for shared services. This generates a lot of revenue. Meanwhile, rural residents have to pony up to be first to do something, then have stragglers attach as they can afford to share the cost.

We need a rural/urban partnership of the people. We have to find a way to exchange ideas between the youth of urbania and the youth of ruralia in order to stop 1984 from existing in 2017. The people who are embedded in the system cannot see the system for what it is worth – absolutely nothing. They are too caught up chasing money.

Kudos to Patreon – your marketing campaign is awesome. Every alt video mentions you, every alt blog mentions you, everybody chasing money mentions you, i can’t avoid mentioning Patreon. I do not want a patreon account – nor any account that slaves me to collecting something other than baseball cards.

I admit – i collected baseball cards forever, in my Existence. As a pre-cog child, my grandfather ran a Brooklyn NY candy store. As oldest child of the diaspora clan of Ellis Island emmigrants, grandpa’s hard life was dedicated to my soft life. I got malts and candy and cards. I was four when they created the NY Mets – instant devotion. The catch – i had to become a doctor.

When it came time to buy the farm, literally, my childhood baseball cards got cashed in for the down-payment to change life from urban to rural. The entire education that i received was from the urban perspective and my wife of four years grew up rural and hated, hated Boston with a passion. If I new then what I know now, i might never have traveled that pathway.

However, I did travel that path. I raised a hobby farm, compost and rabbits and five acres of getaway place to start my creative thinking. The system axed my job within a month of me buying the farm. I had time on my hands – in 1992. So I learned a bit about security.

Security is insurance – the perpetual fraud that has people paying monthly to satisfy created fear. We are all going to die – we never really die. The entire ‘merica lives in fear of death. The death culture is led by Monsanity, now Bay-Er, the pharma poison maker. They spray our skies with everything – industrial disease!

The work force is disgusted downs tools and walks
Innocence is injured experience just talks
Everyone seeks damages and everyone agrees
That these are ‘classic symptoms of a monetary squeeze’
On ITV and BBC they talk about the curse
Philosophy is useless theology is worse
History boils over there’s an economics freeze

I was asked if I was interested in a job in security and I honestly thought I was going to be a night watchman. I went to the Citibank pitch for Primerica – run by Sandy Wheel (sic). I sold insurance and got an SEC – Security and Exchange Commission – license to sell stocks and bonds. I watched how multi-level marketing worked and got my father in-law a hundred thousand dollar term life policy. He died within nine months, suddenly overnight.

As I was learning that game, I was also working as a functionary in the political system. The 1992 election saw Ross Perot melt down with a story about aliens at his daughters wedding. If an alt-media source wants to go down that rabbit hole – wow! He came back into the race, got 23% of the vote and established a real political party with ballot access.

And no people. Ross went back to Texas, the Perot-bots left and about a dozen of us started meeting regularly to begin working out bylaws for the Independent Initiative party of Oregon. We soon became the American Party and dutifly registered with the secretary of state. I spent 10 years working without pay as treasurer, delegate and functionary of the state party, traveling at my own expense and having enormous fun.

Harlis Gardner ran for governor of Oregon in 1994 and Lindy Anne Sarno and I ran his campaign. I learned Oregon on foot, on weekends. Scientist by day, political wonk by night. By 1996, we were rockin – then Ross returned. The Reform Party was building without his interest. Dick Lamm was recruited to run for president and suddenly Ross was interested. And so was Pat Buchanan.

After watching Buchanan be the right wing rightest of the Republican Party, I got to meet him in Dearborn, Michigan. The man was not at all what he seemed to be on television as part of the media farce. I liked him, i liked his message. I did not like the Nixonesque tricks that he pulled to help Ross beat Dick Lamm and then punt the election campaign.

I was Reform Party Treasurer and Oregon Delegate for several years there-after. I lost the heart to do it, so that when the game came to a close, I shut down the party because it was my fiduciary responsibility to do so. I wish i hadn’t in retrospect, but it taught me a lesson on how things work. The people had a party and the system took it back by bribery, by election tricks and by bad human behavior.

So, now i see #unrig – Cynthia McKinney and Robert David Steele and Jesse Ventura ( the original gubernator before Arnold) and Ron Paul. I push my poker chips onto the table and say all in. But !!!! The system is rigged and unrigging the system requires that everyone be honest to themselves and their work. I believe we can build a new better system – we need both directions of approach.

Your mission, Jim, if you should decide to take it … this tape will self distruct in five seconds, five three two one one …

Namaste’ … Doc

Music:  Guthrie, Dire Straits

TV: Mission Impossible

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